02 March 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week ALREADY?
Wow, this week is sure flying by.(seems like it anyway)
I will say yesterday's weather appeared to run the gamut.
Our Hoosierland weather today will be a "bit" tamer.
Gonna be cold early on, with the sun popping out (gonna help clear the roads).
We're looking at some more snow this evening (1-3 inches north and 3-4 inches south)
Temps are expected to top out today just above freezing, so the roads won't be that bad...until later on. Just take care outside this morning.
We still have some slickness under whatever has hit the ground since yesterday.
All schools except FWCS are on some sort of delay (typical).
And make sure that if you park outside, to LIFT the wiper blades up from the windshield, and get any ice off the glass and the wipers (unless you prefer getting new blades real soon).
Now, with that done, lets get a nice hot cup of our favorite morning beverage poured, as we see what's been going on elsewhere.
*** First off of the driveway is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men." 
Since this is Women's History Month, I thought this was a good way to start it all off.
And don't think that this quote HAS to come from a woman...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 2 -
(when it comes to me, that's pretty much anything and everything...lol)
(that one's a real KEEPER)
(also known as DR. SEUSS DAY. If you're not reading - you're not learning!)
*** Next up, I saw where the triple homicide on Lewis St has garnered national and global "attention".
Here's one story about the fallout:
Now, I've seen (and read) several accounts from family members over these killings, and I keep hearing what "good boys" they all were.
Even saw a story from another woman who knew the boys, saying how good they were.
I can understand how grief can "taint" one's perspective, because you're running on emotion...and rightly so.
But let's face it, GOOD boys don't frequent party houses, especially ones located in the ghettohood of southeast Fort Wayne, right?
And don't give me any of the "wrong place, wrong time" stuff (as Hamilton said)
Unless someone kidnapped them and drove them to that house, this was a VOLUNTARY deal.
Those boys WANTED (or chose) to be there (they chose unwisely)...plain and simple.
ANY of these party houses are the WRONG place for good people to be...period.
*** Next up, another SE side apartment complex gets a rubber-stamped green light from city council.
Here's the story link:
The Diplomat Apartments, located at 3323 Diplomat Drive (and since RENAMED the Lillie Gardens) will received about $6 MIL to remodel 140 units. It will be marketed to YOUNGER residents (aren't hey the ones that cause all the trouble AT those apartments in the past?).
Guess the price of patching bullet holes in drywall got costlier.
What we're seeing is a lot of areas on the south side that are in dire need of basic repairs...like parking lots for a lot of apartment complexes and shopping areas (what too FEW we have left), and council can't take on all of these (because the mayor wants a new downtown, new riverfront, and a new sports area, (also downtown).
We call them PRIORITIES for a reason, don't we?
*** Next up, had a double-shot yesterday, with both "Bashful" and "Patches" stopping by for some food. And they both came while we had some weather moving through.
Bashful in the snow/rain mix
Bashful is coming closer.
Patches getting snowed on.
Patches lovin' those sunflower seeds
And it was there in abundance for them both.
*** Last back to the garage... there is this curious blurring of the lines between what is a need, a desire, a want, and the priorities that can often tie them all together.
I've mentioned here several times the difference between them, and many of you have no problem whatsoever with the delineation of any of them.
It's those in authority or power (read government) that always DO seem to have difficulty distinguishing the difference between such things. Take our mayor (please).
HIS concentration is the "revitalization" of the entire downtown area. He wants to MIMIC other cities, rather than try to retain ANY distinctness that is (or was) Fort Wayne.
The people of Flint, Michigan were at the mercy of their city leaders, who, having decided to save money and get their water from another source, opened Pandora's Box, and THAT mess will cost more than if they had stayed with their original water source for that city.
I guess the thing that REALLY bothers me, is all this "re-branding", or "reinventing",  or whatever else they want to call such nonsense. What the hell was wrong with the original brand?
WHY do we have to be like other cities? Isn't such "homogenization" of society leading to many of the hassles we've been stuck with for decades?
EACH of us are UNIQUE, but yet we're all told to be like others.
Every city is unique as well, and yet, the leaders of those cities constantly strive to be like other cities.
Hell, America broke that mold when it was founded.
We were "The Great Experiment"...a new form of governance (if we could keep it, as Franklin noted)
And we're beset with all this "embracing" this or that, or some other thing.
It's time to embrace AMERICA...what this country stood for, and screw all this conventionality that other peoples and nations would want us to emulate.
We're better than that...and them.
They would be wise to imitate US instead, than have us lock-step to the beat of THEIR drums.
I believe it's high time we citizens of this country stopped hitting that damn snooze button and wake the hell up, before it becomes too late to do anything..
Time waits for no one...or any country, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Great post out there today, Bob! Love your squirrel. Why didn't you bring him inside when it got cold? Meanie. LOL

Stay safe up nort!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I WOULD bring them in...if I could, and:
---If the cat wouldn't spook the hell outta them
---If they wouldn't mess all over the place (everyone gets a litter pan).
---If their own "family" didn't miss 'em.
---If I could make sure they wouldn't bite us.
Yeah...just too many damn "ifs" for me.
Isn't that always the way?

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

The quote: Men think the same thing, but most of us are too polite to say it, lol!

I thought that said "National SAME old stuff day" at first, which I could totally get behind.

While I personally know one person who "watched the one boy growing up" and felt he was a good boy, your statement about good boys not hanging out at party houses hits home.

Mimic rather than treasure uniqueness- sounds like another symptom of leftist's disease- the old grey wall theory, as I call it. Don't have creativity, don't tolerate it in others.

On a happier note, mayhap the squirrels will be even nicer when they don't have to schmooz in the wintery mix...

Bob G. said...

--Without giving TOO much away, let's say ONE man wasn't that politically-correct.
The answer might surprise you.
--Me too...all too often.
--I thought it just might.
--"Grey Wall Theory"...ILIKE that one.
--LOL...I can only hope, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by to comment, and allowing a MILESTONE to occur herd (more on that tomorrow).

Stay safe, warm & dry up there, brother.

catererin said...

I love old stuff! all of my bedroom furniture are antiques, have old hummel figurines, even have a vase that says 1898 on the bottom, even better, have a book about the Catholic faith, it says copyrighted 1887 on the first page! antiques are awesome and beautiful!

Bob G. said...

Those items you have must be worth some money, too.
They KNEW HOW to make stuff back then!

I could spend the rest of my life in antique stores and museums of ANY kind...love all of it.

Then again, at my age, IL:m becoming something of an "oldie" myself...LOL.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe and dry out there.