15 February 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Twas the day after Valentine's Day, and ALL related chocolates were 50% off.
That ought to give you pause if you wish to lighten your wallet a tad.
Welcome to the midweek crisis we (still) call Wednesday, and, it will seem a bit more like winter out there today.
Our Hoosierland weather brings us mostly cloudy skies, a slight breeze, temps only reaching to around 34 degrees (it IS above freezing), and still no sign of precipitation. That sounds doable.
So, let's get that morning drink poured, as we see what kind of things have been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the coffee table is our WHO SAID THAT? quote for the week:
"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."  
It would seem that such a quote certainly has it's place in today's society...a shame the so many people forget such basic tenets about humanity. So, who said that?
 The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
 Meanwhile, back at Shandy Hall in Yorkshire...
*** Next up, we bring you the "What the hell happens today,Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Gumdrop Day
(ah, for the days of penny-candy once again)
---It's Singles Awareness Day
(right AFTER Valentine's Day? C'mon, don't rub it in)
*** Next up, let's see some of the local STUPID going on out there...
---Here's an update to the  (failed) credit union robbery in Waynedale:
Yep, that's a black guy.
---Then there's that double shooting that took place recently. Here's the link:
Marcus Terral Harper, Jr, 19 was one of the victims (released from hospital) and  Gerald Berry, 18, (still hospitalized).
Well, the FIRST guy sounds like a black man. If there's one thing you can bet on, it's that whenever you see a name that's spelled more PHONETICALLY than usual, they're most likely black. It's called LAZY English, folks.
---The body found dead in the St. Joe River has been IDed as Paul Hughes, 58, of Fort Wayne. Only has one traffic infraction from years ago and he's not black.
---The robber of the State Blvd Walgreens was IDed as Douglas Wayne Diemer, 51, of the 1200 block of Fairfield Ave.
Now THIS bird's been on the court blotters since 1995. Lots of robbery charges, domestic battery, resisting, and a criminal conversion charge. Nothing about substance abuse. Guess he's moving "up"? Oh, and as could be assumed, he's a WHITE guy (check the spelling of the name).
---The next story shows that some criminals love to get an EARLY start (or haven't went to bed yet), as evidenced here:
This took place around 0322 hrs this morning in a parking lot near the 1500 block of W. Main St. A woman was apparently attacked and is in critical condition. The male suspect (initially found on top of the woman) fled on foot, but was caught after a brief chase.  Got some heavy-ass legal books to toss at this perp.
---Finally, our "king" grants we peasants an audience and gives his State of the City (realm) address today. "Fort Wayne - Point of Destination" is the theme.
All hail his "majesty".
For too many, it becomes the FINAL destination, as in homicides.
I promise NOT to eat during it (don't want to toss my cookies) and I also promise to NOT to shoot the television in frustration.
Yes, even I have "limits"...and VALUES. (City Hall might wanna try that)
*** Next up, a robbery attempt was foiled (in a good way). Here's the story link:
This took place at the Lassus Handy Dandy, 3610 East Dupont Rd around 2130 hrs.
According to a source, a man tried to rob a customer who was carrying a concealed weapon. The customer shot at the robber during the altercation in the parking lot. The suspect was taken to a hospital in serious condition.
Police said there was no attempt to rob the business and no one else was hurt.
Police did not disclose if the suspect had a weapon. Police also didn’t say how many times the suspect was shot.
Proof positive that criminals CAN be dealt with, so let's get that state bill to eradicate the licensure for concealed carry...and REALLY make the criminals scared.
*** And, while we're talking firearms, there's this story:
Now, I'm a huge fan of weapon suppressors, or silencers.
I'd love to get my Taurus PT 145 threaded to accept a suppressor, but between the cost and the licensing, it's highly prohibited. Well, that just may change.
Easing restrictions for silencers is a great idea, if for no other reason than to allow people to keep their hearing intact.
Now, I thought I would hear both the CDC and the EPA climbing all over this like white on rice, as well as applauding this until the gun buyers come home.
Haven't heard a peep, and that's troubling.
Even a stinking .22 can cause hearing damage, so imagine how our troops have to deal with weapons going off (and military-grade ones at that). Think how LEOs have to deal with such weapons on our streets (they all wear those "mickey mouse" ears at the range. Officers don't go around all day with hearing protection in place...not practical.
*** Next, you all know yesterday was Valentine's day, but did you know ALL that goes into some of those roses you guys send to your loved ones?
Well, check this story out:
Yes, while the fragrance of roses is wonderful, don't get your nose TOO close...you might wind up "doing a line"...lol.
Imagine that - Colombia exports all these roses to the USofA...who'da thunk it?
And, since America loves it's illegal drugs, it's the perfect scenario...until the DEA steps in and spoils this societal bane.
((As much as 330,000 pounds of flowers leave Colombia on 30-plus jumbo cargo planes daily starting in late January, presenting an opportunity for the country’s ingenious drug cartels to penetrate the frenzied, overworked chain of suppliers and stash drugs amid the roses. Last year, police said they found almost 200 pounds of cocaine hidden in flower boxes.))
At least the flower folks in Colombia are doing SOMETHING to "stem" the tide of drugs in their rose exports.
*** Speaking of Valentine's Day...we now have our new Whirlpool washer (from Best Buys), all hooked up and ready to rock and roll.
This was at 9 AM
And this was at 10 AM
I tried to get Wifey to do a load yesterday, but she politely declined.
From 30 march 2016
And guess what? The SAME delivery guys brought the unit (Tim and Grant, from last March, who brought our fridge).
It was like "old home week" they remembered the house and me (I'm just so damn unforgettable...heh).
Was a bit of a chore to get the old unit out and the new one in (doorways were a tad close) and Grant had to remove one door to get the washer in the laundry room. No big deal.
The unit has stainless steel braided fill hoses, too...first time I saw those Very cool and much more durable than the old rubber hoses. When the guys were leaving, I told them we'd probably see them again, should the dryer die or we decide to replace the stove. All in all, a good day to meet good people (again). Can't say enough about their excellent work ethic.
*** Next up, let's take some time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
"Are the washer men coming soon?"
Had to sequester the twosome in the bathroom yesterday when the washer was delivered...not a problem. The kids had a litter pan in there as well as some food.
"Lookit ALL those birdies!"
I figured it was the best place for the duration that the delivery men were here.
When I let the cats back out, I gave them some more treats as a reward for good behavior (we do that sorta thing around here).
After that, they were really good for the balance of the day, and spent a fair amount of time bird-watching.
They chose to forego the marathon racing about the house (thank you), and had most of the evening to themselves to nap.
*** Last back to the dining table...you can tell a lot about people with first impressions.
And my late Dad was keen on making sure that ANY first impression was a  GOOD one, lest someone think otherwise.
Let's face it, how you size up ANY situation (or person for that matter) comes down to your sensory input.
Conversely, others will check you out in similar fashion, starting with the feet on up (and that's why I always kept my shoes shined...heh). Try to look decent, right?
How you speak has a lot to do with first impressions, as well. Never yet met anyone who spoke well, knew the English language and dressed like a damn Neanderthal. Also never met anyone who dressed impeccably and spoke in monosyllabic grunts.
How you carry yourself speaks volumes and not just about you, but how you're brought up, and who influences you in your early years.
I'll grant you that some (not many) are adept at producing a "facade" and can BS their way through life.
Most times, people will let you know a lot about them just be "showing up".
And how they act carries over into all facets of their lives, and that runs the gamut from the workplace to parties, to one-on-one encounters.
I've always been an observer of the human race, and as such, been tasked with learning about many of the intricacies of the human condition. It's not hard, once you get used to it...like riding a bicycle. You never forget.
But in doing so, you must never compromise your values or ignore your moral compass, and that's where today's generations fail.
They simply have no moral boundaries - anything goes (and the news proves that much).
When people sacrifice their morality for diversities like entertainment, they deny themselves much of not only who they are, but, more importantly...who they can become.
And I never met anyone who became a worse person by trying to become better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

All I saw was 50% off chocolate and I was gone. Just kidding. The rose industry. Flower shops rely on VD for big sales. I like to support them even if I don't have a man to do it. Flowers are beautiful and I love flower shops. So...I indulge usually and give to the Bug. Very cool story. Thanks for the link up. Have a great hump day!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Had a feeling you'd like that...try Walgreens or CVS (usually have good deals on Whitman's & Russell Stover).
---funny thing about Val-Day - it's NOT the largest sales day for flowers...that's MOM'S DAY!
(who knew?)
I'd love to have a flower shop...nice and QUIET (plants don't tend to scream, yell or cry)...LOL.
Just steer clear of a few of those South-American "suppliers", hmm?

Thanks for roiling up today to comment.
Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Mid week crisis, yeah... My misbehaving machine got attention from an "expert" on Monday, became absolutely useless Tuesday morning, swapped out a part to see if it was the Problem Tuesday night, and this morning, it reset as soon as I touched the toggle stick. Trying to swap out another part tonight I guess.

Quote: Would that it were true now. Some many would be better people, including me.

"Yep, that's a black guy." And conveniently already in orange!

News Of The Weird often does updates on the amazing amount of people convicted of murder who have Wayne as a middle name. Sure we didn't miss one on Douglas?

"Even a stinking .22 can cause hearing damage"- and really split your head open if you have a bad hangover, lol...

Roses: Closest I came this year was offering my stockinged foot for Laurie to sniff. Even shoved the sock in between two toes to make it look like a heart. You just can't please some people, though...

Bob G. said...

---When you say "attention from an expert", HOW BIG a HAMMER did he use?
(that's MY usual emergency repair method...lol)
---Swap out ENOUGH parts...and you got a NEW machine, right?
---And that quote is from another "newbie", I believe.
---That was SO cool to see that. Criminal blacks and orange go SO well together for some odd reason.
A REAL "fashion-statement".
---Doug's arrest may be timely. Looks a LOT like the robber (with a "bomb") that hit Walgreens in Waynedale.
---I trust you are NOT speaking from a prior experience there...right?
---You do have a rather "unique" sense of romanticism, that's for sure. I think Laurie might be due for a sainthood...!lol!

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and well-"socked") up there, brother.

A Beer For The Shower said...

If there's one thing you can bet on, it's that whenever you see a name that's spelled more PHONETICALLY than usual, they're most likely black.

Ha! You mean like this?


(I never fail to get a kick out of names like that)

Also, you have a Taurus PT145? That's awesome. I just got a Taurus PT111. My favorite handgun, hand's down (or maybe hands up). I've always had really good ear protection, so no worries about going deaf... just yet.

Bob G. said...

---Why yes...EXACTLY! lol.
---It simply AMAZES me how the ENGLISH language can be butchered more than ALL the cattle in America on a daily basis.
---The PT 111 (gen 2) is my WANNA GET pistol. I love the feel of the 145 (which is no longer manufactured), and the 111 is a sweet piece, and accurate for it's size and barrel length.
Best value for the price (imho).
Crimson Trace has a FINE laser aiming system and when you "pal it up" with a decent OWB hip holster (I saw a 111 with a Serpa CQC high-retention rig) with extra mag pouches, you're good to go.

Wish Taurus still made my 10+1 shot PT in .45 ACP.

Hey, thanks for swinging on by to comment.

Stay safe (and obviously, well-armed) out there.