06 January 2017

Friday Follies...
End of the week at last...AND, for the first time since last year, we DO NOT have a Sunday holiday ahead of us.
That means (unfortunately) that NEXT week, it's a full 5 days (oh...joy).
It's bitterly cold outside, and that "dusting" of snow we got was substantial enough to warrant clearing off the steps and sidewalks. SO dress accordingly and do drive carefully out there. We still have ice UNDER the snow.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will be...(what else?)...COLD. Damn cold, in fact.
Skies will be mostly clear (finally, a sunrise) with temps only groping thier way up to FOURTEEN degrees.
With the wind chills out there, it will feel like ZERO degrees all day. Word to the wise time, hmm?
Now, let's a nice large cup (or perhaps a mug?) of coffee, tea or hot chocolate to kick that chill in the ass, as we see what's going on in other points of the compass...
*** First off of the glacial landscape is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Bean Day
(I suppose that's ONE way to "keep warm"...lol)
---It's National Cuddle Up Day
(Wifey's gonna love this one)
---It's National Shortbread Day
(why is there no LONG bread?)
---It's National Technology Day
(all we need is a national ABUSE of technology day to go along with this one)
---And, it's also Epiphany
(I know lots of people could USE one, too) here's the WIKI:
*** Next, and since it's a weekend, let's see what the following 48 hours brings us.
---Saturday is National Bobblehead Day
(wonder what the dumbest one is?)
---It's National Tempura Day
(make mine shrimp, please)
---Sunday is National Winter Skin Relief Day
(staying inside is relief enough)
---It's National Argyle Day
(socks would do well in the cold)
---It's National Bubble Bath Day
(whatever happened to Mr. Bubble? Did he move to Cabo?)
---It's National English Toffee Day
(got this one covered thanks to someone at Wifey's school)
---It's National JoyGerm Day
(I hate contrived observances)
---And, it's National Sunday Supper Day
(guess that means a nice sit down one with family, like we always used to have)
*** Next up, time to take a look at some REALLY stupid shit that's been going on.
---it sure didn't take long for that story I mentioned yesterday to gain some MAJOR traction.
(we're talking about the four blacks torturing that white 18 year old...for TWO days.
Here's the latest on these animals:
Hopefully NOT coming to a neighborhood near you.
I can't wait for someone to say that this was just some "fun" that got out of hand and that the victim is to blame.
This is nothing short of sociopathic behavior from four less-than-human pieces of crap.
They need to be mentally evaluated and the parents of these beasts should also be held accountable. Lock up the lot of them.
An example needs to be made, and these four just went to the top of that list.
---Question: Is it true that what happens in Mexico STAYS in Mexico?
Well, if this story is a barometer of "evolution", let's hope. Here's the link:
Apparently, residents of Veracruz didn't like the 20% HIKE in gas prices, so they did what most blacks do (here) whenever ther's some sort of disaster...THEY LOOT!
This has nothing to do with gas or it's prices, but you have to admit that THESE rampaging animals learn VERY quickly from their USA counterparts.
At least the authorities there have NO problem with arresting those involved, for well over 400+ have been busted so far.
Wonder if these looters will become the next generation of wetbacks into the USA...and will they bring their ill-gotten gain WITH them?
---Our outgoing (not fast enough) "leader" proves he never had the "chops"...
Guess we can add THIS to his growing list of NON-accomplishments?
He's giving his (other) list of FAILED accomplishments some serious competition.
This is typical of so many leftists - start a bunch of things, and NEVER finish any of them.
(and jack up the costs along the way to make it look like something's being done).
But all is not lost - Barry is planning one last (taxpayer-sponsored) "par-tay" at the White House.
Sounds ghetto enough to me...wonder if the place will be trashed like so many others of his kind tend to do when they leave their "rental"? It's just a bigger crib. I'd count the silverware and towels...just in case.
---And, just to add some "local color" to things, there is this story from the N-S:
Two black males stole a woman's wallet in the parking lot of the Kroger on Bluffton Rd last Friday around 1355 hrs.
(Note: you want local crime news, read the News-Sentinel and not the Journal Gazette)
The woman was loading groceries when the strongarm occurred.
But, we got a nice downtown and riverfront plans.
The males got into a white Explorer and drove away, but not before the woman got the license plate.
Haven't heard anything about either one being arrested yet.
*** Next, and moving away from all this nonsense, let's stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
"We're waiting for you to get started."
Taking down the tree was a study in patience, as in the cats didn't wish for me to have any...lol.
Every bin I brought up from the basement HAD to be "inspected" by the cats.
"Hey, let's help Daddy with this stuff"
And, they were curious about everything I was doing...where's all that nap-time I used to see?
This made things take a bit longer than I wanted, but I did finally get all of it squared away.
After that, it was business as usual - chase one another around, Violet wrestling with her "brother", getting ON the tables (trying to break Gallifrey of that), and then snooze a bit before getting fed.
"Where'd that stuffed bear go?"
And yes, some bird-watching tossed in for good measure.
Wouldn't mind one bit if they decided to SHARE some of that energy they appear to have in abundance.
I could use it JUST to keep up with them.
*** Last back to the arctic circle...maybe this will be a year of "push-backs".
I was thinking (which can be dangerous) about this of late.
We are ensconced in a society that cannot even mention the ETHNICITY of a perpetrator in a crime (when it's known).
We are hip-deep in all this "political-correctness" bullshit.
And, I suppose my question is this: WHEN did everything under the sun become a "political" issue? Add to that a healthy dose of WHY, too.
Whenever any society starts to omit aspects OF that society, it begins a trek down a very nasty path.
We've already banned certain words, which to me, is utter nonsense, and we've allowed such insane notions like "white-privilege" to creep into mainstream society...and to what end?
Do "I" feel privileged? Well, that depends on the CONTEXT of how it's presented.
I certainly don't feel ANY privilege because of my skin color, and no amount of privilege has come knocking at our door.
In life, you get what you work for, at least you used to.
I do feel privileged to live in THIS country, which I still feel is the best damn one on the planet, in spite of the attempts over the last 8 years to dislodge that way of life (and thinking).
Like I've said many times here...people these days are confusing RIGHTS with PRIVILEGES.
And that also has dire consequences, as we've seen with this whole "entitlement" mindset.
What hasn't been addressed is how being (or feeling) ENTITLED is leading to it's OWN version of PRIVILEGE.
THAT is something that needs to come under scrutiny, and I think we're starting to see it at last.
A RIGHT is something you are given, as in through our Creator or our founding documents.
A PRIVILEGE is something you EARN, either through knowledge or other forms of training.
For  example, becoming a military marksman is not an automatic thing...you EARN the privilege to wear the ribbon.
Same for driving...or welding...or most anything else you can name that requires work.
This can very well become the year we see people noticing the TRUTH to the matter.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Cuddle Up Day and Bean day on the same day... MIGHT not be a good idea.

Mr Bubble ran off with the Tidy Bowl Man. Proctor and Gamble are trying to keep it quiet for obvious reasons.

Joygerm? Is that a new Venereal disease?

Mexican rioting- should have announced it during siesta. Or pass out free refritos with every fill up.

Obama-fail: Just a typical pol running into reality and bouncing off...

"(Note: you want local crime news, read the News-Sentinel and not the Journal Gazette)"- Truth for 50 years and counting...

Kitten Cnr reminded me of a tweet on toddlers I just saw on FB: "3yo decides he has to help putting away laundry. Took 6 hours and 10 minutes and apparently pants now go in the fridge."

Your second meme on the closing homily is as good an answer to the framework question as you'll get.

Bob G. said...

---My point EXACTLY. I've been TRYING to convince Wifey of my "personal stance" on this...heh.
---Well, that explains ALL those rainbows coming from south of the border.
---Sounds like a much HAPPIER type of VD, doesn't it?
---LOL...siesta would have been a good idea...Maybe after those bean burritos, THEY could take part in the cuddling thing.
---I know HIS kinda crap loves to stick to the bottoms of shoes.
---That's why the LIBTARDS hate that newspaper...!
---Now don't give our cats ANY ideas, Buster!
---Well, you and I are part of the whole TRUTH gig thing...people gotta stop hearing and start LISTENING, that's all.

Hey, thanks for braving the cold and stopping by to comment.
Have a great weekend and may all of you stay safe & warm up there, brother.