23 December 2016

Friday Follies - Pre-Christmas Edition...
Hey Joe! Long time, no see.
We're coming down to the wire, kids. Soon, it will be Christmas Day
(well, in about 48 hours and counting)
Sorry about being a bit tardy, but Wifey and I went to grocery shop today rather than tomorrow, just to avoid any "eve" rush.
Plus, she's got to go get her hair cut later, and we men know what that means, right?
Anyway, if you're hoping and wishing for a WHITE Christmas, you will probably do better with watch the movie with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, because here in the heartland, we're looking at perhaps more of a WET Christmas.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with mostly cloudy skies (once again), with temps climbing back up to around 38 degrees. Oh, an we do have a chance of some precipitation later on this afternoon. What it will be is anyone's guess.
Except for the precipitation, sounds like a repeat of yesterday, but at least all the slick spots on our residential streets are going fast away.
Today's post is gonna be short and sweet...things to do, people to see...that sorta thing.
Now, what say we get a soothing hot cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close-at-hand as we take a look at what's going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the over is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
---Today is National Pfeffernusse Day
(German spice cookies - and damn tasty, too)
---It's National Roots Day
(no, it's not a day to touch up your gray hair)
---It ((rolls eyes))...Festivus
(it's a Seinfeld thing, what else?)
*** Since it's the end of the week, let's see what else will be happening over the following 2 days...
---It's Christmas Eve
(rather self-explanatory)
---It's National Eggnog Day
( I have got this one SO covered)
---It's Hanukkah (or Chanukah)
(great to see us ALL celebrate at the SAME time for a change)
---It's Christmas
(need I say more?)
---It's National Pumpkin Pie Day
(should have this one covered as well)
---It's A'phabet Day or No "L" Day
(guess we saw THAT one coming)
*** Next up, and certainly no surprise...we got us some Stupid going on out there...
---This story gets me to think (and that can be dangerous to many out there).
Accidental shootings?
I'd have to say that a LOT of shootings we have here in Fort Wayne are PURPOSED.
Well, maybe that shooting along Avondale was "accidental", because the blacks involved couldn't tell the victim from the person they were TRYING to shoot.
Most of the time, any accidents are caused by failure to treat every weapon AS IF it's LOADED. Like those who decide to CLEAN a weapon before checking to see if it's STILL loaded.
Then, there are those who don't secure their firearms and kids find them and then...BANG, someone's shot (or worse).
I suppose the worst culprit may be holiday depression, but again, there's nothing accidental about that.
People get SO down, and then off themselves.
Such events are indeed deliberate...sad, but deliberate.
Let's hope this holiday allows people to become RESPONSIBLE and CAREFUL.
*** Next up, time to visit "Kitten Corner"...
"I din do nuffin" (she fits right in this neighborhood)
We got some ornaments on the tree, and for once, we have NO Trek ornaments on it, but we do have Garfield and superheroes, along with a nice blue TARDIS ornament.
"I can haz Crissmiss ribbon?"
Naturally, the cats are being a problem with climbing into and up the tree.
The squirt bottle works wonders chasing them out of there, but they keep going back.
It's the new "game" we're playing around the "Fortress".
Wifey and I were making Christmas cookies last night, and they were getting into the tree again.
Funny thing, after I went to bed, they were up with me, as if we didn't have a tree for them to play with.
Does cute counter bad? That's a tough one here.
Luckily, the ornaments make noise when the tree is disturbed...almost as good as belling the damn thing.
I know this will change as they get older. Our other cats never bothered with our tree at all.
*** Last back to the cookie pile...Christmas is that one time of year when there is a sort of MAGIC in the air.
We've got the music, the lights, the decorations...all kinds of things as a constant reminder of the season.
Unfortunately, all of those trappings are not representative of the REAL meaning of Christmas.
They're mostly for the marketing and shopping aspect - the GIFT giving.
And sadly, the things that DO represent the true meaning of Christmas are always under assault by some who try to shove that "separation of church and state" garbage down our throats, as they have misinterpreted it.
Take that nativity down, or lose that cross is their "battle cry", and I'm damn sick of it.
If they don't like what Christmas really means, then they can just not choose  to take part, sit the hell down, and shut the f*ck up. And that's as mildly as I can put it.
There are a lot MORE people that celebrate the REAL reason for the season, and I'm tired of all of us being forced to knuckle under to a few who are doing their best to go to hell.
This nation was colonized by Godly people, and was founded by Godly men.
Maybe it's time we got back to teaching that to everyone, just so they can understand WHAT this country stands for, WHO we are as it's people, and WHY we acknowledge our Lord and His son at this time of year.
Besides, I never know anyone that came away from such truth WORSE OFF than before they knew about it.
Have you?
Do have yourselves a very good weekend, and a fantastic Christmas, in keeping with the situation.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
((We'll have something here on Christmas Day for all of you))


Momma Fargo said...

Hey. Merry Christmas, Bob! Read your email. I am about to leave work and your prize will not be mailed until next Wednesday. :( I will be very sad.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I WON something?
(as long as it's not contagious...that's cool)
Don't sweat when it's snet...no worries, dear.

Thank you so much.
Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

And Merry and blessed Christmas to you guys.

Bob G. said...

The REAL "blessing" will be if the tree remains in an UPRIGHT position through the holidays...LOL.

The TRUE blessing comes every day, thank the Lord.

Have a fantastic weekend (watching the Doctor)

May all of you stay safe and enjoy the REAL reason for the season up there, brother.

gadfly said...

I stumbled upon this article which I republished in my blog back in 2010. Beautiful Christmas messages speak for themselves. Merry Christmas to the expanded Bob G. family.


Bob G. said...

It's always a pleasure to have you stop by here.
I will DEFINITELY check out that link.

Thanks for commenting and for taking the time to wish us good cheer at Christmas.
May you and yours at the "Gadfly Manor" enjoy the best that Christmas has to offer.
God bless and stay safe out there, my friend.