03 August 2016

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week, and that only means something to those of you longing for the weekend. Rest assured, it IS coming. It'll be here before we know it.
And, if hot and humid is to your liking (why, I have no idea), then today is right up your alley.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with sunny skies, temps going back up to the 90-degree range and no precipitation to speak of. Did I mention all that humidity?
For the moment, let's get ourselves a nice refreshing beverage, as we see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the frying pan is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property."
Liberty is something we take for granted, and will continue to do...until we no longer have it to enjoy. That is the message I find in such words as these.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the parable of the broken window...
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(never liked it and I won't even make a snide comment on it...so there.)
(I'll leave it to all you comedians to have fun with THIS one)
*** Next up, I love french toast, and I admit I make it every couple weeks for myself.
Wifey doesn't like it, but she's been to France AND teaches French...go figure.
So, I can't help but smile when I find a story like THIS:
Talk about an "OOPS" moment!
Yeah, a "spice" operation being conducted WHILE IN OUR LOCAL JAIL.
Actually, it was the phone "transference" of messages in and out of the jail from people who have since been arrested and charged with multiple felonies.
(But NOT the Allen County Jail)
Lance and Carrie Morningstar, of the 2500 block of Weststate Court are the principle participents of this crew. Bridget Frantz and Daniel Pallack, of the 1300 block of Third St. are also players in this tragedy of errors.
Something tells me they vote democrat...LOL. Whatta bunch of LOSERS!
*** Next up, I noticed my blog has had a very HIGH number of page views recently (last week or so), ans while I take this as a compliment, I just HAD to check into it further to see WHY.
Dasvidaniya, y'all.
Well, it appears that the large number of views is coming from RUSSIA...imagine that!
And they used to be #3 on the "hit-parade" of nations interested in what I had to say (America was #1 of course).
Has anyone ELSE noticed this uptick in RUSSIAN activity on their blogs or website? I'd be interested to know.
Purely for the sake of "national security", mind you. ((giggle, snort))
All I need now are some black helicopters circling the "Fortress"....LOL.
*** Next, and this should get a lot of us having the hairs on our necks standing up...remember this person's name - Korryn Gaines.
It's important to pay attention to this story from Baltimore (not that city again)...
The "drive-by" media has been spinning this story like a Duncan Yo-yo, but there are certain FACTS people need to know about this, because the leftard fringe groups (like the BLM'ers) will no doubt take this and run with it, facts be damned.
Here's the low-down and all the backstory that is known (so far) about this fatal shooting by Baltimore police:
And, another story that is just as credible:
Now, after reading these, tell me there is just cause to riot or otherwise take to task ANY police officers involved, because there are none...at all. The police did everything within their power to TRY and have this end without bloodshed.
The fact that she (back in March) blatantly DEFIED the BMV by driving without tags or insurance (and then ignored her summons for a court appearance) ought to clue even the clueless in on her mental state...like she "felt" it was her "right" to do as SHE pleased. Misplaced feelings of entitlement, anyone?
Laws are there for EVERYONE...EQUALLY...PERIOD...!
And again, we see a legally-purchased firearm (Mossberg pistol-grip pump shotgun) acquired by someone with an obvious developmental issue.
(there is alleged blame regarding lead-poisoning, no doubt in the water or pipes)
That's convenient, isn't it? Don't blame society (for which most all of this stems from).
Damn shame...she was a very lovely young woman (who made her share of bad choices). Coulda easily been a model.
The TRUTH about this needs to come out, and the media should ALL be reporting that.
*** Next, what happens when you park your vehicle in front of your house, never move it, and just let it sit there?
If you said "I get a visit from Parking Authority", then you get a gold star.
That's precisely what happened on our street this week.
An SUV  (Isuzu Rodeo) that's been sitting there for weeks at a time, without anyone even starting it (or moving it to their driveway out back) got the "flatbed-treatment" yesterday, courtesy of the City of Fort Wayne (and about time, too).
Now, if ONLY the Parking Authority would do SOMETHING about all the illegal parking jobs around the area...(yeah, I can dream).
*** Next, if you have a question for ort new FWPD chief, you can ask a question of him at the WANE website, and MAYBE it will be one that's selected for airing. Here's the link:
At the bottom of the story is the form to fill out.
I know I've got about FIFTY to choose from...LOL. Let's see if any of those are chosen (probably not).
Again, I can still dream.
*** Time for the next installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"Why, yes...I can sleep sitting up."
Seems this little guy has set up in our garden (under the sage), so he should smell pretty good...heh.
"There's an intruder inside the walls, sire!"
And, he waits for me to come out to feed him in the morning.
The birds do stop by now and then. No squirrels, though...except for one we shall call our "bell ringer" for our "Fortress". Every good castle needs one, you know, to alert those inside of impending danger.
This squirrel was looking down at Hobo (who was looking UP), and when the squirrel moved his tail, the bell clanged...HA!
This kinda stuff makes living here worthwhile for the most part.
*** Last back to the fire... We live in a world where it has become TOO damn easy to blame ANYONE...for ANYTHING...and at ANY TIME.
Some need to check a mirror.
With social media, we can record the smallest "slight" any of us suffer...for ALL to see.
We no longer have to just follow the rules...or even turn the other cheek.
We can do whatever we want, and that is NOT how an ORDERLY and CIVIL society operates.
Sure, we are free to make choices...ANY choices in life...BUT, we are NEVER free from whatever CONSEQUENCES come from those choices, are we?
That's why it's in our own best interest to make GOOD choices, and (hopefully) make them MORE often than any other choice that we have before us.
Some folks don't seem to get that, or CHOOSE to not get it.
That's not on US...that's on THEM, and the sooner they are made aware of that, the better for everyone.
I can't control what choices others make in their life, any more than they can do likewise in my life, and if more people decided to work at making better choices, maybe we wouldn't have many of the problems we face in our society today...or at least have them is much smaller abundance.
Maybe, people need to stop serving themselves, and start serving a higher authority.
In reality, there should be NO maybe about it, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Okay, I actually read this while playing the new M10 for Laurie... I think she's cheesed because I dropped the Scott Brothers. I wish I could sustain a top 15... have actually toyed with the idea, but at the expense of a Time Machine post, and I haven't gotten to that point yet. In two weeks, the M10 completes year #1!


Well, I didn't miss anything I like on the national days this time...

Morningstars... seems I know that name from the distant past, and involved in drugs then, too. Funny how some families keep the tradition going.

My day and week logs both show high Russian "participation". I see that I have traffic from sites that "monitor" your website (presumably to see what kind of spam you'd "like") from both Russia and Germany. Guessing it's a lead into another great spam invasion like the one from France last year.

I hadn't heard about that girl's story, but I find it sad that all these alleged "do-good" leftists find willing ears in those who are developmentally challenged. She's prolly been told about her entitlement all her life and couldn't differentiate reality. And as for her HAVING a gun, how much you wanna bet one of those DGLs that publically proclaim against guns got it for her?

It's too bad Hobo's run the other "boys"... good with the bad, I guess. Hope you don't start getting jilted hate mail!

Bob G. said...

You are a MULTITASKER after my own heart!
(the Scotts are GONE? say it ain't so)

---It MUST be in their genes (and definitely in their HOMES...heh. The only spice I use is STRICTLY for COOKING! No high, just flavor. HA!
---The Russkies are after us. They must have heard we were starting that "movement"...(bwahahahaha).
---That girl's had a REAL problem with reality...like only HER reality mattered. There lies the issue.
Wouldn't surprise me at all as to WHO got her the shotgun (wasn't "Janie", he musically stated).
---Yeah, the last thing I need is squirrel poop being tossed at me...or worse!
Hobo does take time to leave them alone (the birds, too), though. I just can't devote the "personal" time with the other critters outside like I USED to be able to do.
But who knows...a saw a Gorilla adopt a cat, and a cat sleeping with a dog. It COULD be possible.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe & cool up there brother.