30 May 2016

Monday Memorial Day Musings...
Welcome to what is perhaps one of our most important non-religious days,
That's not to say that God did not have a part in what today means, though.
We'll get into that shortly, but we've got some other business to take care of.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies, temps back up into the mid-to-upper 80s, and a lot less humidity, which should make things feel a lot less "close". Add in some mild breezes, and we've got ourselves a very nice setting to today.
Now, let's get that morning drink poured as we see what else is going on.
*** First off of the flagpole is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 30 -
(It's got to do with a dentist, inventing artificial teeth,  and wireless communication)
(random gunfire will do that, you know)
(this should be on the day the Kentucky Derby is run, imho)
(looks like Wifey and I will be watering ALL of them where we are)
---And finally, it is MEMORIAL DAY
(speaks for itself)
*** Next up, I am going to forego all the crap that has taken place over the weekend (so far) and focus in on TODAY. (and yes, some blog posts seem to "write themselves").
Those of you about my age (social security territory) recall the parades we had, the red, white, and blue crepe paper adornments on our bicycles and wagons, and all those military men passing by.
And, it's GOOD that we remember that. We should never forget that our FREEDOM does comes with a price, and sometimes, it's a hefty one.
Memorial Day is that ONE day we set aside to remember all those who have given their lives in service to our nation, and that's different from Veteran's Day, where we honor ALL vets, living and deceased. Memorials are for those not able to be with us. Simple, huh?
There used to be a saying that anyone in the military who died in uniform was just "still on patrol".
Since the days when I was young, and the Korean War was winding down, our country (and her people) have gone through a great many changes, and not all of them good ones, especially when it comes to how we celebrate...no, make that HONOR the men (and women) we do on THIS day.
Vietnam became the big political ticket of it's time, and showed us that although we could STILL WIN a war, it would be the politicians who would not only DENY America and her military personnel OF that right, but allow our returning vets to become castigated by a counter-culture that grew in the late 60s.
Fortunately for this country NOW, our returning troops are no longer spat upon or called baby-killers.
We have , once again, fully accepted and embraced THEIR role as the protectors of the people of America, just as we look to God for his divine providence to protect and guide our country.
History can be a great teacher, when we allow it.
But, Memorial Day is no longer JUST about our fallen, or those who returned with missing limbs, or even those untouched by the fog of war...ALL of them have been affected in one manner or another.
Memorial Day is no longer JUST about placing flags on every grave in Arlington, or watching troops pass in a parade, or even bending down and thanking a surviving vet for his/her service, when they can't rise from their wheelchair to look you back in the eye.
It's about sales...and cookouts...and fireworks...and partying, and yes, acting stupidly.
Or even...vandalizing veteran memorials in 3 states (google that one).
It's about doing things you can do just about any OTHER damn day of the rolling year.
That's not to say I'm against ANY of those GOOD activities (I AM against the vandalism and acting stupidly). I just believe that everything has it's OWN place in all our lives, JUST as today should have, and for ONE very important reason:
The sacrifice of OUR troops makes all the other things POSSIBLE to the rest of our nation's citizens (even all that's stupid).
Without the freedom and liberty everyone enjoys, you wouldn't have the ability to enjoy the "fun" things, would you?
THAT is why we need to set this day aside, and be extremely thankful for our military personnel.
And, I suppose that's what bugs me the MOST when I see the LACK of acknowledgment and (more importantly) patriotism, and on THIS day particularly.
Our nation has lost a very important aspect to not only what this country represents, but who we should be as a people...
We have forgotten HOW TO BE APPRECIATIVE.
Too many Americans cannot (or will not) accept their responsibility to APPRECIATE what our troops have done FOR this country in the past, and what they do every single day, while everyone else goes about their mundane lives.
THAT is what I see too much of, and it honestly pisses me off to no small end.
I think of my Dad, who made it through WW2 unscathed and worked as a pressman for close to 30 years,, and my late Uncle Leo who came out of the same theater of war to return home and open his own business, or my late Uncle Mervin (Jacobs) who fought at Anzio, and became a railroad worker until he retired.
Then, I think of all those markers and gravestones I saw at Arlington when I visited there decades ago, and how so many of them didn't have the opportunities we take for granted.
Of all those who fought, many never came home, but many more did come home, albeit  under the power of 8 pall bearers.
THAT is what we, as Americans need to honor...and appreciate.
Now, if this all sounds like I'm waving our flag...sure, why the hell not?
What is so wrong with America that we can't love our country and those who die for it?
Sure, we've got us problems out the wazoo, BUT...we are STILL a free people, thanks to the service and sacrifice of our troops.
And those who can't seem to take the time to honor our men and women in uniform ONE day need to be reminded that for the families who HAVE lost loved ones in theater, no matter what war that took place, EVERY day is MEMORIAL DAY for them.
And, I guess that's about all I have to say about that.
The rest is up to all of us to do what is right and just in remembrance.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Hole in the Bucket: At Rural King we saw a product called "Luggable Loo"- a toilet seat you clamp to a separately sold 5-gal bucket for camping trips.

" ...it would be the politicians who would not only DENY America and her military personnel OF that right, but allow our returning vets to become castigated by a counter-culture that grew in the late 60s. Fortunately for this country NOW, our returning troops are no longer spat upon or called baby-killers."

Unfortunately, that counter-culture is now called "the administration".

And their students "tag" memorials to the fallen. Both disgust me more than I can say.

I heard that part of the White House grounds were on lockdown because "someone may have thrown a suspicious package onto the grounds."

Prolly a box of dog shit, because that's about all the current occupants are worth. Fortunately for the POSUS, he was in Japan trying to make them feel better about the wave of rape and murder they spread across the world years ago, which we cauterized nuclearly.

I hope the Vets section in hell is analogous to what happens to child molesters in prison for POSUS. Even in hell, they would have to be insulted by this lackwit. But they'd best act fast, because I think POSUS will be quickly descending to a lower ring.

Geez, vent much, Chris? Hope your celebration was great!

Bob G. said...

--Sounds like something I cobbled together in our garage when we had that water backup in our basement, and couldn't use our toilets...someone stole my idea...AGAIN.
--Ahh, you figured that out as well...a shame, isn't it? The inmates are running the asylum.
--That makes TWO of us!
--Dog shit...Obozo should BE that lucky!
--There just HAS to be a special place in hell for such...but I wond3er if there is only ONE "lower ring". Dante mentions TEN levels.
--It wasn't a bad weekend, considering. Loads to chronicle on the motor, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Much appreciated.

You all stay safe up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Great tribute, Bob. G. Very nice. Indeed we shall remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms serving our country. May they all rest in peace.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Thanks for you words about this post.
It means a lot to me coming from you.

It's just the way I feel, and if it hits the mark, so be it.
Thanks for rolling up to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.