28 June 2017

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the last week of this month, and we're due for a bit of a warm-up again.
I will admit that the overnight hours were very comfortable for sleeping.
And yes, more rain is on the way, so just be patient.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us mostly sunny skies, breezy conditions (gusting around 30 MPH) with a high of about 80 degrees, and that chance of a shower later on this evening.
Now, with that over and done with, let's get that refreshing drink, as we begin another day...
*** First out of the medicine chest is our "WHO SAID THAT?" quote of the week:
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." 
I think this sums up a lot of what is ailing this nation, at least as far as honest discourse and debate are concerned.
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in Braintree, Massachusetts...
*** Next up, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 28 -
---It's National Insurance Awareness Day
(now who do you suppose figured THIS one out?)
---It's National Paul Bunyan Day
(and he never had to worry about insurance)
---It's National Parchment Day
(a food thing and not a writing thing)
*** Next up, it appears the Vice and Narcotics unit of the FWPD was pretty busy over the past 24 hours.
---Here's one story of a drug bust up on the NW side.
Now this dumbass didn't seem to learn a damn thing when he was in jail, did he?
This raid took place around 0630 hrs at a location in a trailer park. The address was 5507 Brazo Lane (NW).
Torrance Larry, 39, was arrested at the scene when police found about 10.5 grams of cocaine and 12 grams of meth, along with a STOLEN .45 Glock near the drugs in Larry's bedroom.
Larry was convicted back in 1998 for armed robbery of a bank, and in 2012, of dealing cocaine. He was released from prison in 2014. He was considered a serious violent felon, and was prohibited from having a firearm, police said.
Yeah, that penal system sure rehabilitates those serious violent felons, doesn't it?
---And here's a story closer to our downtown area that netted a LOT of people:
(forgive the spelling errors, it IS WANE TV, after all...lol)
This RAID took place at a house located at 1119 Michigan Av and 1119 ½ Michigan Av (converted into apartments) around 2100 hrs last evening.
Inside, police found a STOLEN .40 caliber handgun, 9.3 grams of crack cocaine (individually packaged for street sales), and $600 cash.  Fifteen people were arrested in total. Not bad for a month-long investigation leading up to this raid.
I love the "common nuisance" charges. Such a term would apply to MOST of the houses near us these days.
Guess NO BACKGROUND CHECKS REQUIRED for those STOLEN guns in both stories, right?
*** Next, this story shows it's never too early to get stupid. Here's the link:
This took place Tuesday morning around 1015 hrs near Clinton and Murray sts.
You can tell by the picture that this vehicle is DEFINITELY one of the many "ghetto-sleds" that prowl streets on the SE side.
The driver of the SUV told police someone tried to merge into her lane.
Gee, ever think of using your HORN? You people use it often enough whenever you pull up to someone's house (we call that "The Ghetto Doorbell"), or when you see someone you know along a street. You could have also slowed down and let the other vehicle pass.
*** Next up, city council held it's (obligatory) public hearing on the local income tax increase last evening (before they go ahead and rubber stamp it, as I expect will occur). Here's the story:
The room was packed, and those sho spoke made some good points, but those who wanted this to go to a referendum were the ones I was interested in. Naturally, we had those SO in favor of the riverfront, and you could tell by the cut of their tailored suits.
The "average" people were the ones more concerned with alleys and sidewalks.
Let's face it, I never use the riverfront.
Then again, I rarely use the sidewalks and alleys around here, because it's not that safe to take a walk for the hell of it in our area. That's not to say I wouldn't be accosted, but I don't like to "tempt fate".
There were a couple people who spoke who clearly demonstrated their ability to take things to another level with near rantings. The silence in the room during those 2 minutes was deafening.
I don't want to cough up over $70 a year with a third of it going to the riverfront. That's not serving anyone down here.
And, to be honest, the alleys never REALLY get "fixed".
Just this week, a city truck came down the alley to "regrade" the surface, which gets torn up every other month by people using the alley as a "side-street".
The last time the ruts were filled was with broken bricks and such. Helluva fix.
Not to mention, one person at the meeting last evening noted that his parent's house had basement FLOODING, due to trash trucks coming down their alley, and driving over a soft spot that collapsed a sewer line.
Gee, that sounds eerily familiar.
Our alley is a soft surface as well, so how long before OUR sewer line collapses and we get flooded (again)?
The city NEVER pays for any of the expenses WE incur because of THEIR infrastructure.
To me, ALL the alleys should be hard-surfaced, and sidewalks should be placed where needed.
Let the private sector fund the damn riverfront, downtown and any other "wants" on this wish list.
Let the NEEDS of the city be taken care of through taxes, if that's the way it has to be.
But be mindful of ALL the other taxes we're being hit with (gas tax, wheel tax) as well as rate hikes by utility companies.
*** Next, let's stop by "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were both a bit more sedate, with brief periods of craziness, and that's fine, as long as they keep their racing around the house to UNDER 55 MPH...lol.
We do have speed limits within our four walls.
And, we do yield to oncoming traffic...lol.
Violet is still Little Miss Adorable whenever she comes over to get her neck rubbed.
Gallifrey is still Mr Clumsy Affectionate when he jumps up on you for HIS rubbing.
Both as different as the day is long, and yet, similar in so many ways to our former cats.
*** Next up, time to drop by the "Tales of Midnight"...
Somehow, It wouldn't be a morning without seeing him outside waiting for his food.
Amazing how you come to expect certain things in life, and that's okay.
Some mornings he surprises me and isn't there at all...UNTIL I rattle the dish, but the knowledge that he will come by to eat is enough to make you glad that you care about the four-legged homeless among us.
*** Last back to the shower caddy...my Dad always said that there were TWO certainties in life:
Death and Taxes.
(and not necessarily in that order...heh)
Nobody cheats death, but too many can cheat taxes (the government-subsidized among us prove the latter on a daily basis).
When it comes to taxes, you have to remember that I used to work for the Treasury Dept. (IRS), and I know taxes and how they work.
If a tax is proposed, it SHOULD only last as long as it is required to pay for whatever it is that needs funding.
Sounds simple enough, right?
But the problem is, that whenever we DO get a new tax...it NEVER GOES THE HELL AWAY.
It's like AD INFINITUM (without end) or IN PERPETUUM (forever), isn't it?
Taxes MAY decrease (once every century), but when was the last time any tax just went away?
If anything, they become like a living entity, fed by those who pay the taxes, growing larger with every passing year.
That's the way I feel about personal income tax. It just keeps growing.
I saw something like this back in Philly. They started a "city wage tax", which was invoked IF you (either) LIVED or WORKED within the city limits. And that grew over time to actually exceed the amount paid for STATE tax.
Fort Wayne could be headed down the same road, and that won't bode well for that lower cost of living we currently enjoy in this city.
Plus, cities have to help pay for all that "free stuff" many people are fraudulently claiming, so nothing is ever free for everyone.
This is the type of government we really don't want, and cannot afford, because our actual representation is at stake.
You can only squeeze so much juice from an orange...and can only tax people so much before they push back, or just up and leave the city. Or, you can have a government that learns to work within it's means, takes care of it's NEEDS before it's WANTS, and always has the best interest of it's total citizenry in mind.
That's no utopia (thank God), but it IS the proper way to proceed.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

No more tax increases! Dammit. You are on a fixed income. Gah. I love your kitties tho. Have you hugged a thug lately? Maybe that would stop your shots fired problem. (snork)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Too many people are on incomes that ARE basically "fixed", in that they are on SSI (seniors and disabled), U/C (a stop-gap between jobs), or a regular "job" whereby raises do NOT come every time the taxes get bumped up.
---The kitties are the stuff of hugs, aren't they?
(beware the claws, though...very pointy)
---Hug a thug? Nah, but I always keep a nice set of chromed steel hinged "bracelets" if they need some REAL "bling"...lol.
---I think the only GOOD way to deal with all the shots fired calls is to perform some full frontal LOBOTOMIES.
(We could deal with the slobbering a lot easier than the bleeding, right?)

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Okay, so I tuned in here, rolled down to bring up the post comments window, hit the subscribe to comments instead and got a bunch of gobbledygook. Then, after hitting the right button, remembered I hadn't paid rent yet- or so I thought. So I CLOSED the window for some reason, went onto my bank page and found I don't have money for it till tomorrow. Found the waxiest thing on my desk and tried to write "pay rent tomorrow" on it with ink pen. Found a sharpie, completed that task, found I had closed the comment window before going to the bank site. Do I really have to try any more?

Braintree... I sense an Adams coming up tomorrow...

Parchment... had no idea you needed a day for that, so I hadda look it up.

Clinton Street: There goes the safe driver discount, I guess...

"Let the private sector fund the damn riverfront, downtown and any other "wants" on this wish list." No f'n doubt let those who actually WANTY the stuff, who have the bucks to USE the stuff, PAY for the stuff. Stop building your idiot palaces on MY back!

Now maybe if you had POSTED speed limits instead of VERBAL ones... lol!

Bob G. said...

---Why, I didn't know that OTHER people had a BOBBY G. kinda day. Thought I had that reserved solely for ME.
---Your senses serve you well, fellow Jedi.
---LOL...safe drivers? That's a royal hoot!
Most never get a license or insurance. Many lose their license but keep in driving, yet "somehow" manage to get a set of wheels (and rims)...
---That sounds about right to me. Idiot Places...heh!
---Well, I was trying to let them off with a "warning".
(just like the FWPD does...also to little avail)

Thanks for taking time form what seems a harried day tos top by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and well spoken) up there, brother.