26 May 2017

Friday Follies...
Welcome to our Memorial Day weekend.
I wouldn't put the umbrella away just yet, however.
Although today will see us drying out a bit from all the rain, we're due for more later this evening into tonight.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will bring us partly to mostly cloudy skies to start off, then a good possibility of some sun by afternoon, followed by more clouds and then...the rains return after that (so we're being told).
At this rate, maybe we should start pairing up the critters and looking for sales on wood and nails at Menards?
Perhaps not.
In any event, let's take this time to get ourselves a cup of glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close-at-hand, to better prepare for what this day (and the weekend) has in store...
*** First off of the rain-swollen rivers is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 26 -
---It's National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
(cheesecake? say no more)
---It's National Don't Fry Day
(With all this rain, that'll be hard to do)
---It's National Heat Awareness Day
(and that's why we invented air conditioning)
*** Next, and since we have arrived at week's end, let's see what the following 48 hours brings us...
MAY 27 -
---Saturday is National Cellophane Tape Day
(remember, it's NOT waterproof)
---It's National Grape Popsicle Day
(one way to turn your tongue purple)
MAY 28 -
---Sunday is National Brisket Day
(never met one that I didn't enjoy yet)
---It's National Hamburger Day
(ANY day is good for hamburgers)
And there we have it...all the things leading up to our Memorial Day (on Monday).
Be sure to observe responsibly and always have a designated observer.
*** Next, and speaking of observing, you never know when God will show you something you need to see. I do believe that the Almighty DOES reward patience along those lines.
Here's a prime example...
Remember those little (bad-ass) neighbor primates that were tossing rocks and other assorted things around?
Well yesterday, they took to gathering stones, then running inside the fenced yard so they could toss them OVER the fence (and at passing vehicles, no less).
One FWCS bus went by, and although my vision was blocked, I could HEAR the stones hit the side of the bus, which did not stop. I got my camera, thinking "this could be interesting". Didn't have to wait long.
A minivan drove past, and I heard stones hit THAT, only this time, the vehicle pulled OVER and a white male got out.
He heard the kids rustling and he actually ran around to the back of the property where he confronted them.
He must have given those hellions some talking to (a couple minutes worth), but I couldn't hear anything. The man went back to his minivan and sat there for an additional 5 minutes. I thought he might have called the police (my phone had been in my hand since the bus got hit). Within 10 minutes, the van left (slowly), and the kids did NOT go back to rock-tossing.
Will this "cure" them of such behavior? I doubt it, but it might make them think twice about doing it again anytime soon.
Hell, I'd be happy if it JUST made them think, as this doesn't seem to be one of their behavioral traitss.
Still, it's times like this you KNOW there is a God.
*** Next up, I hear our own governor was in town touting Indiana's park systems. Here's the story:
Foster Park, Fort Wayne. Does NOT suck.
Funny, that study I mentioned yesterday said both Indy and Ft. Wayne were close to the "bottom" of the list when it comes to parks. Someone doing a bit of  "damage control" here?
Oh, we're talking STATE PARKS...and not all the "local" ones.
"Clifty"? Kinda NIFTY.
So, we EXCEL at state parks, but kinda suck with city parks (where our money regularly goes)...that would make some sense, I suppose.
Better to waste our money locally than statewide, right?
*** Next, we have a name for the proposed makeover of the G.E. campus. Here's that story:
So the name will be "Electric Works"?
The way things go in this city, I wouldn't even call it "The Electric Company"...lol.
Sesame Street is getting a bit "warmer", but is no doubt copyrighted.
Electric Works sounds like a bloody UTILITY company...wonder if they'll charge us a "rate hike" for that? Just what we (don't) need.
*** Next up, the FWFD was busy recovering dead bodies from a river and pond. Here's the details:
The one body was found floating in the Maumee at the Tecumseh St. bridge, caught in a logjam.
The other was found in a pond at Lakeside Park, not that far away.
That should keep the coroner busy with some overtime.
What cracks me up, is that officials call that logjam a "strainer" (?!?)
Wonder how that will impact any riverfront development?
*** Next, time to drop by our "Kitten Corner"...
"Iz the ground drying OUT?"
The kids were a little manic early on, but settled down into their own "groove" during the rest of the day. They like the window perch as much as the patio door, and often take turns between napping to make sure all is as it should be. I didn't have a problem with that at all.
"I'm trying to nap here."
Late evenings, they both came into the living room, with Violet choosing the sofa to sleep, while Gallifrey chose one of the chairs there. And Wifey always gets a feline "escort" to bed.
*** Next up, let's visit our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our furry buddy spent much of yesterday drying out (as did we all), and stayed in our back yard near the fence.
He has become a mainstay around the "Fortress", and I caught him sitting out front last evening (before he headed off to wherever he goes overnight) looking as if he were protecting our house. Too dark to get a good picture.
He sat there like he owned the place, in fact.
*** Last back to our rain barrels...I like the (proper) traditions surrounding Memorial Day weekend.
It was always a time for some reflection, and maybe it's because Dad was in WW2.
Maybe it was due to the fact that we lived in a free country, and that the powers that sought to wage war had been soundly defeated, making such continuance of freedom possible.
Perhaps it had something to do with all the sacrifices made by America over our history. Such sacrifices were not solely relegated to those fighting battles both here or abroad, but to all the civilians, pulling together to make our fight for freedom (both for ourselves as well as for other peoples around the world) a noble struggle, as it should be remembered.
I never view Memorial Day as just another sale at some store, or another cookout, and certainly never a time where you blast some crap music from your car or home stereo at ear-bleeding, house-shaking levels, or blow off several hundred bucks worth of "fireworks".
Sadly, many today do just that, and never take into account the REAL meaning of this observance.
Tell that to ALL those buried at places such as Arlington, where the Old Guard have been placing small AMERICAN flags on every grave there.
For all THOSE souls is what Memorial Day is for, and should be honored as such.
Take a couple minutes to remember that this weekend. It won't cost you anything but your time, and you'll come away from it a better person for the experience.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Just remember on that Menards trip- if you need the ark, the DNR has probably outlawed motorized boats in your area.

Cheesecake- AND blueberry? I'm in!

Scrappy and I were aware of the heat by the end of our walk today- a far cry from the START of said walk.

Cellophane tape day: And the stuff we have at our work, not particularly sticky, either.


Kids all do that stone/apple/egg throwing at least once. (At least Laurie did, lol!) Hopefully they have it all out of their system now.

Apparently the place was (GE) originally Fort Wayne Electric Works sometime in prehistory, I am told. Personally, I prefer "On The Ruins", but not my hunt...

Midnight caption: "What would these poor people do without me??"

Kicking off my Memorial Weekend play all the M10 hits in order thing and just hit Jana Kramer's Boomerang...

(Hope THAT don't count as 'crap music', lol!)

All goes better with Yuengling...

Bob G. said...

---LOL...I hadn't thought of that...thanks.
---Two great reasons for dessert.
---It did warm up, and exertion must have made it feel worse.
---Some of that stuff make POST-ITS a better choice.
---I KNOW!!! Figured you could appreciate THAT.
---With THESE kids...wouldn't make book on it.
---ON THE RUINS...gotta kinda poetry to it.
---He's SUCH a helper around the "Fortress"...heh.
That is DEFINITELY NOT crap music! How dare you?
---Yeah, I might a couple off and have at it...

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today top comment.

Have yourselves a fantastic weekend and DO stay safe up there, brother.