15 September 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're fast closing in on another weekend...and it can't come soon enough, can it?
That rain we had yesterday early on didn't seem to dampen the spirits regarding the rest of the day. Turned out pretty good, in fact.
Our Hoosierland weather for THIS day will have us enjoying sunny skies, temps reaching around the 75 degree mark, and as far as precipitation is concerned...nothing on the immediate horizon.
So, let's get ourselves that drink to wet our whistles (fresh pot of coffee here), as we see what's been going on in some of the old familiar places...
*** First off of the garden greenery is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved."
This was spoken by another "newbie" here, one William Jennings Bryan (March 19, 1860 – July 26, 1925), and he was an American orator and politician from Nebraska, and a dominant force in the populist wing of the Democratic Party.
And his WIKI can be found right HERE:
Now, before any of you think I'm selling out to the libtards, please attend. Every once in a while, there comes someone on the democrat side of the aisle that happens to make some sense...just not that many and not that often...lol.
Bryan was also a three-time contender for the Presidency (1896, 1900, 1908).
[He served two terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives from Nebraska and was United States Secretary of State under President Woodrow Wilson (1913–1915). He resigned because of his pacifist position on World War I.
Bryan was a devout Presbyterian, a strong advocate of popular democracy, and an enemy of the banks and the gold standard. He demanded "Free Silver" because he believed it undermined the evil "Money Power" and put more cash in the hands of the common people.
He was a peace advocate, a supporter of Prohibition, and an opponent of Darwinism on religious and humanitarian grounds. With his deep, commanding voice and wide travels, he was perhaps the best-known orator and lecturer of the era. Because of his faith in the wisdom of the common people, he was called "The Great Commoner." ]
Yes, there are some things I disagree with him about, and I think you also know what they are, but he DID have some good things going for him.
As democrats go, I'd have to put him in the ranks of someone like JFK. He seemed more the MODERATE than a full-blown LEFTIST.
[Bryan opposed the Darwinian theory of evolution for two reasons.
First, he believed that what he considered a materialistic account of the descent of man (and all life) through evolution was directly contrary to the Biblical creation account, which he accepted.
Second, he considered Darwinism as applied to society (Social Darwinism) to be a great evil force in the world, promoting hatred and conflicts, especially the World War, and inhibiting upward social and economic mobility of the poor and oppressed.]
The WIKI is a very interesting read and one that shows the complexities of someone who, although he was a democrat, exhibited many traits of someone you could consider a republican (by today's standards).
If nothing else, you'd have to say he was a MORAL conservative...something almost ALL democrats (and some republicans) lack today.
Moving on...
*** Next  is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(and I finally get to post these that I misplaced here back on Monday...lol)
(to quote DiCaprio's Howard Hughes...it's the "way of the future")
(cheese, toast...what's there NOT to like?)
(pasta lovers unite!)
(wear it if 'ya got it)
(and don't forget the bacon)
(can't make a grasshopper without it)
(puh-lease...gimme a break here)
*** Next up, they have released the names of the three men shot to death at Sports and Spirits bar (which is now officially and permanently closed).
Here's the story link:
(Oh, and just because you can MAKE babies, it doesn't necessarily make you a "family" man...let's be clear on that before we proceed further)
I mention that because of THIS story:
Nicholas Lee Powers, 30, Demario Laquan Burnett, 21, and Jerry Trivon Coleman, 31, all died of gunshot wounds, according to the coroner’s office, and their deaths were ruled homicides. All are from Fort Wayne. And we have at least ONE mugshot in the mix.
The two who were privately taken to hospital (wounded) were described as JUVENILES.
Now, call me crazy, but WHO in their right mind takes underage youths to a bar KNOWN for criminal activities...at 3 AM...on a SCHOOL NIGHT?
I know...it takes ALL kinds these days, doesn't it? A special kind of stupid at work here?
Most definitely.
*** Next, you just knew that our own Public Safety Director had to weigh in on this (when he could have made a dent in this issue when he was FWPD CHIEF...and didn't). Here's the link:
Clueless? You decide.
That's EXACTLY it, Rus...we have a GUN problem...NOT a VIOLENT PEOPLE problem. Seriously?
And we can blame all those home runs that baseball clubs score on the BATS and never the talented person HOLDING it, right?
There 'ya go then. Proof positive that a left-leaning person will NEVER understand the REAL cause of such issues.
Guns were not the ONLY police calls to Sports and Spirits...ever hear of a KNIFE?
Yeah, stabbings there too (more of those than gunshots)...and the only difference between a stabbing and a homicide (by stabbing) is WHERE that knife winds the hell up.
God, these people piss me the hell off with their knee-jerk assessments.
*** Next, as I said earlier this week, there would be FOUR murder charges against the "family killer". Here's the story link:
Dansby's story to police was certainly not truthful, but it was wonderfully incoherent, because making up lies "on the fly" can become confusing at best.
*** Next up, time for another installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"You know I make doing nothing look good."
Yesterday began on the damp side, but after things dried out, our furry buddy thought it would be a good idea to go "exploring". Yeah, that tends to worry me to no end.
When I went out to get the mail, he wasn't around, but as I came back to the house, a grey and white blur flashed by...it was Hobo, coming back from who knows where...again.
"Hey, lookit what I can do!"
It was then time to go climb a tree...far up into it, in fact.
Luckily, it's not a tall maple, and about 20 minutes later, he found his way down, albeit in a non-graceful manner.
"Howdy, stranger."
Later in the day, he was again M.I.A., so we had a visit from some birds...and our squirrel buddy...PATCHES.
"I got a good place to bury this one."
He's into this "winter-storage" gig now, so, he's been burying peanuts about the garden (with no shells on them even). Like that will matter in several months.
Still, nice to revisit the "old friends" for a spell.
"So, fill me in. What did I miss?"
Eventually, Hobo came back, crapped out, and all as right with the world once again...lol.
*** Last back to the flower pots...why people can't follow the simplest of rules amazes me.
Such things should be second nature...or better yet...common sense.
You take city ordinances that say where you can place trash bins and when...people can't be bothered being "asked" to do something so damn easy (like move the bin away from the curbs and streets). And we wonder why they get PO'ed when TOLD to do what they were asked to do?
Same goes for those walking in the neighborhood., I can count the number of ADULTS that actually use the sidewalks per month on ONE hand...so shit! It's like they PREFER to act in a 3rd world manner, by walking down the middle of a residential street (that has perfectly good sidewalks).
Another question of the ages?
Some might say this could be a "cultural" issue, and to that, I say BULLSHIT.
No culture in THIS country should permit the blatant ignorance of ANY law designed to promote safety for it's citizens. And when it comes to safety, I'd much prefer a sidewalk to a street, should I wish to take a stroll.
Such cultural "traits" begin at an early age with these people, and the school system is replete with kids ignoring the rules, which are there not JUST for them...but everyone.
There comes a time when excusing such behavior does not benefit anyone, and hurts those that the rules were made to protect. And ignorance of those rules should not dismiss anyone from obeying them.
I found that out growing up in our house...my parents were very keen on making the rules KNOWN...and very CLEAR. Can't say that happens as much today.
And, we know what the results are, don't we?
Without rules, everyone runs wild, and if people cannot take time to police themselves, we hire officers to keep the peace and enforce the rules (laws).
Maybe some folks prefer anarchy.
I happen to NOT be one of them.
An orderly society is a thriving one; one in which everyone benefits from an equal standpoint.
To invite disorder is to invite disaster...it's that simple.
We don't need to give up our rights and liberty to achieve that...just our ability to do that which we know to be wrong. And that's not that tall an order, is it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Aw...your kitty and squirrel make me happy. And national double cheeseburger day? Oh sign me up! Who thinks of these things? Crazy. The politics of the world make me crazy, speaking of that word. Can they ever make sense to us low totem polers?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you like the photos.
---If there's one thing you can take from my humble blog...it's a "study in contrasts". We deal with both the good and the bad (and the furry...LOL).
I's all about LIFE and how we can live it.
---We can stand in line together for those "doubles", hmm?
---Politics must have been DESIGNED to make normal folks nuts.
(the loons love it, though)

---Tell 'ya one thing about we "bottom-polers" on that there totem....
If it wasn't for folks like US, who the hell would HOLD UP the REST of those above us (who are too busy to bother), right?
WE carry the weight, and support everyone else...and the sooner the "toppers" learn that, the better.
Without US, there would be NO totem AT ALL.

Hey, thanks for rolling up and spending some time commenting today.

Stay safe down there, Kiddo.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Yeah, the cat and the squirrel are great to help calm me down after the other stuff reminds me what's wrong with this world.

Around here, we have a lot of people who walk in the middle of the street. Sometimes even with headphones on. It's like they have a deathwish. The worst part, of course, is that if I'm driving, and they don't move, and then I honk at them, they turn around and flip me off like I'M the a-hole. Meanwhile, I don't even walk into a crosswalk before I'm sure no cars are speeding through.

Bob G. said...

ALL the critters are like a balm in our neck o' the woods.
---I'd love to be able to OBLIGE those "death-wishers"...lol.
(talk about culling the herd of morons)
---Yeah, they act like YOU"RE the one "in the wrong"...gimme a damn break!
---I always said that HOOD ORNAMENTS were not put there for show - they're TARGETING DEVICES...bwahahahahaaa.
Yes, I'm a vindictive sum'bitch (when I need to be).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and always watch for speeders) out there, guys!

CWMartin said...

WJB! "You shall NOT crucify mankind on a cross of gold!" That still gives me chills. Always one of my favorites.

Double Cheeseburger... mmmm....

Please forward my creme de menthe to GP, though. Never could swallow either one.

You wanna bet the underagers were with Burnett, and they started the deal? You can use logic to figure these things out, but really Scrappy prolly coulda got this one...

It saddens me that our pols on either side of the fence will only speak to their agenda instead of the truth. Rusty makes me sick.

If Hobo's a male, the wandering off is the least of your worries. Wait'll he starts coming back after getting his ass kicked in a Tom fight, like my childhood cat Snoopy did. He wore one of those thick flea collars, and one time came back with it cut near in two. The only fight the dumbass ever one is the one where mom, dad, and I joined in with a couple of broomsticks, and a big block of mortared-together bricks...

Come to think of it, take the patch off his nose and Snoopy and Hobo are VERY close likenesses...

Not to ignore your homily (which was very true, BTW) but the opening meme on it reminded me of an incident at work today. Sew boss Debbie was asking me some questions when big boss Tim comes up with another stack of yet more prototypes for me.

Chris: "Why is it every time you guys say, 'we're getting caught up on these things,' I smell fertilizer?"
Tim: "It's Debbie's Deodorant..."

Chris: (Grabs mouth and walks away trying not to laugh screams)

Bob G. said...

---Like I said, Bryan was a very good example of a MORAL conservative...and man, could we use a few of them today.
---Yeah, NOW we can do the C/B gig...heh.
---I was never a grasshopper kinda guy...ditto for pink squirrels (leave that to those watching BRAVO channel, or Ru Paul...lol)
---The teens w/ Burnett would NOT surprise me.
Taking them there at that time DOES.
Scrappy might be onto something there...a touch of bloodhound in his family tree?
---Oh, I've gone beyond nausea w/ York...now, he's just mild amusement (that never says anything.)
---I'd like to think that Hobo knows where to run to whenever danger threatens. He knows I wear a BB pistol outside (and will use it to defend him).
Might be Snoopy's great (ditto times 10) grandson.
---My my...how that does ring true all too often.
Common Sense = Mitchum roll-on...who knew?

Thanks for swinging on by today to comment.
(you do make my day with your observations)

Stay safe up there, brother.