01 May 2017

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the (merry) month of May.
And, I know I quite enjoyed all the rain we had over the weekend, simply because it keep the loudasses "at bay" for the most part. Nice to have some relative quiet here for a change, not have the television "competing" with those loud idiots OUTSIDE.
The rain is not yet ready to go away for a good part of today though, but rest assured that things will return to what passes for normal down here by tomorrow (which is far removed from what you folks enjoy, trust me).
Our Hoosierland weather starts the month of with cloudy skies, rain showers with gusty winds, and temps reaching to around 60 degrees, and you may want to be aware while driving (for downed limbs, and other stuff not battened down by careless people.
Oh, and do bring the umbrella...you will need it.
In the meantime, let's kick off May with a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, as we see what else is going one elsewhere...
*** First out of the bird feeder is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
And since we begin a brand new month, let's start with all the MONTHLY observances:
MAY is:
Date Your Mate Month
Foster Care Month
Older Americans Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bike Month
National Blood Pressure Month
National Chocolate Custard Month
National Chamber Music Month
National Egg Month
National Get Caught Reading Month
National Hamburger Month
National Lyme Disease Awareness Month
National Mediterranean Diet Month
National Military Appreciation Month
National Motorcycle Awareness Month
National Moving Month
National Photograph Month
National Recommitment Month
National Salad Month
National Salsa Month
National Strawberry Month
National Water Safety Month
===========WEEKLY OBSERVANCES==========
Choose Privacy Week: First Full Week of May
Nurse's Week - first week of month
National Wildflower Week - week two
National Bike Week - third week
Public Works Week: Week of May 15th
National Police Week - third week of month
Emergency Medical Services Week - fourth week of month
And finally, the DAILY deal.
MAY 1 -
---It's  Law Day
(that never applies to thos breaking laws down here)
---It's National Loyalty Day
(If you're not loyal to yourself, you can't be loyal to others)
  ---It's  National Chocolate Parfait Day
(you ALWAYS have me at "chocolate")
   ---It's National Mother Goose Day
(wish we still had more "women" like her around)
   ---It's Silver Star Service Banner Day
(Always remember - never forget)
   ---It's National Melanoma Monday
(I wish they wouldn't make this sound like money-off at a fast food joint)
   ---It's School Principals' Day
(they don't make 'em like they USED to)
*** Next up, thankfully, there were no MAJOR crimes around the city (at least none reported by the media), but that doesn't mean crime took the (wet) weekend off...you can bet on that.
Our FIRST stash of plants
Around the garden of our "Fortress", spring is starting to show it's beauty once again.
We've got the columbines starting to bloom, and that's always fun to see what colors we'll get this year. It's always different thanks to re-seeding and cross pollination.
The resurrection lilies are getting close to sending up the shoots that will bloom also, and the clematis have buds on them.
And this little Japanese maple we planted tn the circle just outside the gate along the side of the property made it through the winter and has sprouted new foliage. It's still not even 2 feet tall yet, but even small trees do take a while.
(at least it's not a bonsai...lol)
*** Next up, another one of the (too many) government-sponsored "neighbors" has provided something new in the alley behind us...
Just typical SE dumbassery.
Yep, put the trash bin IN the alley, and make people try to drive past it. Didn't know we were opening an "obstacle course" around here, although the whole area is basically becoming one these days, thanks to the water main replacement debacle (and people walking in the damn streets).
Some days, you just wonder WTH are these people thinking...and then you comes to you...THEY NEVER THINK...that's their problem...LOL.
God forbid if they TRY to attempt that. They might have a seizure.
*** Next, let's see "What on God's green earth has Bob bought on eBay this time"?
Well, I managed a really good find, even if it's something that only fans of science fiction in general and Doctor Who in particular might come to enjoy.
It's the 11th Doctor 5.5 inch figure with electronic sonic screwdriver set.
Comes in a nice TARDIS box, and when you open the "doors", there you have it...figure and sonic.The sonic makes sounds and lights up, but doesn't flick open. S'ok.
Oh, and the figure comes with it's OWN sonic accessory. It's a good rendering of Matt Smith, and well articulated.
He won't do an exorcist "360" with his head, but we can let that pass.
And the best part...got it for UNDER $10 (free shipping). Can't find it anywhere for less. Many places have it as high as $44!
(now that's outright robbery, imho).
It's a nice addition to the old collection.
*** Next up, I think it's time we strolled over to see what's going on at "Kitten Corner"...
Asleep in my lap.
Ah, the kids were so cute for most of the weekend. I still have to chase Gallifrey out of the sink every time Wifey or I use it.
Not our new draft-stopper.
Violet just gets on the counter.
Aside from that (and the racing about the house)...all is still well.
"Hey, wha-cha lookin' at?"
They both are getting their share of bird-watching in, now that the weather is warmer...more cardinals to see, along with a nuthatch and starlings. Robins don't hit the feeders, but the cats wtach them also.
We even had a red house finch at the new feeder, as well as "big red" (woodpecker) at the suet cake.
And, if you were wondering about that white cat I call SNOWBALL...I saw it the other day across the street heading west, so it's still around.
That black cat (who I now call MIDNIGHT) comes by to eat the cat food I put out.
Doesn't bother the birds that I know of, so that's fine. As soon as the cat sees you, off it goes.
As an added bonus, early on Friday morning, I got a picture of a mama-possum near the front steps. She has a a baby on her back,
Sorry, about the picture quality...no time for a flash, and through glass doesn't work well anyway. Had to do a timed shot, such as it was. Don't really see them so close to houses, but with the way people leave trashcans overfilled, it's little wonder they don;\'t come by more often.
*** Last back to the patio light...I often wonder if mankind can get out of it's own way long enough to settle it's many petty differences.
We have become our own reality show.
Weird what you tend to think about, isn't it?
It seems the harder we attempt to be truly cooperative, the more we become divisive. And the only real unity becomes disunity. We can't seem to put aside those (nasty) things that have been around since the model came out.
But, as is often the case, we create the scenario we try to avoid, and that gets us (as a race) nowhere fast.
Also, there are those in power who love to preach one thing...and do another (usually some polar opposite), and these are the people we rely upon to know the score, and have entrusted to them our cities, towns, states and country to be managed a lot better than we have been. The realm of politics can be a good ally, but just as easily can be a fearsome foe. And, it doesn't stop there.
The mindsets we have allowed to be set in place are causing most of the problems we have today.
Where once we were doing fine with a better sense of ethics, morality, and civil behavior, we now seem content to act to the contrary, and where is THAT getting us?
It's not just a local or even national issue...it's a GLOBAL one.
And, if we don't decide to retain or reclaim our humanity, we will indeed lose it, one way or another.
Such change took a while to manifest itself, and will take as long to revert back to a better society.
The hardest part to making it happen is being able to convince people to change the path they're on...no easy task.
It is weird what you think about, but it's better to ponder them than to ignore them, isn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Ok why did all the wonderbrains decide that May 1st was national everything day? What gives? Great post. Love the cats. Is it raining? It's raining. All the flippin' time down here.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---I know...what IS it with the 1st of May any who???
---Glad you enjoy the cat pics.
(they pose best when resting...heh)
---It was raining (real rain) down here most all weekend and some of today.
(Then again, it ALWAYS rains MORONS around the "Fortress"...can't use an umbrella with THEM, can you? ROFL!)

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe down there at the Harry Potter "haus".

CWMartin said...

"Older Americans Month"- hey do WE get in on that? Are there t-shirts?

That school principal looks like Lou Holtz's younger brother, lol!

Shoulda kicked the can over into their yard. Let 'em prove it weren't a car!

A defectively made Sonic? I'm appalled...

Well, at least you got a LIVE possum... not just a leg, a backbone, etc like us!

Answer to your closing question- NO. Berkeley proves it.

A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm envious that you've already got your first stash of plants for your garden. It snowed something like 10 inches over the weekend, so no garden for us yet. Not unless we want everything to get frostbite.

And yep, humanity saddens me right now with its divisiveness. It seems like hardly anyone can talk about current events without almost coming to blows. And it's not just the anger and the violence that bothers me, but the justification of it. "Oh, that guy I was trying to hurt was a Nazi, see, so it's okay."

(Spoiler alert: he wasn't a Nazi. Having political views you don't agree with does not = Nazi by default)

Bob G. said...

---LOL...we NEED to get in on that one. Dunno about t-shirts, but there BETTER be CAKE!!!
---I won't touch anything that belongs to the locals around here (contagion imperative is in place...heh.)
---Not really defective, per se...more "static", but all the sounds are there! Not a total loss.
(one can NEVER have TOO many sonics)
---Well, the possum WAS alive (for the time being). You never can tell with all the BBQ that goes on down here. Like living in a bloody "rib-fest" for several months.
---Had a feeling you'd feel that way...(yep).

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.

Bob G. said...

---I read where you got snow...TEN inches? Wow, I;m impressed.
The plants are contingent upon two things?:
1) availability
2) NON-gov't "funding"...lol.
---Yeah, we're at a sad state of affairs these days. Sure a BIG change from when I was freshly out of school.
We've become SO much more violent...and over what? NONSENSE!
People think they can change things they have NO control over, and want to control everything we say, do or feel along the way.
That's NOT how we evolve, that's for sure.

Thanks much for taking time to stop by and comment.

You guys stay safe out there.