05 May 2017

Friday Follies...
End of the week, and MAY-BE the end of the rain...perhaps.
Yeah, it has been a much quieter week down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne, thanks to the inclement weather.
Sure making things green as well. Might have to mow the back yard early next week (again).
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us (what else?)...more rain, throughout most of the day, but there is a rumor that the sun might make an appearance later in the afternoon, so we get a break in the showers. Expect temps to rise to around 49 degrees, with some modest winds coming along for the ride.
Also, part of the south side of the city is w/o power, and that means no traffic lights in some areas.
"Nah, the safety's OFF on this bad boy."
Be cautious and aware of any and all such situations, should you be out and about.
And yes, take the umbrella again, and look for anything along the streets or roads that may have come down overnight.
A little safety can go a long way in such conditions...remember that.
Now, with that behind us, let's get that cup of Friday Fortitude poured, as we see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the rain-soaked streets is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
(and we have more than a couple)
MAY 5 -
---It's Cinco De Mayo
(which is not being receievd as in year's past...wonder why?)
---It's National Astronaut Day
(hard to believe we have NONE of the original 7 Mercury program astronauts alive)
---It's National Cartoonist Day
(making us laugh on a daily basis)
---It's National Hoagie Day
(They made some great ones back in Philly - they call 'em subs here)
---It's National Totally Chipolte Day
(not into this...sorry)
---It's National Space Day
(what too many of our kids are apparently taking up in schools these days)
*** Next, and since it IS the end of the week, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours:
MAY 6 -
---Saturday is National Beverage Day
(and SO many to choose from)
---It's National Crepe Suzette Day
(a crepe by any other name would taste sorta the same I guess)
---It's National Homebrew Day
(how's that beer YOU were making coming, Chris? Still waiting for my bottle...heh)
---It's National Nurses Day
(Without them, doctor's would have no time for golfing)
---It's Join Hands Day
(just don't use any super glue)
---It's National Bombshells' Day
---It's National Scrapbook Day
(never had one for some strange reason)
---It's National Start Seeing Monarchs' Day
(the butterflies, that is...kinda early, though)
---It's National Train Day
(hard to find REAL trains these days, except in museums)
---It's Free Comic Book Day
(might have to try this one again...more below)
MAY 7 -
---Sunday is National Barrier Awareness Day
(wheelchair accessibility)
---It's National Infertility Survival Day
(Plays into adoption no doubt)
---It's National Packaging Design Day
(we need a day for THIS?)
---It's National Paste-Up Day
(do people even use "paste" anymore?)
---It's National Roast Leg-of-Lamb Day
(goes good with mint)
---It's National Lemonade Day
(to wash the lamb down?)
CRIPES,  that was a LOT of stuff...remember to observe responsibly.
*** Next up,  that public meeting took place regarding Memorial Park. Here's the story:
Wow...the proposal was DECRIED...(good word. Right up there with "beleaguered").
I thought the mayor said it was the right thing and that people wanted it. Guess he "thought" wrong (again).
((“Should this project move forward – which it will not – will a memorial be erected for an Indiana Tech athlete who stubbed their toe or skinned their knee,” one speaker from Churubusco asked. “If so, what if the vets want to encroach on that memorial?” The process, the speaker said, was “about politics, not patriotism. It is about money, not memorials. It is about victory, not veterans.”))
Wow...now THAT is the way to address something that's not needed or wanted. I applaude this person.
((It's a proposal that has drawn criticism and condemnation from area groups and organizations, including those that represent area veterans, local historic preservation agency ARCH, and the Friends of the Parks of Allen County. Of chief concern Thursday was the fate of several memorials to fallen veterans of World War I and the Vietnam War. Indiana Tech's proposal would move those memorials and one dedicated to Fort Wayne aviator Art Smith to places university officials and advocates of the proposal say would be more visible to Memorial Park visitors and passers-by. 
To some who appeared Thursday, moving those memorials is tantamount to the desecration of hallowed ground.))
Again, kudos to the level of REASON expressed here. It's like putting a soccer field in Arlington Cemetery...
You just DON'T DO THAT!
Good article.
*** Next, Paul Ensley (councilman - 1st district) was on the Pat Miller show yesterday and he had a lot to say about the Riverfront development, and what we're NOT being told.
Unfortunately, I can't find a link to the broadcast, but it was eye-opening.
Ensley said that this initial $17 MIL for "phase 1" is actually more like $25 MIL...so we can see the costs are ALREADY rising, and not ONE brick has been laid or ONE spade of dirt lifted. How much MORE will this cost all of us in the end?
(anyone remember Parkview Field and all those Harrison town-homes aka Costaplenty Square?)
What I wouldn't give to have a councilman like THIS representing OUR district. We need more of his kind asking questions and finding out facts.
*** Next up, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, and I would love to get a couple.
Missed it last year, and before that, the store wasn't open when we got there, so we left, rather than hang around for over an hour. Here's the homepage link:
BTW, that's something ELSE we don't have down here on the SE side (or anywhere close by)...a comic store.
Supposed to be one at 2001 S. Calhoun...not sure about this place.
Three titles available this year caught my eye. Guess you can tell why.
Yeah, I really, really, REALLY want to get a copy of those...they're FREE, right?
We shall see...
*** Next, today is the opening of the latest MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) flick - "Guardians Of The Galaxy - Vol. 2", and so far from what I saw of the trailers, it's looks good enough to get a DVD of when it comes out later this year (as you know it will).
Here's one of the teasers...

And, if that's not enough, this weekend on FX channel, they have a Marvel Movie "marathon".
Here's the link to the schedule:
Okay, so they're NOT showing the FIRST Iron Man movie, OR The Incredible Hulk, both of which establish the basis for future flicks, AND, they're not showing them IN ORDER (according to the timeline), but it's still better than nothing, right?
*** Next up, time to stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
The kids have done well with all the rain we had...doesn't bother them at all.
Where IS that jingle ball?
But they're indoor cats, so they don't get to go outside and get soaked.
They just do the usual...eat, sleep, litterbox, play, (repeated as necessary)...lol.
As for "Midnight"? Well, he's been getting wet, but he is coming by earlier and staying longer, not that it matters to our cats. They watch him for a while, then go back to their "routine".
If Midnight is finding food other than what he gets here, it can't be much, as he is SO hungry and meows his little head off as I set food down for him...breaks my heart to see a nice cat at the mercy of the elements.
He seems to appreciate what we do for him...and I would not do less for any other "lost soul".
*** Last back to the floodplain...you always hear me speak to various aspects of humanity.
And, being a part of this grand scheme, it seems only fair for me to point things out that need it.
For example, I can't imagine what kind of person would just abandon ANY animal they have taken into their house.
That just seems so damn heartless to me.
At the other end of the human spectrum are people who take in EVERY dog and cat they find, only to become a "hoarder" of sorts, and that has it's own special brand of heartlessness.
While doing a good gesture, they wind up endangering the animals under such conditions that are not good for a large number of animals. The dogs and cats become sickly, and the house smells so bad, you can't keep a meal down without puking.
All WE want is a GOOD home.
Like almost everything else in life, there HAS to be moderation...yes, even with adopting pets.
People have to be aware that these animals have as much right to life as anyone with two legs.
Many of us get that...not a problem.
The rest of humanity has sooner or later, got to come to grips with their limitations.
And such things don't apply just to having pets, but in all facets of our journey through life.
When everyone winds up on that same page, a lot more of us will find life so much better...no matter how many legs we happen to have.
Do have yourselves a good weekend. Try to keep dry.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Wow, can't believe it's Cinco already- without working around a whole plant of Mexicans, it slips your mind.

I haven't tried that last bottle yet... and haven't had time/$ to invest in another round yet. Maybe this summer...

Good for those who wanted to shunt off the memorials- so sick of people who have no emotional connect to things trying to "spruce them up". Just shut up and go home.

Books Comics and Things is in Time Corners... not THAT far from you...

Bob G. said...

---LMAO...amazing how that works, hmm?
---Aging that last bottle, no doubt.
---Hope you liked the trailer (cracked me the hell up)...hadda resize it a few times to fit correctly (not my forte`)
---Went to BC&T the other year (they open too late to hang around). Gonna try that joint on Calhoun.
Map shows it to be a nice looking place. We'll see what shakes.
If we do manage to hit the store, I'll see if I can snag the Marvel and DW copies for 'ya ('cause I can).

Thanks for stopping by today.

You folks (Scrappy included) have a good weekend.
God willing, we'll see 'ya on the flip side.

Stay safe up there, brother.

gadfly said...

Bob G:

I almost missed your comment about Memorial Park, which to my way of thinking is profoundly underused and it most certainly adds to my tax bill.

"To some who appeared Thursday, moving those memorials is tantamount to the desecration of hallowed ground.

Again, kudos to the level of REASON expressed here. It's like putting a soccer field in Arlington Cemetery..."

If you look at the history of Arlington National Cemetery, it would not be a surprise if a soccer field or two was actually located there. The cemetery has been growing since I left adjacent Fort Myer in 1964. Since then, much of Fort Myer, particularly its South Post, Arlington Hall Station, the location of Navy HQ back then, Henderson Hall, home of the Marines, and a whole lot of the North Post of the fort have been gulped up by the ever expanding cemetery. Before the Arlington National was built, government housing for all the women working in D.C. for the WWII war effort was located in what was then called Arlington Farms and Arlington Cantonment. Later the main entrance and visitor center were built there.

Arlington National Cemetery will always be part of me since I was involved in the activity at the JFK grave during the the burial.

Bob G. said...

Always a pleasure to have you stop by.
--- I haven't been to Arlington since way back in the mid-90s, and didn't know much about the recent history of the surrounding areas.
That's some good information you provided.
I was at JFK's burial site before it became what we see today. Back then, it was a lump of pine boughs with the small flame there...not much else.
When I returned decades later, I was amazed at what it looked like (with RFK there as well).

I just feel that city's often take it upon themselves to encroach upon areas they don't need to.

At Gettysburg, they had erected an observation tower, and not that many years ago, tore it down, due to people protesting it's taking away from the area. I was up in it once, and it was bit garish for the solemnity that ground has attached to it. They want to preserve the area as much as it once was...can't fault them there.

Again, thanks for the history lesson regarding Arlington.

And thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.