05 December 2016

Monday Musings...
Welcome to a slightly snowy start to the week, courtesy of yesterday's weather.
Guess it IS looking to be a lot like Christmas now.
But, whatever snow we did get is only sticking to grassy areas, and the streets look clear enough.
You might wish to start getting into the habit of practicing a little caution anyway...just for the hell of it.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will continue with this cloudy skies pattern  (have we really even seen the sun so far this month?) with a high today of around 40 degrees.
Let's get ourselves a nice hot cup of comfort poured as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the junk drawer is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Sacher Torte Day
(Austrian chocolate cake - that's all I need to know)
---It's Bathtub Party Day
(this is supposed to mean something?)
---And, it's International Ninja Day
(dress, walk or talk like a ninja...or just watch a ninja flick. Your choice)
*** Next up, time to get our daily dose of stupid out of the way...
---The first story is about a robbery that happened out in Waynedale. Here's the link:
This took place around 0740 hrs at the Dollar General store located at 6320 Bluffton Rd yesterday.
It's unclear how many suspects police are looking for, how many people were in the store, or if any cash was taken.
Now, since D-G doesn't USUALLY open until 9AM, I'd find it hard to believe they were open, or if anyone had been in the store THAT early. Might have even been a forced entry (smash 'n grab) kinda deal. Nothing was even mentioned about anyone carrying a gun.
No one seems to know very much (typical).
---The next story has to do with an armed robbery.
Here's the story:
Police were called to Eddie’s Quick Mart in the 4200 block of N. Clinton Street, near Coliseum Blvd., just before 2300 hrs.
The suspect, described as a man (black, white, brown or plaid?) with a bandanna over his face and armed with a gun, was last seen running from the store.
No suspects are in custody as of yet.
They might want to amend the byline - there was no mention that the D-G robbery was an ARMED robbery.
---Next, we have some good news - the three perps that robbed the 1st Source Bank have been caught. Here's the story:
The robbery took place Saturday around 1015 hrs at the bank located at 6304 W. Jeffereson Blvd.
Oh, look...the three involved are BLACK.
The perps,  40-year-old Byron K. Curry, 25-year old Starr T. Carter, and 19-year-old Kayla J. Johnson were arrested and each charged with one count of felony robbery.
Johnson            Carter              Curry
Must be looking for some "easy" money.
Instead, they all got orange jumpsuits, flip flops and a free ride downtown.
Hardly compensation for the "work" they did, was it. Too damn bad. Get a damn (real) job and TRY being decent citizens, or is something like that TOO difficult for your primate brains? And find out where they got the damn gun (if it was real).
*** Next, and moving away from "Stupidville",  let's talk about the kittens a bit.
Violet and Gallifrey have gotten used to us and their new home better than I could have imagined.
Maybe it's because of our former cats...I can't really say.
I really like Daddy's chair.
What some of it has to be is the fact that we love them so damn much. I'm thankful every day for the "kids" and how they have helped me personally. And while I will always miss Penny, Rass and Hobo, I think these two newcomers have managed to find their own place in our lives.
When you have a kitten jump on the couch, and walk up to your face and rub against it before laying down on your chest and nap for a while, it speaks volumes. Just wish there was a picture of THAT...maybe later on.
Sure they get rambunctious at times...not a problem. They do know what a litter-pan is and where to find it (we may lose the one in the kitchen and go to just the one in the laundry room this week).
Wifey and I have already gotten them things from "Santa" (like all the stuff from our former cats isn't enough).
No birds in the bird-seed bag.
Plenty of toys and even personalized stockings, courtesy of Wal-Mart. What I found somewhat bothersome, was that things they offered online were NOT at the brick and mortar store. Wanted to get some kitten food (Hills Science Diet) and a scratching post. The store had neither, so we need to find someplace that carries the items we want to get them.
Be nice if the SOUTH side of town had such basic retail amenities, but, thanks to the crime, any proper retail (such as a PET STORE) down here is like trying to get a good neighbor...or catch a passenger pigeon. All are pretty much EXTINCT these days.
Still, we will make due and find someplace OTHER than down here to get what we need.
*** Last back to the outhouse...we've been hearing talk about "fake news" of late (at least I have), and that should be bothering a lot more people than it is.
Conversely, we should be concerning ourselves with FACTS, and whenever possible, right?
Well, there was an "op-ed" today that I found more than a bit disturbing. Here's the link to the Washington (com)Post:
So, we live in a "post-truth" world? Sorry, I'm not buying into that crap at all.
I will admit that we have those in the media who PREFER to hide the truth, and especially when it's an INCONVENIENT truth (to them).
There are some out there who refuse to believe that we deal in facts nowadays.
Such people I will attempt to avoid at all costs.
We found out that some folks will take others literally, when they should have taken them figuratively...and vice versa.
I'm one of those "say what I mean and mean what I say" kinda guys...been brought up that way by both parents and teachers. It's a "truth is fact and facts are true" deal with me.
Is it coming to THIS?
If I'm speaking otherwise (sarcastically or facetiously), you WILL know it easily enough (if you're paying attention).
Maybe that's why I prefer people who are on "the same level" as myself, relatively-speaking; those who know much of what I know, believe much of what I believe, and take the time to question the things in life that require (demand) scrutiny.
In that regard, it doesn't make no never-mind what color they are, either...good people come in ALL "flavors" just as much as the bad ones.
Sure, that all seems a bit on the old-fashioned side when compared to this techno-hectic world we live in (and the idiots we have to deal with), but with all the garbage (human and otherwise) that assaults our senses daily, don'cha think we can use a bit of that old-fashioned once again? People with honest values, and principles, and civility...how "novel".
Just something to think about, that's all.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I'll have a Sacher Torte in the tub, please?

As I read the story, "special kind of stupid" for the 3 Amigos is spot on. Passed by a cop, cop follows, so let's be inconspicuous and park in the middle of the street. Nice job.

Nice thing about cats and Christmas: as long as everyone elses presents are wrapped, you don't need to buy THEM anything.

WashPost story: Where was this bimbette when the Obama bio got exposed? At least Trump isn't practicing revisionist history on Twitter.

Bob G. said...

You are the EVER-RESOURCEFUL person.
I had NOT even thought of that..."a party of one". Heh.

Oh, that trio HAD to be neophytes to that sort of crime. Such stupidity knows NO age limits, apparently.

LOL - we know THAT all too well, my friend.
We get gifts, they get the wrappings and ribbons.
Everyone makes out well.

I know...you take the TIME to bone up on the FACTS and these so-called "journalists" (and I use that word VERY loosely here) only focus on the sensational and non-factual.
Guess that's what we can expect when schools use those HOWARD ZINN history books.
That gets REAL boring with me...REAL fast.
(you too, It would seem).

Hey, thanks for dropping on by today and commenting.
(one in a row...HA!)

Stay safe up there, brother.

CWMartin said...

What? I missed Friday again? We went out Christmas shopping after work, and I was already suffering from sleep lag...

BTW, I just updated the Beauty contest list (47 officially qualified) and saved aside pictures for 14 of 16 slots to be seriously considered. I think I'd have a stiff battle (no pun intended) between Marika from Tangerine and Jane Birkin, but of course it will be up to Scrappy...

Bob G. said...

Nah, you made a comment on Friday...DEFINITELY "sleep-lag"...lol.
(been there myself a lot more often these days than I care to admit).
Wow - 47 contestants...Scrappy's gonna have his work cut out for him.
(stiff battle...ROFL)

Stay safe up there, brother.