22 November 2016

Tuesday Tidbits...
We inch closer to the Thanksgiving holiday and from then on, retailers will have their hooks out for our hard-earned money in earnest. Wonder if future generations will remember the REAL meaning of such seasonal celebration?
In the meantime, we've a boat to float here, and that should be fun today, as long as the idiots stay away from the pier.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us recovering from below freezing temps this morning (take the proper care while driving) as we see increasingly cloudy skies, and a high of around 42 degrees. Some rain may be moving in later tonight and into tomorrow morning (great, that should prove interesting on the streets).
Amyway, let's get a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa poured as we see what else has been going on...
*** First out of the shower is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Cranberry Relish Day
(I'll stick to the juice and jellied varieties, thank you)
And that's all that takes place today, folks.
*** Next, as is the custom for Tuesdays, let's see all those police calls the media never told us about...but should have, shall we?
SHOTS FIRED ((113)) / ARMED ROBBERY((53)) CALLS - 11/14 - 11/20
((23,113 - vandalism by gunfire))
NOV 14 - 
16F155875 11/14/2016 07:59pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 OLIVER ST
16F155888 11/14/2016 08:31pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 4000 OLIVER ST
16F155861 11/14/2016 07:32pm 53 ARMED ROB 1500 LUMBARD ST
16F155898 11/14/2016 09:10pm 53 ARMED ROB 5100 CALHOUN ST S
NOV 15 -
16F155987 11/15/2016 04:38am 113 SHOTS FIRED 3100 WELLS ST
16F155999 11/15/2016 06:16am 113 SHOTS FIRED 1000 FRANKLIN AVE
16F156039 11/15/2016 09:44am 53 ARMED ROB 9200 STELLHORN CROSSING BLVD
16F156155 11/15/2016 02:28pm 53 ARMED ROB 300 PONTIAC ST E & LAFAYETTE ST S
NOV 16 -
16F156535 11/16/2016 10:34am 113 SHOTS FIRED 4100 AVONDALE DR
16F156542 11/16/2016 10:44am 113 SHOTS FIRED 600 WAGNER ST
16F156638 11/16/2016 01:05pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1900 WELLS ST & GREENLAWN AVE
16F156584 11/16/2016 11:00am 23,113 600 WAGNER ST
((NO armed robberies))
NOV 17 -
16F156937 11/17/2016 12:40am 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 BOWSER AVE
16F157109 11/17/2016 01:46pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 FAIRWOOD DR  
16F157286 11/17/2016 08:22pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 1300 ZOLLARS AVE
16F157291 11/17/2016 08:35pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 400 PACKARD AVE W
16F156953 11/17/2016 01:38am 53 ARMED ROB 400 SPRING ST
16F156958 11/17/2016 02:08am 53 ARMED ROB 1800 BRANDYWINE TRL
NOV 18 -
16F157364 11/18/2016 12:35am 113 SHOTS FIRED 300 PETTIT AVE E & LAFAYETTE ST S
16F157542 11/18/2016 11:16am 23,113 4900 HANNA ST S (heard this one)
16F157856 11/18/2016 08:50pm 58 SHOOTING 1300 FAY DR
((NO armed robberies))
NOV 19 -
16F157943 11/19/2016 12:57am 113 SHOTS FIRED 900 TAMERA GARDEN AVE  
16F157954 11/19/2016 01:42am 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 HANNA ST S & MADISON ST
16F158239 11/19/2016 05:52pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 2800 TRENTMAN AVE
16F158297 11/19/2016 08:14pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 4600 HANNA ST S (heard this one)
16F158173 11/19/2016 03:05pm 23,113 4800 HOAGLAND AVE
16F158304 11/19/2016 08:44pm 53 ARMED ROB 1700 APPLE GLEN BLVD
16F158318 11/19/2016 09:19pm 53 ARMED ROB 4600 WELLINGTON DR  
16F158362 11/19/2016 11:37pm 53 ARMED ROB 400 BOLTZ ST
16F157993 11/19/2016 03:57am 58 SHOOTING 6500 ALVAREZ DR
NOV 20 -
16F158416 11/20/2016 03:22am 113 SHOTS FIRED 5500 ST JOE RD
16F158687 11/20/2016 08:35pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 3900 PETTIT AVE E
16F158708 11/20/2016 09:35pm 113 SHOTS FIRED 6600 LEMAR DR
((NO armed robberies))
And I'd like to report there were NO FIREWORKS CALLS that went out last week.
(about damn time, too)
*** Next, as if we didn't have enough insanity abounding these days and vying for attention across the fruited plain, we have several stories that demand our attention, if for no other reason than to provide some comedy relief.
---Our first story takes us across he pond, where a respected British cardiologist is leading a campaign,
Once in a while, a loon escapes...
(I thought that crap was over for us "colonials"?)
Here's the story link:
Okay, so SUGAR will be the new TOBACCO. Doesn't take much to figure out WHERE this is headed.
Maybe we'll all have to be 18 or older to purchase sugar, or better yet, let's tax the shit out of it.
And, considering ALL the foods that contain this supposedly vile ingredient, what will that do to our grocery bills should this "campaign" garner enough of a following?
Treasury Dept, EPA, CDC, and Dept. of Agriculture raids at Girl Scout cookie distribution centers (for starters)...oh, cripes!
---The next story has to do with the price of gas, and how that can change.
Here's the story link:
So, what happened to that LEASE of our TOLL ROADS to pay for road maintenance anyway?
Thought that was supposed to bring in something like $75 MIL per year...what gives?
Oh, maybe it's just easier to consider RAISING the GAS TAX in the area to pay for all this shit?
(( Republican Senate President Pro Tem David Long of Fort Wayne said at an Indiana Chamber of Commerce forum that he believes the state’s gasoline tax should be indexed to increase with inflation, even as such taxes are already bringing in less money as fuel mileage keeps improvin
“It is inevitable that we have to find some new sources of revenue,” Long said. “No question about it.” ))
Well, you want BETTER mileage from vehicles, AND you want MORE revenue from the sale of gasoline.
Sounds like you want your cake and still be able to eat it as well.
Sorry, that scenario never plays out...pick ONE and ONLY one, people. Can't have it BOTH ways.
You either jack the tax up AGAIN and piss off a LOT of folks (maybe forcing them to drive less still and screw you over), OR find NEW sources of revenue...
Hey, here's an idea...stop with all the government FREEBIES to the welfare fraudsters out there.
That should being in a hundred million right from the start. And, it may force those lazy-asses into some honest employment.
---This last story deals with a nasty habit that's going around...shoving something in everyone's face whether they want it or not. Here's the story link:
A rolling civil rights museum? What's next?
Now,don't get me wrong...it's a nice tribute (of sorts) to have bus seats acknowledge Rosa Parks and her willingness to just say NO to a racist white man in Montgomery, Alabama back in 1955, who wanted (expected) HER to get up and give him her seat.
Screw that...a REAL gentleman would have not given such thoughts the time of day and let her sit where she wanted to...simple as that. I've given my seat up to women of ALL ages and ALL ethnicities without blinking an eye, because it was the RIGHT (and courteous) thing to do.
Try READING history, rather than rewriting it.
We learned about Parks and her significance in school, but people like Glynn Hines feel that young kids might not know about her (and her contribution to the Civil Rights movement). Seriously?
Hey, maybe what passes for a parent to those kids should TEACH them things, if the schools are not, hmm? I KNOW about it, - don't ram it at me, got it?
Never should have had such nonsense to begin with.
Or, is that "parent" too strung out to do anything but keep getting that gub'ment money?
People wonder what causes division in America...well you don't have to look all that far any longer.
Speaking of DIVIDE...there's this little gem:
The media leads the sheeple by the ring they placed in their noses...and they follow along. Astounding.
And, to lend truth to reason, there's this letter to the editor:
Trump, Clinton can’t bring change we truly need
OK, Donald Trump won the election. We need to move on with our lives and get along with those that voted for Hillary Clinton or Trump. As someone who did not vote for either candidate (I wrote in Jill Stein), I understand why people were not enamored with Trump or Clinton. 
However, the level of hatred on either side is unhealthy.
Every election cycle, we are told it is the most important election ever. Each side pits Americans against one another, increasing the anger we feel for our neighbors. This is no accident, rather a purposeful tactic to hide the fact that neither party has your best interests at heart. In truth, what we have is one party with two wings. They don’t even hide it anymore. Each party takes money from our true rulers, the corporations, and then their will is done. It doesn’t matter what most Americans think. 
It matters what the money thinks.
Don’t expect much more from our media. They are nothing more than the PR agents of the business interests. I have been accused of being blinded by the “liberal media,” to which I have to chuckle, because there is no liberal media. The idea that the media is predominately liberal is a propaganda technique intended to stop people from looking at any given issue with a prospective different than the money wants you to. 
I know why so many Americans voted for Trump. 
They wanted change. 
Sadly, the chances of change are slim. In this age of information, we can fight for change, but it won’t begin until we inform ourselves of how we are really getting played from all ends. It takes a lot of work to dig through the garbage, but the truth is out there. Stop arguing with your friends, family, neighbors and classmates about which business agent will represent us best, because they don’t represent us at all. Stop facing one another with clinched fists and everyone turn to the man behind the curtain, pull away his cover and demand the change we really need.
Thomas Swinehart
Fort Wayne
Yeah, I think Tom "gets it" (except for voting for Jill Stein, but that's his choice).
Shadse of Max Headroom.
*** Today is also the anniversary of the assassination of JFK...and sadly, this was something that actually brought our nation TOGETHER.
I remember being in my 6th grade class when it came over the speakers.
That stopped everything cold.
Amazing how far we've traveled since, and how little we have learned along the way.
*** Last back to the bathroom sink...did you know that naming a cat CAN be a real chore?
You're not helping me out here...
I'm finding that out quite well over the last several days...thought it would EASY.
Considering the LAST time I had to do so was 20 years ago, maybe I'm just out of practice?
"Wake me when you get a name I like."
My good friend, Chris Martin suggested I name our new cats after himself and Laurie.
I told him that would be awkward should they stop down to visit - the wrong person might wind up with KIBBLES while a cat gets a glass of PEPSI...very confusing.
Plus, I checked around, and they don't make those blue Wal-Mart vests in that small a size, nor are there any Hawaiian shirts in similar sizes to be found...sorry guys.
Not MY first choices, either...
My trouble is that I really don't want to just name the cats after the former ones (that's cheating). Plus, these cats have their own distinct personalities. Wifey thinks she has a good female name chosen, but my list for the male gets longer the more I research names.
This kitten "gets it".
It's not like you're at a LOSS for names, either...there are WAY too many, although some you can scratch off at the start, because they're just plain stupid.
I'd like to have names picked before we visit the vet for their checkup (no pressure, Bob).
"I can haz TWO names?"
We could always go with the "dual-name" thing...a proper name for records, licenses, and the like and those "pet" pet names that you call them around the house.
I know I called Rassie "Buddy", "Partner", "Pal", or "Short-Round", an awful lot, and I called Penny "Cutsie", "Sissy", "Missy", and "Neeps"...it never confused them one bit...they still came when called by any name. Loved that.
The short list for the male includes GIZMO, SHADOW (a repeat, I know), GUINNESS, ASH, SMOKEY, BARNABY, BRANNIGAN, ADALRIK (Ger - noble friend), RAAN (Irish - little king), TABBART (Ger - brilliant), ACEY (unity), GALLIFREY, FEARCHAR (Scottish - dear one), and MACKEREL for the time being...heh.
We'll have to see how this goes, which should prove an exercise in observation and patience.
Lord knows I can always use more of the latter...lol.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Sugar the new tobacco: Lessee, I had two donuts and a piece of cake from a retiring co-worker this morning and noon... finished off the Thanksgiving eclairs tonight... (Cough, cough)

Hmmm... the Parks thing... If there is one thing I have come to accept, it's that schools teach kids NO history that they can retain. I have no prob with the Rosa seat... but like a FB friend said, where was all the concern about history as local and national media let the anniversary of the JFK assassination slip by?

Except for voting for Jill Stein, indeed. Bernie would just tank the economy. Jill would do it and make me hug a tree while I watched.

The late lamented Time Machiner Shady claimed his views were set in motion when JFK's news broke in his school and some kids laughed. He blamed that on Republicans. In grade school? Try again. That's just low class kids with low class parental examples.

Your reasons for not naming the cats after us- ROFL! That was the funniest thing I didn't say I heard all day!

Little WM vests, hee hee...

Now if you wanted to go with Elliot, you might want to use my name-the-african-american slot machine!

I LIKE Guinness or Gallifrey... And ask Scrappy how many variations on Boofus he's been called (including "Poofus" when he farts).

For your smiles, the two funnier things I said. At the cake cutting for our retiree Cindy, I quipped, "Watch her jump when she hits the stripper!" Moments later, big boss starts playing The Stripper on his phone. I told him, "You better not leave that on too long. If you see Debbie start standing up..."

Bob G. said...

---LOL. I feel the same way, my friend.
(there's never enough cake, BTW)
---Your friend makes a good point. Although Parks was a focal point for Civil Rights, it pales next to the assassination of JFK.
But, like I said, THAT tragedy galvanized our nation's people a lot better.
---I agree with your call on low-class kids AND parents. NO ONE laughed in my school.
And, I never came to hate republicans after JFK's death...wonder why?
---I think I made a logical call on the cat names and small clothing.
---Name the African-American SLOT MACHINE...ROFLMAO!
(any relation t6o the ASIAN version?)
---Yeah, this male seems like a "G" kinda cat...like "GEE, you're so damn cute"...and he DOES look like the color of the "foam" on a mug of Guinness.
(I need a few more drinks for PROPER research there)
Nothing wrong with Gallifrey, that's for sure. He doesn't mind the "sonic" at all...heh.
---If anyone gets a cake THAT large, save me a slice.
And if it's a small cake, there COULD be another tiny-people reality shoe in the works.

Hey, thanks for stopping over to comment today.

Do stay safe up there, brother.