17 June 2016

Friday Follies...
End of another fun-filled week here in the Heartland.
(helluva week it was, too)
There was no lack of news both foreign and domestic, was there?
Anyway, here we are, let's make the best of it.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly sunny skies, temps reaching to around the 83-degree mark.
The humidity is lower, that's something, right? Back on the A/C circuit.
How's about we take a moment to get ourselves that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked nearby as we take a look at some of the stuff that has been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the dining room table is out "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 17 -
(did someone say "strudel"?)
(now they went snd spoiled it)
(okay, that's a bit better)
(keep going...)
(has to do with those thong-style footwear and NOT anything from the politicians)
*** Since we're at week's end, let's take a look at what the following 48 hours brings us:
June 18 -
(all that comes to mind is Andy and Opie...and whistling)
(that cutie just hurt someone's hip-national bank)
June 19 -
(why don't they put these days in November?)
(vodka martini...dry...shaken, not stirred)
---And, it's FATHER'S DAY
(some thoughts in a minute)
*** Next up, there were NO shootings in Fort Wayne yesterday - there goes our "trifecta" for the week. We DID notch HOMICIDE #14 with the passing of that teen shot near Baxter and Avondale.
But there was some other things. Here's one of them:
This duffus (Walik Whiteside - remember him?) landed himself a 60-year prison stint for RAPE (must be a cultural thang with keeping your "junk in the drawer". And this was an ATTEMPTED rape at that. Now THAT is some well-deserved justice.
Seems you get LONGER sentences for that than you do for shooting people (or killing them).
This was the perp that TRIED to represent himself, and failed wonderfully.
Oh, and that rape sentence comes AFTER another 25-year sentence for ROBBERY.
Once a loser...ALWAYS a loser.
No one failed this jerk...but HIMSELF.
---Then, there's THIS story:
A 19-year old faces charges of theft from FWPD cruisers...uh oh, that can't be good.
Interestingly, Wifey had him as a student where she teaches, and the family is a decent one, as are his siblings.
Drugs tend to screw people up in lots of ways.
This teen somehow had a "pass-key" that allowed access to several police cars, from which was taken ammo, an assault rifle (the REAL kind and not the civilian version) and a tactical body armor vest.
Police searched his house and discovered the items.
The teen told police he FOUND the key and that he took the stuff to sell to his DRUG DEALER.
That's sure to get you noticed by the vice squad.
*** Next, in lieu of Obummer mouthing off about guns and how best to control them (don't let anyone tell you differently), we have this local story:
Looks like Barry might once again secure his position as FIREARM SALESMAN OF THE YEAR. I think that's been EIGHT years running now. There was a ray of "light" however...
Texas senator Ted Cruz has some comments as he addressed the Senate. Here's the story:
Not too bad, is it? Still wish he were running for president. I get a much better feeling hearing him speak.
*** Next up, Wifey is headed down to INDY for the day (attending some continuing class about education)., so the cat and I do the "bachelor-day" gig again...shouldn't be that difficult.
(might even make a martini...LOL)
*** Next, regarding that Avondake/Bazter shooting, they had a neighbor on TV speaking (in broken English) about it's a GOOD neighborhood , and some mentioned it was "quiet".
It gets REAL quiet when the po-po stop by.
Okay, so now I discover that what SOME people think is quiet and what I KNOW to be quiet differ greatly.
Just because the Db meter isn;t pegged all the time does NOT make a neighborhood "quiet".
Between screaming kids (unsupervised of course), shouting adults (no shame), and the loud muffler-less vehicles and boomcars galore (as well as a boom-tricycle), adding in all the barking dogs (the only ones really protecting our part of the ghettohood), there is LITTLE to brag about in the whole "quiet" department.
I will say that most mornings, between the hours of 0500 hrs and 1000 hrs, we have MORE sustained periods of quiet than most any other time of day OR night.
Then again, if the FWPD did something to keep the "windows from breaking" like ENFORCING ORDINANCES, we might be able to state that our area is quiet (er) than most others...but I can't and won't lie to anyone. We're damn noisy.
*** Next, didn't see any buddies stop by yesterday, but on that rainy Wednesday, we did have a couple.
Neither rain, nor snow...
Kinda hopeful I get to feed them today.
You come to look for them, and when they don't show up, the day seems to be lacking something.
*** Last back to the kitchen sink...Sunday is Father's Day, and I admit that I miss MY father every day.
I look back and remember the times we had. How he used to roust me outta bed still makes me smile (just like a drill sgt - grab and shake the damn mattress).
I recall the times we went to air shows together, and the Indy car race at Mt. Pocono raceway.
Typical MAN stuff.
Watching dad fly his model planes and he helping me with my plastic models...shooting pellet pistols down along the Delaware...loads of things you wish you could just do (together) ONE...more...time.
You never really understand how much you come to admire and love someone until they are gone.
That's my dad - down in front.
Then, all you have are the memories, and if you made a lot of good ones along the way, they stay with you.
My father was a straight-shooting kinda guy. You always knew where you stood when talking with him.
And he did not bullshit you. If you wanted the truth, well, he was more than willing to accommodate.
Not bad for being a WW2 vet and part of the "greatest generation".
I hope in some way, I have not disappointed him, and that the decisions I've made would meet to his approval.
I know that I was never his opposite, and as I get older, I find more of him in me every year.
That's a good feeling, and I thank God for being blessed in such a way.
Time to remember the fathers...all of them.
Do have yourselves a good week.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Actually I read this Friday night while the kids were here, but didn't have time to comment. So my free pass is still in play...

I did not eat one vegetable yesterday. In fact, I'm not quite sure what I DID eat, unless it was leftover pizza.

And today I would estimate that there will be NO splurging... maybe King Tom can go out and buy a housing addition in my honor.

Turkey and martinis for Fathers' Day? I could do that...

19-y-o... goes to show you that old saw about books and covers, no?

On my Father... all I will say for now is that his rep has gotten a bit better in the 3 decades he's been gone.

Bob G. said...

You always have a pass with me. I fully understand.
---Leftover pizza - God's modern-day MANNA...LOL.
(AND, you can keep it longer than overnight)
---Don't smirk at that prospect...our king PROBABLY HAS ALREADY.
---We're not doing turkey OR martinis...but I may indulge with a gin & tonic.
---Yeah, he wasn't a bad student according to Wifey...surprised her.
(little surprises me around here...seen most of it before...in PHILLY)
---I like to think that with age...comes wisdom, too.
We are still our father's sons...good, bad, or indifferent.
To do that which could make them proud of us is not a bad goal to shoot for, regardless of what the past tossed at us.

Thanks for catching up and stopping by to comment.

Have a Happy Father's Day.
And, stay safe up there, brother.