27 June 2016

Monday Musings...
I trust all of you are doing well with this intermittent rain we've been having of late.
It's not exactly helping to get rid of the humidity, that's for sure.
But, it sure is making stuff grow...like lawns...lol.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with some early patchy fog, clearing to mostly sunny skies, a high of around 88 degrees, and not too much else different from yesterday (except for no rain). That's just the hand we've been dealt.
So, let's get that morning drink poured and take a look at what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the freshly-washed streets is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 27 -
(yeah, it's a Floridian thing)
(more people have this that we realize)
(got a feeling we're gonna need 'em today)
*** Next up, I'm a frequent shopper on eBay (aren't we all?)
And as such, you can't avoid dealing with sellers from China (especially for those hard-to-find things you can't get here in the states, and definitely not at decent prices), so it bothers me when I get stiffed and the item never arrives. Recently, I received two refunds (for the full amount) because of such business "practices". But that's not the kicker here.
The problem lies with the USPS.
What REALLY bothers me is that most every (overseas) package goes through the Chicago sorting facility...and STAYS there longer than it took to get from China to the USA.
Then, when Chicago DOES release it, rather than go to Indianapolis and then to Fort Wayne, the package goes to KANSAS...!!!
Yeah, you heard me right. That's like going to Glenbrook Mall via PORTLAND.
I have no idea WHY the USPS sees fit to do this, but it bugs the hell outta me.
The MORE people you add to the process, the greater the chance of something going wrong...that's just human nature plus the law-of averages. In other words, the deck gets stacked against you.
We shall see how long it takes to get that package.
Maybe they'll send it to CA first...who knows.
No wonder the USPS is losing money. Perhaps hiring those "trained monkeys" isn't working out that well?
*** Next up, they had this "walk" to end violence in Fort Wayne over the weekend, and they had a good turnout.
Here's that story:
(Curiously, there was a very low police-presence during this)
Then, concerned people took to church for a meeting.
Here's the story on the meeting:
Now, there are two things that concern me over this.
1) Pastor Carlton Lynch is a "fan" of Al Sharpton and his NAN (National Action Network). which is run by Sharpton. I hope Al doesn't get involved. We should address this on a LOCAL level.
2) Kevin Mohammed was part of the discussions panel, and he is associated with the NOI (Nation of Islam), and that's Calypso Louie Farrakhan's organization (who is always preaching about those white devils).
Now maybe both of these men MEAN well (on another plane of existence), but people can and will often judge you "...by the company you keep".
(both Farrakhan and Sharpton aren't helping their race one bit, IMHO.)
I'm not trying to down this deal.
Dey be thuggin.
We need something to get done about this, but we also have been down this particular street BEFORE in years past, and how'd THAT work out for the black community and this part of town in general?
(short answer - not that well).
Maybe something good will come of this in the short-term, but to get a LASTING solution, you gotta DEFINE the problem for what it is FIRST, and then proceed from there.
These people might want to take a good hard look at their own CULTURE.
*** Next up, because we were getting some rain, I went out early yesterday morning and mowed the front lawn.
NO weed violations at THIS house.
I still have to do the back yard again (sometime this week).
You like to stay ahead of these things.
Found out our one good neighbor is back at her house for a spell (from California) and she'll be here throughout the summer. That's a nice deal.
Someone knocked down their fence.
Also found out the people living in the house NEXT to us were evicted (that's not good - hardly knew they were there, actually).
Oh wait, there it is.
This means the next renters will not be as good...trust me.
And, the house down the block has a "for rent" sign on it as well.
Another period of "flux" for our street.
If those people at that march want to see WHY their kids shoot one another, this constant transient, nomadic lifestyle for the government-sponsored with several kids in tow, as well as the boyfriend-of-the-month might be a good starting point.
Our neighborhood seems overflowing with such people, and that's never been good (so far).
*** Next up, Saturday was Wifey's birthday, and she wanted a chocolate cake with PURPLE icing.
You want it? You got it!
Well, who am I to disappoint?
The cake turned out well, and tastes pretty damn good
That went nicely, and we dined on cocktail shrimp.
Sunday I made her favorite meal - homemade macaroni and cheese.
We're not big on all the fancy celebration stuff.
We had plenty of that when we were younger, so we do things in a more sedate manner...works out well all around.
*** Next, Wifey has also been getting that "urge" for a new(er) car.
Yeah, the (original) Wifeymobile is rolling up to being TWENTY years old, and although it's reliable enough, it is starting to perform the "nickel and dime" show.
An oldie, but a goodie.
Well, it does have 132+K on the odometer, and that engine (4.3L V8) runs like a damn bear. Also the ride has always been great for that size car.
But time is beginning it's assault on it. Starting to see some rust, got another trim strip peeling off, the power antenna died a couple years back, the "CHK ENG" light is always on (due to some crappy oxygen sensor), and the A/C compressor may also be on it's way out.
So, Wifey and I have been looking at various "replacements", and she even took a test drive of a Hyundai Elantra.
Kia Optima
Hyundai Sonata
I think we can do a bit better like with such cars as the Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata,Subaru Legacy, Nissan Altima or Chevy Malibu or maybe a used Impala.

Subasu Legacy
Nissan Altima
So far, we've ruled out the Legacy and Altima, but I do like the Optima and Sonata. For the price of one of those, you get more than an Impala (which go for thousands more). The Malibu isn't bad, but GM has this goofball thing where (to save gas and the environment) the engine SHUTS OFF when you stop at lights...((ahem))
Chevy Malibu
Sorry, I like MY engines RUNNING until I turn it the hell off.
Chevy Impala
The thing that bugs me with the Asian cars...they don't come with SPARE TIRES...(?!?)
Sorry (again) - I like to have a SPARE (even if it's one of those tiny donuts) handy.
ALL these cars come with too many "bells and whistles". Hardly any options. No more "radio" - it's a damn INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM (cripes). They got enough airbags to make me feel like a damn CANNOLI should the unexpected occur. Some of the cars come with good things like traction control, but if I were buying one, there's little there to get me enthused enough to seal the deal. Sorry, I'm too old school for this tech-crap.
I don't "need" bluetooth capabilities, satellite radio, or a backup camera.
I also don't need heated side mirrors, 10-way adjustable seats, or even GPS (I can read maps).
And NO Aveos!!!
And, as far as the STYLING - well, these cars are mainly "cookie-cutters". Except for front and rear changes, they are all pretty much THE SAME BORING SHAPE and SIZE. Gone are the days of nice big comfy cars with STYLE.
So, we plan an excursion up north to "check a few out", and I told Wifey to not expect to come home with something else. Then again, if we can swing a decent deal for a decent car, we just might have a new "garage-mate" for the 33 year old Firebird.
I have to say that we've become WAY too expectant when it comes to what we WANT in a vehicle versus what we NEED, and that's cost us so much over the years. We've sacrificed "luxury" for practicality.
Anyway, whatever the decision, we'll work through it, and as long as any car we get isn't painted PINK, I suppose I'll be okay co-driving it.
*** Last back to the garage...we, as a people, have forgotten much of what it means to be self-reliant.
And this is something I've harped on (here) for some time, only because it's becoming more evident as the years pass. Think about it.
And we're not just talking about the government's over-reaching intervention into almost EVERY aspect of our lives. That's a given, and a pretty sad one, too. People have allowed total strangers to run their lives, rather than man (or woman) up and take charge of their own affairs.
We also have all this technology that we wrap around ourselves whenever we get behind the wheel of our vehicles.
Anyone remember when  such items we take for granted, like POWER STEERING and BRAKES and an AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION were "optional"? And when it came to a "sound-system", SOME cars had an AM rig only. An FM stereo was optional. And with some vehicles, a radio alone was an option itself.
My first car fit the profile. It had power-steering and an automatic transmission and an AM radio (with one speaker under the dashboard). THOSE were the only "options". Everything else was MANUAL.
I added an FM-cassette adapter and several speakers MYSELF (after-market).
Air-conditioning? What the hell was that? We had 2-60 A/C. Two windows down and 60 MPH did the trick.
Then we come to all the things that stare at us INSIDE out homes.
Now, who the hell needs a refrigerator that has THREE cameras inside it, JUST so you can link to your phone app and see what's there whenever the mood strikes you? Well, Samsung does...seriously.
And when I watch TV, I don't want a "computer monitor" that links to the Internet. I want a damn TELEVISION.
I also don't want a coffee maker that "determines" when I get up and starts ITSELF.
I make my OWN java, thank you very much.
Also, please don't mention those "smart" phones.
I like my appliances, utilities, and vehicles the way they were originally meant to be...DUMB!
The "smart" part is where WE come in...or at least used to.
When we give up self-reliance, we open the door for a lot of trouble.
We also forget to appreciate the accomplishments and challenges in dealing with things (and people).
We lose interpersonal skills, and I feel many of our problems stem from this alone.
So, we really need to get back to OURSELVES, and not in a selfish manner, but in a self-LESS manner.
From there, who knows what all we can do.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Government business= bureaucracy= packages on grand tours. The other half of the equation is senders with no idea how to pack something. Try sending four bottle caps loose in a regular letter envelope and what do you get? A torn open envelope and two caps out the hole. Of course, I did get about ten exotic stamps that I think were supposed to go elsewhere, but IN the envelope. I suspect I was dealing with a drunken Canadian, but lesson learned.

"These people might want to take a good hard look at their own CULTURE." Exactly, and with that form of leadership, you can be sure it won't be examined seriously.

I saw the new car, and without doing the spoilers, sweetie, thing, looks like a good choice. Eagerly awaiting the dope on it tomorrow.

IDK, if I were a coffee drinker, I might like a machine that makes it for me.. I remember doing that for the truckers when I was a guard at LES.

Bob G. said...

---I'll tell 'ya...even getting something in the post has fast become another one of those "crap-shoots".
Good God, can we please not try to screw EVERYTHING up?
Loose bottle caps...cripes, that oughta bring in the x-ray machine!

---Buster, I KNOW how right you are. No one can ever "call them" on the problems WITHIN their own culture, that's for certain. And that's a sad commentary on equality.

---Yeah, the new "Wifeymobile 2.0" is something else, I will give you that.
And any "dope" regarding the vehicle will probably be some sort of reference to ME...((YIKES))! ROFLMAO!
Trying to figure out the BASICS...I think I should have STAYED in college and sought an ENGINEERING degree!
(not for the tame for sure)

---Nothing like making coffee YOURSELF. No one to blame if 'ya "eff" it up, right?
And someone to PRAISE when you NAIL IT!
Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.