21 March 2016

Monday Musings...
Welcome to a special week in the realm of Christianity, culminating at week's end in Good Friday and then Easter this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, all is not that right in the world to see a cessation of hostilities, be they factions or individuals involved.
But, we shall soldier on and do the best we can under the circumstances.
Our Hoosierland weather is starting out with another chilly morning, but that will give way to temps finally reaching into the upper 40s.
Expect to see some sunshine today and no chance of precipitation.
All in all not that bad for the FIRST full day of Spring.
So, what say we all get our morning beverages poured as we set about seeing what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the sack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 21 -
(guess all the others con't count now?
(Sad state of affairs when you have to ASSIGN a day for THIS, right?)
(This can be good or bad, depending on where you find yourself)
(pass the wine and cheese, mon'ami)
(to those unsung people doing the job of TWO people)
*** Next up, Wifey and I were hoping for an uneventful grocery trip...almost made it again.
This time at checkout, we decided to pay by CHECK (because of LAST weeks' mess with chip-card readers and our lack of a chip in our debit card).
This week, there was a problem with our checks NOT being "in their system" - something I found odd, because we paid BY checks for YEARS. Well, that tied things up[ at checkout, but we WERE told that the card readers WILL accept a SWIPE in place of a chip...and sure enough, it worked. I thought it must have been the lack of training by store personnel or a faulty reader in another register (last week).
Here's a somewhat related story from Cincy:
Technology strikes AGAIN. Wifey was PO'ed...I was just frustrated.
*** Next up, with both the advent of Spring, AND holy week, you'd think we'd have a hum-drum time, but alas, twas not the case on the SE side of Ft. Wayne, thanks to the local aborigines.
---The first story has to do with a police-action shooting.
Here's the story link:
This took place near the AutoZone parking lot located on Rudisill near Barr St., and took place last night around 2138 hrs. Police responded to a shots fired call and they spotted a man with a handgun and gave chase. Officers shot one man dead after he ran from police and shot at the officers.
Both ISP and FWPD were involved in the brief chase.
A second person inside AutoZone was struck by the suspect's gunfire.
It's not known if this victim was targeted or struck by crossfire.
A witness told reporters they were in a drive-thru and heard 18-20 gunshots.
---The next story involves a person walking into St. Joe hospital with gunshot wounds.
Here's this link:
This took place around 2345 hrs last night as police responded to a shooting in the 800 block of Van Buren St. The victim told police he had been robbed by two men and then shot.
They fled the scene before police arrived.
The victim was in serious condition and was taken to another hospital. No other information is provided.
Now, these two cases come right on the heels of that Oliver St. shooting late last week, so in some respects, you might say that SPRING has indeed come to Fort Wayne, in all it's typical "glory".
*** Two sheriff's deputies are shot in Howard County, Indiana while serving a warrant.
One officer did not make it. Here's the story link:
Deputy Carl Koontz - R.I.P.   Sgt Jordan Buckley
The suspect was found dead by other responding EMTs and officers.
Another officer gunned down in the line of duty. Nuff said there.
When WILL such madness stop?
*** Next up, Fort Wayne's 6th district councilhack (for life), Glynn Hines gave his 17th (which is 16 too many) State of the 6th District Address this past Saturday.
Nice jazz hands.  Love those Rocky Balboa eyes, too.
Here's the story link:
Nice to know that as far as (free or low-cost) HOUSING is concerned,
Hines gives the city an "A", while when it comes to economic development, the city gets a "D-".
Well, as long as morons keep burning down or otherwise TRASHING nice house, they FWHA will find new ways to waste your tax money to build more housing.
Funny thing, I did not hear ANYTHING about the CRIME down here (like it's a cultural thing to be left alone).
We ALL know the crime is the MAJOR reason our part of town has "hit the skids" over the last 20+ years and lost all the retail (and many good people), but those who SHOULD be saying something about it are more silent than a library after closing time.
I wonder if the latest round (no pun intended) of SHOOTINGS will make any difference to these people?
(my guess is that lump under the rug will just get a little bigger when the brooms come out)
*** One of the things (of many since living down here) that bugs the hell outta me is the manner in which we're all supposed to just "go with the flow", and that the city has our BEST interest in mind.
Sorry, just not seeing it...not one damn bit, aside from a very few departments that will act should I happen to email them about specific conditions.
And COSTLY as well.
Take law-enforcement in our city, for example..
We're already about 20 officers BELOW where we need to be with a city this size, and yet, the mayor wants to add ANOTHER 23,000 people with this annexation BS.
That's a rise in population of close to 10%.
Are we going to raise the number of FWPD officers by the SAME 10% rate to equal out the proper balance between citizens and law-enforcement?
Most likely...NOT.
Ditto for firefighters. WHO pays for a new station house? Or the personnel...or the equipment?
Officers per capita in similar size cities
Take some time to read a typical day's worth of police calls on the FWPD blotter.
Cripes, we have assaults on citizens in the mornings, burglaries and thefts at ALL hours, too many 911 hang ups, and increasing numbers of disturbances and fights.
This (to me) is unacceptable in a normal society., but it seems okay with the city admins.
I'm not hearing anyone (who can and should)  bitch about the current state of affairs here, or am I seeing them do anything to minimize the numbers of crimes city-wide..
Little wonder people moved OUT of the city.
*** Next up, and to lighten the mood, here's some pictures of our little friends...JUST because I can post them, and to let everyone know that in some small way, all is not as lost as it seems...yet.
NO one will find this peanut HERE.
Zippy is getting more "feeder-friendly"..
I'm not praying...I'm EATING.
*** Last back to the bathroom...there are those in power who would avoid the truth by touting whatever good things that are happening over that which we know to also be true.
This is another form of deception, and it's one we've all come to know too well.
It's pretty difficult to identify, let alone solve any problems when they're relegated to the "back burner".
Nothing gets accomplished that way, but some people believe it's the best way to proceed.
That borders on a delusional mentality, and serves few people (like the ones who deal with crime and the associated drama on a daily basis).
There's nothing delusional about REALITY.
Hell, most all of us tend to spend a majority of time there, right?
And whatever is taking place in the "here and now" has this nasty habit of slipping into our futures.
I suppose it's this time of year that brings that home with more importance to those who seek guidance from that "higher authority".
You get to see the good AND the bad at work.
As for me, I much prefer the entire Easter story and it's theme of sacrifice and redemption for humanity, than to get caught up in all the criminal activity pervading our part of this city.
Got a LOT better ending, too!
Why some people choose to not acknowledge what God has done for us, and continues to do eludes me.
Such an important (and eternal) aspect to humanity should not be as ignored as it is.
Then again, it's ALWAYS about CHOICES, is it not?
Let's hope more people realize this, before their time runs out.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Aw. Love your eagle. Fort Wayne had a fatal shooting during a chase. Was in the news again. Is it time to go home yet? Mondays are bad for me. Zippy is a Fatty. That is the fattest squirrel I have seen. We have bro squirrels-black ones. I know that is not PC. They are beautiful. I love them. We also have grey and red ones. Very diverse we are down in this neck of the woods.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--I don't know about you, by Wyoming is looking pretty damn good these days. Hell, parts of Pennsy are as well.
--I think Zippy looks chubby because he's hunched over. If you saw him MOVE, you'd say otherwise...that bugger IS fast!
--I haven't seen black squirrels since I was up in CANADA. Get some pics of those guys.
Like to see some RED ones. We've just got "50 shades of gray" ones...LOL.
"Diversity" in SQUIRRELS.
(who'da thunk it)
Now THAT is something I can embrace a LOT faster than what's being shoved down our throats THESE days, hmm?
Thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Gald common Courtesy day wasn't yesterday. The kids were over and srguing about where to go for lunch. Jess looks at me and asks, "Where should we go eat?"

So I farted.

(Ha, I see National fragrance day was next, lol!)

"Your checks weren't in the system"?
Do you see this heading swiftly towards the mark on the hand and forehead?

On the shootings: I am beginning to think we should come up with a billboard that starts with "Black Lives Matter", followed underneath with the total black population of Fort Wayne, with the tote board decreasing with each murder, and the logo, "Just___ more to go!"

Maybe then they MIGHT get the point.

On the city thing: You have to understand that those that lead our city, our businesses, our government, see the job ONLY as a money making venture. Concern for anyone inside "the machine" is only the month's latest pretty container. Just slap Caitlyn with her bowl of wheaties on the front.

If any one of them REALLY cared, it would show.

How do YOU know he wasn't saying grace?

Closing homily: Well done, as usual. Still think you ought to look into publishing a "Best of".

Bob G. said...

LOL...well I DID say that fragrances were good OR BAD...didn't I?
--Our checks SHOULD have been in the system...for YEARS!
(dunno what goes on some days at these places)
I was seeing this "mark of the beast" gig happening DECADES ago, when I was teaching Sunday School, my friend.
--Now THAT is a FANTASTIC idea...put a FEW up, too (one that can be seen from I-469 would be a good location).
They might not get it, but EVERYONE ELSE would most certainly.
--And to think I WORKED in publishing for 9 years (back through the 70s)...what "goes around...", hmm?

Thank much for taking some time to drop on by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.