06 April 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Here we are again - middle of the week, so we're pretty much half-way home (to that wonderful weekend).
At least we're not waking up to snow covered lawns or vehicles.
Our Hoosierland weather will be a bit more on the milder side, BUT (uh, oh, here it comes), we WILL be seeing some rain moving through our area by mid-morning. Might be heavy at times and there could be a thunderstorm tossed in the mix, just because Mother Nature can do it.
Our high today will  top out around the 55-degree mark, so that won't be too bad to stomach.
And speaking of stomach, what say we get ourselves a nice comforting morning drink poured, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...sounds good to me.
*** First out of the frying pan is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government."
Now, this should be rather easy, if you've been following Glenn Beck at any length.
And, what was said then could be said now. It's that pertinent to the state of affairs in our nation.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the School of Salamanca...
*** Next up, we take a moment to ask the age-old question: "What the hell happens today, Bob?"
April 6 -
(good use for yesterday's leftover caramel)
Voiced by Herschel Bernardi
(talk about your wicked tuna)
(play 'em if 'ya got 'em)
(Scots of the world...unite!)
(Why does John Gotti always come to mind?)
(I know a few folks that could take a long on...off a short pier...lol)
(The kids can always use some hope)
*** Next up, Wifey made it down to Vincennes okay, and went out shopping for some snacks when she came across something that has not been in the Bluffton Rd Kroger for MONTHS - HOMINY (in small cans).
She got TWO of those and some SMALL legal pads (that both Krogers and Walgreens USED to carry, but suddenly don't seem to have in stock on the south side of Ft. Wayne.
Amazing all the things we USED to have down here, that have fallen by the wayside.
Yeah, it's all those little things that add up. Isn't it always?
*** Next up, we can't have a day pass in The Summit City without some mooks pulling some shit, like what happened in THIS story:
Now, again, what really pisses me off about this type of crime is the LENGTH OF TIME THAT HAS PASSED since it was committed.
The theft of over $2600 in computers from TWO Wal-Marts up north took place BACK IN JANUARY.
Lemme see...this is APRIL, so over SIXTY DAYS have passed. You seriously think these guys might STILL be hanging around the area? And you think they might STILL have the same clothes worn in the security video capture?
WTF is with the FWPD these days? Man, the silence from this department is DEAFENING.
You don't inform the public in a TIMELY manner, don't expect public assistance.
When we reviewed security footage at Circuit City, it took us less than a week, working with local police, to get it out to the public, if we needed to. We didn't have such blatant thievery taking place, either.
The boldness of today's criminal seems to know no bounds. Sure miss the old days there.
*** Next up, a barricade situation on the (where else?) SE side nets one arrest.
Here's that story:
This is what happens when you have outstanding warrants for your arrest, and you decide to hole up in a house...you get a visit from the Gang and Violent Crimes unit, the Emergency Response Team, and SWAT boys real soon.
The perp, one Emmanuel D. Freeman, 18, came out of the house, located at 3415 Holton after several hours of "negotiation" (smart kid - not totally stupid, yet).
The two active warrants were for PAROLE VIOLATION and (get this) CAR THEFT. Pretty damn busy for a teenager, but he IS from the ghettohood, so what can you expect?
During this time, traffic was halted, and the area was taped off but a crowd of onlookers had gathered (this is entertainment to them). They probably had all their "obamaphones" out ready for a possible YouTube post showing the police acting "improperly".
Sorry people...nothing to see here. Go about your business.
*** Next, and speaking of the SOUTH side of town, we have this quaint story:
Wow, guess it IS a lot harder to get redevelopment of the ground down here...couldn't be due to ALL THE CRIME, though, could it? Nah, "that's just a fantasy...it's not the real thing" (gratuitous Billy Joel reference).
Four months gone (so far) and nothing. Typical.
Yeah, those INDIGO guys have been trying to "pitch" the south side of Fort Wayne at various trade shows in Vegas and NYC (and at $5K per month, mind you)...still hearing crickets. Maybe we need a "relief pitcher"...?
(Even the late Tug McGraw would be hard-pressed to be able to rescue this FUBAR, and he was a fantastic relief pitcher for the Phillies).
It's said that demand for a quarter million square feet of retail space "could" generate close to$60 MIL in sales.
(forgot to mention that will happen ONLY when the crime is dealt with).
And the pundits continue to push this whole "perception" problem down here, when in FACT, it's the stark reality of the criminal element that has driven away retail over the last 20 years...and continues to do so.
Few are those willing to (continue to) invest and stick it out, in the hope that things will change for the better, and God bless those few that continue to do so. We sorely need them.
*** Last back to the fire...I get REAL tired of hearing the same old rhetoric from those in power in this city. I really do.
A VERY vicious cycle.
We're led to believe that we have a perception problem on the south side, when, what we really have is an entrenched and firmly established criminal element, that has no intention of going away any time soon.
No perception required there...just the facts.
It's like the city capos labor under the misconception that whatever crime DOES take place down here is not only acceptable...it's nothing to really concern ourselves with. Sorry, that dog ain't gonna hunt for the decent people down here, just trying to live life and survive the fusillade of gunshots, burglaries, thefts, rapes, assaults.
Those are also facts...look them up on the police blotter.
Still searching - found nothing.
The city simply will not admit that it's only as good as it's WORST area, and that's why this big push for downtown and riverfront improvement - to allay your fears, and lull you all into a false sense of security that this city is indeed MUCH safer than is pictured in the news.
I have said that crime IS spreading outward from the SE, and I've been proven correct many times over.
For the city to think that crime could ever be "contained" in ONE section of the city is delusional.
When you allow all this (government-sponsored) "fair housing" to place people from our area into NICER neighborhoods, those areas are the next "victims" of this urban blight, even if they don't know it yet.
If you don't (or won't) address the crime issue, don;t expect a real developer to bring back retail to the point where it will thrive. It will be a "flash in the pan" - here today, gone tomorrow.
That is also fact...a hard, cold and sober fact. And the city would be better served to pay attention on this matter before attempting to catch that pig and smear some lipstick on it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Quote: I was with you on easy till you threw in Beck. I'll still guess Ralph Nader.

Charlie gets a day? Wow...

Got werd that Wifey's dealing with a blackout down there. Told her she thought she got off lucky Saturday...

"The city simply will not admit that it's only as good as it's WORST area..." Someone should nail that to King Henry's office door. And keep putting it back when he tears it down, so he might get the idea it's NOT going to go away by wishing.

Bob G. said...

--Not Nader, but you're barking up a similar species of tree...after a --fashion.
Charlie SHOULD get a day...now, what about a CHRIS day or BOB day?
--A blackout down in Vincennes...who'da thunk THAT?
--I think that should be branded BACKWARDS on his forehead, so every time he looks in the mirror...(you know the rest).
I can be a vindictive S.O.B. (when required).
Lots of pent-up Righteous Indignation, I guess.
Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and dry) up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Well, Bob, glad Wifey ran into some old favorites. I don't know why stores change their products in certain regions unless it has to do with demand. Just a guess. Is it raining up there? Lots of rain down here. Ready for warm temps. This up and down is giving me sinus headaches. Blah.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Yeah, amazing you can't seem to find the COMMON things around here.
I know RIBS & CHICKEN WINGS are "all the rage"...LOL.
(must be a cultural "thang")
--We had some craptastic rain yesterday, and are still getting light rain this A.M. Supposed to linger about for most of Thursday...sorry.
--This weather WILL and does play holy hell with SINUSES, believe me...and old joints (not the smoking kind, either...lol).

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe (and dry) down there, Kiddo.