22 February 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Here we are again at the middle of the week, and the last Wednesday for this month.
Come next week at this time, we'll be greeting March and seeing if it comes in "like a lion" as the saying goes.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with possible the warmest day of the week (maybe even a record-breaker) as temps reach to around 68 degrees. Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies as well. Got a little fog up north beyond the city, too.
So, what say we begin the day with a comforting cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa as we see what else has been going on.
*** First off of the mole hill is our WHO SAID THAT? quote for the week:
"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
Now there's something we used to do in school a LOT more than we seem to these days.
Wonder how this got lost over the decades?
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Booker T. Washington High School...
*** Next up, we bring you our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
(what? All by itself? That seems a bit useless)
---It's National Margarita Day
(never could get used to a drink with salt around the edges)
---And, it's the birthday of our FIRST president, George Washington
(how soon people forget about things WE learned when we were in school)
*** Next, it's time to turn our attention to some STUPID going on out there.
Doesn't take long in THIS city.
---This story is indicative of the driving "habits" of many around here:
Helluva park job.
Sure, drive through a damn building when you can't negotiate a turn along Crescent Ave.
(maybe driving too fast had something to do with it?)
The car also took down a utility pole which knocked out power in the area.
Two businesses were affected.
Power restoration is expected by 0900 hrs today.
--- This story is one of those "cart before the horse" situations:
Okay, so the St. Mary's riverbank needs to be STABILIZED, due to natural EROSION.
That makes sense, but why wasn't this even considered LONG before anm riverfront projects came to see the light of day?
The current of the river has been taking away about a FOOT of riverbank per year, and this is near the Old Fort and Headwaters Park.
So, NOW someone wants to do something about this.
Well, the city IS able to get a $100K grant from the Indiana DNR.
That should get things STARTED, but what will the FINAL price be, and WHO is going to pay for it? THOSE questions should come with answers, because we KNOW this master plan will grow in cost, as they always seem to do.
---This is about AS stupid as you can get:
Sure, waltz into a bank wearing a SURGICAL MASK (what? no scrubs?) and sunglasses, hand the teller a not demanding money and then flee in a green car (looks like an early 2K Buick LeSabre), only to get CAUGHT ten minutes later. WTH were you thinking, cupcake?
The woman (with the mask) and the driver (male) were taken into custody regarding their involvement in the robbery. A third person (female) was found near a dumpster behind a Family Dollar. Maybe it's a case of mistaken ID? NAH...no way. BUSTED!
*** Next up, and moving from all the dumbassery out there, FWCS board member (and often president) Mark GiaQuinta is leaving as of April 1. Here's the story:
Wow, I didn't think what I mentioned yesterday would have SUCH an "impact"...LOL.
Perhaps I should try this with the mayor? No, already tried that and he's still in office (damn).
((Under GiaQuinta’s leadership, FWCS passed two building referendums, supported both student achievement and teachers, and made “some really tough decisions” – including closing Elmhurst High School and outsourcing custodial services – that other school boards would have caved on))
The outsource of custodial care is a very mixed blessing. It's far from being the "best fit" for the school corporation.
MY take on this is that I often felt there were some conflicts of interest that were glossed over, And, he is a democrat, which says a lot to me, and not in any conservative way.
*** Next, the Indiana House makes what seems to be a good call:
This specific bill (HB 1071) allows a person who receives a protective order to carry w/o a license (60 days) after the order is issued. That does add a layer of defense to such people (who many times, become targets, intended or not).
Now, if the House does likewise with HB 1056, which does away with the licensure for carrying a handgun for citizens able to carry (sorry felons, you're still breaking the law when you carry).
*** Next up, more on that street demolition going on around the "Fortress"...
Sure hope we don't suffer any water "outages" as a result of the digging.
I will say that is one huge pile of dirt across the street.
And people just HAVE to drive through the site, a couple even speeding, which I;m sure makes the workers there feel SO much safer. Be nice to have a cop around JUST to bust some of the local morons.
Hell, I'd set up a chair, sit outside, and watch that going down.
And to think this will ongoing for at least the next several months.
As long as any noise doesn't scare the cats, we'll get along just fine.
*** Next, and speaking of cats, let's see what's going on at "Kitten Corner"...
Like I just said, some noises the crew made caused the cats to leave the sanctity of the living room, but they weren't exactly running to hide. That's good to see.
And when it was time to eat, you'd think no one was digging holes in the street.
"Waitin' for the food, daddy."
Last evening, it was Gallifrey who curled up in my jacket while I watched television.
"Tryin' to get a nap, daddy."
Violet was in one of her usual spots - near the patio doors on the boxes.
It's also funny to see Wifey TRYING to play a game on her phone while a cat rubs against her.
(maybe Wifey needs to put the phone down more often?)
*** Last back to the mountain...I often wonder why we have become a "complaint-driven" society.
Seems so many aspects of what we do daily has SOME form of that attached to it.
I know most EVERY city department operates under such a banner - they hear a complaint, and THEN, they react, but rarely before.
It's like the river bank thing.
I suppose some think that being more proactive is a waste of time and resources?
I would tend to think the opposite. You know, take care of things before they get out of hand.
Yet, no one wants to make a move unless a complaint comes along, and is usually the case, that complaint was caused by someone else getting sick and tired of noticing that something was amiss. Like potholes.
That is completely complaint-driven, usually when a few tires are flattened and a couple vehicle rims bent.
The police are complaint-driven, as are the fire departments.
Most of the time, police are fire arrive well AFTER the fact, rather than stopping something before it's out of control.
Do we have to complain so much (without reason or purpose), though, and about every trivial thing? Some folks revel in that.
I look to those ragging on our president, who is just trying to do what he SAID he would do.
They're complaining because of who he IS (they're also sore losers), and that's a misplaced complaint (imho).
Maybe we wouldn't have to complain AS much, if people didn't spend so much of their time looking for things that aren't there, and instead take care of things by themselves, for themselves.
We used to call that self-reliance, and it's a pretty good way to go.
Get enough people signed up for that, and we create a lot better atmosphere to thrive.
Yeah, such novel concepts could work.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

People really do complain about every little tiny thing. We once wrote a post called Nanny 911, referencing the people who call the police over really dumb things that they could easily handle themselves by just talking to the other person (like a dog barking, for example).

Also, I think what bugs me most about the people who harp on Trump, is that they're arguing with things that aren't even true. Like the Muslim Ban, which was actually not a ban against Muslims, and yet everyone I ever heard complain about it always called it 'the Muslim Ban.'

Bob G. said...

---LOL...Nanny 911. That's brilliant.
I recently read where one woman called the police because someone stole her illegal drugs...THAT kinda stuff.
---Yeah, it's like they WANT to find something wrong...so they "invent" it.
Blame the media for latching onto (as well as creating) too many "sound bites & talking points" while neglecting the ENTIRE story (and the facts behind it).
Good call there.

Thanks for stopping on by to comment today.

Stay safe (and yes, classy too) out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

Distracted tonight- thought that said COCK a sweet potato. Didn't know they had a hammer.

On the bright side of the building crash, they now have a super simple fund raiser. It's called insurance.

This is also a big concern on the trail near my place. In ten years, the curve of the St Joe will make our complex a riverside development. Thus the long boardwalk as I&M doesn't generally trust heavy equipment on roadways about to tip into the drink.

How much you wanna bet the women in the Bank "job" were "coerced" into doing the bidding of the male perp?

Damn, you mean we hurt MGQ's feelings? Wish I'd have known how to do that a long time ago...

"(maybe Wifey needs to put the phone down more often?)" You're either one of the bravest men I know, or most foolish...

Bob G. said...

---Only my late mom could get me to eat sweet potatoes (in a soup of all things).
---fund-raiser = insurance...LOL.
---This is the kind of stuff that SHOULD have been addressed LONG before now, simply because that river NEVER stops running, does it? No faucet to shut it all off.
---More than likely. They sure don't look like bright enough crayons in the box to conceive of that.
---It sure is one helluva "coincidence", don'cha think?
---Let's run with the FORMER there, for the sake of argument...heh.
(besides, the FOOLS live all around us)

Hey, thanks much for dropping by and commenting.
Stay safe up there, brother.