08 April 2016

Friday Follies...
We have made it once again...to the end of another week. And keep reminding yourselves that it IS April, because the weather outside sure isn't convincing THIS Philly boy one damn bit. If you liked the conditions yesterday in the Midwest, you'll most likely find today a close copy.
Our Hoosierland weather will find us with (here we go again) cloudy skies, rain and or snow showers and a high of around 48 degrees. Sound familiar? Reminds me of yesterday...and some of the day before, and the day before that.
In the meantime, let's get a nice deep cup of hot Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by as we see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First off the futon is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 8 -
(sounds a might greedy, don'cha think?)
(shouldn't this be celebrated in SPAIN...or PORTUGAL?
(and Bill the lion isn't here to see it...very sad)
*** Since it's the weekend, let's now see what is going on over the next couple days.
April 9 -
(I'll be doing that to my car, and Wifey will be doing that to ME...lol)
(that looks damn tasty)
(Shouldn't this be a daily remembrance?)
(I name myself Master of the SE Side of Ft. Wayne - heathens be gone)
(If you're wondering, he WAS made an honorary citizen of the USA)
April 10 -
(these are so good warm with butter)
(I don't think ANY of the young ones around here CAN write...or read that well)
(Time to dust off that Orwell book)
(Sorry, both Wifey AND myself missed out on this - lucky us?)
And there you have it. Plenty of things to keep YOU out of trouble (and jail).
*** Next up, hey, guess what? Another shooting victim showed up at a local hospital.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 0345 hrs. this morning when a woman dropped off a male who walked into the ER. It was mentioned that gunshot WOUNDS (plural) were suffered by the victim.
Paramedics took him to ANOTHER hospital (interesting), and hospital security notified police about the shooting.
He's in critical condition.
The woman returned (to the first hospital) and investigators were questioning her (good luck with any information).
*** Next, here's an idea that (for some reason) has not been explored...until now:
Senior living...in a real house, with custom-prepared meals and amenities specifically tailored to the residents.
WHY hasn't anyone thought of this before, and if they have, why wasn't it made available to lots more seniors?
They have done this before...just not in OUR area.
I know I always "joke" about leaving our "Fortress" (permanently) by the manner of "feet first", if you get my drift.
TrueCare is the name of this outfit, and they look to have done a LOT of "homework" to make the autumn of many senior lives a lot better to handle.
Sure beats some nursing "homes" where the staff abuse or neglect seniors, that's for sure.
*** Next up, a burglar is caught and charged, and you'll NEVER guess where.
Here's the story link:
Wow, a SOUTHEAST SIDE BURGLARY? You mean we have THAT sort of thing going on?
Darryl L. Calvin, 48, of the 3000 block of Central Drive (east of Anthony) is the perp-in-question.
He allegedly broke into a house last Sunday around 0455 hrs (location undisclosed) and took a 60 inch TV, a Playstation (and 4 games), speakers, and headphones, valued at $1420 bucks.
Witnesses (wow, we still have those down here?) ID'ed him and when police responded, found Calvin nearby (obviously in a vehicle) with a hammer, screwdriver, headphones and TV remote (hint: when you do a B&E - LEAVE the immediate area, you dipshit), and the witnesses verified the car that Calvin took the items to when he left the burglarized house.
He DID get free bracelets.
Calvin told police someone "sold" him the items for $50. LMAO!
Ctripes, not even in the ghettohood can you get THAT kind of a "bargain", believe me.
Calvin appeared in court yesterday for a revocation of his bond in ANOTHER case (a career crim, imagine that) that was also a burglary back in March 2014 at a house on Gay Street.
See 'ya...wouldn't wanna BE 'ya. (loser)
*** Next, this story shows that conditions in our nation might be worse off than you think.
Here's the story link:
That's right, and ISP trooper gets FIRED for alleged proselytizing at a traffic stop.
And it's only the SECOND time it's happened.
Trooper Brian Hamilton
Some dumbass citizen (probably an AWA - atheist with attitude) gets lawsuit happy, and the police brass back the hell down...typical these days when it comes to our LEOs out there.
Hang 'em out to dry and twist in the wind. Sure, why not?
WTH is so wrong with trying to "witness" to a person now and then?
Don't we have FREEDOM of religion here?
And aren't people JUST as free to NOT LISTEN when the mood strikes them?
Can't preach to citizens "while on duty",  BUT you can swear an OATH (to God and country) to UPHOLD the law.
Now THAT is a very dangerous double-standard to shove down anyone's throat.
The ACLU of Indiana is to blame for this...the ANTI-Civil Liberties Union.
And since when is doing a little bit of Christian "work" for God considered a violation of anyone's constitutional rights?
The person stopped for speeding didn't care about the (sworn) DUTY of that officer to pull them over for BREAKING a law, right? C'mon...let's get REAL here. And this woman was apparently "so traumatized", she wants a JURY trial...(hope that case reverses right in her smug-ass face and sees NO damage done by the trooper).
Should have just suspended the trooper for a couple days and called it done.
Another assault on the values and principles that helped FOUND this nation...A-F$cking-Mazing!
*** Next up, Wifey returns today from visiting her Dad in Vincennes, and she'll be coming back with us enjoying one LESS "neighbor".
The people in the house behind our "Fortress" must have moved out.
Guess that U-Haul tipped me off (thanks, Captain Obvious).
Add to that, all the "stuff" placed out for trash a week EARLY (that gets reported to solid waste today).
Now, they weren't the WORST people in the area (we have others), but they had their noise issues. And once again, it'll be interesting to see what NEW bunch of morons are placed in that (now vacant) hovel. I will say they lasted a few years, and had their share of police problems.
Plus, the woman living there was burglarized FOUR times during her stay at the house.
Now THAT is motivation to move, and is the reason many leave the area.
I prefer to SHOOT anyone that tries that stuff with us, or, as I love to say:
I think that gets the point across nicely.
*** Last back to the garage...if you ever want to see what goes on in YOUR neighborhood, all you have to do is check out the police blotter (it's the FWPD for us in the Summit City) and filter your results according to location.
You will then see ALL the bad choices people are so fond of making.
We no longer live in a time or society that allows us to have open windows, unlocked doors or vehicles, and certainly not unprotected properties. And, although there are security measures we ALL can take, people just do not avail themselves of them, at least not in sufficient quantity to deny our stuff to prowlers, burglars, and home-invaders.
There are even technologies that have become inexpensive enough to allow us most of that "peace-of-mind" we USED to have, but even they are not totally foolproof.
In many ways, one might say we have taken over part of the exclusive "domain" of the law-enforcement officer, and we do it to protect OURSELVES, because the LEOs can't, for whatever reason. It's NOT due to a lack of DESIRE on the part of the officers, so don't think that for a moment.
In law-enforcement, as well as in OUR everyday lives, it all comes down to PRIORITIES.
Some crimes have higher ones than others, like we have certain things that take precedence over another., like getting FOOD rather than buying some bling.
That's where we have culture shock where WE live.
Priorities of those living outside OUR abode are so screwed up, it's downright scary.
That's why we have the situations we do, along with the amount of crime that goes along with a crapload of bad choices and an inability to properly prioritize.
As some people choose to do the wrong thing, they can JUST AS EASILY choose to do the RIGHT thing. It just takes EFFORT.
And, more importantly, if you do something LONG enough, and OFTEN enough, it becomes second nature, be it good OR bad.
Therein lies the lesson for this week.
Have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Hey, whatta ya know, I missed out on the whole sibling thing too. Only children unite!

Also, TrueCare DOES sound like a great concept. My 93 year old grandmother recently had a fall and could no longer be left alone, so we were exploring nursing home options. Yeah, those places were miserable, they cost a fortune, AND it required us to sign over everything grandma owned - including her house and car - to them. F*** that. She's living with my aunt now. What a scam.

Bob G. said...

Being an only child IS a "mixed" blessing:
Don;t have to SHARE anything or get their hand-me-downs, BUT...
You can;t BLAME anything YOU do on a brother or sister.
Whatta life...LOL.

---Yeah, signing over everything doesn't seem to ADD to what "quality-of-life" is left in our seniors, and we should be making their LAST years GOOD ones.
Glad you did your homework on those nursing homes (they seem to only "nurse" your loved one's possessions and estate - NOT cool!)

Thanks much for dropping by to comment today.

Have yourselves a great weekend & do stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

WTH is an Empanada, and why did it get a day?

Like your new name... long week, best I can do is "Call Me Bwana", lol.

I do know some good young writers coming up... a couple of friends' daughters, for instance. There is hope... just not down there (what a surprise).

Remember what I said yesterday about stupid criminals yesterday?

On the trooper: I agree to a point, but when you are ON the job and DOING your duty, that's prolly not the time or place... AND we don't know the approach he used, and cops can be a little intimidating... however, "Traumatized"? Gimme a break.

I think in your neighborhood, the rule should be, "And don't forget to burn the place down on the way out..."

Bob G. said...

--We just have to forgive all those "cultural-diversity" freaks out there I guess.
--LOL, and that was a really good Bob Hope movie.
--I think we will have enough writers growing up to keep the planet from devolving further.
--I certainly DO, my friend. I just wanted to reinforce it a bit.
--I was like "you should BE so lucky to get a LEO that wants to tell you about JESUS"...beats getting a perp-walk (or tazed) ANY day.
--ROFLMAO...well now, THAT would most assuredly save a LOT of people a LOT of time AND money...well said!

Thanks for stopping by here today to comment.
(now, if you could stop DOWN here...lol)
You guys have a great weekend and stay safe up there.
Say "hi" to Scrappy for us.

catererin said...

How is it not having siblings? I have 4 siblings, all of which are younger than me, it is so fun being the oldest! even though at age 24 I am 10 years older than the youngest child! makes me feel so old, and since my mom was my age when I was born!

thanks for the reminder of antique day as well, my bedroom furniture are antiques, have several Goebel hummels, even a vase and Catholic books from the 1880s!

Bob G. said...

That's a good question - it is a mixed blessing.
You cannot blame a single thing on your brother or sister, BUT you don't have them to play with when you're young, or help when you get older.
Kinda lonely (at times), but you don't hear them whining or such, either.
Being the OLDEST is probably the best place to be...you can teach and mentor your sibs. And that's pretty cool.

Nice to see you enjoy antiques. Those Catholic books HAVE to worth some $$$.
Times have changed since they were printed...a LOT.
Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and comment.

Do stay safe out there.