13 May 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of the week...at last.
And, it's been one soggy-ass week at that, hasn't it?
(we're not done with the rain just yet)
We're also staring at the ONLY Friday the 13th this year (next year, we get two).
So, no walking under ladders, or letting black cats cross your path...kapeesh?
Meanwhile, our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies, mild breezes, and temps reaching to around 67 degrees. Ah, a nice respite between weather fronts. Get that gardening stuff done TODAY.
So, without any further ado, let's get that morning drink poured and parked close by, as we see what's going on elsewhere, shall we?
*** First off of the freshly-mowed yard is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 13 -
(I'm thinking salad-time here)
(Never took a shine to this, but Dutch apple CAKE gets my vote)
(Calaveras County must be loving this)
(remember when this came with dinners at restaurants?)
(Obama's been doing this for damn near EIGHT years of days)
*** And since it's the end of the week, let's look to the following 48 hours after today and see what takes place.
May 14 -
(Robin Hoods of the world unite!)
(good any time with anything)
(never liked that song or the dance...sorry)
(has nothing to do with marijuana tunnels under our southern border)
(google it up - that's your assignment for today, kids)  )
(MY kind of golfing)
(we got our bag to fill from the USPS carrier already)
May 15 -
(they always have me at "chocolate".)
(and a woman's leg never looked better)
(A day to remember the fallen in the service of our communities)
There you have it...lots of things to get you motivated and thinking.
(and to keep you off the streets and out of jail)
*** Next, another one of those "shooting-dropoffs" at one of our hospitals.
Here's the story link (such as it is so far):
Seems to be the "new" M.O. for those in the ghettohood these days.
I mean, who wants a ride in an ambulance, when you can bleed in a friend's ride, right?
This took place today around 0300 hrsat a medical center located in the 700 block of Braodway. The driver left the building before police could arrive (don't they ALWAYS?)
The victim had a gunshot wound to the neck and is listed in critical condition and was taken to another facility.
FWPD investigators are (what else) investigating the hell out of this to determine the location of the shooting,
(my bets are for the SE side...c'mon now, who ELSE is up at those hours, plays with guns, and causes mayhem but black males or maybe an Hispanic now and then, right?)
*** Next up, and speaking of our ghettohood black males, we have THIS little gem:
This took place yesterday afternoon around 1400 hrs, when a detective tried to pull over a vehicle for speeding in the 2600 block of E. Washington Blvd.
Police saw the driver and passengers toss narcotics and handguns out of the windows of the vehicle.
A Ruger P85 went through the windshield of an unoccupied car, as the driver sped down Pennsylvania Ave, and a Glock 19 was found in the same block. The three bailed and attempted to run, but were stopped by a barbed wire fence.
Arrested were Kareem Jerome McPherson, 33, of DETROIT, Ashton Demontre Buchanan, 25, and Varnell David Coe, 25, of REDFORD, MICHIGAN.
         Buchanan            McPherson                Coe                  
THOSE perps LOOK like the LOSERS they are..some ugly "mo-fos" there.
Sure glad we're not having perps from OTHER areas come to OUR city to sell drugs, carry illegal guns and create chaos...aren't YOU?
Now, all three are facing a slew of charges  both large and small, but in ALL of those charges brought against these three, not ONE mention of LITTERING....I mean WTH?  You always let the small shit slide? LOL!
*** Next up, so our outgoing (and not soon enough) "prez" has decided to stick his sorry ass into the whole SCHOOL BATHROOM ISSUE (no real pun intended there...lol).
Here's the story link:
Are you effin SERIOUS???
Who the F*CK allows these delusional assholes to permit this kind of sick "edict" ??? We live in frigging Venezuela now?
Transgender bathroom (and locker rooms) in our SCHOOLS???
Scads of teens, pre-teens, tweens, and elementary age kids all choosing WHICH restroom to change clothes, take a piss or crap in? Are you kidding me?
This president is totally OUT of control.
Our educational system IS in the toilet, I'll give you that one, but really, this has got to be the final straw. I'd love to see such an uprising and push back AGAINST (stupid-ass) mandates like these, that ALL those federal agencies will back the hell off and crawl BACK under the rocks that came from, including YOU, "mister president".
Not enough lines blurred in society?
I'm POSITIVE that we have SO MANY more IMPORTANT (and less intrusive) issues to address when it comes to EDUCATION than what effin bathroom little Tommy wants to use whenever he "feels" like getting in touch with his feminine (read curious) side, right?
*** Next, let's change gears...yes, I did in fact mow the back yard (again) yesterday morning.
Sweet...and somewhat serene.
It's growing like crazy with this rain, and turned out nice (not bad for an old city boy).
And, as usual, I had my "supervisor" stop by to monitor my progress.
Stop taking pictures and get back to mowing, Bob.
S'ok, he works for peanuts...LOL.
Always nice to have a sense of accomplishment, especially in an area where our "Fortress" stands.
*** Last back to the vegetable garden...every single day, we hear of more lunacy taking place in our society (and the world in general).
When did it become vogue to ignore the honest-to-God important things and concentrate on such asinine items like I mentioned above?
If this isn't BIZARRO WORLD, it should be. We're becoming deserving of the moniker.
And too many of us are just allowing it to unfold in front of our eyes, without saying "boo".
THAT has got to change before we lose this country to the bay-shit crazy lunatics who appear to be in the process of taking over the asylum. We cannot permit that to occur.
The one officer that chased down those 3 perps that were speeding was proving that The Broken Window Theory DOES WORK...stop the small crap before it becomes the BIG crap.
But the schools are allowing transgender bathrooms, due to some mandate from "on high", because those schools fear losing federal money? When did it come down to DOLLARS AND CENTS at the exclusion of COMMON SENSE?
Seems they tossed out the latter for the former, and that's not helping ANY of the kids, or our educational system, and certainly not the future of our society.
Better to tell the feds to piss the hell off (pun intended), screw their blood money, and do as much (or more) with less.
Our liberties and freedoms are at risk, make no mistake about that.
And they won't be taken away in some widespread wholesale manner; it will be done in such small and seemingly "innocent" increments, that we'll barely notice.
So far, it seems to be working, and that's a scary portent to a much larger and impending problem, which could well plunge us into anarchy, socialism...or worse (if you can imagine that).
Let's practice Occam's Razor on this one, folks.
We NEED to stand up and rail against these powers, which we KNOW to be evil.
We need to stand OUR ground, and never give an inch, and we must retain that which this country was founded upon, and it certainly wasn't what we're seeing today.
Only THEN, will we rise again to where this nation belongs as a world LEADER...and not some here today, gone tomorrow politically-correct "trend-setter".
Therein lies the message for today.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Well, butter my biscuit. Your yard looks wonderful. Can you come mow mine? It's a field. Gah. Too much rain. I will try tonight. There are too many special days on each day that there is no way to remember them. Silly people. You need to lay off the squirrel food. That fella is too fat to climb a tree. Have a great weekend, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Hey, that better be a BUTTERMILK BISCUIT...LOL!
--If you lived CLOSER, no problem, but I only have 100 ft of EXTENSION CORD for the mower...!
--Oh, he can CLIMB, trust me...and can RUN, too.
He chased an interloper away the other day...was funny as hell.
He's very territorial (I belong to him...or her...whatever...lol)

You have yourself a great weekend, Kiddo.

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

After 5:59 AM my day was fine. That's when I clocked in for my shift at 6. Why? First, my e-mail this morning decided to regurgitate everything in the deleted files (and believe me, I should empty it more often) into my inbox. So I was late leaving, and then Clinton and Wash Ctr was an enormous cluster with spotlights, water, and traffic detour arrows the reason for which I wisely turned and went the other way before learning.

"Blame someone else day"... As I was mentally cursing the idiots who liked the idea of the new system for making our markers but don't like getting them to sit on my fabric right, my new floor boss came up and asked, "How is it you've never punched an engineer in the mouth yet?" I just smiled and said, "Because I usually have to deal with Andy." Andy's as big as you and me put together and used to do MMA fighting.

I did google the Cornelia De Lange syndrome thing. I read the short version.

Stamp out hunger.... sounds like an early dinner coming for me.

You mean our drug dealers don't come from Vermont?

I like what the NC gov said on the bathroom subject- basically, our schools and our children aren't here for your social experimentation. With Texas prepared now to join the lawsuit, it becomes an increasing worry whether we'll have a nation left for Grandma or the Donald to ruin...

Bob G. said...

--Wow, hadda a BOB kinda start to the day.
--Yeah, Andy needs to be kept 3 inches farther than arm's length (or befriended to the Nth degree).
--Didn't say WHERE that hunger was coming from, come to think of it.
--LOL...no, just leftard DUMBOCRATS...HA!
--Social experiments NEVER go well, history should be the best teacher there. They end even worse.
I don't know is it's getting more like the society in WILD IN THE STRETS...or V FOR VENDETTA.
Either way, not a good example of secular progressivism or a "model
society, to be sure.

Hey, thanks much for dropping on over to comment.
Have your selves a VERY good weekend (avoid the rain).

Stay safe (and sane) up there, brother.