07 April 2017

Friday Follies..
So, maybe the rain and snow will not be stopping by today. I think it would be the first day this week w didn't have any precipitation in any form.
I will say our area's been a bit quieter (for a welcome change).
Wonder where all the idiots have been, and why can't they stay there?
Our Hooiserland weather for this day bring us cooler temps, partly to mostly sunny skies (that's a switch), breezy conditions continue but no gusty winds. Expect a high of around 50 degrees from the mid-30s this morning
Now, let's chase away the morning cobwebs and grab us some Friday Fortitude to get us all going with a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, hmm?
*** First off of the soggy lawn is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Beer Day
(now THAT is a way to start a weekend!)
---It's National Coffee Cake Day
(I'll make up for this tomorrow, I promise)
---It's National No Housework Day
(this must apply to all our "neighbors", because there is ALWAYS some housework to be done)
---It's National Education and Sharing Day
(A day without learning is a day wasted)
*** Next, and since we are again at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours.
---Saturday is National All Is Ours Day
(It's an appreciation kinda things...like nature)
---It's National Empanada Day
(what? ANOTHER Spanish observance?)
---It's National Zoo Lovers Day
(our neighborhood is still trying to become one - no love there)
---Sunday is National Cherish An Antique Day
(please tell me people won't be wanting to HUG ME)
---It's National Chinese Almond Cookie Day
(now THESE are fantastic!)
---It's National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day
(quite self-explanatory)
---It's National Name Yourself Day
(I'm torn between The Doctor and Captain America...lol)
---It's National Winston Churchill Day
(I smell a quote coming)
There it is, and very appropriate as usual, too!
Now, that's everything you need to know for the weekend.
Observe responsibly, and always take along a designated observer.
*** Next up, how about some local STUPID, just so the rest of us can look SO damn much better?
We had two shootings in the Summit City last evening. Here's the story:
Police were called around 1950 hrs last evening to the 700 block of Huffman (NW area) in response to multiple gunshots. Police found no victim or shooter. People in the area said a person was taken in a vehicle to a hospital. This was also the person seen leaving the house on Huffman.
At 2000 hrs, officers were notified of a possible shooting victim getting into a car near Masterson and Barr Streets (SE area), approximately two miles from the Huffman Street address. The second victim was taken to a hospital by ambulance.
Both men were reported in critical condition.
Masterson                   Huffman
NO arrests have been made, but two vehicles were stopped shorty after these events and those people were taken in for questioning. Police believe (as I had thought) that the shootings WERE related. The investigation is ongoing.
*** Next, The city must be running out of places to develop up NORTH, so what's the plan?
Here's a story that might clue everyone in:
So, the SOUTHWEST is the nest "target" for (over) development...and some residents there are BOTHERED by this (and they should be).
Development is good...TO...A...POINT.
But, when you try to cram "10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag"...things tend to get a bit messy. All the while, the southeast gets ignored...still...again...as always. All the potential...lost due to the crime (and those who cause it). hardly seems fair, but it's what people like us have to put the hell up with.
*** Next up, never fear, as plans and finances for more DOWNTOWN stuff goes on, like in this story:
How about that...swapping funds to pay for The Landing makeover.
Big plans means big money here.
We used to call that "Robbing Peter to pay Paul".
Too many chiefs involved in all this wheeling, dealing and planning to make me feel comfortable.
And never enough braves to argue against such nonsense.
*** Next, we have lost a comedic LEGEND.
Don Rickles aka "Mr Warmth" (as Johnny Carson came to call him) has passed away at the age of 90. Here is his WIKI:
Now, if you think he was only known for his marvelous talent of sarcasm and insult...think again.
He was also a pretty decent dramatic actor.
Watch Run Silent, Run Deep, and you'll see what I mean.
And Don made his mark in those "beach movies" with Annette and Frankie.
Perhaps my favorite memory of him was at those Dean Martin "roasts". You'd piss yourself laughing.
I also liked (the short-lived show) C.P.O. Sharkey as well.
"Crapgame" in Kelly's Heroes
It's hard to imagine our world without his particular style of comedy.
I don't even want to think of how his entrance at the pearly gates would go...lol.
*** Next, time to shift gears and see what's going on at "Kitten Corner"...
I'm too adorable to be "bad".
Our kids have been pretty good this week with Wifey home. Gallifrey still loves getting into the kitchen sink (and we chase him out of there with a squirt bottle). No harm done. Violet gets on the counter-top, but she also gets down when chided.
I'm too tired to be bad...at the moment.
And if you ever wonder where one of them might be, all you have to do is utter the "magic" word - TREATS.
They both come running from wherever they had been to come get some.
Got my eye on those cats there.
Watching birds and squirrels, napping, running about, playing with a piece of clothesline...the fun life of a cat.
Nothing wrong with a lifestyle such as that.
*** Last back to the overly damp flower pots...nice weather brings problems.
Wish it wasn't that way, but people WILL be people.
As soon as the weather breaks, the morons come out like dormant bulbs blooming from the soil, and the usual results take place. We read about it all the time.
Crime never takes a holiday (a shame), so when it gets warmer, we have to be even more in guard.
I mean, we don't want to find people in our vehicles (like that woman in yesterday's post), do we?
And, we sure don't want to become a victim of someone else's dumbassery, right?
We may not be texting while driving, but we can never be sure that others around us on the roads are not either.
We have to acknowledge that others will be doing the wrong thing, and take steps to protect ourselves, hopefully avoiding as much of THEIR stupidity as possible.
Not an easy task, but one which , if more people actively practiced, would avoid a world of problems.
Life is too short of full of too much splendor to have to worry about such things, but we've little choice in the matter, if we are to enjoy as much of life as we can. Our choices can't always be great ones, but if making a tough one leads to better things, then it has to be worth it. Therein lies the lesson for today.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

RIP Don. How about that Syria attack? Interesting now and don't stress out when you hear about Pelosi calling for the House to meet to discuss the president's tactics. Gah. I can't stand that woman. Your squirrels are spoiled but your cats are even more so.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Yeah, that was a pretty good smack in Syria's kisser, what with them using chemical gas to kill THEIR OWN PEOPLE!
Naturally, The U.N. continues to sit on their ample asses.
I heard our rep there gave them what for...good for her. She almost went "Fargo" on 'em...LOL.
---Pelosi is on the record calling FOR an attack...I was like WTF? Is she off her meds? Someone stretch her facial skin TOO tight?
You're not alone in your dislike of her, trust me.
---Everyone's spoiled within the walls of the "Fortress".
I'm waiting for YOUR turn (coffee...free anytime).
Might even have some CAKE (always time for cake).

Thanks for rolling up to coop for a spell today.
Have yourself a good weekend & stay safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Still skipping the beer for now. Almost feeling 95% human again.

WTH is an empanda? And why isn't it black and white?

I'll hug you, Bob. In a guy sort of way.

We used to have those "Hello" stickers at my last job. I talked a supervisor's kid into writing "a penis" on it and sticking it on the back of another supervisor. Wasn't our best moment.

The Landing- yet another pyramid scheme. I'm glad I'm not Tom Henry's personal accountant.

CPO Sharkey was the best! I still remember him bitching about his girl friend being "hippy", as in "those hippy broads are baby factories!"

Bob G. said...

---Ninety-five percent human in our neighborhood would make you a civic LEADER (and possible ICON) 10 times over - always a good thing to have around the "Fortress"...lol.
---I have NO idea...reminds me of a Hot Pocket for BEANERS...heh.
---Cherishing an antique, I see, but you KNOW that hugging is just a way of hiding your face (in a guy sorta way).
---"A Penis"...ROFLMAO!
Hey, maybe his name WAS Dick?
---Pyramid scheme...right you are.
I'm sure the "king" has a SLEW of (vassal) accountants for such occasions.
---Ahh, another great minds moment (enjoying the same entertainment in TV). Never gets old.

Thanks much for taking a little time to drop by today and comment.

Have a very good weekend (all of you) & stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

Antiques are the best! I have so many antique vases, hummels, chairs and my bedroom furniture are all antiques. Heck, I even have books from the 1880s about my faith, Catholicism! Wish I could drink beer, but I can't drink any type of alcohol ever, feel I missing out on so much from it. Donald Trump is the worst president in all 25 years I've been alive, want Obama back... loved the post from yesterday

Bob G. said...

---Having any antique is great, and it's the type of thing that can be found ANYWHERE.
Many times, the BEST antiques are the PERSONAL ones (like your book, for example).
---Drinking beer was never a strong suit with me, either. By the time I finish a six-pack, the last bottle has DUST on it...LOL.
---I can;t say Trump os the WORST president, only because the DEMS aren't trying to give him a chance at doing anything. Obama had it a lot easier, LBJ was a pretty bad president, as was Carter and Ford, well he was just lame.
We need solution to problems...not stalling, fooling and farting around, that's for sure.
Glad you liked that post.
Hopefully, you can take a little something away from each one.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Have a safe weekend and a blessed PALM SUNDAY out there.