03 February 2017

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of the week, and this cold of mine is finally getting the boot.
Goes to show that chicken soup, and a shot of bourbon can still work effectively enough...lol.
As for conditions outside, that groundhog must have known something, because it certainly feels more like WINTER out there.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will find us with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and a high of around 27 degrees. Nope, not even going to get above freezing...sorry, them's the breaks.
Keep the heavy clothing handy. Got a wind chill in single digits out there.
Now, what say we get that nice hot cup of Friday Fortitude poured as we take a look at what's been going on elsewhere?
*** First out of the ice-house is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Women Physicians Day
(as long as they make me well, don't care which gender)
---It's National Carrot Cake Day
(now I'm wanting a slice...or two)
---It's National The Day The Music Died Day
(if you have to ask...you're not old enough to remember)
---And, it's National Wear Red Day
(Women's heart disease and stroke awareness)
*** And, since we are at week's end, let's see what the following 48 hours brings us in the way of observances...
---Saturday is National Create a Vacuum Day
(I thought the last 8 years in D.C. took care of that?)
---It's National Homemade Soup Day
(Wish I had my Mom's talents for that...or her recipes)
---And, it's National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
(in our part of town, I thank them every time I see them...for not getting assaulted or shot)
---Sunday is National Shower With a Friend Day
(yeah, that's not gonna happen...or ever has, except for a girlfriend...once)
---It's National Weatherperson's Day
(being wrong 50% of the time and getting PAID for it...nice)
---And, it's World Nutella Day
(somehow, I don't think so all that much)
And there you go...plenty of things to do before, during, and even after the Super Bowl.
Have fun and observe responsibly.
*** Next up, finally...a murderer gets convicted in the Summit City. Here's the story:
Looks like another Fort Wayne black teen won't be back on our streets for a nice long time. Artavius Richards, 19 was found guilty of 3 counts of murder from nearly a year ago (on Lewis Street).
What was never brought up was the background of the three men who were killed execution-style. The names would seem to be Muslim, but not much was said about the country of origin of the three men (or whether they might have been "refugees"). My guess would be Somalia, or some other nation on the west coast of Africa.
Obviously, they knew how to acquire illegal drugs in our city, otherwise, the shooting might never have taken place, and Artavius would have had to go elsewhere for his "entertainment".
Good riddance to bad (human) rubbish.
*** Next, from the Department of Let's Beat that Dead Horse Again, we bring you this story:
Seems we (Indiana state lawmakers) keep going over this, and, we keep getting the same answer - no "carry out" alcohol sales in Indiana on SUNDAY. But, I guess doing the same thing over and expecting different results does NOT imply any level of INSANITY down in the Statehouse? Einstein would have argued otherwise.
I still maintain that if you can't (as a responsible partaker of alcohol) stock up on what you might need (on Sunday) the OTHER SIX DAYS of the damn week, then maybe you need to take stock in the number of brain cells you have functioning.
Not to mention, liquor store owners have to pay staff for THAT day (Sunday is an O/T day), incur increases in utility costs, risk possible theft or robbery ON that day...all for the sake of quenching a thirst that should have been planned for.
Please, gimme a damn break.
Grow the hell up, put this to rest and move on with more IMPORTANT things in our state.
*** Next up, Indiana is a state full of contrasts...some of them kinda odd.
And this is from 2012 - little has changed.
For example, did you know that in Fort Wayne, OUR particular zip code (46806) has the LOWEST number of people who practice recycling, BUT, has the HIGHEST infant mortality rate? It's true, look it up.
So, when I come across a story like THIS one, it doesn't surprise me. Here's the link:
Indiana - major fail? Who knew?
Yes, friends...when it comes to WELL-BEING, Indiana is damn near at the bottom of the barrel. Only 3 other states are worse than us: Oklahoma, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
As one might expect, Hawaii and Alaska top the list, with South Dakota, Maine, and Colorado right behind.
(must be all the pot-smoking going on...lol)
Indiana has been in the bottom ten since 2011.
((As for the individual measures, Indiana scores for purpose and social interaction declined significantly. The survey defines purpose as liking what you do each day; social as having supportive relationships.))
I can vouch for whatever truth can be found in those two factors.
Still, another (new) survey says that Fort Wayne is a great place to raise a family (if you don't mind sacrificing your well-being in the process, right?)
Who can you REALLY believe?
*** Next, unfortunately for America, our yearly testosterone-fest will be on TV.
Super Bowl LI (that's 51 for those who never took LATIN in high school) hits the airwaves with all the crap that's sure to keep our attention diverted long enough for more crap to happen behind our backs.
Personally, I'm not interested in all this hype or "fluff", because another kind of fluff will keep us occupied at the "Fortress"...
At noon is the Hallmark Channel's KITTEN BOWL IV, and aside from ALL the bad puns you'll hear (there is always a mute button anyway), plenty of cute furry feline fun will take place. can'r wait to see how OUR kitties take to this.
Then, at 3 PM, the Animal Planet Channel is showing their PUPPY BOWL XIII, with more cuteness, not as many bad puns and the famous "Kitty Half-Time Show".
You see, plenty of better things to watch instead of some politicized sporting event.
*** Next, and speaking of furry friends...let's drop by  "Kitten Corner"...
Dreaming of that next meal...
I will say they sure don't lack for APPETITE!
Guess all that hell-raising and running about that house does come with a price.
Eat - frolic - sleep. Repeat as necessary...heh.
I see you with that camera.
Sounds like the kind of life many of us should have...well, once in a while, and at least a few times before we retire, right?
Besides, when did curling up and taking it easy now and then ever hurt anyone?
*** Last back to the garage...anger can bring about a myriad of things.
It all starts someplace.
And how that anger is expressed can cause even more things to occur, many of them not-so-nice.
I'm getting tired of seeing people angry for what seems to be the sake of BEING in that state of perpetual anger.
To me, that solves nothing, wastes the precious commodity we call LIFE (with the TIME associated with it), and produces chaos wherever and whenever it rears it's head. It just makes no sense to be angry without real purpose, and without any real goals, except to maintain that anger.
If you want to cause change, anger WILL do just that, but, as I always say, change for change sake will not (typically) grant the results you're looking for.
You will get attention, and you will find supporters, BUT, you will also incur push-back from those who believe that there are always alternatives to such actions (and their consequences).
People these days are not after the truth and basically just react to anything and everyone.
That is usually THE TRUTH,
When free speech is only free to one side of any argument, it ceases being "free". It costs.
When freedom applies to those only causing havoc, either through speech or actions, reason is relegated to the back seat.
When those who detest this country are given center stage and no other points of view are allowed to be heard, nothing good can come of that.
These are but a few of the challenges we face today, and to many of us, it's something we thought we'd never be part of, and yet, here we are.
One thing I mentioned over the past week is that people have to start learning the differences between freedom TO and freedom FROM. Also, we have to maintain that balance between freedom and security, lest one or the other suffers.
And abuse stems from anger.
We have to question that which needs it, stand up for what's right, and be bold in doing so.
That is how we keep our nation from falling into some societal abyss, from which there could be no return. Those are the facts, like it or not..
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Once again reading while listening to the new releases. Not much hope this week, alas.

National create A Vacuum Day: formerly Liberal mindset day...

National Shower With A Friend Day: Now called Scrappy Rolled In Something Dead Day...

Weatherpersons Day reminded me of the rapt audience Michelle Hamrick used to have with me and my drunken friends on weekend nights on WKJG...

Did you know some internet site is doing a Bunny Bowl this year? As for the big game, my attention (which will be set to zero at halftime) will depend on Atlanta's success.

HEY! Good news, a new Barry Manilow single! And a new Blondie coming up...

Bob G. said...

---Not much in new releases, huh?
Must be an off week?
---Has to be a LIBERAL thing...lol.
---OY! Didn't take it to mean THAT, Scrappy!
---Can't say I recall Michelle...must be before my time (here).
---Bunny Bowl? Sounds like the video fireplace at Christmas...heh.
---I used to like ATL, but that was WAY back when they were part of the NFL.
---NEW Manilow and Blondie? Could be fun.

Hey, thanks much for taking time to drop by and comment.
Have yourselves a very good weekend up there and stay safe, brother.