08 December 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
Oh yeah, it's a COLD start to this day, and for us in the Heartland, it will only get COLDER over the next 7 days.
Plus, winter is less than two weeks away. Who'da known?
Might want to bundle up a bit more as a result.
Our Hoosierland weather for today has us with partly cloudy skies, some snow showers to our north (maybe a flurry here), and winds gusting to around 25 MPH, which will only add to whatever wind-chill we have. Temps won't even make it past freezing, as we're expecting a high of about 24 degrees (told you it was cold).
So, let's all get a nice big cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, as we set forth into this day...
*** First off of the portable heater is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Of all the characteristics needed for both a happy and morally decent life, none surpasses gratitude. Grateful people are happier, and grateful people are more morally decent. "
This was spoken by another "newbie" here, one Dennis Prager (born 2 August 1948) who is an American conservative and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, columnist, author, and public speaker. And as could be expected, he does have a WIKI. Here it is:
He is New York City born and raised (Brooklyn-Flatbush) and eventually graduated from Brooklyn college with a double major in anthropology and history.
It's not a long read, but provides insight as to how such things like having our first Muslim elected to Congress take his oath on a Qur'an is wrong, because "American civilization" has been based on the Bible and it's values.
As a religious Jew, he WOULD take the oath on the Bible, even though he sees the Old Testament as sacred.
He's a person I'd like to hear on the radio, just to see how his conservative views play against much of what we hear. Take a few minutes to give the WIKI a look-see.
*** Next up, time for the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Brownie Day
(had THIS one covered all week...ask Wifey)
---It's also Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
(a very personal favorite...and I even have the "Sonic" to prove it)
*** Next up, more on the background about our latest shooting victim. Here's the link:
Another young man "turning his life around"...seems there's a lot of that going on these days.
(with sadly, similar results).
Now, maybe he was a good soul, and maybe he might have been trying to break up some argument and was killed for his troubles...we may never know. It IS a shame when life is taken indiscriminately and without reason.
I just think that spending time at a bar is perhaps not usually the BEST way to turn any life around, unless you're in training to be a bartender, but that's just my take on it. If he were not there at that particular time of night, he'd still be alive and not be missed, right? Fate can be a curious (and sometimes deadly) mistress.
*** Next, It looks like the 122nd ANG won't be getting those F-35 jets this time around.
Here's the story:
My thought on this is that the decision could be a GOOD one, in that this plane has been over-budget for WAY too long, and they're STILL ironing out the "kinks" in it.
I'd rather have a unit flying fully capable and totally airworthy ships over my house (and wherever else they happen to be).
I do wish they'd choose to keep the A-10s as well, but a real replacement for that particular type of aircraft (and it's mission-specific attributes) has not been forthcoming.
*** Next, The Garrett man arrested for killing his father faces murder charges. Here's the story:
Nice to see the FWPD assist in the arrest. Guess it's easier to bust someone from OUT of town for a shooting than those living here? Just asking.
Makes you wonder the reason behind the killing, too. Either this young man is seriously effed up in the head, or his dad must have been one helluva sum'bitch.
*** Next up, Wifey's dad was admitted to hospital down in Vincennes for bronchitis, so she's heading down there today.
And drive safe out there, dear.
She's returning tomorrow afternoon, so we've got the travel-prayer guardian angel pulling a double-shift.
I've had bronchitis so many times, that if I had a buck for every occurrence, I could make a couple car payments of the Wifeymobile 2.0.
I just got used to it over time, and that's before I even smoked.
(yeah, I know, nasty, expensive habit)
At least she'll miss any precipitation over the next 2 days, and wind up coming back to expected snow by late Saturday into Sunday. We'll have been to the grocery before that happens, but the trek should be interesting.
*** Next, let's see what the feline "new kids on the block" are up to...
We're kinda sleeping here...
We get these two bouts of the crazies around here - once in the morning after they eat, and later at night when we humans are getting ready for sack-time.
SO many places to nap, too!
The rest of the day is spent napping (how I envy that), and bird-watching.
Oh, and let's not forget playing with a random toy between meals.
This old stuffed carrot is a new favorite.
Feeding time gets "busy", and by that I mean they are all around my legs while I'm attempting to get their food. I have to constantly look down to keep from stepping on one of them.
They have separate bowls, but they always go to the first one I put down, until one hears me shake the other bowl and comes to that one.
Yo, put down the camera and put down some eats.
Guess that's a carry-over from the old ACSPCA days.
It's a good kinda busy for me...and for them.
*** Last back to the electric blanket...young people today bother me.
Driven by fake news and drama.
There, I said it, and make no bones about it. I used to be one, too.
There is such a chasm between what WE did at a young adult age and what people today are doing. In many instances, it's downright scary.
For example, we never thought of being arrested as some "right-of-passage", or doing the kind of thing that even GOT you busted by the law.
That was unacceptable to us, but even more so, by our parents.
See, while we are all individuals, what we choose to do, or become in life has this nasty way of being REFLECTIVE...like some road worker's vest at night.
What we do, say, and how we look and act will reflect on our family and how we were brought up, or SHOULD have been brought up.
To make oneself a pariah in the community didn't bode well for you OR your family back in the day.
(The old "Sins of the Father" type stuff, boys and girls)
Today, doesn't matter all that much...anything seems to go, and that's just not how a civilized society should operate, if it's moral compass is working, right?
You wonder how parents are raising their kids in a world where bullying become the stuff of social media, and where the more sensational something is...the better, regardless of how many are hurt in the process.
Some parents are doing things the right way, and for the right reasons. Too many others are just not desirous enough to get involved and make sure their kids are "towing the mark".
We already have one generation seemingly lost in the electronic nether-worlds out there, and if we're not careful, we'll raise a couple more. That will eventually lead to having those we don't want running our nation...actually running it.
And if you think young people today are scary in many ways with their violence, apathy, and unwillingness to understand viewpoints and opinions of others...you ain't seen nothing yet.
Let's hope it never comes to that. We can do better and should expect better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Pretend to be a time traveller day? They DO know about us...

Garrett guy- fighting over a moped, wasn't it? Good reason to pop 13 caps on dad... I'm wondering if BOTH your either ors were operational...

Ah, Dad's in the hospital. Now I get her "when it rains" post on FB. We'll be praying for him...

On your closing... This week on NCIS, a young lady was brought in for questioning by the team, and her mom was there as well. As her interweb attacks on a targeted congresswoman were revealed, and her defense was how mom always told her to do something about the things that interested her, Mom sighed and told Gibbs, "So much for free-range parenting..." And there is your indictment of the young generation on a silver platter.

Bob G. said...

---All I know is NEITHER of us said anything to the WRONG people...heh.
---Yeah, that whole scenario is most likely six of one thing and a half-dozen of another. Crazy.
---Well, not raining here...just flurries, and not many flakes at that (unless you count the neighbors...they're ALL flakes...lol)
---That was a good call - "free-range parenting".
Sums it up TOO damn well.
One thing you can take to the bank:
Mr. Spock was right a LOT more than Dr. Spock ever was!
(and it shows)
That's why you learn more about life from STAR TREK...right?
(and Doctor Who)

Hey, thanks for stopping on by to comment.

Stay safe (and warm) out there, brother.