11 May 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Now, THAT was some serious RAIN last evening, wasn't it?
The local tally had Fort Wayne at about 2.5 INCHES of precipitation. And, there were those "flash flood" warnings going out.
At least last night's weather event kept the loudass boomcars off my streets for a time...that was SO refreshing to NOT hear them for a change.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with some fog early on, maybe a leftover shower and mostly cloudy skies. Temps will reach into the mid-70s today and yes, it will feel a bit on the muggy side.
We're expecting more rain for the next couple days, so I wouldn't stow that umbrella JUST yet.
Now, what say we get ourselves a nice soothing morning drink, as we take in all the other things that have been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the rain barrel is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Seek freedom and become a captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty."
It would seem that more folks would be better served by desiring liberty, rather than rampant freedom, and I can see why. Still, liberty is something that produces freedom, and not the other way around.
So who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in Tacoma Washington...
*** Next up,  is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 11 -
(think of this as a poor man's massage)
(A good way to observe this is to visit the SE side of Fort Wayne...or watch some classic reruns)
They were NEVER this cute when I was in school!!!
(unsung heroes of our educational system)
(those who run interference for "the boss")
(for all those running the "graveyard" and screwing up their circadian rhythm)
*** Next up, a pretty big deal went down last evening at the city council meeting.
Here's the story link:
The peasants are revolting.
Our "king", Mayor Henry was dealt a losing hand last night as the city council voted DOWN the North IV Annexation deal. Sorry...no land grab this week,  your highness.
It was interesting to hear all the questions posed to the city reps and how the answers were not exactly clear and forthcoming (typical).
The kicker for me was when council president, Russ Jehl asked the reps "Why is this a case of we need to pass the plan to see what's in it?" to which he got a rousing round of applause from the audience, which was comprised of many of the affected residents in the proposed annexation area.
The "Magnificent Seven" RIDE AGAIN...LOL.
Guess you really CAN'T fool all the people all the time, especially when dealing with democrats.
And speaking of which, the council vote went 7-2 AGAINST annexation (and their reasons were SOUND ones), with the ONLY TWO "yay" votes being Geoff Paddock and Glynn Hines (democrats both).
Sorry, guys, but...YOU LOSE!!!
That's pretty sad when you don't have enough backbone to go against your "king" (or even see the logic and reason behind not voting for the annexation) when you KNOW he's wrong, unless you've been SO duped for SO long. Apparently, the people DO NOT MATTER to these two councilmen.
(well Hines only cares about "his" people - Paddock just follows like an obedient pet). Good to see the dems get a kick in the teeth in this city, for once.
Like to see (much) more of that downtown.
*** Next up, I noticed one of those days where this blog's page views went damn near off the chart. Just over 400 views...kinda odd, really, as I typically get under 200 (on a good cay) AND, this is the "best blog about the goings on in Fort Wayne (and beyond) that's hardly read"...lol.
The extent of MY social media.
(yeah, I got my own "tag-line" now...HA!)
But, I also noticed ALL the media sources parroting what I had posted yesterday morning about the latest homicide victim.
I did some digging around and found that story from Lawrence, Indiana (the huge pot bust from last year), and I think I had my stuff up before the other local media outlets. Sure seemed that way.
Guess they like seeing facts. Can't blame 'em for that, can I?
Anyone wanna put me on their payroll for reporting? Just asking.
*** Next, Looks like even MORE fallout from the flawed Obummercare "mandate".
Here's the story:
Thanks for NOTHING, douche-bag.
OUCH! The cost of a private nursing home room is up to a whopping $92K annually!
Cripes, who (beside the independently wealthy and socially-secure) can afford THAT kind of scratch from a loved one's care when they can no longer care for themselves?
Coverage costs are ALSO rising. Really?
Even the National Council on Aging is seeing the system fail it's people.
"It's getting more and more difficult for the average family", they say. And they're correct.
Guess Obama DID want the old people to just die off. Thing is, HE will get old sooner than he thinks. Maybe then, he can just check out and save the American people some money. We can "hope" for that "change".
*** Next,  seems that Fort Wayne is becoming one of "those" cities that just HAS to have some sort of PUBLIC MURAL. Here's the story link:
Now, I was an art major in high school (talk about pissing way an opportunity - yeah, I never followed up on THAT one), so I can appreciate real art, in damn near any medium it's presented.
But, in the last few decades, I've seen cities embrace all this "modern" crap, which (in many cases) looks like an aftermath of an auto accident. Then there's that crucifix in a jar of urine posing as "art"...well some people need to lay off the drugs and put down the anti-Christianity, liberal agenda, don't they?
What in the hell...? Am I having a stroke?
I've seen murals on buildings many times. The one that comes to mind for me,was a SPIDERMAN one back in Philly (this was the late 80s) out in West Philly. Was well done, and to this day, have no idea who painted it. Probably no longer there (maybe the building was torn down).
Sinatra mural - Philadelphia
My old stompin' grounds of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly love (not any longer, sad to say) has become the "unofficial" street mural capital over the years. Thought that used to be Los Angeles?
Then, there are these "social" murals - onse that depict some "ongoing struggle" of one ethnicity against the system (everyone), or some celebratory mural about being black or Latino.
Funny, never see anything about white folks? Another "prohibited" form of expression here?
Maybe THEY prefer their art in a MUSEUM or at an EXHIBITION? I know I do.
Plus, even artists have to EAT and survive. Better to sell some of that art, right?
Some of these murals are done well. Others look like a Peter Max acid trip (I'm dating myself).
Whole building "mural" - Philadelphia
Some cover ONE wall. Others cover the whole damn building.
Let's hope Fort Wayne doesn't get carried away along the North Anthony corridor and winds up turning it into a real estate freakshow.
*** Last back to the rain gutters...there are those who believe that art imitates life.
There are still others that believe the converse to that - life imitates art.
I think it's a two-way street,  It has to be.
To many people who pursue artistic ventures, it's a way to express oneself, just as a writer would, or a musician.
And along those lines, such things can be quite lucrative if the opportunity presents itself, and you're willing to WORK at it and chase that dream to make it your reality.
Now, those who "tag" buildings (or other property) - the graffiti "artists" are there just to be a pain in some city's ass.
I've seen the rise of THAT as well back in Philly. Railroad and inner city elevated trains covered with some tagger's "name". Philly had to start coating things with anti-graffiti paint...just to make it easier to clean stuff off.
Like anything in life, TOO MUCH is never a good thing, and Benjamin Franklin told us as much.
EVERYTHING in moderation - NOTHING to excess.
Well, today, it's all ABOUT excess, isn't it?
Excessiveness sells, whether it's on the news, in our stores, or along the lines of every form of social media.
I like to use the word "sensationalism" as an adjunct to excessive behaviors, because THAT gets the attention.
Can any of us be happy or content chasing after such things as those? Not really.
It's another way of putting WANTS (or desires) before NEEDS, I think.
And the eerie part to all of this...we have no idea where it will all end, do we?
Meet your needs first, and much of the rest will take care of itself in it's own good time.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I don't know what it is about me, but I like that whole building mural thingy. Your memes are all too true. Love them! Hump day. Gah. I need it to be Friday already!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I'm also not against ALL of the mura; thing, but it has to be conditional, such as:
A) It has to be TASTEFUL. Don't wanna see glorified thug life on a building.
B) It should be REAL art and not some random haphazard splashes of color - hell, any 3-year old can do that...LOL.
C) As long as every neighborhood doesn't have one, that's fine.
I've seen parts of L.A and it looks TRASHY (and having bums sleeping on sidewalks in front of ANY mural doesn't make it look ANY better.

And remember, any memes I've already "borrowed" are your memes...heh.

Thanks for rolling by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and dry) down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Yep, that was a gullywasher last night... me and Scrappy watched some of it out the front door during commercials in NCIS. Only real hardship for us was the darn EAS weather bulletin, followed by Nick Fereri repeating it verbatim once, in his own words a second time, followed by "Let me check my computer to see if there are any further updates..." before he let us get back to Gibbs.

IDK on the quote, sounds like Confucius to me... though I suspect he never visited tacoma...

TWILIGHT ZONE DAY... no thanks, had that yesterday.

Third shift workers takes in Jess... have to send that one to her.

Hines and Paddock- sniffing the royal butt since...

As the media maven will tell you, two things about the local media- they will steal from anywhere to avoid doing the footwork, AND they never give credit where credit's due.

I just happened to read the wiki bio on Charles Bradley (who did that great tune Changes I introed you to last week), and It is my sincere hope Obama lives to go through that life backwards.

The mural- so is King Tom going to an outside artist or just let one of the local Vice Lords do it?

Bob G. said...

---Yeah, he was trying to protect people. Can't fault that, but a screen-in-screen might have worked better...maybe
---If you're a SCI-FI fan, it might come to you.
---Buddy, it's EVERY day for us.
---sniffing the royal butt...ROFL!
---But you and I will always know different, hmm?
---We can hope that he DOES. Bradley is one good songster.
---Maybe the LATIN KINGS...or the 7 FIGS...we have SO many to choose from in our city...(and that by itself is scary).

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Stay safe and sound up there, brother.