24 March 2017

Friday Follies...
Here we are...end of another weird-ass week.
(don't try to tell me it wasn't)
I will say it's going to feel more like a day in May rather than a day in March.
Looks like today's post is chock full of "stuff", as the recently deceased Chuck Barris would say.
But, I promise we're not going to use a gong (too early for that...need coffee first).
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with partly cloudy skies, gusty winds and a high today of around 70 degrees. Yep, SEVENTY.
Never fear, I hear that the record (set way back in 1910 - 86 degrees) is safe.
So, without any further ado, let's get that cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked nearby, as we see what's going on in "all the old familiar places"...
*** First out of the laundry chute is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MARCH 24 -
---It's National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
(dark chocolate Raisinettes are to die for, trust me)
That's all folks, but since it IS the weekend, we still have the following 48 hours to attend to, so let's check those out:
MARCH 25 -
---Saturday is National Lobster Newburg Day
(never met a lobster I didn't eat yet)
---It's National Medal of Honor Day
(on this day in 1863, the first 6 were presented to members of the Andrews Raid)
There are THREE versions - Army, Navy, and Air Force (Marine and Coast Guard receive the NAVY version)
---It's Tolkien Reading Day
(..."one ring...to rule them all"...)
MARCH 26 -
---Sunday is Epilepsy Awareness Day – Purple Day
(shame there is no real cure for this yet...just management)
---It's National Nougat Day
(time for a 3 Musketeers bar)
---it's National Spinach Day
(I only like it raw in salads)
There you go. Plenty to do, and remember to observe responsibly.
*** Next, we had our re-scheduled "outage" as per AEP this morning (0500 hrs).
Sure didn't last 15 minutes (a good thing), but It was long enough to reset the digital, non-battery-powered clocks and the microwave. Let's hope this doesn't become commonplace.
*** Next, looks like the Bowser bldg. demolition is back ON again...so much for an 11th hour reprieve. Here's the story (with video history):
Damn shame, I had the chance to go inside that building (during my ride-along years ago). Very nice, from an architectural standpoint. A lot of hard wood. You could tell it was well-constructed, as were many such structures back in those days, and it did a commendable job (later) as our FWPD HQ.
Seemed a little too good to be true when they said the razing was on hold.
Then again, it IS the SE side, where ignorance IS bliss.
*** Next up, it seems the FWPD  SWAT team was busy serving the citizens of our fair city over the past several days.
And they weren't serving food...JUST WARRANTS...lol. Here's the story:
I figure this link is more concise and has ALL the "playas" in place.
1 - ((About 9:45 a.m. Wednesday, the targeted addresses covered the city: residences at 2526 S. Harrison Blvd.; 7151 Stellhorn Road; 4120 Covington Road; and businesses – Eclipse Tanning, 2612 E. State Blvd.; and a storage unit at Self Storage, 411 S. Thomas Road.)) 
This was the FIRST set of raids that netted 4 arrests on multiple charges.
2 - ((Just before 6 a.m. Thursday, detectives raided three hotel rooms at Coliseum Inn at 1020 Coliseum Blvd N. after Fort Wayne police received several complaints and drug tips at this location.)) 
There's some FUGLY perps.
Six people were arrested; two came away with felony charges.
3 - Then there was the raid on Huestis Ave. Here's the story:

(didn't know that the Broadway area had become a ghetto).
Guess we do NOW.
This raid netted 3 arrests, with FIVE children removed from the house.
*** And, if THAT isn't enough, let's toss in one more...JUST for good measure.
Here's the story link:
"Christian Dior Cardin Shelton? LMFAO!!!
Twenty years for dealing drugs on the (where else?) SE side, and an ex-con...with a name of CHRISTIAN???
Boy, did YOUR parents mis-name YOU...frigging loser!
---It's no wonder that with all the drug HOUSES that were hit, that dealers would take to the streets...like I saw yesterday.
I did get the plate of one of the vehicles. Can't be sure WHO the dealer was, but I would reckon it may be the driver of the 2011 (?) Hyundai Sonata.
The occupant of the 2007 GMC Acadia was the one getting IN to the other vehicle.
And not a single officer patrolling the area...amazing. By the time I would have called this in, they both would be long gone. Only took 2 minutes tops for the "transaction"
*** Next up, my good friend, Chris Martin has his Music Time Machine every Friday, but I was wondering what he does with any "off-time" he happens to have when he's not perfecting the art of boat coverings (and teaching his bosses how to do the job correctly).
We already know that he's helped save NYC at least once.
And he's been known to "fill in" for singer Dent May on occasion.
That's when he's not otherwise busy being a renegade Time Lord (saving the universe and canine-kind).
But, I never dreamed that he was (also) doing an homage to the late Chuck Berry.
(and using Dave Edmund's name at that)
Well, stranger things HAVE happened, right?

Helluva karaoke night at the pub. Now how about THAT, people. Who'da thunk it?
*** Next, let's get all our catnip in a row with a visit to "Kitten Corner"...
"Bring thy face hither, so I may rubbeth thee"
The kids are getting their "rituals" down pretty good these days.
And by ritual, I mean the required need to do a specific thing during the day (aside from lutter-pan trips and mealtimes).
The mandatory "face rub" has become THE thing with both Wifey and myself.
"Laugh it up, now feed me"
Now, Gallifrey is the big kahuna on this gig, but Violet does the same to me during the day, when she gets on that shelf near the stairs in our living room. It's like she prefers to be "at eye level" with you. He doesn't care where you are. Wifey is playing a game on her phone, and he gets "all in her face"...literally. It's comical as all get out.
Unfortunately, it's hard to get a picture...he moves too much and I'm laughing. And I certainly can't get a picture of me with Violet while she's rubbing on my face...totally not practical.
I suppose it would be MUCH harder with a German Shepherd (at least on that shelf...lol).
*** Last back to the sound studio...the joys of life are so very plentiful, IF you know where to look for them
Many times, they're closer than an arm's length away, and quite often, they're right in front of you, plain as day. Thing is, people are getting accustomed to being distracted with everything the world is tossing at them.
They're not finding time in those joys, but seeking elsewhere to find something that may not even exist.
It's like people gravitate to the ridiculous things, and ignore the important things in life.
How else could you explain the way the world has become of late?
We've heard that hackneyed phrase "stop to smell the roses", right?
Well, no one wants to stop at all...going from one thing to another without a hiccup in between. It's no wonder people miss out on so much while never taking time to pause and catch their breath.
Sure, the world never stops (and I for one, am damn happy about that for that...it's a gravitational thing), but that's not to say WE can't take a break now and then, especially when we feel we NEED to.
Life is complex enough, without us making things worse, heaven knows that.
But to just acknowledge the gift we're given each and every day should be something to celebrate...not something to be collecting dust in some corner of our existence. We don't need fireworks, or bells and whistles to signify this...just the knowledge that we are permitted to partake in life itself.
That should suffice and help us become better people along the way.
We always have the choice to do so, right?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Just finished a bag of dark-chocolate covered blueberries, will that work?

Newberg- haven't had it, looks good!

Have to set my Tolkien reading day for after I get through the latest wave of new stuff. Never unhappy with a round of Silmarillion.

HAH HAH HAH! Dave's once again got my look down, and he even f'ed up the lyrics! The one thing that distinguishes our difference is HE can play a guitar. I don't even air-guitar right!

(He might have more hair on top, too!)

Thank you for that, after a week like this, I needed it!

Bob G. said...

---Blueberries...just as good. Better antioxidants!
---Tastes good too. Hadda get hitched the first time and travel to a Pocono resort JUST to get some...heh.
---I might have to do some VISUAL reading of JRR. Like "an adventure in pictures"...moving ones,
---I'll bet Dave doesn't have a faithful Beagle companion, though...OR has his own "sonic".
Glad to be of service, my friend.

Have yourselves a good weekend & thanks for dropping by to comment today.

Stay safe (and fun-loving) up there, brother.