13 January 2017

Friday Follies...
See, told 'ya it was going to be getting cold again.
I also think we've had enough rain for the week, at least I have.
If there is any injury we've suffered, let's add a dash of insult to the mix.
Today is also Friday the 13th (lucky for us, right?)
Our Hoosierland weather for this start to the weekend brings us partly sunny skies, temps rising to around 30 degrees, and a chance of light freezing rain overnight, but shouldn't muck up tomorrow morning too much (good, we have to grocery shop).
Unfortunately, we're in for some craptastic conditions over the weekend into early next week (I just cannot wait).
So, let's all get ourselves a nice hot cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the ice tray is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Peach Melba Day
(not to be confused with Melba Moore)
---It's National Rubber Ducky Day
(no wise-quacks about all the squeaking)
---It's Stephen Foster Memorial Day
(play me some Camptown Races)
---It's National Sticker Day
(Hello, my name is....)
---And, it's National Blame Someone Else Day
(that lasted 8 years under Obummer, didn't it?)
*** Since we are at week's end, let's take a look at what to observe over the following 48 hours:
---Saturday is National Dress Up Your Pet Day
(I like what our cats wear just fine...and I hate being clawed)
---It's National Hot Pastrami Day
(As a former east-coaster, I am going to be all over this one!)
---It's Ratification Day
(Think Treaty of Paris - 1784 - end of the Revolutionary War in America)
---And, it's National Vision Board Day
(move along - nothing to see here)
---Sunday is National Hat Day
(well, my hat's off to that)
---And, it's National Strawberry Ice Cream Day
(waffle or sugar cone?)
*** Next, and this is important - YUENGLING BEER is indeed coming to INDIANA.
Due here in March, in fact. No more dashing over to Ohio to get you some.
About damn time, too, considering this is THE OLDEST brewery in ALL of America (1829).
We always had this back in Philly, and I've been partial to their "Black and Tan" for a long time.
I think the brewery is STILL family-owned (and operated), too. Based in Pottsville, PA.
Can't think of a better reason to raise a glass in a couple months (and have new caps for Chris Martin's collection...heh).
*** Next up, is one of those marvelous "I told you stinking so" moments (for me).
Here's the lowdown:
I said this was going to a wonderful waste of city money...and I was right (again).
That consulting firm (Indigo Centers, from Michigan of all places) basically could not entice businesses to the SOUTH(east) side of the city...gee, wonder why?
Could it be the CRIME?
Just check my archive post from 2 June 2015 and see what local developer Don Steininger had to say as to WHY we have so little retail down here.
Not hard to see the forest for the trees (when you take time to LOOK).
Even the left-leaning J-G weighed in on this:
Used to be a busy K-Mart
I did like Russ Jehl's call on this, and I even have to agree with Glynn Hines (there's a first time for everything, right?), as both of them didn't think that $60K was "well spent".
Funny, I thought that money flushed down the crapper nicely...never clogged the pipes.
City spokeshack, John Perlich thought the consulting firm did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do.
And what was that? Waste $60,000? Mission Accomplished in that regard.
Easy solution to this decades-old problem - Get the f*ck RID of the crime and ALL those causing it down here, and businesses will fall over one another to build and (re)develop...simple as that, you morons.
For some reason I keep having that Steve Miller Band song in my head (Take The Money And Run)...why IS that?
*** Next up, and as I always predict with relative certainty, the Sherman shooting death HAS been ruled a homicide.
Here's the story link (with the victim's ID):
Her father passed in 2014, but I could find no pictures of Stephania.
*** Next, city high school graduation rates seem to be getting better. Here's the link:
Naturally, Wifey's school is at the top of the list.
I just hope the figures are being "fudged" in some manner, JUST to pass kids along who know less than 3rd graders in Japan...just sayin'.
*** Next up...it seems to be "official" now.
All of you in Indiana are HOOSIERS. Here's the story:
Now, you'll forgive me if I choose to call myself an "INDIANAN".
I am REALLY a transplanted Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian, but I am NOT a Hoosier.
(yeah, still a rebel at heart after all these years, especially when it comes to demonyms).
Besides, no one can honestly nail down what the hell a "Hoosier" is, right?
Here's proof:
But I do know that Hoosier tires aren't all that bad...heh.
All I'll say to that ends is when in doubt, just call me "Bob", kapeesh?
*** Next, who could have foreseen that we'd have a REAL problem with people running red lights in the Summit City (besides me and Lt. Tony Maze of the FWPD)?
Whoa...what's yer hurry, Bub?
Well this may explain some of it:
Yeah, this kinda shit WILL get people killed. Seen it too many times back in Philly (where the population is 10 times greater).
Looks like Ft. Wayne wants to play in the big leagues and mimic larger cities. That comes with a price...a HEFTY one at that.
People used to be plain-ass STUPID in their own rights years ago...but NOW, they have ALL kinds of electronic "help" to make that happen. And it's SO obvious.
The editorial calls to light the death of officer Bradley Matteson, who was killed by a semi that ran a red light and plowed into his patrol cruiser at State and Coliseum over 16 years ago (many of us don't forget that kinda stuff).
You can't station officers at every "bad" intersection, and a move to install cameras here failed in 2001, but having cameras might have found it's time here.
*** Next up, another editorial from someone whose articles I always find worthy of reading, Bob Aldridge. Here's the link:
Gun accidents ARE easy to prevent, and why people don;t take the opportunity to take the EASY path here eludes me.
Aldridge provides four steps to ensure that such firearms-related accidents do NOT happen.
(and I practice them all the time at our "Fortress")
1) Treat EVERY firearm you handle as if it's LOADED...period.
2) ALWAYS point any firearm in the safest direction when handling it.
3) Keep your finger OFF the trigger and alongside the frame unless ready to shoot.
4) Always keep firearms and ammo inaccessible to unauthorized people (like children)
Can't go wrong with those rules...and you can;t get dead, either.
*** Next, time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
He's all "speeded out"
I've taken to calling Gallifrey "Speedy" considering the way he races through the house, often in pursuit of his sister.
And Wifey knows that I always call Violet "Adorable", because...well, she IS, damn it.
She'll hide behind furniture, an when she peeks out, those big eyes of hers are the first thing you see staring at you.
Sure, they're nice when they're asleep, but when they're awake, you get the rubs, the purrs, and when certain toys are selected, lots of jumping. She's more "prim and proper" when she plays, but he is simply manic. he LOVES interaction.
Curling up with a good book (or set),
courtesy of Momma Fargo.
And while they definitely show individual traits unique to themselves, there is always this feeling that our former cats wee somehow brought back to us.
*** Last back to the freezer...today's post certainly had it's spectrum of "stuff".
We went from observances to wasting money, to crime to schools to traffic to guns to cats. That is a full plate, and many times, we barely scratch the surface.
I've stated here many times that life is complex...hell, it's meant to be that way, otherwise, none of us could learn from experiences, teach others in the process, and be aware of things we need to look out for and guard against.
Even in our recreational times, life is not THAT easy...it;s just a lot less difficult, for we have to work at finding the right venue in which to relax, kick back and take things slower.
All in life requires work, or at least our undivided attention, if we're to make any progress as we age through it, right?
To choose to do less makes no sense, and only serves to deny ourselves much of what we can enjoy. Some people can't seem to figure that out. That's a shame, but it's THEIR shame...not ours.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
Have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Just so you know the frame we start this comment- I just posted this on FB:

"Problem: A LOT of good new releases on Spotify this week. How do I decide who makes the cut onto the M10 shuffle? Solution: mix a drink"

-Amazingly enough, no Fri13 disasters to report. But I just started drinking, so stay tuned.

-Scrappy says screw you to dress Up the Boofus day.

-Hat Day- have to wear my NYE hat!


-Indigo mess- like I said yesterday on FB, big surprise outsiders looked at the area and saw a dump. You need LOCALS who CARE to make this work. Maybe if King Tom would pull his head out of Indy's ass for a change...

- It's coming for you... slowly... you WILL be assimilated into the Hoosier collective...

-Never really understood how a traffic camera catching me breaking the law was invading my privacy...

-and every accidental gun death ignores one or more of those four...

_ in my brief time with the kids, I can give you a quick sum of the personalities:

Violet: May I join in?
Gallifrey: Invitation? I don need no steenking invitation...

All right, back to the drinki- er, I mean listening.

Bob G. said...

---LOL...I concur with your choice and that many other decisions throughout history have been made over a glass of "spirits".
---Hopefully, any imbibing and the number 13 will not prove disastrous.
---Kind of had a feeling Scrappy would feel that way.
---Break out that hat AND the sonic!
---Figured you'd like the "new" beer coming to Indiana (and not in anyone's trunk).
---Problem is, even the LOCAL developers know what a cesspool has been allowed to be created down here.
I think our "king" likes the view from "up there"...LMAO!
---Hoosier=Borg. Now there's a fascinating study...
---The cameras don't, hut wussified sheeple think otherwise. Boo-effin-hoo!
---It certainly DOES, my friend.
---You have a very good take on the "kids".

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled snocker-fest...heh.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.