04 November 2016

Friday Follies...
Here we are once again...end of another fun-filled week (and that's dependent upon YOUR definition of fun).
Me? I'm just a resident cynic here.
Still, things could always be worse (just not by much as far as I'm concerned - I am still missing the cats).
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with things outside a bit more seasonal with a high today of around 57 degrees, and lots of sunny skies and mild breezes.
So, what say we dose ourselves with a healthy glass or cup of Friday Fortitude, as we take a look at what's going on among the masses of this crazy-ass planet, hmm?
*** First off of the disk drive is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Jersey Friday (has nothing to do with NEW Jersey or Jersey cows - it's SPORTS jerseys, gang).
It's National Chicken Lady Day (this never made sense to me), National Candy Day (which dentists always love), and National Stress Awareness Day.
(heh, trust me, I've plenty of stress to be aware of nowadays - don't need any more, thank you very much).
And, since we are at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours:
---Saturday is National Doughnut Day
(LEOS of the nation unite!), and National Love Your Red Hair Day (guess that would only apply to "gingers")
---Sunday is National Nachos Day (sorry, never got into them, and DEFINITELY not in movie theaters), Saxophone Day (Charlie "Yardbird" Parker YES - Bill Clinton NO!)
And Daylight Saving Time Ends (like that REALLY saves anyone ANY time at all. Doesn't save money either).
There we go then...have at it, and try to stay out of trouble.
*** Next up, did you know that CHINA is supplying a controlled substance to people here in the USA?
Well, it is painfully true, as evidenced in this story:
(( SHANGHAI – Seizures of the deadly chemical carfentanil have exploded across the United States, with more than 400 cases documented in eight states since July.
Fueled by a thriving trade out of China, the weapons-grade chemical is suspected in hundreds of drug overdoses in North America. An AP investigation last month showed how easily carfentanil can be bought online from China.))
Excuse me..."weapons-grade" ??? That should scare the crap out of people.
(( Carfentanil is a controlled substance in the U.S., where it can be used legally to immobilize large animals like elephants. But it is not controlled in China, the top source of fentanyl-related compounds that end up in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
Since July, when carfentanil was first identified in the U.S. drug supply, the DEA has confirmed at least 407 carfentanil seizures in eight states, according to data obtained by the AP. Ohio, the hardest-hit state, has 343 confirmed carfentanil seizures.))
If it makes THIS guy sleep, well...
Nice to know our neighboring state is hip-deep in this stuff. Guess this is the fallout from legalizing pot?
Now, just SUPPOSE that carfentanil wasn't taking straight away, but rather used to "amend" such other substances like heroin, cocaine, and yes, even marijuana.
You just don't know what the hell you're getting, so why even bother to roll the dice and buy this poison?
Besides, we don't have THAT many ELEPHANTS around here to properly use that chemical on, right?
However, we DO have a lot of JACK-ASSES - hmm, sounds a bit political, but what the hell isn't politicized these days?
*** Next, a story that has Mister Obvious written ALL over it.
Here's the link:
Couldn't get MORE obvious than THAT, can you?
And people can't see a down side to such vehicles...A-F*cking-Mazing!
They need to be very careful what they wish for...because they might get it (and then the shit will hit the autonomously-operated fan).
The only use for "self driving" vehicles is for people like Stephen Hawking, should he ever wish to drive himself someplace.
But, to have the masses of lazy-asses who can't be bothered with a privilege people used to actually enjoy, just  makes me wonder where we're headed.
Handing over the control YOU used to have, for the sake of what, really?
I'll bet people can't even answer that one (too busy multitasking on some electronic smart device to be bothered).
You will get what you deserve along these lines, just like your political "leaders".
*** Next,  we've a couple recipients of the local "TNB" award for "Ethnic Achievement in Brutality".
---Here's the first story:
Toriano Kurtz, 37 is the perp here, charged with stabbing his ex-girlfriend, and THEN, returning to the scene.
His feelings got hurt (oh, boo-effin-hoo), so he chose to HURT back, but with a damn KNIFE.
And, because his ex's dog was barking, he picked the dog up and THREW it against a wall.
(that alone incenses the hell outta me)
Rot in jail you stupid sonuvabitch.
---The next story can be found here:
In this case, a pregnant woman (8 months along) was BEATEN by her "homey", one Donvelle Fowlkes, 27, of the 2300 block of Versailles Village Place.
(( Neighbors called police, saying they could hear knocking, slamming and a female screaming. One neighbor said they heard these noises all the time. ))
How much fun would it be to have THIS loser living near you, hmm?
*** Next up, yes, time to switch BACK from Daylight Saving Time to STANDARD TIME.
Here's the skinny on DST:
Sure, this is a point of contention, and will continue to be so.
It was back in 2005 that Indiana (general assembly) decided to adopt DST. And I was just getting used to NOT having the change the clocks and watches back and forth twice a year (Pennsy always did that as far back as I can remember).
Here's the lowdown on this:
Then, there are those that think Indiana should adopt CENTRAL time, as opposed to the EASTERN time we already have in place.
There are those who feel this preserves business. I don't think it does...or has.
*** Last back to the CPU...people will find the damnedest things in order to produce controversy.
Many of the causes of controversy.
I think some of them live JUST for that.
A pretty pathetic way to go through life, that's for sure.
But, with all such diversions going on around us, it does take our minds off of things we SHOULD be paying attention to, right?
Politicians seem to be masters of such diversions as well, otherwise we wouldn't find ourselves beset with all the obfuscation affecting us today. It's getting harder to stay focused on things that matter.
Too many are okay with this.
As a result, those steering our society have produced alternatives, so that the unwashed masses can "attend" to the mundane, while our leaders further continue  to determine what's "best for us".
We abrogate OUR responsibility to be who we should be, or who we might become, and for what?
Convenience? Safety? The ability to keep playing that XBOX?
I'm not buying into that miasma of mediocrity...not on a dare.
If you haven't watched the movie Captain America - The Winter Soldier...you SHOULD.
It makes the case for those who DO nudge society in a particular direction, all for the sake of power and CONTROL.
There are those who seek to make our nation's people fearful enough, that we will ask (in some cases beg) for security while sacrificing our freedom.
Think about it.
Fringe groups making headlines daily, terrorist attacks around the world, police officers ambushed and murdered in our own cities, violent protesters causing chaos wherever they show up...do the math here.
Is THAT the America YOU remember? Is it the America you WANT?
We can do a LOT better, and we all SHOULD, if we are to preserve and continue a nation that was founded on an IDEA...certain principles and values that extol the God-given rights of the individual.
But if we're not careful, we will allow the wrong people to wrest the power WE have over our government, and make us like so many other nations that have fewer freedoms and liberties than we currently enjoy.
That should never happen to OUR country. And as usual, the choice is OURS to make.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I'll have to clue KC in on the Ginger Day.

Self-driving vehicles: said it before will say it again-This CAN'T end well.

The connecting thread here is stupidity- stupidity leads bullies to attack those weaker than themselves... leads to those who see no value in life TO make "rolling the dice" a risk. I think the world is allowed only so many smart people- and we're about 6 billion people over budget.

Perhaps we should bring all of that Chinese poison over here we can get, and give it out for free. Then whoever wants to partake can, and the INTELLIGENT people can get good jobs as undertakers, gravediggers, and M.E.s. Sure solve a lot of problems.

I've read the novel Nature's End through a couple of times, and I'm starting to wonder if the bad guy shouldn't have won...

Time changes- my opinion is well-known, ignored in high places, and basically irrelevant. Damn it, I'm voting Trump! He'll build a wall between us and Central Time!

Closing homily- great as always. More and more, I think this country is a victim of the truism that every people gets the government they deserve.

Have a better weekend, Robert, you deserve one.

Bob G. said...

Remember ginger IS as ginger DOES...lol.
---It won't end well. I agree. Insurance companies will go through the wringer on this one.
---Damn shame that stupidity is also...a CHOICE.
(only SIX billion?)
---That's probably the best "solution" I've heard so far...wonderfully macabre and yet delightfully correct.
---Time is something many of us don't have enough of. Changing to and from DST or from central to eastern or whatever is not going to change ANY of that.
---I was saying the same thing to "D" today, but it's invading other facets aside from government like education, and society in general.
Now THAT smells like something HYDRA is managing...heh.
(and me without a SHIELD...or super soldier abilities...damn!)

---I could sorely USE a better weekend. Lord knows the last two have been a bit on the "empty" side.
Makes me wonder is I'm deserving of one (I'm not trying to ascend the throne in Asgard here)...
But, we put on a brave front and soldier on.

Hey, thanks for taking time to stop on by to comment.

Have yourselves a good weekend & stay safe up there.
(and hug Scrappy for me...just for the hell of it)