27 July 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the last Wednesday for July of this year.
And again, it's better at night when the temps drop BELOW 70 degrees, isn't it?
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with mostly sunny skies (keep the sunglasses handy), and temps once again trying to cross that 90-degree mark. So much for that all-too-brief "cool-down", right?
Now, join me in getting a nice morning drink to chase the cobwebs out of the old body, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the pet-carrier is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference".
During this election cycle, this seems to be especially true, doesn't it?
We never seek to clean out everything that's been swept under the rug these days...
We just keep getting larger rugs.
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the I've Got A Secret studio set...
*** Next up, we bring you the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 27 -
(Hallelujah! Sell my collectibles, I've gone to heaven!)
Might have to have m'self a wee dram or two.
(Another dessert,  custard-based with a caramel top...yeah, works for me)
*** Next, Wifey came home, none the less for wear.
De bin done got shot? Oh, ma babay!
And wouldn't you know it, just as she came down the street, the kid across from us (the ones with the basketball hoop in their DRIVEWAY) had to have the ball get away from him, and he ran into the street (the hoop is too damn close - I've tried to tell NCE about this), and Wifey was on the horn.
He didn't even look as he ran damn near in front of her.
Luckily, she wasn't going more than 5 MPH (as she approached the garage), so absolutely NO damage to the Silver Streak at all.
Oh, and the kid got a taste of "wise the hell up" in the process.
Docking complete, Houston.
Never a dull moment down here.
*** Next, another installment of "What in the world has Bob been purchasing on eBay?"
Well, it took several tries, (and a couple refunds) but I finally got another action figure.
This is the Figma Captain America from the Avengers movie, and it's articulated better than damn near any other 6 inch figure. Like the Thor figure, it has movable eyes, and extra hands to make Cap look more realistic.
Even comes with a stand, so you can do "in mid-air" poses.
These have been retailing in stores here for $40 and up (mostly UP), so I think I snagged a deal getting mine for $14.88 (free shipping).
Sometimes, you gotta grab that bargain, right? I think it was worth the wait.
Now...for the Figuarts Cap from Bandai (which goes for around $50 or more...but, Christmas is coming, you know...hint, hint to the Missus). Hey, it is cheaper than another handgun.
My DREAM figure is the HOT TOYS 12 inch version...totally fantastic...and expensive (over $100 bucks).
Oh, to have THIS figure.
But it simply looks SO damn cool.
*** Next up, in spite of the heat, the plants and flowers are doing well enough.
Hibiscus gone wild!
And our critters and birds still come by for eats and a drink (and an occasional bath).
"Tweak" is getting braver by the day.
Our fountain grass we planted several years ago, keeps impressing me, although the grass on the south side of  the steps is larger than the one a mere 3 feet away.
Damn near FOUR feet tall.
Botany and gardening...go figure, huh?
*** Next, and speaking of critters, there is this cat that has come by our back door. Why , I have NO idea, except that animals and I must have an affinity to one another (blame St. Francis). It's a cute cat too...damn cute, in fact.
And, it's FRIENDLY. I tried to coax it out of our yard last night...no dice.
"Great...another mouth to feed ((yawn))"
It rubbed against my leg constantly, and then rolled on it's belly in the grass.
Okay, you convinced me about the "cute" thing. Didn't get a picture (yet), but when and if I do, you'll see what I'm talking about. We may try to "capture" it in our pet carrier and then call Animal Care and Control to pick it up, so it can get a proper home with some folks that will take better care of it. If we didn't have Rassie, I'd take it in, get it vet-checked and bathed (for fleas and such) and keep the little bugger. It's obviously been in some other home at some point.
Haven't seen anything about a lost cat, but knowing that people move way and ditch their pets does not surprise me around here.
*** Next, (and to get this out of the way as fast as possible) Billy (Big-Mac) Clinton was extolling the "virtues" ((...ahem!...)) of Her Bitchness last night at the DNC.
It was too easy to do a MST3K along with HIS speech. Funny thing, he left out ALL the bullshit and bad things in her tenure as Sec. of State (and prior)...wonder why? Not a mention about possible indictments for improprieties and deleted emails and hacked servers. Maybe Bill doesn't have Alzheimer's...just a touch of "Partheimers" Disease? Selective omission. Yeah, that's it.
*** Next, how many times have I mentioned ALL the "stuff" we now have in our vehicles, and how we really need to get rid of some, if not most ot it?
Cripes, even K.I.T.T. didn't have this much crap.
(a lot, I know)
Well, someone must be listening, for I found an article that specifically tells the tale.
Here's the link:
This deals with "performance" issues, and not those ghetto-rims and "bling" the locals trick their sleds out with, so let's make that distinction.
And the sooner, the better.
Here's the list (in ascending order):
10) Painted brake calipers 
(for those who WISH they had a Lamborghini)
9) Driving around without a hood 
(that's illegal in a lot of areas)
8) Racy parts for no reason 
(who needs a 5-point seatbelt in the family sedan, unless you're teaching your teen to drive?
7) Awkward shifters
(Even the Silver Streak has one. The Batmobile as an old t-handle w/ a button to engage it...simple enough)
6) Infinite adjustability
(Wifey's 2.0 has such things..."personalization" they call it. It's PERSONAL when I'm behind the damn wheel.)
5) Fake exhaust tips
(even the ghettofleas use these on their donks...looks like the crap they drive, too)
4) Phony performance badges
(don't call a car what it's not...period. You don' need no steekin badges)
3) Fake engine sounds
(remember when I said that Ford was doing this through the stereo system? BUSTED!)
2) Showy spoilers.
(Latinos LOVE these "whale-tails". Mine on the Batmobile IS functional., suck it, bitches!)
1) Gauge overload
Wifey's car has SO many warning lights and crap that diverts your attention. I have TWO proper gauges on the Batmobile - speedometer and gas gauge. That's all you REALLY need.
*** Last back to the garage...whatever gets the most attention is the most attention-getting.
Sounds dumb, and even redundant, but it is SO damn true.
Think about it. The election cycle, that is. It's all about what gets YOUR attention.
The leftards parade out ALL these celebs, for we know Hollywood and the pop-music industry is replete with lock-stepping , Marxist-loving, socialists. And they all LOVE anything that is NOT conservative. Their lifestyles mirror that much.
So, THEY get your attention, because they live an attention-getting life, right?
And the low-information crowd follows like lemmings off a cliff.
This would make a stranger "think" the libtards are more POPULAR with the people, because they have so many "popular" people at their convention.
One thing you HAVE to understand about elections...it should NEVER come down to any sort of "popularity contest". But, sadly, it has become just that.
Welcome to the world of politics.
And the really bad part is that the person running doesn't always HAVE to be the popular one. They just need a lot of popular people following them (rats to the piper?).
No one takes the time to scratch the surface and dig for the truth.
Nobody wants to get dirt under their fingernails these days.
I can roll with this.
And that's how we seem to elect the wrong people...like the past 8 years (or presidency) have shown to us.
Charisma and popularity...worked well for Stalin...and Mao (and all the rest in that crowd).
Didn't work out all that well for their own people...or the rest of the world.
Yeah, sometimes we find out that history can be a cruel teacher, but no one ever said that knowledge was gleaned through osmosis, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Problems of having "that smart-ass voice in the back of my head": Taking "First out of the pet carrier" and combining it with the quote, getting "Dr. Doolittle" as a guess.

You should get a gross of tees saying "My name is Speedbump", and when a kid does the basketball dodge in front of you, throw him/her one and say, "You'll wanna be wearing this next time"...

Movable eyes? How do they do that? I remember a GI Joe that had moving eyeLIDS...

I always remember watching Saturday morning cartoons with a GF years ago when the latest Batman toy came out. The voice-over guy says, "SEVEN TOWERING INCHES!!!" and I told my friend, "I wonder if that's what Catwoman says..."

Y'know, the only things I didn't like on that Cruze was a gas gauge that swung "down" instead of "up", and no gear indicator ON the main gauge like the Impala, lol! Kept trying to see what I was shifting into, but there was nothing there...

Laurie had a complaint about the steering adjustment- but it seemed that it was as high as it went, and SHE needed to move the seat back.

BTW, I'm trying to figure the M10- you want the job? You'd think that this would be easier with just 19 songs on the shuffle this week, but I'm getting frazzled here...

Bob G. said...

---LOL...I had not thought about it that way.
---LMAO...now THAT is something I wish I HAD thought of. That is...BRILLIANT!!!
Maybe we could talk the FWPD into handing them out? They want to "reach out" to the community. Here's their chance.
---There is a tool that you can use to move the eyes (after you take the front of the head off - now I feel like a damn SURGEON).
LOL...guess Catwoman wasn't the ONLY one in the DC universe saying that .
---Gas gauge that swings DOWN? (hope it was getting EMPTY while doing THAT.
Yeah, I've already shifted into "M" (manual) by accident. I got the hint at about 20 MPH...LOL.
You seem to have to strike an "accord" (don't buy one) between the SEAT and the WHEEL. I've already changed it several times. Now, all I have to do is figure out HOW to PROGRAM it into the system, so the car "remembers" it...heh.
---Hey, it wouldn't BE the "M10" if I did it (be more like a cross between a THROWBACK classic rock and soundtracks...LOL. Kinda like a B10 (sounds like a damn VITAMIN!)
You're the PRO there, my friend.
I only do LOGOS...HA!

Thanks much for rolling on by today to comment.

Stay safe and stay cool up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey, I like stuff in my car. The more gadgets, the more for me to mess up and distract me from driving. Love it. The only thing necessary are butt warmers and a damn fine stereo. Love your pics around the neighborhood. How is Wifey liking her new car? It sure is pretty. On another note, I got hit by a car twice when I was 5 and 6 playing in the street. No biggie. It is just how that goes. BUT dents to cars from it? NO SIRREE. Me no likey that. Luckily when I was little, I didn't leave any dents.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
As a real person AND a former LEO, I know SARCASM when I hear it, Kiddo...LOL.
You like more distracting gadgets like bugs love DEET...LOL.
You just miss the computer & light bar (going "Hollywood")...LMAO!

Some cars DO have butt-warmers, BTW...heh.
(and heated steering wheels...sheesh)
Well, OUR slice of the ghettohood remains in the CIVIL arena...for the time being.
Wifey is getting used to her ride, as am I.
Still, there's a lot going on in there I can;t be bothered with. Gimme a good engine, trans and radio, and I'm good to roll.

Yeah, playing in the street will do that to 'ya.
Our youthful heads wee on swivels all the time in Philly. You never know WHO is coming along, and you don't want to become a stat (or a street-smear in front of your house).
Mom said having a hard head works well enough, too...lol.
Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe & stay cool down there, dear.