14 April 2017

(Good) Friday Follies...
And we're crossing over into the holiest time of the Judeo-Christian calendar with the start of today.
In many ways it's not only a time to celebrate (and not with fireworks or raucous behaviors), and to humble oneself in earnest thanksgiving (and we don't need turkey and football for that).
Never found supplication being detrimental to anyone, right?
Our Hoosierland weather will find us with mostly cloudy skies and chances of showers throughout the day (more expected on Easter Sunday). Our high today will be around 68 degrees (still nice enough).
Now, let's start this weekend off in style with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, as we see what has been going on here and there, hmm?
*** First out of the tackle box is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
APRIL 14 -
---It's National Dolphin Day
(no, we're still not talking football here)
---it's National Ex-Spouse Day
(sorry, don't have one anymore)
---It's National Pan-American Day

(has nothing to do with a former airline either)
---It's National Pecan Day
(could go with a slice of pecan pie, to be honest)
---It's National Reach As High As You Can Day
(yeah, I reach as high as I NEED to when I have to)
Oh, and I mention it's GOOD FRIDAY?
Well, the calendar folks didn't (secular-humanists)
*** And since we are at week's end, let's take a look at what we can expect over the following 48 hours...
APRIL 15 -
---Saturday is National Glazed Spiral Ham Day
(good to have one for Easter)
---It's National Rubber Eraser Day
(if only ALL our mistakes were so easily remedied)
---It's National Take a Wild Guess Day
(gotta know WHY I should take one - my guesses are better than many facts)
---It's National Tax Day
(you actually have until 15 October, if you get an extension)
---It's National Titanic Remembrance Day
(when fate steps in and plays her hand)
--- It's National Auctioneers Day
APRIL 16 -
---Sunday is National Orchid Day
(what? No dogwood?)
---It's National Bean Counter Day
(easier than being a "Beaner-counter"...lol)
---It's National Eggs Benedict Day
(not a culinary traitor)
---It's National Healthcare Decisions Day
(please don't get me started with the ACA again)
---It's National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
(seriously? This is beyond dumb)
---And, it's EASTER
(oh, they focused on bunnies and eggs...yeah, so "Christian")
We'll talk more on this at the close...
*** Next up, time to see some of the local STUPID that's been taking place about the area...
---How about an update to the Ramada shooting death? Here you go:
Okay, for starters, this "baby" was TEN years old, but he DID get to see his mama shoot and kill his "father".
A domestic quarrel led to the shooting (typical).
Natasha Centres Reed, 36 is the shooter. She shot and killed her "boyfriend" Allen Bolton Jr., 38 at the Ramada Plaza.
((On the phone to police, she told them “I messed up. He dead.” In the background, a boy was heard yelling “Mommy, you are going to jail.”))
Kudos to the boy for "getting it". Mama needs to learn how to put together complete sentences and not practice "lazy English". She should have ample time in the slammer, and the boy should wind up in a better home.
Bolton had a rap sheet, but it was all traffic violation stuff. Could not find one for Reed.
---Next, another idiot TRIES to outrace a police radio when stopped (never gonna happen).
Here's that story:
Lanee Nelson-Hardamon, 27, of 4029 Robinwood Dr, and James Ellis Starks II, 23, of  3319 Sequayah Pass (an address in our own zip code that I cannot locate), were the (black) males involved in the chase .
((The “quite lengthy high speed” chase began when police attempted to make a traffic stop at Lafayette Street and Paulding Road. Nelson-Hardamon did not stop in response to flashing police lights and continued south on U.S. 27 into Decatur, finally coming to a stop on Winchester Road.))
And, a related story to the Blue Diamond shooting:
We could have the shooter, and I heard Starks was arrested. I also heard where a gun was thrown from the car Starks was in and that the gun had been recovered.
Like pieces of a puzzle...
*** Next up, and leaving as much of the (ethnic) stupidity behind us as we can, Wifey has the day off.
Funny, I can't recall having the WHOLE day off on Good Friday when I was in school.
But, at least she gets to pickup her (new) contact lenses today, as the eye doc's got regular hours.
(seems everyone does on this day...how wonderfully secular of us all)
*** Next, time to take a stop by "Kitten Corner"...
The cats seem to be less rambunctious when Wifey's not at home...LOL
(maybe they know they can;t get away with anything?)
They were both in the living room (again), "watching" the Doctor Who marathon (more like the insides of their eyelids) with me most of the afternoon.
He was actually napping on my chair (I was on the couch), while she was curled up napping between my legs. Two days in a row...yeah, now I'm getting very spoiled here.
After they spend time with Wifey when she gets home, they come back in later in the evening and stay until it's time to retire.
Then, they follow Wifey for a change...heh. These "kids" have a knack for making what's outside seem a lot less important.
*** Next up, do yourselves a favor and tune in to the new series of Doctor Who this Saturday night at 9 PM.
They have a new show ("Class") following, which seems intriguing as well, and Graham Norton has Peter Capaldi as his guest following that.
There was a story in today's paper about Capaldi leaving the show after this season.
This was a good read, but I would have liked one more season of him.
Changing doctors TOO frequently seems too easy a solution and often causes viewers to turn away (the past teaches us such things).
Time is funny that way.
Reminds me of the ACA BS we were told "If you LIKE your DOCTOR...you can KEEP your doctor"...lol.
So, what happened there? Art imitates life?
*** Last back to the fishing boat...we, as (imperfect) followers of Christ, are all commended to become "fishers of men" to some degree.
And perhaps, it's this time of year when we come to a better understanding of what is meant by what Jesus told his disciples. At least we SHOULD.
When you're a child, it's nice to have the "other" Easter...baskets with candy and toys, colored hard boiled eggs, chocolate ones, and all the trappings to go along with it. But, it was in Sunday School that we learned about the REAL EASTER - and as we grew older and could fathom the immensity of the sacrifice of God for us through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus Christ, we learned a more important lesson as to what Easter SHOULD be to all of us.
To me, it doesn't matter which faith you follow, so much as the reason you HAVE the FAITH in the first place.
In an increasingly complex (and often violent) world, full of technological wonders (and the manner in which they can subvert and corrupt our own humanity), we NEED to take the time to fully comprehend (as best we can with our limited capacity as human beings) what Easter really means.
And, if we take anything away from this weekend, aside from those great Sunday dinners, it's that through all the angst, all the trials, and all the vicissitudes we endure, we will always have HOPE.
For I feel, that without faith in God and His son's sacrifice, there can be no hope.
The Bible tells us again and again in both Testaments regarding hope.
((Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.)) Faith and hope...two things that we all need in abundance...and all the time.
Have yourselves a good and blessed weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Celebrating: Or should be...

GO MIAM... oh, sorry, no football.

Ex Day? NO.

I had a model PA 707 from Cheerios as a kid.

"... my guesses are better than many facts..." You know, CNN facts don't count.

That poor kid got no chance. Hopefully he'll end up someplace better because of all this.

I think I may have worked with Starks' dad back in my security guard days.

KC got today off too. Not us. In related news, remember the piece of crap cutting machine we got from MO? Remember how they got a brand new one? Well, I found out today that the NEW one is an even worse POS and we're on the verge of suing for replacement under the Lemon Law. Karma is such a wonderful woman, eh?

I figured Capaldi would leave, to give the new showrunner his own man. He ran Broadchurch before, and had both Tennant and Darvill on that one...

One thing I can tell you in the difference between my Catholic upbringing and my Evangelical conversion... the focus on the season shifts hard from The Crucifixion to the Resurrection, the Death to the Empty tomb. Guilt to new birth. And that is the best part.

Bob G. said...

---I'm sure you're mindful of the Lord's sacrifice.
---Yeah..."ex" day...what the hey?
---Shoulda kept that 707 - be worth LOTS more than the price of that box of Cherrios!
(especially in Pan Am livery)
---Oh no...of course not. I was talking FACTUAL facts.
---Yeah, helluva way to grow up, though. NO child should have to go through THAT.
---If you DID, he also has a "history" with our local judicial system (apples never fall from the tree, especially bad ones).
---That is good to hear. Hope that manages to end your machinery issue but doesn't wind up breaking your company's bank as a result from any litigation (fate is also a very fickle female).
---Chibnall's not a bad choice, but his eps of DW were not among my personal favorites. I DID enjoy Broadchurch, however.
Love to see Russell T. Davies come back to write again.
Seems like BBC is doing the same thing that eventually turned viewers off from the first series (McCoy being the last doctor in that run)
---"Guilt to new birth"...that say it in a nutshell.
Like a phoenix from the ashes so to speak.
Certainly a type of renewal that is ongoing and blessed from above.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Have yourselves a fantastically blessed weekend.
Stay safe up there, brother.