01 August 2016

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the month of AUGUST!
(didn't think we'd make it, hmm?)
Consider this the homestretch of summer.
After this month, it's back to getting ready to rake leaves, watching plants die, kids heading back in school, and preparing to bitch about the cold weather. Seems we can never win...lol.
Our Hoosierland weather is mostly fair today, with rising humidity and a high up to around 86 degrees.
No rain to speak of today (gotta haul out the watering can, I guess)
So, let's get the show on the road as we all have ourselves a nice refreshing drink...
*** First off of the balcony is our monthly salute to all the national commemorative and celebratory goings-on.
Monthly observances:
National Crayon Collection Month 
Family Fun Month
National Catfish Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Golf Month
National Peach Month
National Water Quality Month
This is a job for Captain Obvious!
Romance Awareness Month
National Picnic Month
Weekly observances:
National Cleanse Your Skin Week – Aug 1-7
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature
August 1 -
(It's a wonderful day for pie)
(oh, they didn't mean MY former girlfriends...got it)
(thought being a donor was a color-blind or ethnically-neutral deal?)
(don't have to look far when seeing how children behave, right?)
*** Next, we just HAD to have another SE side shooting (or two) over the weekend, didn't we?
Here's the story link:
The victim, who had been shot multiple times, was (again) taken to hospital in critical condition, but police determined the location of the shooting to be the 4700 block of Bowser Ave.
This apparently took place around 0145 hrs Saturday morning. No other details have surfaced.
*** And, we may be (finally) looking at homicide number 20 (?) as a shooting on the NORTHEAST side leaves one person dead.
Here's the story link:
This took place in the 1800 block of Kentucky Avenue around 0400 hrs Sunday morning.
The victim was found in an alley in the area, but no explanation given as to why the FWPD was called to the scene. There is no report of shots fired or a body found in the story. Someone's keeping a lid on this one.
Well, the SE crime has got to go somewhere, right?
(Update: - Sorry kids, it was a SUICIDE. Still at 19 homicides and holding - for the time being))
*** Next, and speaking of crime, today is the day we get a NEW FWPD CHIEF sworn in.
Captain Steve Reed become the boss of the department, and I hope HE can make the changes by lessening the crime we face down here a helluva lot better than Garry Hamilton didn't seem to be able to do.
A word to Chief Reed - don't forget how the BROKEN WINDOW THEORY works and don't hesitate to put into action down on the SE side. You just might enjoy the benefit ALL the law-abiding residents get with an outcome showing a downward trend in crime...IF you follow it, and don't allow fringe groups to dictate policy to you and yours..
*** Next, we've been a little on the "scant" side when it comes to birds and squirrels...simply because the "Fortress" has been somewhat adopted by our little visitor, Hobo.
"Fast service, good food, nice ambiance...I give it 4 stars."
His unofficial "official" name is C.C. Hobo (the CC is for Community Cat, what else?)
Sunday was his day to spend a couple HOURS with us. Needless to say, the avian population could only watch from a secure distance. But, the cat is very playful, and then takes time to lounge on our patio table.
"You know I'm cute...c'mon, admit it."
Trying to get back into the house is a chore, as he's right at your feet, so he's got some experience being indoors. Can't imagine who would ditch a nice cat like this guy?
"I hereby adopt this patio and those who own it."
And, he does eat the dry food I put out for him, but never all at once. He's not a "gobbler", but tends to "savor" the repast he's provided.
The hummingbirds stopped by when the cat was there, and all the cat did was watch them (and they him). I got to stare at a hummingbird hovering about a foot right IN FRONT OF ME (no way to get a picture THAT close). That was too cool.
This all takes place between 0800 hrs  and 1000 hrs. After that, the locals start getting up and well, there goes the neighborhood (again).
Looks like we've got another mouth to feed...lol. S'ok.
We do what we can whenever we can.
*** Next, time for another installment of "What the hell has Bob bought on eBay THIS time?"
Well, I FINALLY got the last figure I've been chasing (for the last several months).
It's the Figma (#217) Iron Man Mark VII figure (from the Avengers movie), and it's every bit as good as the others.
Don't think I'll start my own action figure "civil war", however.
Now, it isn't the "full spec" version (which has some extra parts, including an open mask head), but it's still a damn fine figure. The paint is even metallic, and shines like a new penny.
This is not something a child would play with, but given that at my age, I still possess childlike qualities (when required) it works for me...lol. Excelsior!
*** Next up, I've been watching that AMC show PREACHER this season, and I have to say that the premise is pretty good, even if the language is a bit on the rough side (hey, it's how people really talk).
Dominic Cooper stars (played Howard Stark in Captain America - The First Avenger), and he does a great job with American language, considering hes a BRIT. Puts a whole new slant on the word GENESIS, too.
(think of a being that possesses the powers of both the good and bad angelic forces...kinda cool). And if the human part of the conjoined being has a proper knowledge OF good and evil, think of the possibilities.
The season finale was very good and opens the chance for an even wilder 2nd season.
*** Next, and speaking of Brits, I noticed that this past Saturday night on our local PBS station, they aired one of the old Tom Baker Doctor Who series (The Deadly Assassin).
This a good episode if you want to see behind the scenes with the Council of Timelords on Gallifrey.
And this week they are showing another (starts around 9 or 9:30 PM our time). I hope this is a trend, because back in Philly, we had DW every night on PBS (serialized versions) and they showed an episode in it's entirety on Saturdays. Lord knows when BBC America will re-air their new series of DW (wish they would - going through withdrawal here). But, I do have some DVDs to hold me over.
*** Next, Trump's getting his ass in a sling again, and he fell right into the progressive's trap.
That was TOO predictable.
Open mouth, insert foot. An OOPS moment.
This time, it's over words he said about the parents of a slain soldier (of middle eastern descent).
And the libtards took that and ran with it all the way into the end-zone.
The lefties have had PLENTY of time to hone such a skill when it comes to basing others...that's ALL they do (instead of the jobs they're hired for), AND, they are also patient, and will wait for that "right opportunity" to surface. Trump handed this one to them...on a silver platter.
And a candidate too busy back-peddling on everything he might say won;t ahve the time to devote to the REAL issues and solutions for this country.
That paves the way for another progressive to sit in the damn Oval Office. And we sure don't want THAT, right?
*** Almost forgot - today marks the 28th year of Rush Limbaugh and the EIB network.
Twenty-Eight years of confounding the left!
Congrats, Rush for bringing reason to a world entrenched in everything else but.
*** Last back to the orchestra pit...some folks are too easy to predict.
Others are more enigmatic. I'm kinda in-between, really.
And, it's up to all of us to figure that one out.
Humans are basically creatures of "habit" for the most part.
We seem to acquire that from animals we find lower on the "totem pole" of creation.
But, there is ONE, obvious distinction between us and them - they act upon INSTINCT.
We have free will and choice...not that some people ever notice that.
So, when something (or someone) comes along and seeks to deny us the FREE part of will and choice, we tend to not take too kindly for such a slight.
Thing is, these days, we're seeing push-back for more slights than anything else.
The least little thing sets people off, hence all this "micro-aggression" we see.
There are a LOT more important things to ponder and to act upon in life.
Still, there is that "habitual" aspect of humanity.
And some habits are very hard to break.
Best thing to do is steer clear of the BAD ones, and take a bit more time to get us some GOOD ones.
When we do that, more possibilities open up for us all.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A suicide... in an alley... again. What, no spontaneous combustion THIS time?

I remember the good old days of "getting adopted" by a cat. And one became three... and three became a dozen... fun for me as a little kid, but that cat food bill got enormous, especially when Mom got them spoiled on canned food. Could NEVER afford it now.

That DW is this saturday, you say? Haveta try and remember that.

Yeah Trumpzilla really shot himself on the foot this time. Though he may have thought it an innocuous comment at the time, he could have at least realized that he HAS to be good to the loved ones of vets to keep the base he built. This was a big dumb no-no.

Everything for me is a chunk of "micro-aggression" for me. Last week was a real "let's get Chris' head totally unscrewed" fest, and I'm still struggling to get a perspective. Like I said on last night's post, nothing that beating the hell from something deserving wouldn't fix... however, most of what fits that description is me. But, I'm working on it, and a comment on last night's post- about a one degree change changing everything- is going to be the focus.

But, being a Monday, today was just a waste of time. Hopefully tomorrow...

Bob G. said...

---I know. I can think of a HUNDRED BETTER places to off myself...! (and an alley ain't on that list)

---Yeah, there is quite the difference between BEING adopted and ADOPTING...all about "cash-flow...lol.

---Yes, this Saturday evening, check the WFWA listings around 9PM. I bloody missed the first 10 minutes this past week (no TV guide).

---The major problem I have with Trump (beside being a bully, and I follow "Cap" on that one), is he does NOT understand the IDEALOGY with these libtards (and even some in his own party). Businessmen don't know the "nuances" about that part of politics. He needs to listen to his "advisors" on this one.

---You know, whenever that comes along for me, I have to resort to MY OWN KNOWLEDGE, and that includes WHO I have become along this journey.
Mom used to tell me "you're their betters", and you know what, she was right many times over.
THAT is what you focus on...you're the only SANE person in the morass of idiocy.
You can take THAT to the bank, too, Buster.

Thanks for stopping on by to comment today.

Stay safe, keep cool, & stay strong up there, brother.