17 April 2017

Monday Musings - (Post Easter Edition)...
Now THIS was the "traditional" day when we used to have off from school (back in the Pre-Jurassic Age), and since Easter always came on a SUNDAY, many workplaces closed today a well. (just try to find that happening today)
The weather gave us the chance to kick on the A/C (oh, joy). Just when you get a chance to SAVE a few bucks from all the heating costs...time to begin paying for the cooling costs...lol. No winning on this account.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will bring us mostly sunny skies, temps reaching to around 68 degrees and no rain in the forecast (seems to pass us by...damn it).
So what say we get a nice refreshing drink poured and parked close by (not TOO close, mind you) as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the Easter dinner leftovers is our "What the hell happens today, Bob? feature:
APRIL 17 -
---It's National Bat Appreciation Day
(guess Bruce Wayne is liking this one)
---It's National Cheeseball Day
(I've tried it - still like sliced or block cheese)
---It's National Ellis Island Family History Day
(Ah yes, when immigrants came here LEGALLY)
---It's National Haiku Poetry Day
(I'll leave this one up to all of YOU)
---It's National Poem In Your Pocket Day
(stick a Haiku there, and you've killed 2 birds with 1 stone)
*** Next, we had our share of stupid over the weekend, like in THIS story:
A stabbing in the 7900 block of Decatur Rd (another area going to hell in a hand-basket for years) at the Arbors of South Towne Square Apartments. This took place around 0400 hrs. Funny, most of the locals tend to be getting ready to crash for the night (until they wake up around 11 AM and start their crap all over again).
Odd thing, whenever we used to have friends over, things NEVER turned to violent raging resulting in any bodily injury. Must be a "white privilege" thing? LOL!
Guess SOME people need to be a tad more "selective" about who they deem to be a friend?
*** Next, a blast from the past where Wifey and I used to live (Columbus, OH).
Here's the story link:
This took place less than a mile from the apartments (formerly Northland Colony) where we once lived for the better part of a year. The whole area is SO different now, I wouldn't recognize it except for the street names (like Morse Rd). The mall has been gone for years, and many other stores have also left...gee, must be the CRIME that took over (we got out before it got a real hold).
But, back to the story...
Naturally, this J&R Party Hall was an "after-hours club" and it's clientele consisted of mainly blacks (don't they usually?)
Read the names in the Columbus Dispatch story, and you make the call there.
Doesn't sound like a bunch of Italians or Irish whooping it up THAT late, does it?
Sure makes the case for CLOSING DOWN all these "party houses" and "clubs" that many cities already have (like in Fort Wayne). And, I'm not being a prude here. I prefer to call this a public safety matter of a higher order.
Anyone remember the place along Avondale that was shut down a couple years back?
Check my archive post from St Patty's Day 2014.
Hard-Hitters was the name - a black and red building that has yet to be reopened (thank God). A monument to stupidity, perhaps?
All these so-called parties taking place after the regular joints close down is causing harm to too many...too often.
*** Next up, it looks like our technology (and those using it)  have taken "abuse" to a whole new level.
Here's the story:
One bat-shit crazy mo-fo.
It just had to be a black man who posted a killing on Facebook, didn't it?
This took place in Cleveland, and the manhunt is on.
Guess a SUICIDE-SELFIE is out of the question at this point?
*** Next, I hear our city is sending out their PROPERTY TAX bills this week (Happy Easter)...and they are expected to be HIGHER. Here's THAT story:
No surprise to me...it's the ONLY way to get some real revenue these days...artificially JACK UP the assessments, and bilk the homeowners (as usual).
Hell, we USED to pay about $700+ per year (after homestead credit) when we first moved to the "Fortress"...now, thanks to rising crime and lack of retail and services down here, along with ALL the HUD rentals,. we haven't even paid close to $200 in over a decade and a half.
Guess crime is good for something...heh. Can't wait to see how much MORE our place is worth because we're white and OWN the property (always amuses me). A house that used to be assessed at $76K...now worth less than $40K, thanks to the city of Fort Wayne, and their lack of vision when it comes to public safety and halting the blight our part of town has come to "embrace".
*** Next up, our "locals" were in fine form over the holy weekend...LOTS of boom cars (some came by several times, JUST to annoy the hell out of us...nice to be "loved").
And, I chased some kids off the lawn who were tossing rocks into a trashbin ACROSS the street (why they needed OUR hill , I have no idea). They went UP the street (where they belong).
We certainly were not without our wandering "tribes" as well.
Yeah, I'd feel SO safe seeing THIS group approaching me on the street.
And we can't forget our dear, sweet Latino "neighbors" two doors down, who were apparently doing some roof work (at least THEY do something more than the blacks around here), and didn't watch where THEIR trash was blowing. Always police your work area.
I tend to wear gloves when handling FIBERGLASS INSULATION (that winds up on OUR property). Several other properties were "recipients" of the Hispanic "fallout". But they are people who just let the trash stay where it's at...and that's why we have a blighted area...apathy goes FAR down here.
The best part to all this - NOT ONE POLICE VEHICLE was spotted all weekend.
Besides, I never hear about citations of stupidity...do you?
*** Next, and kicking the stupid to the curb, time to see what's been going on over at "Kitten Corner"...
The kids did have their moments over the weekend. Shame you can never get any good "action" shots. All you wind up with is a blur...maybe that's why others tend to post videos of their cats (unless they're at rest like ours...then you can get plenty of pictures.
Nice to have them curl up on the sofa with you, and always fun to see them "bug mommy" when she's busy with her smartphone...lol.
*** Last back to the microwave...it certainly is NO secret that I'm a big Doctor Who fan.
Been one since the mid-70s actually (The Pertwee era - first that I saw on PBS in Philly). Actually had my picture taken with Tom Baker (slightly blurred thanks by a shaking hand of the nervous person taking it...lol), and even back then, as the series progressed, it began to "slip" after we got into the mid-80s. This isn't to take anything from those acting the series.
The writing wasn't up to par many times, and perhaps, people became bored (society did develop ADHD leading into the 90s).
There was a decade and a half where NO episodes were made by the BBC - we had one telemovie in 1996 starring Paul McGann.
So, when a proper"reboot" was announced in 2005, I was definitely on board with it...
Ever since then, I found the news series very entertaining (even if the language suffered with words never heard in the first go'round). I found the writing top-notch most of the time (can't write a winner EVERY week, right?) with some outstanding episodes among the lot.
Thing is, ever since 2011 (according to UK sources) ratings have been DROPPING...and rather substantially. I find that odd, except to say that maybe those watching in the UK are even MORE fickle than Philadelpha sports team fans (and they are some of the worst when it comes to turning on the home team)...lol.
The die-hard fans stick with it, through good and bad.
I like the Doctor because, even with ALL the time the character has lived, with all the tech he has, all the knowledge he was acquired, and all that he's been through...he's still NOT perfect, and that's a good thing.
In many ways, he mirrors who WE are.
He might always seem to win, but there are always costs, or consequences, or effects attached to a victory. Lesson to be learned THERE, eh?
His companions are more like the audience in that we get to "ride along" with the Doctor in his adventures.
And as such,  would bring a smile to Joseph Campbell's face...it's all about MYTHOLOGY - aka the Hero's Journey.
Our favorite Time Lord has been on his particular journey for over ten centuries...and still going.
Just like in life..."With every ending, there is always a new beginning".
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Avoiding A/C for now- windows and doors w/screens.


Al Penwasser did the A to Z in Haiku last year. Talk about a challenge! Shoulda tried it in limericks instead.

"Is that a poem in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?" "Hey, baby, that's Longfellow..."

My Bro-in law and his sister used to work 2nd at Zollners and used to hit a place called Newton's way back when. Doubt they would do it these days...

Cleveland guy is beyond douchebag. May God take him in His waiting arms- and deposit him where he belongs.

I think Tennant spoiled the new fans- and I'll wager that was the thought process for picking the next Doc that D posted on FB this weekend. And I wonder if the BBC's screaming need to shoehorn gay characters into everything has a bit to do with it. Now the new episode- I thought the set-up was excellent... the payoff, not so much. The ending was back to good again, and Pearl Mackie I did like. And I am enjoying Nardole's insights into the Doctor- a part I didn't quite get my first time through Dr Mysterio but saw more this weekend on the replay.

Another thing- Kinda hard to blame Brits for the bad ratings when the BBC can't decide whether to give the show the priority it deserves or not. In the US, you KNOW what time of year a show is going to be on, and this "well, let's do a half season this year, let's switch from fall to spring here, that can not help things.

Bob G. said...

---The A/C dries the house out. I like it when absolutely necessary.
---LOL hadda feeling about that.
---I rarely do EITHER these days (used all my credits up on that).
---ROFLMAO...I like that one.
---Yeah, you gotta be a LOT more careful where you choose to go these days. Better t6o stay at home and drinker much less-expensive alcohol.
---He might get the bum's rush to Hell...he certainly EARNED it.
---Tennant was the right doctor at the right time (following Eccleston's ONE year run).
He became this gen's TOM BAKER in a lot of ways.
---The new series opener...I also liked the set-up. And that creature was??? (what, really?)
Didn't make sense, and the last bit seemed to try and shove a half hour of plot into a 15 minute "data-dump"...It was okay - not nearly as good as Capaldi's FIRST opener (Deep breath), and on the first time around for THE PILOT, I dozed OFF and missed the last 10 mins. Had to go to the website and watch what I missed...LOL.
(that's a first for me).
Got some more stuff tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
(and sorry about commenting late for the music time machine...my fault).

Stay safe up there, brother.