30 December 2016

Friday Follies - Pre New Years Edition...
This will be my FINAL post...(for THIS year, anyway.
(sorry, not going away that easily)
And, as far as years go, it seemed like an "E" ticket ride on Space Mountain (for me).
Our Hoosierland weather for today will consist of mostly cloudy skies, a chance of snow showers (mostly in the afternoon), some gusty winds again, and temps only reaching up to around 35 degrees.
A shame we're not going to have sub-zero weather for New Year's Eve - that would keep the celebratory gunfire morons mostly indoors, but (like the song says) you can't always get what you want.
What we CAN do is get a nice hot cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked nearby as we see what's been going on in ALL those familiar places...
*** First out of the punch bowl is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
(shouldn't that be on New Year's Day?)
---It's also Falling Needles Family Fest Day
(where's the "fest" in cleaning up dead pine needles and taking down a dried out Christmas tree?)
---It's Bacon Day
You can almost smell it.
(that can be ANY day when I'm in the mood)
---And, it's No Interruptions Day
(good effin luck with that where WE live)
*** And since we're at week's end (and year's end to boot), let's see what the following 48 hours brings up to observe:
---Saturday is National Champagne Day
(gee, I wonder WHY?)
---It's Leap Second Time-Adjustment Day
(atomic clocks take note - it's a Timey-Wimey thing)
---It's Make Up Your Mind Day
(time to choose and stick to it kinda stuff)
---It's New Year's Eve
(like the calendar doesn't remind us?)
---And, it's the Universal Hour of Peace
(google it and have a laugh)
---Sunday is National Hangover Day
(again, I wonder WHY?)
---It's National Bloody Mary Day
(hair of the dog kinda stuff, right?)
---And, it's New Year's Day
(time to make all those resolutions you're NOT going to keep)
*** Next up, we had another shooting, so our daily dose of stupid is still functioning in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
This took place near the intersection of Adams St and Drexel Ave (2800 block) around 1805 hrs.
Police responded to a call about a man in the street and found a male suffering from a gunshot wound. The driver side window of an SUV had been shot out as well.
A woman driving by had noticed the man and when she got out, he asked her for help, so she called police.
The man was originally in critical condition at hospital, but has been upgraded to serious.
Helluva way to end the year.
*** Next up, and while this isn't REALLY stupid, it IS kinda DUMB (there is a difference)
Here's the story link:
Yes, Fort Wayne will have it's OWN "ball drop" on New Year's Eve.
Sure, it's downtown, and it's free to ALL ages (oh, I want my toddler to join me there in the cold), but you have to ask yourself if the city isn't "pushing the envelope" here. It's certainly NO Times Square.
It's like the city (and the good old boys running it) are looking for ANYTHING to get people downtown.
Seems  a bit "forced" if you ask me. DO we really need this?
(it's certainly not like the Santa-lighting - a hold over from the old Wolf and Dessauer days. Yeah, I read my history of the city, even though I'm not from here).
*** Next, more money to widen a road...UP NORTH. Here's the link:
Looks pretty wide already.
Yepper, Dupont Rd. is slated to be made WIDER (no doubt to accommodate ALL the traffic they get),
And, while the city's at it, they're gonna toss in some SIDEWALKS and TRAIL IMPROVEMENTS.
Yeah, and OUR streets down here still don't all have sidewalks, after DECADES. And the only "trails" are those made by fleeing felons through yards and alleys...lol.
Again, we see the parts of town that NEED improvement...don't get it.
(but feel free to let our "locals" walk down the middle of the streets that HAVE sidewalks, by all means.)
*** Next up, our last visit to "Kitten Corner" for the year...
Wifey came home late yesterday afternoon, and the cats were less than excited.
Mommy's home? Where's our food?
Why, I don't know. Has something to do with their independence, I suppose.
I have found that Gallifrey has his own special kind of "time out" when he's not angelic.
Violet hasn't found this out yet, but I'm sure she will.
She's got the biggest dark eyes...like those stuffed animals you see in stores...the eyes that melt the coldest heart.
And she KNOWS it, too...lol.
The scratching post is still getting a workout, and for some reason, the cats have managed to loosen the post from the base. I have to tighten it back up DAILY. They spend that much time at it.
The saucer thingy also is a source of fun...sometimes for BOTH of them.
Nice to know that money wasn't wasted. Hell, I play along with them, too.
We take turns batting the jungle ball (inside) around the circle.
But, when it's feeding time, look out...cats underfoot!
I'm looking forward to a good year with them both in 2017.
*** Last back to the champagne glasses...next year will be better.
Our cats aren't that old yet.
Well, that's a bit hopeful, AND a tad on the idealistic side, right?
No point in starting a new year off in a less than festive mood.
After we get rid of the celebratory gunfire in our part of the city, and all the booze refuse has been tossed from the vehicles passing by, we can start anew...I guess.
The locals will still be of the same old mindset, and that's damn sad.
Every day is a new BEGINNING, but they never see that.
And every year is the perfect reminder for the 364 other days...the best beginning we could have.
That's why we celebrate it (some more than others)
I expect little to change in this city, but that doesn't mean I'll try any less to be more than I was last year.
Life IS the greatest learning experience there is (if you're willing to put the work that's required into gaining knowledge), and my Dad always said that "the day you stop learning is the day you die".
I'm not planning to stop learning...not yet, anyway.
I just want to see others become capable of the same opportunity afforded to the rest of us...the chance to become better than we were the day (or year) before.
There lies the lesson for the week.
DO have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((and we'll see YOU here next year!))


CWMartin said...

Hey, you think you can make that sub-zero NYE crap a NEIGHBORHOOD thing? I'd like to go out, lol!

Agreed on the Bicarb. Maybe they should have added "purchasing" to the name.

UHOP- I googled. I chuckled. Way to change the world by doing absolutely nothing!

"Helluva way to end the year." Just wait, I predict 3 more by 1 hour past bar time on the 1st.

Wolf and Dessauer was magic. Ball dropping, meh.

Dupont: Actually, this is a "have to" project. Population and businesses have skyrocketed out there and show no signs of letting up. If they don't do this, you'll see traffic deaths take a flying leap in five years.

Or, they COULD limit zoning permits up there. I'll wait while you get a napkin to clean up the spit take.

Bob G. said...

--_As you know, I have NO control over the weather (just time...when I can find that damn TARDI. Should NEVER fixed the chameleon circuit)
But, I LIKE the idea.
---Yeah, PURCHASING would be much better!
(love to have stock in Alka-Seltzer JUST for that day)
---And ANOTHER leftard notion not worth the time of day. Agreed.
---Well, that would an auspicious START to the year then, right? I'm betting on the "last-minute morons".
---And the REASON population AND businesses have grown SO much is that the SOUTH side was left to become blighted...so where do people want to go? WAY UP NORTH!
(to Alaska - shades of Johnny Horton)
It is a must, though. also in agreement.
...I AM so glad I didn't have a mouth full of coffee (hate to waste that sorta stuff)...LMAO!
Wishing that is like wanting to have a City Hall full of COMMON SENSE...bwahahahaha.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today (in more ways than one?) to comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.