10 June 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to week's end at last.
Looks like the rain we were supposed to get passed south of our fair city...again.
We're also "supposed" to get some rain today, and it feels like it outside.
I'll believe it when I see it, and not before.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have temps creeping back into the mid-to-upper 80s (we're on A/C mode again), mostly cloudy skies and that "chance of rain" we're being told. You can feel the humidity as well.
Now, let's all get ourselves a nice cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured (we might need it), as we take a look at what's been on my mind of late...
*** First out of the fridge is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 10 -
(wonder if today's youth can appreciate this?)
(sounds a bit racist from a bovine point of view...lol)
(sorry, marijuana is still NOT a proper "herb")
(yeah, we got this one covered well enough)
*** And since it is Friday, let's see what we can get into over the weekend.
June 11 -
(wanna make MY life beautiful? Take all the "locals" living down here and replace them with some NORMAL people)
(okay, NOT the flower, but the WINE - and cracklin' at that)
(just keep the toothpicks handy. You'll need them)
(as usual, chocolate gets my attention)
June 12 -
(I found that it does NOT apply to ANY of our "neighbors"...damn!)
(Has to do with INTERRACIAL marriage as per the decision  in 1967 of Loving v Virginia)
(Those with allergies need not partake - more for me)
(our climbers are in bloom, too
There you have it. Celebrate responsibly and stay out of trouble.
*** Next up, there was ONE story that got me nice and PO'ed yesterday, and I'll bet you all know what that was. Here's a hint.
And, here's the story link I chose (from MANY):
Libtards working hard to restrict YOUR rights
So, this 9th "circus" court of appeals, based in San Fran (uber-liberal as the day is long, I might add) states that our 2nd Amendment does NOT provide the right for citizens to carry concealed weapons...
Well, THAT...IS...BULLSHIT...!!!
Does that mean I can carry OPEN then?
Carrying concealed means you don't want to "scare the locals", because SOME people fear guns like the plague and will piss themselves if they so much as see one.
Funny, the best defense against a BAD guy with a gun STILL is a GOOD guy with a gun. Anyplace, anytime.
In some cities, people are required to provide documentary evidence that they NEED to carry concealed, and those are often cities where it's difficult to even get a gun.
Now, this court (which did NOT even have a unanimous vote on this) wants to RESTRICT people to carrying a gun ON THEIR PROPERTY only? What a frigging laugh.
Sorry, but the 2nd Amendment says WE, the people, have the RIGHT to KEEP AND BEAR arms. It makes NO distinction as to WHERE and HOW we can carry them. That's usually left up to the states themselves, but it's still a restriction.
Here in Indiana, you ONLY need a permit for carrying a handgun, and NOT a specific (or separate) CCP permit (so I've read).
That doesn't seem to stop all the criminals who ILLEGALLY obtain handguns and then proceed to ROB people and businesses, does it?
Oh, wait...criminals NEVER follow the law to begin with...
And forget all the crimes that WERE prevented or stopped BY citizens with concealed handguns, and the lives THEY have saved.
This might wind up (eventually) at the foot of the "Supremes", and that could be a REAL hairball against our Constitutional rights. Yeah, THAT will piss me off again real fast.
*** Next, and because the paper has not arrived as of 0630 hrs, I've got to peruse the local media sources online, so bear with me here.
He beat me to it...damn!
We go through these "phases" down here in Ghettoville. This week alone, the MAIL didn't arrive until around 1600 hrs (4 PM) on two days.
Today, the PAPER is late. Some weeks, trash pickup comes BEFORE 0900 hrs, while other weeks, it doesn't come until AFTER 1500 hrs.
To echo the words of Mr. Swift, if there is ONE thing that is CONSISTENT down here, it's the INCONSISTENCY. And with kids knocking over trash bins or poking through mailboxes, you can't leave things alone to handle themselves...not one damn bit.
Welcome to the SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne.
Like I said the other day, parents with NO parenting skills to speak of are the main culprit, and why these kids are seemingly SO "bored" that all they want to do is mess about with anything and everything that has nothing to do with them (like setting fires at Southgate Plaza, for example) or the mundane lives they've chosen to pursue for themselves, is asinine.
*** Next up, we have another example of the result of bad parenting and poor choices. Here's the story:
This robbery took place around 2330 hrs last night at the Phil's One Stop located in the 2600 bllock of Goshen Rd.
The suspect is a BLACK MALE wearing black clothing and (get this) SUNGLASSES...at 11:30 AT NIGHT!
(that shoulda sent up the old red flag immediately)
He remains "in the wind", and I heard that he only alluded to having a gun and that none was displayed. He got away with cash and cigarettes (wanna bet they were either KOOLS or NEWPORTS?).
*** Next, still another example of people that "just don't get it". Here's the link:
This took place around 0530 hrs this morning on the (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE of County Allen.
The location was given as Country Court Estates, off of U.S. 27 near the I-469 interchange.
One person was stabbed and the condition not known. One person was taken into custody, so I'd wager that this might involve whites rather than blacks (who never seem to get caught unless they f*ck up).
Funny, one of the FIRST things I do when I get up is make some COFFEE...any stabbings or shootings on my part will come AFTER that. I can be patient when I have to be...lol.
*** Next up, the FWIA is no longer having direct flights to and from Philly.
Here's the story link as reported by Kevin Leininger (N-S):
No more Philly flights.
Personally, it doesn't bother me one damn bit.
What DOES bother me, is the fact that these flights (since 2014) were SUBSIDIZED by the airport authority, which happens to get tax money from (you guessed it)...THE CITY!
We were paying for those flights here...imagine that.
Those damn economic development agencies...they'll fleece you EVERY single time, right along with those OTHER "agencies" (to which there are thirty that can levy taxes through the city).
The airport received about $600K from the city to make this work (which it didn't - not enough warm bodies on those flights). Matching funds were from the FEDS.
In total, from all sources, about $2 MIL was sunk into a failed program...sound familiar?
Welcome to modern (liberal) times, folks!
*** Next up, Ohio has become the 25th state to "legalize pot", after a fashion.
It's ONLY to be used for medicinal purposes and to be NOT of the smoking variety. Vaping only.
The program will take 2 years to get up and running, with the caveats in place by the governor.
Another genie let out of another bottle.
Good luck keeping THAT bad boy in check.
*** Next, I know school is out for the summer, but school absenteeism is on the RISE? Say it ain't so. Well, this story tells another tale:
Now WHO would have thunk it?
And this is starting as early as (hope you're all sitting down)...PRE-K!
No wonder we're seeing more of this in high school...they've all had time to "hone their craft", as it were.
The ONLY time I was absent in any grade of school was when I was sick as a dog, and Mom wouldn't let me go in.
Anything else was simply inexcusable. That's the way it sued to be.
But, good old social media takes care of that nicely, as does parents not caring all that much an acting SURPRISED when told by teachers that their child has been absent SO much.
Harsh, but fair.
The parents "thought" the child was in class...yeah, and I "thought" I was a billionaire the other day, when I wasn't busy being the Pope.
It's become a CHRONIC condition, and (for once) no one can point fingers at POVERTY as a culprit.
This stretches beyond ethnic or economic classes. It's basically all over the charts.
Funny, we used to have TRUANT OFFICERS in Philly, who actively sought out those NOT in attendance in classrooms and brought them back to school.
It was a kinder, gentler time to be sure...LOL.
*** Last back to the cupboard...every problem we have in this city, state, country, or even on the planet itself is brought about by PEOPLE.
And, as that Ronald Reagan meme showed us yesterday, ALL the problems of mankind can be solved by what can be found between the covers of something called THE BIBLE.
Seems pretty basic in concept AND execution, but there are those who would deny many of us of such solutions.
Those people would much rather keep trying the same things over and over again, and expecting results different from their last attempt to solve a problem.
That is what Albert Einstein once claimed to be the definition of INSANITY.
And by the looks of things around us, the inmates are indeed running the insane asylum.
We really need to check our destination in that regard snd possibly reverse our course, lest we find ourselves in even more dangerous waters than we currently are.
And that means some tough choices, but, as I've said many times, the HARD choice is often the RIGHT choice.
Where OUR "neighbors" live.
People have just become so complacent so as to not even attempt ANY choice.
Apathy might have it's place, but not in today's world, and certainly not in THIS nation.
People need to reacquaint themselves with their thought processes, and how best to utilize whatever skill set and intelligence that God has provided.
To do less is to court disaster from a societal standpoint.
We can be up to that challenge...all it takes is motivation and desire to do so.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Okay, so I think I got here Wednesday, but I might be off a bit, so whenever you read this, here I am.

Marijuana may not be an approved herb, but I did make a friend smoke sage once. I also changed out the last remains of a bottle of vodka he was storing at my place with salt water...

9th circuit: Sometimes one believes that just nuking DC would help. Then you realize who would be LEFT...

Dad used to smoke Kools. Back before they became ghetto.

Problem with the absenteeism is absentee parents. You have hard working parents who both have to work and depend on others just to get by, and you have lazy POSes that are more concerned how to get out of their own work (should they have any) than about what the kids are doing. And the rich, who can pay a really nice nanny who will teach them how to contact ISIS over the internet.

See, much better to wait until I can comment coherently. Yesterday we went to Canal Days. Ran into some old neighbors (almost literally), managed to have a gyro piss all over me, and brought home cheese curs for Scrappy, who was VERY appreciative.

Bob G. said...

Wouldn't it be weird if smoking SAGE became the next "new" thing?
(I don't think we can make clothes or rope out it)
---I('d prefer to start by nuking SAN FRAN...then start over (again).
---MY dad only smoked Lucky Strikes (unfiltered).Blame the military for that - they ISSUED them to our troops!
---That is an EXCELLENT point! It always smacks back to the PARENTS.
---Canal Days...got it.
A gyro "pissing"? Like to see that (or maybe not).

Glad you made it back none the worse for wear.
Thanks for commenting.

Stay safe & keep COOL up there, brother.