12 April 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
Okay, so it seems that we're done with the rain/snow/whatever for at least the next 24 hours (break out the bubbly).
And when the sun rises, it'll be the first time we actually get to SEE it at ground level in several days. That ought to renew your faith to some degree.
Days without sunrises just plain suck (to me, anyway).
Our Hooiserland weather for today will see us with FAIR conditions, and a high of around 50 degrees, although it IS below freezing outside this morning. It will warm up later on.
Now, with that dispensed with, let's get that comforting morning drink poured, as we see what's been going on out and around this old planet, hmm?
*** First out of the bathroom is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 12 -
(What? ANOTHER political holiday???)
(Oh, I am so on this like white on rice!!!)
(Two winners in a row)
(Hell, pay SHOULD be equal...to the JOB you're skilled enough to perform...period.)
(Hail to the librarians!)
*** Next up, I hear some neighbors in certain areas of Fort Wayne are voicing displeasure over MORE housing. Here's the story link:
I guess that with all the current housing that winds up getting "torched" these days (either by design, or by stupidity) some housing to replace them might be in line, BUT (...uh oh...), it's the MANNER in which these developers (and the city) have been trying to get the permissions passed.
Residents in the 4th district had a mere FIVE DAYS between hearing the proposal and the actual hearing itself.
Now, that's not right, is it?
And, there's talk of "senior" housing, but I've seen what that REALLY means (back in Philly).
Seniors might INITIALLY move in, but, as they die off, younger people move in (many of dubious intent) and soon, ALL the seniors are gone, and you've got a slum in the making.
Foster Park senior living (for now).
I've seen it happen in south Philly to some really NICE senior accommodations, so there's nothing to make me believe that this housing (here) would be any different in the long run.
There are other concerns about more housing in already congested areas.
Kayla Courts sample.
Fay Courts, a complex proposed in the 7900 block of Hanna St would consist of 15 duplex buildings (30 units), and is west of the Public Safety Academy near hte current Kayla Court duplexes.
(Hmm...sounds like potential Section 8 housing to me)
Whatever happened to that "dream" neighborhood near Hanna and Creighton, anyway?
Can't sell THOSE (rent-to-own) houses?
Wonder why?
Still have lots of CRIME there, I'd wager.
The city and developers are pretty damn sneaky with the way they handle these "takeovers" of land parcels in our city, and it's about time the people spoke up in opposition. Good for them. Here's hoping THEIR voice gets heard for a change.
*** Next, what to do with ALL the vacant lots on the SE side (that were created by razed houses, abandoned houses , those raided by police, burned down, or otherwise condemned)?
Why, turn them all into MINI-PARKS...that's what. Here's the story link:
It's a nice gesture and has some merit, BUT (...uh, oh, again...) how to make it viable with the human vermin all around?
Basically, how the hell is THIS "idea" going to make OUR part of town ANY better?
(lipstick meet pig?)
This grant (around $95K) will allow park benches and playground equipment to be built using low-cost materials (better be, because the vandals still in the area will DESTROY it soon enough - bet on that). Don't we have enough cheap-ass resin chairs decorating houses around here NOW?
I guess the NEXT thing we'll be seeing is building-length murals by "local artists" depicting the struggle of their race?
Nothing says ghetto quite like those (in L.A. for example).
Could this be another case of tossing good money after bad?
Well, I think it is, but I only live here and call 'em as I see and hear 'em.
---In a somewhat related aspect to all this, there will be a discussion about the BLACK COMMUNITY and LAW ENFORCEMENT (and how to help reduce violence and form positive partnerships WITH law-enforcement), taking place at 6-8 P.M., April 19th at the Walb International Ballroom, 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd. Oh, to be a fly on the wall THERE.
(try not breaking the law and hold yourselves to a better standard for starters)
*** Next up, and speaking of LIBRARIES and their WORKERS (as we did above), THIS story ought to get that old "righteous indignation" fired up. Here's the story link:
The HOLY BIBLE - a "challenged book" in school libraries???
(In New York, too. I thought this would happen on the LEFT coast first)
The only CHALLENGE regarding the Bible is it's ability to challenge who YOU are, who GOD IS...and what you're going to do about it...period.
Once again, we see the LEFTARDS (in their minimal numbers) dictating THEIR agenda to the MASSES.
Where's the ACLU? This is Kismet to jerks like them.
I guess challenging a book (like To Kill A Mockingbird) is the FIRST step towards actual BANNING it, and then, the subsequent BURNING of that book
And we ALL know how well THAT worked out in 1930s Germany...don't we?
*** Next up, I watched the 2-hour  Ken Burns film (Part 1) of JACKIE ROBINSON, and as usual, Burns did not disappoint.
Robinson was unique in a lot of ways, and today's youth hardly even hears about him.
What everyone recalls is that he was the FIRST black MLB player, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
How many people know that Jackie lettered in FOUR sports in his FIRST year at U.C.L.A.?
(track and field, football, basketball, and baseball)
And how many knew that his brother came in SECOND to Jesse Owens in the 200 meter dash at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?
It was very enlightening.
Robinson did have a temper, but he promised (the team owner) to keep it under wraps if he were to be signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. And although some other players on that team hated having a black man play in the same uniform (or even in the same league), after the first season with Jackie, it became more about WINNING (and teamwork) than about race. ( a lesson to be learned there?)
Robinson also batted close to .500 while in the farm club team, the Montreal Royals, and took them to a championship.
The ONLY "down" side to this presentation was having "Barry and Michelle" shove their TWO CENTS into the mix (I'd be surprised if they even HEARD of Robinson when they were young, and Barry was still a "citizen" in Indonesia), plus, having Harry Bellafonte (who used to be an okay guy, but has turned into a bat-sh*t crazy liberal) adding his views.
Didn't see ONE conservative black man OR woman speak about Robinson, and that's too bad.
Part 2 airs tonight on PBS.
Here's a link for more:
In many ways, I view Robinson as a man AHEAD of his time.
*** Last back to the laundry room...when you read about the recent killing of defense-man Will Smith of the New Orleans Saints in a "road rage" dispute, you have to wonder: "What the hell EVER happened to being able to TALK things out?"
This isn't the wild west, or it SHOULDN'T be. I would like to believe that we've evolved a bit past such behaviors.
But the evidence for such a belief is either non-existent, or very well-hidden.
If anything, we're regressing as a society, and much of that regression HAS to do with race.
While the opportunities for blacks (and other ethnicities) HAVE boomed since the turbulent 60s, and, what progress that WAS made seems to have been UNDONE by other factions, hell-bent on the dissolution of our nation.
Growing up into adulthood, I NEVER had a problem with people of ANY race, creed, or religion.
Then again, back then, people knew a lot more about mutual respect, and overall ethical behavior.
We had a LOT more 2-parent families in the minority communities and those men held themselves to a higher standard (generally-speaking). But the same can be said for ANY family of ANY race.
We look back nostalgically at those "good old days", and many say it's best to leave the past IN the past.
But, if we never learn anything FROM that past, are we not inviting the devil to have his way with us?
We should look around us and take stock in the way things are and where they might be headed.
We can change direction when going down that WRONG path, and we can learn from that.
All it will take is a determined decision to do so...and then we can all move forward in the direction we are meant to journey, but not before.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"LaRue added that the association does hear of complaints about the Quran, but fewer than for the Bible."

Now there's a shock. I guess the "brave" atheists figure it's safer to piss off Christians.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, it would certainly seem that way.

After all, I don't think EITHER of us know ANY Christians who would blow themselves up (taking others with them) or cut a few heads off if they DID get PO'ed, right?
(A "brave" atheist...about a common as those TALKING UNICORNS, no doubt...LOL)

Good point.

Thanks for rolling on by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Frankly, after this month, I'm not all that enamoured with "big wind"...

Other than that, another typically spot on post that my tired mind is having a hard time finding anything of merit to add to. Maybe I shoulda got dinner first...

Bob G. said...

---I can understand WHY, too.
(we get it down here in "Ghettoland" as well.
---Yeah, go have yourself a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH...and some LICORICE.
Just don't have a grilled licorice sandwich.
That wouldn't work out all that well.
(and probably smell like burnt tires...lol)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.