02 June 2017

Friday Follies...
And, it's another weekend already (in a brand new month), thanks to the Monday holiday making it all seem shorter. Not a bad thing really, is it? We can always use a shortened week.
The newspaper's running late today (hope it's not another "trend"), so we're gonna wing it for the most part today.
Yes, inconsistency is the ONLY thing that IS consistent in our part of town,
Our Hoosierland weather brings us sunny skies, and temps heading back up the thermometer to around 77 degrees.
There is a slight breeze outside, too. Get it while it's still a cool one.
Now, let's get that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by, as we see what's been going on in some of the usual places, shall we?
*** First out of the laundry chute is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 2 -
---It's National Rotisserie Chicken Day
(Sounds good ...looks good. Color me there.)
---It's National Bubba Day
( not into the nonsense day stuff)
---It's National Rocky Road Day
(better to have the ice cream than your path in life)
---it's National Leave the Office Early Day
(sorry, left the office decades agao)
---It's National Doughnut Day
(thank the Dutch for this, and the cops who show up for them...lol)
*** Next, since we are at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
JUNE 3 -
---Saturday is National Chocolate Macaroon Day
(never had one, but I really WANT to now)
---It's National Repeat Day
(that's repeat day)
---It's National Egg Day
(have yourself an EGGstravaganza)
---It's National Prairie Day
(dogs are allowed)
JUNE 4 -
---Sunday is National SAFE Day
(It's a firearms safety gig)
---It's National Cheese Day
(again, why a day when you have all year?)
---It's National Cognac Day
(add the cheese and some bread...you got a meal)
---It's National Old Maid's Day
(no one remembers that they were once YOUNG and cute maids, do they?)
---It's National Cancer Survivors Day
(and such a devastating condition has no respect for age)
There you have it...plenty of things to observe, discuss, or read about.
Remember to always take along a designated observer and do observe responsibly.
*** Next up, president Trump has pulled America OUT of this "Paris Accord" deal over global warmi....I mean "climate change". Now, why am I not surprised?
Global warming makes THIS much sense to me.
He makes a good case. Our country has become one of the most "clean" nations on the planet...and for what? To see our jobs leave to those countries not holding up THEIR end of this climate log? Face it, China, India (and many others) are simply NOT following suit when it comes to making things better, and especially in their own country. All the while, we (here) have to endure harsh regulations, rising costs (for the sake of cleaner air and water) when all the time, we've HAD clean resources and continue to do so. This is ridiculous.
You will never be able to get this planet to follow the dictates of mankind...simple as that.
When other nations that should be making their air and water better get with the program, maybe this might be worth a revisit. Until that happens, all these lemmings can follow one another on the train that takes them to the nearest cliff.
*** Next, we bring you not one, but TWO arrests in the shooting death of Terrance Miles. Here's the updated story:
I mentioned Henry Eshon Underwood yesterday, but his accomplice, another piece of crap named Jaevin Eugene Bowie, 20, has also been busted .
Underwood                          Bowie
((Underwood is charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun with a prior conviction and a misdemeanor charge of false informing. He has not been formally charged in Miles' slaying. Police said Bowie is charged with assisting a criminal. That charge was not listed as of Thursday night on Indiana's online court records site.
Underwood was a rear-seat passenger in a 2007 Chevrolet Malibu driven by a woman who ran a red light. Police recognized Underwood because of the tattoo of an “H” between his eyes, according to documents filed in Allen Superior Court.
The vehicle was spotted at Crescent Avenue and St. Joe River Drive and pulled over at Terrance Road and Neva Avenue, court documents said.
When stopped, Underwood gave his name as Frederick McGee. When asked how old he was, he replied, “You know how old I am,” court records said.
Cobra "Freedom" - that's ironic.
Under the front passenger seat toward the rear of the seat, police found a purple Cobra model .380-caliber handgun with a round in the magazine. The woman driving the car told police the gun did not belong to her and that she had never seen it before.
Underwood was being held without bail because of a parole violation stemming from a 2014 charge of corrupt business influence, a jail spokesman said.))
There we are then...good information leads to some good police work, as it should.
And some nasty-ass trash off of our streets. All the prosecutor's office has to do is throw a very heavy book at BOTH of these perps, and not plead deal the hell out of this case.
*** Next, if you were looking for some crack (like many in the ghettohood like to do), then the Country Hearth Hotel is no longer THE place to go.
Here's the lowdown:
A drug bust in the 2900 block of Goshen Road about 2145 hrs Wednesday, netted 3.1 grams of heroin, 1.5 grams of crack cocaine, more than 200 grams of synthetic marijuana and 18 methadone pills (sounds like a Sams Club of street pharms)
Five people found in the hotel room were arrested.
That's Smiley Benson - bottom left.
Police believe Errick Benson, 49, was manufacturing and distributing crack cocaine from the hotel room, according to the release. Benson was charged with three felonies: dealing cocaine or narcotic drug, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug and dealing a synthetic look-alike. He was also charged with a misdemeanor, visiting a common nuisance. Good job by the police V-N unit.
*** Next up, time to see what's going on over at "Kitten Corner"...
Another good day for doing what comes naturally to cats...NAPPING.
I mean eating and playing IS hard work, right?
After that dashing about the house, it's nice to kick back and just let the world roll on by.
*** Next up, let's take a look at our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our furry feline was up and ready for his "breakfast" as usual...lol.
Well, THAT was delicious.
You can set your clocks by him. (wish the paper carrier was AS regular)
And, like all cats, he also finds time to nap...after a meal, or a body rub...or just because he can.
*** Last back to the washing machine...I am getting a might sick of all this climate change PCBS.
And I'm sure YOU all are as well.
I'm also sure that all of us who have more brain cells working than the average leftard can plainly see that whatever the planet chooses to do, it WILL do, and without any intervention from any or all of us.
I've said here before that such changes in our climate are CYCLICAL in nature, and we're all pretty much "along for the ride".
Besides, Mark Levine made a great point last evening when he stated that CO2 is NOT a "pollutant" (as the "global-warmists" would have us erroneously believe).
Carbon dioxide is part of the composition of our atmosphere, and as such, has it's proper place in the whole "circle of life" gig.
Aw, geez...not this crap again...
Without CO2, we'd ALL die the hell off, because the meat sources we consume are fed by (all together, gang)...PLANT LIFE.
No animals to eat,, no plants to feed them (with no more CO2).
End result - mankind goes bye-bye.
None of this is anything close to rocket-science...it's just plain old COMMON SENSE.
Our climate will continue to change...that's a given, and the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is nowhere close to the levels we had during the Industrial Age (when Britain had brown skies regularly).
We need to be good stewards of this planet. It's the only one we got for now. This means not caving into nonsense from so-called professionals who can't see past a dollar sign, as well as loons with an agenda meant to scare us into giving control of our lives over to them.
Moreover, if our planet decides to tilt on it's axis (Milankovich Cycles and planetary wobble - google it) what the hell can WE do about it?
(lemme see...uh, nothing)
There you go then...you just can't control things that are out of your control.
In other words...don't try to play God...it never works (and usually ends badly).
We now return you to your regularly-scheduled lives.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

With a half day at work again this saturday, I want NO repeats!

Stay tuned for a Saturday morning post on the Paris deal...

You hear Pat M's interview with the 21Alive babe who thinks that there's some funny stuff going on with what they have so far as evidence on Underwood?

I hear the cats weren't so good today, eh?

Closing- like I said, stay tuned. I left no hypocrite unturned in my post...

Bob G. said...

---I imagine you DON'T!
---Oh, that will be SO good, it may be habit-forming.
---I missed that spot. Please don't tell me this turd's gonna wiggle of the damn hook.
---Yeah, they were less than good, but never THAT bad...heh.
---Is that unturned,...or unBURNED?
Either way will be enlightening (don't forget the Milankovich Cycle)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe (and climatologically-changed?) up there, brother.