22 April 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to our "trying to dry out" end of the week.
Had some pretty decent rain yesterday and those thundershowers did manage to keep the boomcars "at bay". Always a good thing where we happen to live. Nothing like a rain shower to help a person sleep.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us seeing a few more showers, with a possible thunderstorm tossed in.
Temps are expected to top out around the upper 60s, so the rain will be much easier to deal with. (don'cha hate those nasty cold rains?)
So, what say we all get ourselves some "Friday Fortitude" poured and parked nearby as we take a look at what has been going on as well as what will be going on...
*** First off of the downspout is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 22 -
(tree-huggers of the world unite - more about this later)
(wonder how long before the LGBT crowd soils this establishment?)
(always preferred the black ones..and lemon ones)
*** Since we're at week's end, it's only fair to mention the other national days we need to take notice of.
April 23 -
(ANY form of cheesecake gets MY vote)
(a shame whenever ANY pet is lost He looks so sad.)
(could have chosen a day with less moisture in the ground)
(I do that every time I walk out the door...lol)
("forsooth, yon moron hath been beset with a troubled brow when 'ere he woke" - how's that?)
April 24 -
(never got into those, and I don't know why)
(guess they mean folks like US? Bring out that cheesecake)
And there you go...all sorts of fun things that should keep one busy and OUT of trouble.
*** Next up, our "Whiner-in-Chief" is trying (once again) to stick his nose where it doesn't belong (big surprise). Here's the story link:
And the Brits are pushing back...good for them.
The "Brexit" fight has to deal with the UK bowing out of the EU. They want to do it, and Obummer wants them to remain and even came out in support of PM David Cameron's decision to stay in the EU.
The mayor of London was quite adamant about his views on the situation regarding our president.
Hey, Barry, sometimes you DON'T (always) get what you want, especially when it has to do with ANOTHER COUNTRY that YOU can't rule or dictate policy to, so put on the big boy pants, STFD and STFU...got it?
*** Next, this kind of story borders on the disgusting for me, because I recall a better time.
Here's the link:
"YO - tighten ALL those damn screws!"
Imagine that - "Government Motors" posted a RECORD profit. They're probably gonna need it for all the recalls coming down the pike, because this first one dealing with seatbelt issues in over a MILLION trucks is just the beginning.
What the hell is with these auto workers?
They've been allowed to make damn near obscene wages while actually working LESS than those from the last century.
With all that going for them, you'd "think" they'd be making better products. Guess not.
Not to mention that GM has a LOT FEWER brands to manufacture, it should be easier to not screw things up.
I do, Mike!
It's not about cars, or safety, or even the people...it's all about the almighty BUCK.
That's pretty damn sad when your quality and "rep" means less than a stinking profit.
*** Next up, a little bit about "Earth Day".
First off, here's the WIKI on it..
This first started back in my hometown of Philadelphia in 1970, and to be honest, we laughed at it back then.
(I'm still laughing)
Earth Day took place in over 2000 colleges and universities.
In Philly, an activist known as Ira Einhorn was a founder and participant in Philly's first Earth Day, and he was also known as being part of the counter-culture crowd.
He was also a murderer.
Here's his WIKI:
Another prominent person "behind the curtain" on environmentalism was the late (finally) Maurice Strong - a Canadian OIL businessman, who later moved to China (he died in Ottawa, however).
Many called his political maneuverings Machiavellian in nature.
With talk like THIS, I'm glad he's dead.
He is responsible for a lot of the United Nations summits on the entire "green" movement, and subsequently, all those wonderful restrictions we have in place from entities like our own EPA.
(and he was backed by none other than George Soros).
Here's a little tidbit from 2000:
So even back then, these two has their OWN "vision" of what the world should become.
Can YOU say "Agenda 21"? Kinda creepy stuff, hmm?
*** On the "lot-less creepy" side, did I read right?
Did the CUBS pitcher, Jake Arrieta toss a NO-HITTER while his team scored SIXTEEN runs?
Has to be the end of the world (as we know it)...lol. Outstanding.
*** Next, some recent pictures of our little buddies.
Yes, we DO have "Bunny-Sign".
Patches likes the choice of table-seating
"NOW, this is AMBIANCE!"
"Good seating, good service, good food - four stars!"
*** Last back to the mud puddle...I really like our planet, in spite of my (personal) rhetoric regarding "Earth day" and all the tree-hugging socialist whiners out there forcing their agenda down everyone's throat.
I mean, it's the ONLY planet we have (currently), and we do need a modicum of restraint when it comes to mucking the whole place up, right?
But we cannot change the course of HOW our planet works anymore than we can have an alfresco brunch with God.
(I hear HE'S got the tab covered)
When the Earth decides to erupt some volcanoes, or cause a tsunami, we've got NO say it that.
When the Earth chooses to change it's own axial tilt (as it has in the past), we can't control that.
When the Earth wants to cause some species to become extinct (again been proven in the past), we cannot control that either. It's what our planet does...it's OWN thing, and we'd best get used to having things THAT way.
What troubles me, is that some people "think" (that in and of itself should be disallowed) they can change the planet and keep all the stuff it does on it's own from occurring.
They seek to impose strict mandates, regulations, laws, fines, whatever to get that point across, and to what end?
We already have the cleanest water and air we've even had, so why even try to "mess with perfection"?
It's not like we're still in that Industrial Age when the skies over England were brown with pollution.
Also, you're not going to change the way nations develop, either, and that's why India and China have crappy air quality. ditto for some of their water.
And we ALL know about Montezuma's Revenge south of the border.
I think instead of trying to CHANGE the whole planet, maybe we should just fall on our knees and be thankful to the ALMIGHTY for providing a planet such as we have.
The odds of our Earth being in the right place, the right distance from the sun, and having the right conditions to promote life, is, by itself...a miracle.
Sounds like a pretty good reason to be THANKFUL.
So, if the natural cycles of the planet cause some concern, let's try to adapt to them, rather than change something that can never be changed. Sounds like a REAL plan, hmm?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Yeah, isn't that funny about cars? We've been making cars for over 100 years now, and you'd think that we'd be able to make a solidly reliable car. And yet we can't. Not because the technology isn't there, but because we keep paying awful wages and outsourcing things to Mexico. Cutting corners. Adding easy-to-break things people don't need (automatic parking, automatic braking, blah blah blah). I never thought I'd see the day that my 25 year old car was more reliable (and much easier to work on) than the majority of current cars out there now.

Bob G. said...

I know, we're lucky if THIRTY PEARCENT of ALL "
U.S." cars are made HERAE in the USA.
And to think we once had well over FIFTY manufacturers of automobiles.

Your car is 25? VERY COOL!
(we should compare notes some day...lol)

And yes, the older ones are a LOT more reliable. Thing is, the "big-3" are not making replacement parts for them as much (if at all), so keeping cars like OURS running gets a bit problematic.
(how planned is THAT?)

Sure makes one long for those good old days - when things WERE indeed simpler.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Have yourselves a great weekend and saty safe out there.

CWMartin said...

With you on cheesecake... Black JBs not so much.

Scrappy is usually aware when he's lost. Ask him about the trip through Shoaff Park woods the other day...

Prithee, I canst only doest Shakespeare in the voice of Thor...

I think Obama has been so pushed off the world stage now that he's a lame duck (replacing the "i" that was there with a "u"), he wanted something statesmanlike to say to get him back in the spotlight. Swinganamiss!

Course, on GM recalls you can't totally blame workers.... they make what the engineer designs, and believe me, that's where the trouble starts.

That ballgame was about as disgusting as Earth Day. The Cubs got 3 runs in the 9th so easy, they coulda had 8 people from the stands come down, tell them, "Just hold your bat over the plate, don't need to swing," and they would have STILL scored those 3 runs. Not faulting Arrieta- he's 15-0 with 2 no-hitters in his last SIXTEEN games- but to term the Reds defense and pitching an "effort" would be a misnomer.

Pictures: Another good reason to leave Scrappy homeside. His outside marking might run your friends off.

You realize that first Earth Day was when the libs were trying to tell us temperatures were DROPPING and we were headed for a new ICE age.. and that fossil fuels were gonna run out in like 1995...

Bob G. said...

--Somehow, you just KNOW there will be cheesecake in heaven (because eating it is JUST THAT - heaven...mmmmm.)
--"Scrappy knows when he is lost"...ROFL.
Why am I not surprised? He's a GOOD boy.
--THOR works...remember it's "Shakespeare in the park"...HA!
--At this point he's been "out" for quite a few innings.
He's become a "wood collector".
--Oh GOD YES...the builders just carry the engineering faults through to their logical end.
--So, you mean to say that the REDS didn't bring their "A" game to the ballpark, then.
I just admire shutouts (perfect games are even better)
--I had not thought about "marking" scaring off the critters. Good call there.
--You are CORRECT about the beginnings of EARTH DAY - they were warning us that greenhouse gases would cause MORE cloud cover, blotting out the sun, and causing global COOLING.
(love someone that does their homework).
Yeah, since we ran OUT of fossil fuels in '85, I've been running on those LIQUID FUMES ever since...LMAO!

Hey, thanks for swinging by to comment today.

Have a great weekend, see you "on the morrow", and do stay safe up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey! Where is your Monday? LOL. I love your squirrel pics and your yard looks pretty fancy! Great post. A lot going on out there. I have been out of the loop writing a lot for some paid site work. Yikes I need to catch up in the world.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Wow, that rocket-fuel coffee of yours MUST have shot you out of the starting gate EARLY today...LOL.
(patience is a virtue...HA!)
Takes people my age a tad longer to get the noggin working to specs on a Monday.
(muscle-memory...it's what's for breakfast)
I hope your writing IS paying off.
You've got a good mind and heart for that (a way with words).
I have the Monday post up, so "lemme have it" (I don't mean that in a BIBLICAL way, either).
Thanks for the comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.