20 January 2017

Friday Follies...
End of the week at last...and it's RAINING (again).
Been one helluva wet and cloudy year so far, hasn't it?
Hate to think of the snowfall totals we'd have if all this rain had been snow, though.
I suppose we should take our "blessings" wherever we get them, right?
Our Hoosierland weather for today will be cloudy (what else?) with isolated showers (the worst of it happened overnight), with temps rising to an almost spring-like high of 49 degrees. Can't wait to see the locals break out those satin shorts...lol.
So, let's all get a nice cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked alongside, as we take a look at what's been going on in some other places, hmm?
*** First out of the rain puddles is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Buttercrunch Day
(have to settle for a Butterfinger bar here)
---It's National Cheese Lover's Day
(just don't give me any of those "stinky" cheeses)
---And, it's National Disc Jockey Day
(we've come a LONG way from spinning vinyl at radio stations, have we not?)
*** And since it IS the end of the week, let us all take a look at what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
---Saturday is National Granola Bar Day
(not bad if you like gagging on crunchy cardboard)
---It's National Hugging Day
(The 12th Doctor once said "it's just a way to hide your face".)
---And, it's Squirrel Appreciation Day
(hope my "gang" stops by for peanuts)
---Sunday is National Blonde Brownie Day
(a brownie is still...a brownie)
*** Next up, today is the day we FINALLY get rid of "president" Obummer, and his transformation of America.
(man, this has been a LONG and painful eight years)
Donald Trump will be inaugurated as our 45th president today in D.C.
I have got to hear his speech, because I'll wager it may be unlike any I have heard in my 64 years here.
And, to ALL these protesting nay-sayers...give the guy a friggin' CHANCE. We gave the same to Obama, and how did THAT work out for America? (not well for starters)
Found out with Obama.
If you can't honor the man, then at least honor the OFFICE he takes, because it IS a pretty big deal here.
Now, I will say that if we were hoping for a real CONSERVATIVE in the White House, we didn't get one.
We DID get a REPUBLICAN, though, so it wasn't a total loss (yet).
I just can't see our nation moving forward in today's global climate under more democrat rule and all the PC-BS they flaunt.
Reversing the damage already done during the last administration will take time
Let time be the barometer by which we measure the success or failure of this president.
*** Next up, time to take a look at some of the local STUPID going on...
Here's our first entry for the day:
One word: DUH!
Okay, now I have to say that this jerk LOOKS THE PART.
The incident took place at Pro Bowl West, 1455 Goshen Road at 2115 hrs on Saturday, 14 January.
The perp was coming up behind people and sucker-punching them...wasn't that SO "last year"?
And then, to punch a LEO?
Man, that's asking for trouble.
(which he got a lot of)
Joshua Pettit, 21, of Connersville was the culprit, and faces several battery charges plus a resisting charge.
Slap on the wrist, and some small bail amount, and he'll be back on our streets in no time.
---Here's a further compilation of assholes who just HAVE to break the law:
Not gonna waste time with their mugshots...you read , you decide.
---This perp robbed a Family Dollar on the SE side and has been charged:
---This perp trespassed on a Cap N Cork liquor store on 8 January:
I will say that this shithead didn't learn a damn thing from past experiences (from 2015)...typical.
*** Next up, just exactly WHAT THE HELL is this "Womens March on Washington" that just happens to coincide with Trump's inauguration, anyway?
Well, maybe this will shed some light on this:
(( Organizers say the march is an effort to “send a bold message” to the incoming Trump administration that women’s rights are human rights.))
Seems our country settled this several times before (suffrage and women's lib of the 60s and 70s)
These ladies need to read some American HISTORY.
Why does this all of a sudden NEED to be revisited?
Here's the rest of the lowdown:
Looks like it's just another way for leftists to disrupt an event that should be center-stage today.
And to think they could have had (another) day ALL to themselves...what a waste and shame.
*** Next , El Chapo finally makes it to the USA (and not for a holiday). Here's the details:
Now, if we can only do a BETTER job of KEEPING his drug-lord ass IN jail (something Mexico had a rough time doing).
Be  real shame is the transport vehicle that takes him to whatever federal facility has an "accident" and he dies...
A real shame.
*** Next, those "forever" stamps aren't living up to their name, are they?
Here's the story of why:
Heh, that "forever" aspect needs to be somewhat "amended", don'cha think?
And to think I can recall a time with in ONLY would cost a NICKEL to send a letter (postcards were 3 cents).
Lucky for us the USPS has been bleeding money for several decades, ensuring their continuance and justifying their existence, otherwise we might wind up privatizing it, and save a few bucks.
Never expect a profit when the FEDS get involved.
*** Next up, time to leave all the crap behind, and visit "Kitten Corner"...
My main concern with our cats is the method which they choose to chow down.
Violet has her bathroom rug...
Violet is the prim and proper, savor the flavor one of the twosome. She takes her time eating.
Gallifrey is the "gobble-guts"  one, who wolds down his food and then proceeds over the her dish to "help" eat her food.
That's something I want to dissuade as soon as possible.
Everyone gets the same amount, and no one gets left out.
And Gallifrey has his.
Violet's ringworm is going away, too. That's good to know. Hopefully, it won't return.
And playtime consists of following me around the house, then chasing each other, and finally crapping out for a nap after all the energy has been expended.
Whatta life, right?
*** Last back to the rain gutter...today marks the start of (hopefully) a better four years than the last eight.
And yet, there are those out there who simply cannot accept political defeat.
Hey, that kinda stuff happens...build yourselves a damn bridge and get the hell over it already.
Let's use this time to actually HEAL this nation from the wounds it has suffered at the hands of the leftards.
We need to come together, instead of being torn apart as we have been for a decade.
I know I'd like to see some REAL change (for a change) and not the chump-change we were given by this last poser-in-chief.
I want to see more people off entitlements and becoming productive as they should be.
Yeah, I'm only looking for the things that make America great, and why shouldn't I?
Why should any of us settle for anything less, when we all know we can accomplish more?
Let's all trust in God that things will become better for us all soon enough.
I think we're about due for some "better", right?
DO have yourselves a good weekend
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
((And, in case you forgot, as I nearly did, this is post number 2800!))
Time for a cold one...or several to celebrate.


CWMartin said...

Amen on the cheese thing. If I want to suck on my unwashed feet...

I'm thinking Mr Pettit had the wrong definition of hit going on... as Bugs would say, whatta Maroon!

Decide what? Whether they are losers, or... well, that just about covers it, eh? I always drop off someone else's coke with my child in tow...

You know, I would love to echo your statements about building a bridge etc. But I'm in a good mood, digging the new releases for more M10 material (still wonder if an M15 of some sort isn't in the future...), and I would just as soon ignore these bubbleheads and keep it. Talley ho, have a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

---AH, you know what limburger is like too, huh? Yuck!
---LOL. I can hear Bugs now...
---Have a COKE, and a smile...oh yeah, and some HANDCUFFS, right?
---I'm all for just getting ON with having our nation recover from the LAST 8 years.
An M15? Well, that WOULD be a switch.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Have yourselves a great weekend also.
Stay safe up there, brother.