23 September 2016

Friday Follies...
And, it's the first Friday of fall...but it sure won't feel like it.
The Midwest "warm-spell" will continue today, and many will be wearing shorts.
Never fear, because cooler conditions ARE coming, just not as quickly as some of us would prefer.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us mostly sunny skies, light breezes, and temps once again back up into the mid-80s, and no rain to speak of. Could always be worse, right?
Let's get ourselves that comforting cup of glass of fortitude poured and parked close by.
We just might need some to start our day.
*** First off of the hat rack is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(a snack is a snack, but leave the stick for walking...lol)
(well, we could most of the them curs, right?
(be nice to have one of mom's once again)
(it's fine to celebrate both sexes, just don't get to know them both in a Biblical manner)
(Wifey's got them...like she's running a race while asleep)
---And, it's INNERGIZE DAY
(sounds a bit on the contrived side to me)
*** Since we're at week's end, let's see what the following 48 hours brings us...
(never desert a dessert I always say)
(for those who just can't wait)
(still have your terrorist hunting licenses?)
(just what I need...MORE exercise)
(ah, yes...places to go where everyone can commune together)
(Hey Chris, pick me out a goodie!)
(wonder if it SHOULD be graphic novel day?)
(the police SHOULD tune up those protesters in Charlotte)
(got some stories about math class that are funny)
(for moms who have lost a son or daughter in war)
There you go then...enough things to take notice of designed to keep you out of trouble.
Let's hope anyway.
*** Next up, looks like Hoosiers have chosen their next license tag.
Here's the story link:
We have a winner!
Yeah, the covered bridge design gets the nod. That was my 2nd choice. I preferred the "Crossroads of America" one with the yellow banner at the bottom.
That design came in second.
The also-ran.
Hardly anyone (less than 5%) really wanted the plate that had "The Hoosier State" on it...curious.
I thought you folks LIKED the whole "Hoosier" thing. Guess not.
Anyway, another plate AGAIN...and costing more, thanks to the wheel tax that won;lt be going way until 2029 (if that). Getting quite a collection of old plates, that's for sure.
*** Next up, another Lima Rd bank robbery. Here's the story:
This took place yesterday around 1240 hrs at the Chase branch located at 9140 Lima Rd.
The suspect "is described as black, in his 20s, wearing a black ball cap, glasses, beard, black shirt, and baggie jeans that were so low-fitting one could see his red boxer style underwear sticking out,” police said in the release.
Well, that fits damn near ANY black male in our part of the ghettohood...lol.
The suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money (and never showed a weapon - just used a note).
After getting the cash, the suspect  was seen getting into the passenger side seat of a newer style silver Jeep Cherokee, which departed the area to the north.
This comes on the heels of the bank robbery Monday at the Fifth Third branch (6026 Lima rd) around 1300 hrs Monday.
Smile and say "loser".
That was pulled off by a white man (could be a "salt and pepper" team doing this). Makes me wonder what vehicle was used for the getaway on Monday.
*** Our King (mayor Henry) has put forth his budget for next year.  Here's that story:
Still good to be king.
Okay, so the "plan" is to put 28 more officers on our streets (a damn good start), but that will take close to TWO years to come to fruition (as we all know), so what happens in the meantime?
The budget total is NOT mentioned in the story...wonder why?
The News-Sentinel has the total budget amount in THEIR story:
City math - Simple...isn't it?
Not printing all the facts doesn't make them any easier to deny...or ignore, right?
Yeah, the total budget is listed at $158 BILLION dollars.
Now, let's do some math, based on the J-G story:
((The parks department makes up 11 percent of the budget, while public works and community development represent 7 percent and 3 percent, respectively.))
Okay technically, let's call it 10%...one percent not explained?
(( Public safety is a major component in the city’s budget at 69 percent of the overall budget, City Controller Len Poehler said.))
Alright, that makes 79%, cumulatively. So far, so good.
((The 2017 spending plan will be no different, with personnel representing 75 percent of the city’s total budget.))
Now, here's where the city's famous (or infamous) "fuzzy math" takes over.
This brings us to a cumulative total of 144%.
W-T-F ???
I thought we could only have 100% (of anything)?
Someone forget to add a decimal place or carry a digit?
This should be fun to hear them "splain" this one.
*** Next,  everyone with a YAHELL account - go change your password (again).
Here's this latest technological clusterf*ck:
And to think this happened back in 2014...and we're JUST hearing about this NOW???
WTH is wrong with people that we can;t be notified AS SOON as stuff like this occurs?
500 MILLION accounts we're talking about here...not a few random ones.
Yes, this is a big effin' deal.
Damn shame they can't have a mail system that PREVENTS all those damn SPAMS either. One band-aid at a time, I suppose.
Let's set the damn fracture FIRST.
*** Next up, Time to turn the next page in "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"Nothing to see over there."
Yes, another lackluster day as far as "adventuring" goes...thank God.
"Ahh, dinner by solar light. How novel."
At least I found out he likes both Fancy Feast and Friskies wet food. Our indoor cat (Rassie aka Lord Rassilon II) has decided to turn his nose up at the Fancy Feast (been a staple for years, too). Perhaps it's the lack of SELECTION at Krogers I'm seeing...whatever the hell is up with that.
Didn't hear they stopped making the stuff.
Still, food IS food, and some cats (Hobo) appreciate whatever food is provided, no matter who makes it.
*** Last back to the coat closet...I'm still trying to figure out the whole "need to loot" mentality when it comes to these supposedly "peaceful protests", as I'm sure YOU are too.
But what typically precipitates all this anyway?
Why do we never see protests of ANY kind whenever a white person is shot by officers? And, let's understand that whites are shot MORE frequently then blacks by the po-po...it's just the law of averages.
And THIS was FOUR years ago.
What I seeing is a real double-standard here.
This works well, too.
Whenever a (low-information) black person is asked by police to comply under whatever circumstances dictate it, they typically IGNORE the officer(s). That alone causes things to escalate within seconds.
The EASY thing to do under such a situation WOULD be to just COMPLY and be done with it, right?
This is the ONE time that these low-information blacks choose the DIFFICULT way.
Wish to hell they'd apply that mindset to looking for a damn JOB and becoming a USEFUL member of society, rather than a government teat-sucking leech.
In every other instance, such people always take the EASY way out, and always at the cost to others (paying their way).
But not when it comes to the "PO-lease". They take the hardest way possible, and usually they get reminded as to why the hard way isn't the best way when dealing with law-enforcement.
All too often, we don't have to look for difficulties in life - they find us all by themselves, so why add to that?
Well, if that course were pursued by those who are often pursued by the police, the jails would have a lot fewer perps in them, right?
Education is (and should be) paramount in anyone's life, and ignorance to that is never an excuse for the behaviors we see from these people...or anyone for that matter.
When you LEARN...you KNOW, and that knowledge will serve you well, whenever the need arises to apply it. You will know what truth really is.
Then again, if people had a better handle on good old moral behavior, seeking knowledge would be a non-sequitur and society wouldn't be in the state it's in today, right?
Therein lies the lesson for the day.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Before I start, let me share with you what I just posted on FB:

"So Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is finally sick of the murders in his city. His plan to do something about it?
“Every one of us was sickened by the recent murder of Nykea Aldridge while she pushed a baby carriage down the street to register her kids,” Emanuel said. “And what makes it even worse is that her murder might have been prevented if her alleged perpetrators had been given the sentence they deserve for previous crimes.”
The enforcement part of the plan includes adding 970 new police officers to the force, promoting hundreds of police officers familiar with the streets to sergeants and lieutenants, seeking more federal help to assist in crime-fighting and supporting a bill that would ensure repeat gun offenders receive the strongest sentencing.
Hear that, Fort wayne? Adding cops. Get cops FAMILIAR WITH THE STREETS, and end idiotic plea deal sentencing. We should try that here..."

Moving on...

Yay Checkers!

That long s-word Thanksgiving- hey, does it come with turkey? Cause I just ordered a pizza...

One hit wonder day- wait'll you hear the one on the second part of my Bubbling Under segment on TM>>>

I think I picked that plate...

Fuzzy math- I assume they counted salaries from ALL departments- not a over-divided pie, just the same pie cut two different ways. At least, we HOPE that's the explanation...

When they first announced getting hacked, I deleted Yahooo altogether. I didn't use it enough to justify letting my ass hang out. Explains why I get spam e-mails from friends' YH accounts.

Bob G. said...

---I heard about that story (Chi-town's down the crapper for sure) and you must be reading my mind (as well as my blog).
I've pushed for ever that we need police FAMILIAR WITH THE SE SIDE down here. They have NO idea where hiding places are, problem houses, etc.
Rusty & Gary saw to that well enough.
Now, we have about 422 sworn officers and of that about 60% are street-beat cops and are spread pretty damn thin per shift. They just "chase the radio" as we used to call it. Everything is purely complaint-driven...ergo, no complaints, no problems...WRONG!
But I digress...
---Yeah, we did pizza to. Maybe some sliced turkey sandwiches over the weekend?
---I will look forward to the bubbling under 1-hit wonder, then.
---I just laughed when I read that one story...SEVERAL TIMES to make sure I quoted the proper parts and the percentages THEY quoted...it does NOT add up to 100.
---I may have to dump yahell altogether, because I only use it for one (anime) group I created ages ago (and barely use) and email, which kinda sucks at best. Then I should switch over to all AOHELL...or GMAIL. I got no clue on this crap.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Have yourself a good weekend up there and do stay safe, brother.

CWMartin said...

I have a gmail, but I never use it because it demands to be the primary. Don't feel like logging in an out to see the REST of my mail. When my windows live crashed, I just migrated my address to outlook mail, and it does a fair enough job. A few things I don't care for, but it's skype-ready (if I ever get that technological, which I doubt) and the print is actually bigger. One thing I hated on windows live, couldn't change the print size.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I figured that GMAIL had some kinda "catch" attached to it.
Everyone wants to ne THE "go-to" mail server.
I STILL like AOL mail...only allows people YOU put on a list. Everyone else doesn't even show up. I LIKE that a lot.
Thing is, you have to make sure you have those you WANT mail from ARE ON THE LIST...can get tedious when you get a good size list (because every place you shop at online needs some sort of valid email...lol).

Thanks for the info, though. Much appreciated.
Gives me some other options for the future.

Stay safe up there, brother.