07 September 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Okay, so if you like your midweek crisis to be HOT and HUMID, you do NOT have to travel to the jungles of the Zambezi river, or even to the 'Nam...just stick (no pun intended) around Fort Wayne today.
Gonna be plenty sticky out there, that's for sure.
But, I hear rain is coming (probably turn to steam before it hits the ground).
Our Hoosierland weather today sees us with mostly sunny skies, temps breaking into the low-90s (with a heat index making it feel like the century mark) and a chance of showers moving in in the evening (crosses fingers).
In the meantime, let's a nice COOL refreshing drink (I'm waiting for my coffee to get cold), as we see that this day has to offer OTHER than spontaneous combustion...
*** First out of the swea-tbox is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments."
It would seem this is ALL too true these days, right? Everything in moderation...even governemnt. WHO said it? The answer at the top fo tomorrow's post. Meanwhile, back at King's College in New York City...
*** Next, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(don't try to quench your thirst outside with this...stay inside instead)
(I can believe we might get just that,,,NEITHER...lol)
(helluva painter who didn't start until she was in her 70s!)
(go squash a few for the heck of it)
(now guys, behave yourselves when hiding it...LOL)
*** Next up, let's take a little trip down the "you just can't make this crap up" trail
Here's a story of two schools in Illinois:
So, on the surface, one might believe there is a widening "gulf" between the "affluent" mostly white school and the "downtrodden" minority school, and initially, you may be right.
But look at the figures the story quotes. The rich school spends about $18K per student (per year) while the poor school ONLY spends $16K and change per student per year.
Hell, there are school systems in other nations that spend a lot LESS than either of those schools, and yet, produce more HIGHLY EDUCATED (and tech-savvy) students than we do...why IS that?
I would say the rich school may have people who DONATE (as in freely GIVE) money, or even resources to that school while the "po folk" don't bother, because they think the "gub-ment" will ride to their rescue (as they have for decades). None of that is mentioned, so I have to conclude that the writer wasn't that comprehensive in their research.
So, what can this area do to make everyone "more equal"? Why, float some bonds and/or raise taxes (again)...because that always works (not). Sound a bit familiar?
It's weird to hear that states CUT school funding, while the FEDS keep raising the bar (and the amount they selectively dump into such school systems). And that doesn't seem to be working, does it?
Maybe there are "too many cooks in the kitchen" and that's why things are as mucked up as they are?
At this point, there is NO easy solution, for when you allow a problem to simmer as long as it has, the result will never be any good for anyone. involved.
*** Next, another sojourn down a similar (crap-laden) path with THIS local story:
This bunch need to be watched...a lot. They cost this city much more than just money, and what's left of the SE side proves it. And again, we see that "on the surface" this seems like a good idea.
We are talking "affordable" housing (but never for everyone, mind you). It's ONLY affordable to those being government-sponsored on the welfare roles, and usually pertains to low-information minorities (because many of them have no intention of seeking gainful employment - not when everyone ELSE is paying their way).
Two of the three proposals mentioned seem innocuous enough...it's that THIRD one that bothers the hell outta me.
((The proposal for the southeast area development strategy would remove language that states that additional subsidized housing for the area “should be discouraged until there is a better balance of subsidized housing throughout the Allen County community.”
Heather Presley-Cowen, deputy director of Housing and Neighborhood Services, said the language from 2007 has hampered developers who want to bring that kind of housing to the area. ))
No, Heather...the CRIME has HAMPERED any REAL development down here...you don't read the paper much, do you, dear? Does the name DON STEININGER ring any bells?
If not, refresh your (inconveniently) failing memory with THIS story (that I also featured HERE) from last year on WANE:
Still getting a FAILING grade.
Seems a DEVELOPER knows why development stalls down here...why can't YOU see it, hmm?
I'd kinda run with HIS assessment of the situation on the SE side, because he's CORRECT!
Putting up more housing (and the criminals that often infest them) is not the answer to "redevelopment", Heather. Get yourself educated on this (for a change).
(( Although it was not the intent of policymakers to eliminate more subsidized housing from southeast Fort Wayne, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority was essentially downgrading such projects in awarding points toward funding because the projects appeared not to line up with community priorities, she said. 
Because it’s such a competitive arena, even one point can make a difference in whether a proposed project goes forward, Presley-Cowen said. ))
The SOUTHEAST is such a COMPETITIVE AREA? Are you shitting me?
Well, if you take into consideration the burgeoning DRUG TRADE, you might have a point, but as for REGULAR retail...just not happening, and won't as long as the crime persists (as well as those causing it).
Not rocket science, Heather...just the TRUTH.
(maybe you should try that for once...you might come to like it)
*** Next up, time for another chapter of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Not much to say...it was a hot day to do hardly anything...but eat.
...and then rest.
Today will be more of the same, but I do hope that Hobo doesn't find another praying mantis to "play" with as he was doing yesterday.
The things cats will get into...sheesh!
Luckily, I rescued the mantis and dumped him into our horseradish plant (big as that is), and he was still moving, so no decedent to worry about.
*** Next up, any of you who missed Captain America - The Winter Soldier last night on FX...shame on you.
From a non-superhero standpoint, this film is every bit as good as Three Days of the Condor, or The Boys From Brazil in terms of political thrillers. The sub-plot about HYDRA infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. was well presented and serves as a very possible analogy to what is happening in America these days with politics and those we are electing to SERVE us (and not run our lives).
Nick Fury said: "Don't trust anyone".
Redford's character was one of those (bad) guys that seemingly everyone gravitates to when our nation is in peril. What people don't realize is that he has a plan (genocide) to make the population more "sustainable", and thereby force compliance to his agenda - To eliminate anyone who may be considered a threat (when in reality, they are not - they're the good guys and decent people of the country).
It speaks a lot as to how politics can become so ingrained in almost every part of our lives.
It also says that we could USE a real-life Captain America today.
*** Last back to the sauna... there are many people who feel our nation is at a tipping point.
I have to agree, and for a lot of reasons.
As portrayed in the above-mentioned film, people will seek security OVER liberty.
(thinking they can have both in equal and ever-growing amounts.
The reality is that, as Ben Franklin stated...we will have NEITHER (in the end).
That's a bit harsh for many to stomach, and it should be, for what others have given their lives for, we should defend with as much of our being as we are able to muster.
Careful with how much"glue" is used.
We need "to do our part" to fight tyranny, in whatever form it shows itself...JUST as those who fought against all forms of it from the inception of this country to the present day.
We also need to be ever watchful, for evil take many forms (we need only refer to the Bible to learn that).
When we take a stand to protect and defend our liberty and freedom, we WILL be secure, as a people.
But, we must always be on guard to never supplant one for the other.
Therein lies the lesson we must learn...and never forget.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((And, we FINALLY passed the 2700 POSTS mark here...onward and upward...))


Momma Fargo said...

Heather, Heather, Heather. She is clueless, isn't she? Isn't it funny how cities try to put in nice subsidized housing to make the neighborhood more appealing, but do nothing about crime and riff raff? And then the code enforcers don't come out there afterward either. It is stupid. Get some balls, I say! Clean up everything...fix streets, enforce codes,put parks in,and most importantly- get the PoPo down there. Maybe that would make it more appealing for development and businesses to bring life back into the neighborhoods. Sigh. That or a great big grenade

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---I am SO glad you weighed in on this, because, having been a LEO, YOU have seen it "in action".
And yes, those proposals NEVER pan out. You have GOT to get rid of the damn crime FIRST.
Why some folks can't (or won't) acknowledge this amazes me.
This city goes and renames a known badlands (Eden Green to Villages At Hanna) and they get a new management team...yet they STILL have the same damn crime (and criminals) all over that place.
THAT is your "subsidized housing" at work.
Some redevelopment...NOT!

Gonna need a REAL big grenade (imho).

Hey, thanks so much for rolling up today to comment.
Stay safe (and keep cool) down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Beer lovers day- on a Wednesday... smh

Without having read the school story (yet), I venture a guess that, given that there is a mere 2 grand per head difference, this was written by a shill to convince area voters of the need for a school tax hike, and this was the best "evidence" they could muster. Have the author let us in on teacher salaries per school, ethnicity of the school, crime rate per neighborhood, and I bet we get to the REAL core of the problem. For further reading, lets put the superintendent and principal's salaries out there and see if they have that same 12.5% discrepancy, shall we?

The affordable housing story- same thing here. Writer is a shill for getting us to piss more money down a hole. I really got to wonder sometimes if these liberals EVER stop to think of real-world consequences.

Now, are you talking the old Cap, the Falcon Cap, or the Hydra cap, lol?

Bob G. said...

---I know. BLD should be on (at least) A FGRIDAY!
Where's the respect?
---That's a damn good conclusion that I had not even considered.
12.5% discrepancy...ROFLMAO. Yeah, like THAT will happen!
---The libtards NEVER think of ANY consequence unless it directly impacts THEM and THEIR ways of getting more of our money in their pockets...make no mistake about that.
---At this point, I just want the good old Cap!
(Chris Evans will fill in nicely, if we can't secure the silver-age Cap).
((The HYDRA-Cap...now THAT is BLASPHEMY!))

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe (and stay out of the heat) up there brother.

gadfly said...

And another trade school bites the dust in Fort Wayne. The gummint shut ITT Tech, a whole bunch of people lost their jobs and students were left in limbo. American Thinker has a backgrounder that will knock your socks off.


Bob G. said...

What bothers me is that Ivy Tech WON'T accept the ITT student credits...so there's all that money and time "down the drain"???
I'd be pissed off if MY son or daughter got shafted in such a manner.

That link is ASTOIUNDING...did not know ANY of this crap going on (and I'll wager neither did all those students and their parents).
Talk about "hostage-taking"...cripes!
Great article there.

And thank you for taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.