07 October 2016

Friday Follies...
And the weekend is here at long last.
Funny, doesn't quite seem like a Friday for some odd reason...dunno why.
In fact it will be much like a copy of yesterday,
Our Hoosierland for today will have us seeing mostly sunny skies to start off with, then becoming cloudier as the day progresses. A slight chance of a rain shower might be in the offing at that time.
Temps will top out in the upper 70s, and a slight breeze comes along for the ride.
So there you are...good way to get this weekend started, so what say we all get a cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured as we see what is (and what will be) going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the driveway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(great for outdoor use...so far)
(I can't count all of these I've had on ONE finger - not impressed)
(I miss the days when we made a LOT more of everything HERE in America)
*** And since we are at week's end, let's see what will be observed over the follwing 48 hours...
(sorry, even as a kid, I never got into these)
(Okay, now these I have had...and liked a lot)
(ooh...touchy, aren't we?)
(never did...never will...sorry)
(be a good day for it here...like a Bat Outta Hell...sing along.)
(oh, those wacky vikings who were not from Minnesota)
(I'll pass on any pro-abortion cupcakes)
(one of many refrigerator mystery foods/science experiments)
(go take a few pawns..everyone else does)
(serving God and guiding mankind for ages)
Alright then...plenty of things to keep one occupied (and out of jail).
*** Next up, another hostage standoff ends with a police-action shooting.
Here's the story link:
This all started around 2310 hrs last night in the 5300 block of Stony Run Lane and ended 6 hours later. As could be expected, SWAT had to be called in.
A child was being held by a man with a knife, who refused to comply with police requests.
Apparently, the man was shot (and in critical condition) while the child was taken away by police.
Back in JULY, a similar situation took place at the same house with the same man and child.
Here's that story link:
And CPS didn't bother to step in? And this guy wasn't under some sort of psych evaluation?
WTH is going on in this frigging city?
*** Next, more on that SE side barber shop bust. Here's the story link:
One business that NEEDED to be shut down.
Imagine that...a DRUG CACHE found at the shop...on the SE side...WHO'DA THUNK???
Michael Lamont Gaston, 45  of the 5000 block of South Hanna Street, (a short walk from the "Fortress" and right across the street from the ACSPCA) owner and operator, was charged with dealing in cocaine, heroin, marijuana and maintaining a common nuisance.
A veritable COSTCO of street pharms there.
Loser be BUSTED!
Gaston was released Thursday from the Allen County Jail on a bond of $102,500
RELEASED??? Seriously??? Are you people NUTS? (don't answer that, I know the answer)
Not EXACTLY the type of "retail" we NEED down here, is it?
His employee, Paul Hodge, 45, of the 700 block of Madison Street, was charged with carrying a handgun without a license.  Aren't they ALL? And the city wants to charge me $125 TO carry one?
Homey got DITTO!
Hodge is a documented felon and is not allowed to possess a handgun (well, duh!), court documents said. Hodge was released on a $10,000 bond.
Well, at least Gaston hired a felon...gave him a second chance (as a drug dealer)...yeah, right.
Just turn them both the hell loose back to MY part of town...thanks, people.
Gainfully employed MY ASS!
*** Next, And speaking of the SE side, there's this nugget of crap:
We need RETAIL and a better quality of life, and THIS is the best you morons downtown can come up with?
A "one-stop-shop" for clean syringes is somehow a good thing?
Doesn't that encourage FURTHER drug usage?
(short answer: YES!)
Haven't seen an A-A meeting where they start by passing around the Wild Turkey...have you?
This place is located at 519 Oxford St (smack-dab in the ghettohood).
Located near the planned site are an education center operated by Fort Wayne Community Schools, a Baptist church, a custom sign painting shop and a beauty salon.
Oh, THAT'S sure to drum up business traffic for THOSE other places.
Fewer druggies = fewer drugs...right?
But "there is a community need" for such a place...just like that BARBER SHOP in the previous story? Sorry, I've not much sympathy for those who CHOOSE to enter the wonderful word of illegal substance abuse and not do anything to extricate themselves.
Come the f$ck on...we can (and must) do BETTER than this.
*** Next up, another salute to SE side idiocy in today's paper:
Bitch wif lighters be crazy!
 ((Attempted arson charge for woman
A Fort Wayne woman is in the Allen County Jail, charged Thursday with several felonies after reportedly attempting to set fire to a house with gasoline.
About 4 a.m. Sunday, police found Marquita D. Thomas, 33, of the 6700 block of South Calhoun Street with a gasoline can and two lighters at the back steps of the house, according to court documents. The smell of gasoline was strong, police said.
Two days earlier, 
Thomas had been accused of breaking a window and trying to enter the house, according to court documents.
Thomas was charged Wednesday with attempted arson, domestic battery and criminal mischief.
Thomas was previously convicted of domestic battery in October 2009.
Her bond was set at $12,500. )) WAY too low, if you ask me (and you should).
 *** Next, this story makes me smile, and you'll know why:
Thine own treasury doth prosper, sire.
Jason Arp (R councilman - 4th district) seeks to LOWER the pay of our "king" (mayor Henry).
Considering he's the HIGHEST PAID mayor in the entire state, I can roll with that.
Those dems know how to lavish wealth upon their own...at the cost of wealth to their "subjects".
Be interesting to see how this plays out, won't it?
*** Next, another chapter of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"You gonna put the camera down and rub me?"
Every day might seem similar with our little friend, but I can assure you, they are different in many subtle ways.
It's fun to watch him roll about for no good reason, and nice to have him follow you all around the property. Sometimes, he does get a bit "under-foot"...lol.
"We're all lucky I'm so cute."
We should be as fortunate to find like pleasure in such basic things.
I'm sure the weekend will bring more antics and definitely more pictures.
*** Last back to the garage...when you read stories like the aforementioned ones above, you have to question both the motives of those individuals, as well as our future as the human race.
Everything is NOT permitted.
Is THIS where we're headed...and why?
If people could only possess an inkling of smarts as to the damage they're doing not only to themselves, but to others and the community in general, perhaps they might rethink such behaviors.
But the truth is, they couldn't give a rat's ass, and that's a part of our society we really have not addressed to the extent that we SHOULD have been doing.
When we permit, or otherwise overlook things, they will find a way to escalate themselves.
It's another version of The Broken Window Theory, only in this case, it's the particular behavior of the citizens we're talking about (which will eventually lead to the criminal aspect of a society).
We used to be a better people in America. Lord knows we fought for it long enough.
And we have become a nation that others used to look to as an EXAMPLE of how to rule ourselves properly.
AND, they want free umbrellas, too!
That has all been turned on it's ass of late.
We need to regain the high ground here, and take back what this country used to stand for, and it's not the behaviors we're seeing , or allowing these days.
Like I always say...to DO any less is to BECOME less as a people...and as a nation.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Scrappy's birthday cupcakes were pro-life, in a way... but you can have the other stuff. Er, sorry, Pastor, we pray for you too, lol!

Realize Stony Run lane is named after our creek in the woods! Thought that sounded familiar....

"And CPS didn't bother to step in? And this guy wasn't under some sort of psych evaluation?" Pretty much what I said on my way out the door this morning. When will the powers that be learn that a loser doesn't become an un-loser just by thinking nice thoughts about him?

Funny about that barbershop- FB sent me a "pages you might like" post from some chick apparently involved with the family that bitched about targeting black businesses, and complained that the cops weren't there when some life insurance scam screwed them. I almost commented, but re-reading her social grammar, I decided I'd have to go up and get my (non-existant) ebonics textbook to properly explain myself, and gave up for laziness.

Needle shop: Once again you hit at the heart of the liberal problem- when does being a good person cross the line into "enabler"? If they were Biblically based and replaced "good person" with "good Steward", then they might make a real difference. But of course, that's just me being racist.

I would joke and say "Marquita is a real hottie"- but she just isn't...

Maybe if Arp told him it would cut the taxes needed for whatever looming disaster he's trying to hide, he'd buy the pay cut...

No offense, Hobo, but what word on Rassie?

Bob G. said...

--Scrappy had cupcakes? COOL!
--We can rest easy that there will be no more hostage situations on THAT block now (the guy died).
---I know...the libtards are all over that mindset like flies on crap!
What does it take for them to catch the hell on?
--Barber shop drug dealer and life insurance...why does that sounds kinda HINKY?
Yeah, those bad cops are ALWAYS targeting black businesses that sell drugs because...IT'S AGAINST THE DAMN LAW!
--Ahh...once again you've found the center of that shrubbery maze...kudos, and I SO agree.
--LOL...she IS a piece of work, that's for sure (with a slap on her wrists from downtown, no doubt).
-- You're placing a LIBERAL and the words PAY CUT in the same sentence?
I know you're joking, my friend.
--Yeah, Rassie's about the same...only lighter (must weigh a couple pounds if that). I got some VERY heavy decisions to make (and praying to do), and it's already getting a bit on the emotionally rough side, Chris.
Gotta feeling that any trip to the vet will be probably one-way for my "partner" of 20 years.
Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment today.
Much appreciated.

Have a good weekend & stay safe up there, brother.