09 June 2017

Friday Follies...
Well, in spite of the world, it's idiots, and sometimes ourselves, we made it to the end of another week.
Now, all we have to do is survive the weekend itself. That should be interesting.
I'm sure we're all up to it though...right?
Our Hoosierland weather will see us having a toasty warm-up, thanks to prevailing southwest winds. Temps today climb up to around 82 degrees, breezy with mostly cloudy skies (with the chance of an afternoon shower). Looks like rain already.
(good, I don't feel like dragging out the hose just yet)
Now, let's take a moment to get a nice cup or glass of Friday Fortitude as we see what else is going on...
*** First out of the splash pad is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 9 -
---It's National Donald Duck Day
(looking good for his age)
---It's National Earl Day
(so when is national BOB day, anyway?)
---It's National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
(never was into rhubarb)
*** Next, since we are at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
JUNE 10 -
---Saturday is National Ballpoint Pen Day
(well, I know I still use them)
---It's National Black Cow Day
(oh, they mean the beverage...was thinking something else...lol)
---It's National Herbs and Spices Day
(been making food taste better for a LONG time)
---It's National Iced Tea Day
(good ANY day of the year, really)
---It's National Rosé Day
(a little vino would be keen-o)
JUNE 11 -
---Sunday is National Making Life Beautiful Day
(I got plenty of ways to make MY life beautiful - shame they're illegal)
---It's National Career Nurse Assistants' Day
(and who assists the assistants?)
---It's National Corn On The Cob Day
(again, ANY time of year is good for this, pending seasonal availability)
---It's National German Chocolate Cake Day
(did someone say CAKE?)
And there we go then...plenty of stuff to take note of. Just be sure to always take along a designated observer.
*** Next up, more of the death of James Hardy, found dead in the Maumee river:
What I find odd is that he was reported missing back on 30 May, and with his fame, you'd think we would have heard something sooner regarding his disappearance, right? I don't recall seeing anything about it.
Something about this situation just doesn't add up, and I hope we find out the truth behind this.
*** Next, there are some people who prefer theft to purchasing...like in THIS story:
More TNB, that's for sure. Had to get her ass a big screen TV...on someone ELSE'S credit card.
Good video capture by Walmart (gonna have to smile more when I come and go from there)
Makes the case for NOT leaving such items in your vehicles, no matter where you go or for how long. There are people out there who's only job is to WATCH OTHERS for those crimes of opportunity.
*** Next, those wacky welfare agencies are at it again, and we know WHICH recipients will benefit (and it won't be the disabled or seniors for the most part). Here's the story:
((The Indiana State Department of Health said Thursday that new guidelines set for the program, commonly referred to as WIC, will allow a family of two making $30,044 to qualify. The agency says a family of four making $45,510 can also qualify.))
Wow, to find employment that nets THAT much moolah used to be the stuff of financial dreams...now, it's "mofreeshit" for those raking in that much money (probably through other gub'ment programs).
I just gotta say it: "sooner or later you're gonna run out of OTHER peoples' money" for this stuff.
And that first came from the mouth of a bloody COMMUNIST!
*** Next, an interesting editorial in today's J-G about opioids.
A new war on drugs they say...with new approaches required.
Let's hope it's not like what is being proposed in Philly - "safe zones" where druggies can shoot up their drugs.
Google it...it's true, I swear.
I'll save you all the trouble. Here's the link to one story:
A natural progression from the free needle programs? Sure looks that way.
This is very disturbing and something I trust will NEVER come to Fort Wayne.
The Allen County Public Library already has enough problems with people doing drugs within their four walls, and that's with a needle exchange..
*** Next, a prime example of the down side to relying on grant money. Here's the story:
Grant money is NEVER meant to be like taxes...meaning FOREVER. It's a one-shot deal.
So, you can imagine what happens when that money goes bye-bye, right?
In this case, the educational center has to cut services.
Maybe some education in "doing more with less" is in order?
*** Next, stories like like have me torn between laughing and crying:
Oh boy...at last, some southeast side "progress" (?)
A U-Haul rental and storage facility (at the old K-Mart) and (another) Dollar General...
Is that the BEST you mooks can come up with?
We have plenty of dollar stores as it is (just ask the police as to who robs these on a regular basis).
((Sharon Tucker, a Democratic member of Allen County Council involved in southeast-side development issues, said both proposals were new to her.
She said she'd heard talk of the Dollar General proposal more than year ago at a Southeast Neighborhood Partnership meeting, but “I thought it had fizzled,” she said.
She said it was too early to know whether the developments would be good for the neighborhood.))
Short answer, cupcake...IT WON'T!
Now, go back and try it AGAIN.
*** Next, time to stop by our "Kitten Corner"...
Look...mommy's home!
The kids weren't that bad, considering Wifey's return. They had some crazy time, but soon got back to normal (well, normal for cats who are nearly a year old...lol).
Wake me up when it's time to sleep.
Lots of cuteness and of course...cat-naps.
Gallifrey got back into his clumsy-affectionate gig and Violet was adorable as usual.
I can haz adorability?
Nice to have things as they should be.
*** Next, let's turn another page from our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our furry buddy was limping slightly yesterday (late in the day). Today. he seems fine again.
This house is under MY protection!
He did have an "encounter" with another cat that tried to come by  (a nice black and white one). Midnight went outside the patio gate, stood there and growled, after which the other cat left.
Man, talk about possessive. He must own us now.
Before that, he was supervising my mowing of the back yard (again...this crap never ends).
You gonna stop taking pictures and MOW?
He makes sure that everything complies with safety standards, and that's fine by me.
The mower still doesn't bug him. He just watches it (and yours truly). Not a problem. An audience (even of one) can be a good thing.
*** Last back to the patio...ahh, for those "good old days", hmm?
You remember; the days when we could walk around a neighborhood without being assaulted (as is what happens on the SE side regularly), and when you didn't have to worry about everyone else wanting something of yours and then taking it (the little girl's bike on the north side, credit cards, etc). The days when we had a lot fewer regulations on everything and everyone...and we got along a lot better and safer...I remember those.
How about the days when you really DID have good neighbors, willing to help and saying hello just for the hell of it?
It was a time when you didn't need to have a firearm to guard against home invasion or burglary, or even a house alarm system.
It was also a time when people and children knew their place, and it didn't have anything to do with YOUR place.
Yeah, those old-fashioned values and principles like civility, integrity, ethics, honesty, morality...I miss those a lot.
The days when everyone pulled their OWN weight, rather than crying crocodile tears to any and all government agency for "help", when all they needed to do was help themselves (and not to everyone else's money and stuff)...I miss those, too.
We're supposed to be so much "better off" today than in times past...I fail to see it.
Sure, the tech is there (to be abused more than used), but that alone doesn't determine societal progress.
All those aforementioned values seem to be missing from the equation, and without THOSE, we simply cannot move forward.
We really need to stop trying to wrap life around US, and instead wrap ourselves around LIFE.
Becoming more grateful and appreciative of this gift from God would be a great start, don'cha think?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone todaym, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(btw, I just passed 2900 posts...that's pretty effin' amazing)


CWMartin said...

Hey, I'm here! I was here Friday, but the world hadn't caught up yet!

JH: Guessing the family knew he was headed for suicide, and didn't want to publicise it. Then the damn body floated, and...

Laurie said Thurs night they busted some couple with a buttload of big box items who apparently tried the old "Sure I paid for it! Didn't you see me pay for it?" thing. Isn't it wonderful the wide range of things people feel they're entitled to when you start them down entitlement road?

Damn, we could almost break into that "new WIC"...

Never saw the reason for a needle exchange program. Play with fire, get burned, I say.

DG and U-store... is that what we got from that out-of-town consultant?

Toms definitely have their turf... I'm a vet of "cat wars".

Apparently we had some nogoodnik taking stuff from parked cars this week. A neighbor told Laurie he'd lost his wallet in the escapade. To which Laurie (and I) thought: How stupid are you to leave a wallet in an unlocked car overnight? Good Bob, we were kids when they used do the PSAs that went "Lock Your Car. Take your Keys." And that was a LONG time before it got this bad.

BTW, here's your good laugh for the day: Another dust up with Roland's buddy Dale this weekend included this statement on his part:

"The Affordable Care Act is collapsing because the GOP has no plan!"

Needless to say, my first response was, "Dale, thank you for allowing me to destroy your credibility with one blow..."

Bob G. said...

If I was tardy, I apologize. Lots to mull over.
---Yeah, he seemed to be reaching out for sure.
---Society opened another Pandora's Box w/ entitlements...and then threw away that lid.
Glad they caught the perps at Laurie's place.
---I know. It's downright sinful the amount of money people can get for doing nothing (but complaining).
I don't begrudge those who honestly NEED it, but when it comes to lazy-asses, that's another story in my book.
---Oh yeah, that's another genie let out of the bottle.
---Even those "consultants" can't find decent businesses to come down here (thanks, sire) unless and until the CRIME goes bye-bye.
---Well, no cat-wars yet...just a few well-placed growls and stares. If Midnight wants to claim US, not a problem.
---I know...every generation NEVER seems to learn from those ads and advice from law-enforcement.
And with all then "stuff" people lug around these days, leaving ANYTHING (visible) in a vehicle is ASKING for trouble.
An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure, as they say.
---LMAO...yeah, that IS a good one. The GOP had plenty of ideas and plans, but the DEMS kept getting in the way.
The ACA is collapsing because it was a HOUSE OF CARDS to begin with, built on a fault line , next to a railroad track, (and Obummer knew it), which was dependent upon a very specific set of parameters which were barely able to be met (at best).
Along comes a breeze, or a rumble, and oh look, it fell down.
Sound about right?
Sometimes, the libtards make things WAY too easy for reason to come in and smack them around a bit.

Hey, thanks for taking time to drop by and comment (always better late than never). Good to see no problems.

You stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.