01 April 2016

Friday Follies - April Fool Edition...
It's always interesting when the beginning of a month starts at the end of the week.
But, I shall do my best not to leave any of the good stuff out.
In the meantime, our Hoosierland weather will have us with a bit less rain than yesterday, and a lot less wind.
Our temps today are slated to reach into the upper 40s (might even hit 50), and it will be breezy outside with mostly cloudy skies (not ruling out some sunshine poking through, if we're lucky).
Now, with that behind us, let's get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured as we see what's been happening elsewhere (that you should know about),,,
*** First off of the sofa is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
Since this is a NEW month, here's the list of events:
National Humor Month
(too much idiocy to laugh at these days, that's for sure)
International Guitar Month
Strum it if 'ya got it.
National Child Abuse Awareness Month*
National Cannabis Awareness Month*
(that would culminate on Hitler's birthday - 4/20 - right?)
Keep America Beautiful Month
National Autism Awareness Month
National Couple Appreciation Month
National Decorating Month
(lawn trash is NOT decorating for the ghettohood morons out there)
National Fresh Celery Month
National Garden Month
I WISH our place looked like this.
National Landscape Architecture Month
National Inventor’s Month
National Jazz Appreciation Month
National Soft Pretzel Month
Philly does it RIGHT!
National Soy Foods Month
National Straw Hat Month
National Poetry Month
National Pecan Month
National Welding Month
Records and Information Management Month
Scottish American Heritage Month
Don't call them "Scotch", either!
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Stress Awareness Month
National Safe Digging Month
Here's the weekly events:
Week 1 Library Week
Week 1 Read a Road Map Week.
Week 2 Garden Week
Week 3 Organize Your Files Week
Week 3 Medical Labs Week
Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week
Week 4 National Karaoke Week
And finally, today.
April 1 -
They're only here for "comic relief".
(no fool like an April one, hmm?)
Beats MOLDY dough any day.
(I do like sourdough pretzels)
Penny for your thoughts.
(Yes, it's all about the HISTORY of the penny in America)
CRIPES...almost forgot to show what's happening this weekend...sorry about that.
April 2-
National Ferret Day - April 2
(cute little buggers, ain't they?)
---it's also NATIONAL PB&J DAY
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day - April 2
(And to think- that was MY "free-lunch" program when I was young)
National Reconciliation Day - April 2
(this has to be a "make-up" day)_
National Love Our Children Day - First Saturday in April
(which can be a chore sometimes)
April 3 -
National Chocolate Mousse Day - April 3
(try and keep THIS mousse out of your hair)
National Find a Rainbow Day - April 3
(do they mean the weather event, the vacuum cleaner or the LGBT group?)
National Tweed Day - April 3
(not to be confused with "tweet", so stop twittering)
There 'ya go...NOW we've got it done.
*** Next up, here's more (of the same) regarding our LATEST homicide (#8) just a spit and a slide up the street from where Wifey and I live:
Cripes, and I think OUR alleys look bad. Looks like nothing short of a freaking SLUM, doesn't it? Where's the city agencies when it comes to CLEANING IT THE HELL UP?
Must be all that "entitlement" cluttering up the damn place...right?
And these people can't take care of what they already have, so they want MORE? You gotta be effin' kidding me...seriously.
They ought to use all that pent-up ethnic aggression to CLEAN UP their own backyards, before they mouth off about wanting ANYTHING. I know our "king" is on this like flies on shit (well, he's had the shit part down to a science for years regarding our part of the city).
--- They have ID'ed the "vic" - 16-year old Xavion Benson. Here's the link:
I suppose THE most important question to ask at THIS point is:
WTH is a 16-yr old doing UP and OUTSIDE at 3-frigging A.M...and on a damn SCHOOL NIGHT to boot? Where the hell is the baby-mama? Where's the parental accountability?
Obviously, none of the above was in play and allowed this to happen.
There's plenty of blame to go around here. All these people have to do is look in a damn mirror.
*** Next up, yesterday I mentioned some of the aspects of TRUTH, but there was one I left out (on purpose), because I knew a story like THIS one would surface soon enough. Here's the link:
The original story had to do with that backyard shooting I mentioned here back on 11 March (check the archives), that killed six near Pittsburgh.
No arrests have been made yet in the case.
And now, there's another "victim" - a veteran (18 years, in fact) news reporter from Pittsburgh who had the courage ("audacity" to the politically-correct out there) to speak the...TRUTH about the situation and the people involved.
Truth = dismissal - WRONG!
It's a good article and attempts to tell us that we whites know NOTHING about black people (or the savage yet cavalier manner in which they tend to MURDER one another), and whenever one of us speaks up on the OBVIOUS, we're called out on it, and the race card comes out of some ass and is played like a dime-store fiddle..
We see once again, thanks in no small part to all this SOCIAL-MEDIA BULLSHIT, the TRUTH taking another sock on the jaw and going down for the count.  WHY?
This whole taking people to task for being HONEST is only going to increase, and hopefully, it won't end up with no one ever coming forward to speak the truth OR to show a modicum of courage,
I didn't see anything wrong with the statements made by Wendy Bell...they're totally FACTUAL.
But, she is white, and in today's world you can't speak the truth about ANY other race, no matter how many EMMYS you win for JOURNALISM (Bell won 21 of them).
*** Next, as if synthetic POT wasn't bad enough...now we have THIS crap:
Yep, a "synthetic" form of XANAX (used for treatment of anxiety and panic disorders) is on the streets and causing police to be on the alert, as this "pharm" is of the LETHAL variety (helluva way to get rid of anxiety, isn't it?)
THIS is the type of fallout you can expect whenever you have a population that becomes "over-medicated" out the ass. And this primarily is targeted at young people. Like they don't have enough crap flying at them these days?
BTW, here's the lowdown on ALPRAZOLAM (real name of Xanax):
Got some pretty severe "side-effects", too...worse than what ailed you from the start. And now you know a lot more than the average reader...you can thank me later.
Oh, and similar occurrences have popped up in other places across the country.
*** Next up, this kind of story breaks my heart, but for a different reason:
Yes, Bill, the 10-year old African male lion at our own Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is dying of cancer.
(guess you don't have to be a smoker...or human to get it).
If you have ever been to the zoo since 2007, you saw Bill, and what a beautiful animal his kind truly are.
The zoo also recently lost a 16-year old kangaroo.
And we lost our little cat,  Penelope (from cancer) back in 2013.
I can relate to the personnel at the zoo...they bond with the animals and become "family", and losing a member is always a bitter pill to swallow.
I wish them well in finding another male lion, but there will always be only one "Bill".
*** Next up,  I got my new BB pistol yesterday, and immediately brought it downstairs, loaded it and charged it up and "took it for a test-drive"...sweet.
Every bit as good and accurate as the former one.
Tore through a few cans and got some nice groupings on paper.
Pyramyd Air (in Ohio) is to be commended for being another company that provides great service and at decent prices.
Nice thing about this replacement pistol - I now have an extra magazine (from the old one).
Assholes of the ghettohood...BEWARE.
*** Last back to the family room... Again, we see where the TRUTH can set you free...like from a job where the "bosses" want to practice political correctness INSTEAD of practicing factual journalism.
And, we also see the truth connected with certain medications and how they can be more harmful than the conditions they are trying to alleviate. Street pharms are never a way to go, but the idiots out there will find that out soon enough.
Maybe some would say that life is too "painful" and what's needed is a RELEASE from all the truth - turn away from what you NEED to know, and get your attention diverted to things and situations you'd WANT to know about, like social-media and the instant gratification that can be found by bullying others with no threat of consequences.
Oh yeah, that's MUCH safer and a lot more "fun".
There are a LOT of people who need to come to know what CAUSE AND EFFECT are, because sooner or later, it's gonna smack them right in their primate faces, and they will be woefully unprepared.
Face it, people don't know HOW to appreciate things or other people. They're brought up not knowing boundaries, but knowing violence. They lack civility, morality and a sense of ethical behavior. They think they know a lot, when in fact, they know very little, but society pats them on the back anyway and rewards them.
Bad behavior becomes the norm, while good behavior is mocked.
And at the start to all of this...the TRUTH is always one of the FIRST victims to this assault on decency.
Society hasn't just blurred the lines between good and bad...it's in the process of erasing it altogether, and that's something we can never allow to happen. We need to preserve who we were, rather than who we are becoming.
And, if history is still the teacher we believe it to be, we need only look back (and learn) in order to look forward.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I don't even want to take Aspirin and now they're making synthetic Xanax. What a world we live in.

Also, if I've learned anything from modern day social media, it's that anything you say about another race is always racist, unless you're a minority in which case you can pretty much call a white person anything/everything in the books and that's okay.

Bob G. said...

Yep...and he fake stuff is TONS worse than the real stuff (which has more side effects than you could shake a stick at).
---There is a very good book out there by Elijah Anderson titled "STREETWISE - Race, Class and Change In An Urban Community" (1990), which has a part in it that states it's NOT always "racial" but it IS about RACE.
And he calls out his OWN race for many of it's OWN problems.
Another good author is John McWhorter - check his works out.
And there is Larry ELder, too.

---Yeah, there is a REAL (and nasty) DOUBLE-STANDARD when it comes to race relations.
It's turned back on itself since the 70s and 80s, that's for sure.
(we can thank Obama for that).

And thank YOU for taking time to drop by today and comment.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe out there, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey, Bob! I see your neighborhood thugs have moved to a new part of town and now some righteous hard working Democrats are moving in next door. The town is demo-ing the old structures in your city. I'm going to quit blogging myself. I've decided to start campaigning hard for Hillary. Ha. Crazy, right? April Fool's!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You ALMOST had me looking for that story...(almost).
Fool me once, shame on YOU...fool me TWICE...shame on ME...LOL.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Have yourself a great weekend and do roll safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Where to start... ah, Chocolate mousse. Thanks for pointing THAT one out!

April Fools- I was good, except on Time Machine. And because of it, God gave the crap day to my boss instead of me. Or it was finally his turn, whichever.

I am too old to be aware of cannabis anymore. Awareness is bad on the sinuses. Prolly couldn't do any more cranial damage, though.

A whole month for fresh celery? I defy you all to keep it that long!

Stress I'm aware of. Like an elephant on the shoulder.

Takes a week to read a road map? Wow, reading has declined in America...

A 16-y-o... good God, don't ANY of these people get that life is worth MORE than that? Or that a future is more than that? Why do we bother, Bob?

Knew about the Pitt story... if I were from there, they would be "removed from my package." What unadulterated horseshit to fire someone thoughtful enough to write that letter. Makes me want to get a job with that station just so I could re-tweet her post, tell the station screw you, and quit.

Geez, it's even the animals this year... I have truly had enough...

Bob G. said...

--I had a hunch that chocolate mousse would hit a GOOD nerve.
--Good for you (at work) and GOOD for your boss...heh.
--Cranial damage...well, I keep smacking my head against the walls around here (because of the "locals"), but it just feels SO damn good when I stop, you know?
--Celery - MAJOR PASS!
--Or one on the BACK (mine likes to move around).
--ROFL - dunno what takes THAT long...if you can even FIND road maps these days that are NOT on some damn GPS screen.
--Apparently many people these days cannot grasp such BASIC concepts like LIFE (which is not just a board game from Milton Bradley). We bother because we CAN, my friend.
--She WAS thoughtful, and VERY courageous for pointing out what the black community (obviously) cannot see...amazing.
No GOOD deed EVER goes unpunished, does it?
-- Yes, even the animals.

Have yourselves a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.