27 February 2017

Monday Musings...
Here we are, getting ready to say farewell to February, and by the looks of things, March just may be coming in like the proverbial lion.
We've got us a pretty full boat today as well.
Lots of stuff going on, and not all of it of the stupid criminal variety.
Our Hoosierland weather brings us mostly cloudy skies (in anticipation of rain for tomorrow), a high in the upper 40s, and not much else (thankfully).
So what say we all get a soothing cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa as we take a look at what has been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the pantry is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?"
---Today is National Kahlua Day
(good, I was wondering how to amend my coffee this morning)
---It's National Polar Bear Day
(still laughing at global warming, too)
---And, it's National Strawberry Day
(I guess strawberry jelly on my toast counts, right?
*** Next up, I've been doing the "part-time bachelor" gig again.
Wifey has gone down to Vincennes for her dad, who is having cataract surgery today.
Shouldn't take that long, in fact.
He's gonna need someone to help him around and give him eye drops, so, I get to play with the "kids" all by myself.
More on that in a bit.
At least Wifey doesn't have to deal with students taking ISTEP this week.
*** Next, actor Bill Paxton died following complications from surgery. He was 61. And here is his WIKI:
I first remember seeing him as the brother from hell (Chet) in the movie Weird Science. And he was very good in both Aliens and Twsiter, as well as his role in Apollo 13. A good solid character actor. And he never had to change his name.
---And, we only lost Judge Joseph Wapner, who passed away at the age of 97. Here is his WIKI:
I recall seeing his program in the early 80s, and comparing his show to Judge Judy (and Joe Brown), there is one obvious difference: the "people" in Judy's court (and Brown's) are a lot more disrespectful, and Judy has to admonish them a lot more that Wapner had to, but it IS indicative of our changing times, isn't it? Society doesn't seem to have evolved in 30+ years.
*** Next up, and speaking of (the lack of) "evolution", that "toddling town" called Chicago has reached another milestone - in just 53 days of this year, they have ALREADY crossed the 100+ HOMICIDE mark.
Here's the lowdown on the lowlifes:
At that rate (on par with 2016), they could break last year's record number of murders due to gang and drug violence. The EXACT totals vary.
The CPD places it at 762, while the Tribune has the total at least at 781 (police action shooting, highways shootings, et al).
Bet those numbers reflect typical demographics - mostly black-on-black homicides.
*** Next, it seems that complaints against our very own police department (FWPD) are below the national average. Here's the story:
Broken Window Theory
Now, the proper context regarding this are complains such as excessive force, racial profiling, varying levels of rudeness...that sorts stuff, so don't get confused with things such as "my" beef with the local constabulary. Mine stems from a lack of enforcement of certain laws (noise, litter, etc), as well as allowing small stuff to go uncited, and being more reactionary than proactive with specific issues.
That's a whole different animal, and I often mention that here.
As to the "racial" profiling thing... some day the morons will learn that it's not racial in nature, but CRIMINAL (profiling) that goes on.
And, if you're patrolling an area that is predominantly BLACK, the percentage of stops, arrests, and such will typically be overwhelmingly...(you guessed it)...BLACK.
It's just the law of averages at work here, so don't try and manufacture race issues where none are involved, unless you're talking about the MAJORITY RACE in a certain part of a city, where most all the residents are of a specific ETHNICITY...got it?
*** Next up, there is an interesting graph attached to a story regarding homeless students.
Here's the link (and the graph):
I would have liked to have seen a story about the graph, as the higher rate of female bullying is interesting.
*** Next up, time to stop by "Kitten Corner", or as I call this in Wifey's absence: "Bobby G's School of Creative Cat Wrangling". (hint: always keep a laser handy)
"We're tired from running daddy all over".
Well, overall, they haven;t been too bad, but they haven't been God's gift to felines, either.
Yesterday, we had to play "See how many times we can get daddy to come to the laundry room while we hide in the clothes hampers". Kinda hard to watch a movie with such interruptions.
But Gallifrey can extricate himself now. Violet is content to walk around the tops of the bins and watch him.
Difficult to get pictures when they see you coming, know you'll speak louder than normal and chase them away.
But, all gets forgiven soon enough, and they get treats...and I get some rest.
And they get their share of rest...in abundance.
*** Last back to the cupboard...it always amazes me that so many people will not accept the truth.
Even when you have documentation and blatant facts to back things up, there will always be the "nay-sayers", who refuse to believe what they inherently know to be true. Maybe it's a product of our modern society and the length of attention people tend to give the things they should give a damn about. Who can say?
What I know is that if and when presented with (a) truth, I will take the time to make sure it IS indeed truthful, rather than some contrived and muddled faux-facts drummed up for the sake of sensationalism, as the lame-stream media likes to do.
Thing is, some truths are universal in nature...unchanging, uncompromising, and unable to be refuted (although some will try...and fail).
We always have to be wary of anything that comes our way, taking the time to test the veracity of such things (and people), and be able to always separate the "wheat from the chaff", as it were.
In this, life is meant to be a challenge, and we should be able to accept it, if we are to find the truth from the falsehoods.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Not much to say today, a little under the weather.

That closing could be retitled "theme to my weekend." Don't understand how it is I should even HAVE to lecture two Jews on the inappropriateness of comparing Trump not talking to CNN to Hitler, but there it is. Finally got tired of it this morning, politely responded in what could be best paraphrased as, "Grow up and stop acting like a troll" and unsubscribed.

You might look into getting lidded hampers, y'know... if only to give them a longer bit of entertainment getting in so you can see more of the movie...

I wonder if the other cities in that study had a PD website more conducive to REPORTING complaints...

They should do a Chicago study on violent deaths vs birth rate so we can see how long we will wait for them to wipe themselves off the map...

Saw both the deaths... really didn't know the actor (big surprise) but God bless Joe, he goes to a happier place.

By the way, you didn't happen to switch that Oscar envelope, did you? ;)

Bob G. said...

I know the feeling...
---That's something that befuddles the crap outta me...JEWS who can come to groups with the holocaust and the ones who caused it and their stupid-ass comparisons to people not even involved. It could make a case for the anti-Semitism we see, but certainly is not representative of many MORE of the Hebrew faith (thank God).
---I have been looking to that end. I mean a lid would be the BEST way to go all around.
---I know all such instances ARE reported (and internal affairs does the investigations), but the bigger the city, the greater the number of complaints, AND the larger the sections of ETHNIC areas...all related.
---Heh, that would be a GREAT study to pursue. The Latinos would just replace 'em and we start the "game" all over again, right?
---Can't say I had a hand in that envelope switch (didn't even watch the program, and for the obvious reasons), but if I DID switch them, the winner would have been CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR...lol.
(you know me, right? I gotta run with what's GOOD and besides, it WAS the 3rd largest grossing film of 2016 - Moonlight was barely 101st.)

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Hope you're feeling better.

Stay safe up there, brother.