07 July 2017

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of a very LOUD week (well, it was down here).
Glad most of the morons have run out of fireworks, but we still have a few hangers-on.
And, if you prefer clouds and showers with your start to the weekend, we just might have the solution.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us enjoying (?) partly to mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers and thunderstorms, more humidity and temps reaching to around 84 degrees. Yeah, we got us some sunshine, too.
Now then, what say we steel ourselves to this day with a nice cup or glass of Friday Fortitude, as we see what else has been going down, hmm?
*** First off of the driveway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 7 -
---It's National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day
(not around our house it isn't)
---It's National Macaroni Day
(and that's ROTELLI and NOT macaroni in that picture...just so's we're clear)
---It's National Strawberry Sundae Day
(be better if this was moved TO a Sunday)
*** Next, and as far as our weekend goes, we've only got a couple things, so here goes:
JULY 8 -
---Saturday is National Chocolate With Almonds Day
(wonder if they have an Almonds With Chocolate Day?)
JULY 9 -
Sunday is National Sugar Cookie Day
(as long as I have cold milk to go with them, not a problem)
*** Next up, it would appear that we're starting our weekend in the Summit City off with a BANG, (or several) and I don't mean the Three Rivers Festival (which coincidentally begins today)...here's the story:
Yepper, ANOTHER shooting (homicide).
And it's on the SOUTHEAST side of town (no real surprise).
This took place around 0310 hrs at the intersection of McKee and Abbott Sts, where police found a man (most likely a black male) who had been shot in the chest (and pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene).
Now, I would call this homicide number 18, but I'll wager we hear it's (only) number 16.
Police were going to houses for information or witnesses. All that's been said is that some type of "disturbance" in the area led to the shooting.
And to think we have over a HUNDRED (plus) disturbance calls PER WEEK.
*** Next, one part of our city celebrates it's Three Rivers Festival at Headwaters Park (and places nearby) over the next 8 days.
Let's not be remiss is noting that down here in the crotch of our fair city, we have our own Three Ghetto Festival...
It's a little something I put together years ago, with the thought of pointing out some of the "fun" things we have been forced to take part in (or be a victim of).
So let's have Sherman set the WAY-BACK machine to 2012 and have some well-placed humor (at the city's expense)...
-- We have our own BALLOON LADY with inflatables of every shape and size for the kids.
Nothing like a blow-up hammer to whack the children about with, right?
Walk softly and carry a THICK ruler.
--And let's not forget the Wandering Sisters of the Order of the Blessed Mother Harry Callahan Parish, in case you feel the need for spiritual guidance. (and who doesn't down HERE, hmm?)
-- We have "Big Bubba", our very own security staff, who regularly patrols with stick in hand, and gut out front. Cholesterol much?
We be security.
A rather "substantial" individual. (and by the size of him, he doesn't seem to need a partner)
-- You might even see the local constabulary get involved in the "festivities", especially when you hear the "starting gun" for the NEXT event...whatever that might be.
Yes sir, a never-ending time of fun and frolic is to be had...and ALL for FREE! (but life insurance IS required, if you're going to drive through and LOOK for parking)
-- Which reminds me...parking IS abundant...look at all THESE happy people parking wherever the hell they want to...none of that "meter" parking or garage validation for THEM...no, sir.
-- And if you're looking to score some "recreational" street pharms...look NO further.
They are as plentiful down here as a fully-charged EBT card,,,and numerous in type, too.
But, when it comes to EVENTS....we have them by the basket(ball)ful.
(no fair trying to steal you OWN vehicle, though)
-- And the NEIGHBORHOOD FENCE-VAULT (bring your OWN police officer to pursue you)
-- And the PIT BULL LOOKS LIKE MY GIRLFRIEND event with judging being held at the local SPCA.
-- We have the "Guess my STD" booth returning this year..
-- We also have the PANHANDLING EVENT, where people try to ask for a cigarette and then attempt to rob them at gunpoint...points are awarded for the BIGGEST HAUL.
-- We have an interesting twist on the old "how many can you fit in a phone booth?" gig - We have HOW MANY ILLEGALS you can cram into a rental BUNGALOW and still remain under I.C.E.'s radar. Better than a helicopter ride (back across the border).
There's a HOUSE in there???
-- For the horticulturalists out there, we have the OVERGROWN FOLIAGE EVENT...awards are given for the BEST method to have shrubs and trees hide your drug deals (and house) from the curbside...now THAT'S really fun!
Plenty to drink.
-- For the kids, we have STICK FIGHTING and STONE TOSSING areas galore. (who needs all those fancy rides and crap?)
--But, if the kids really NEED a ride, they can get strapped to the hood of some old Chevy and be taken to a liquor store....OR, they can pile into some person's pickup truck bed and get illegally hauled around the ghettohood IN STYLE.
We have "Junk Food Street"!
-- As for trash receptacles...just toss your sh*t anywhere (as everyone seems to do anyway)...some dumb, taxpaying white person that cares will clean up after YOUR mess (like I tend to do)...or just drop it in the street and let the CITY clean up your crap (as it always does).
Lots of souvenirs for the kids...

And lots of FREE rides downtown, too.
The BEST part about OUR "festival"...is that we just don't do it for EIGHT DAYS...we do it ALL F$CKING YEAR...EVERY YEAR.
(because some people just don't give a rat's a$$...that's why)
So, if you want something "different"...come down HERE (if you dare), and partake in our own unique HOME(y)-STYLE form of fun.
You'll NEVER be the same afterwards...TRUST ME!
*** Next up, time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were more on the "catch me if you can" mode with one another yesterday.
There is something to be said about older cats, like they're nowhere near as "manic" as their younger counterparts.
I'm waiting for our two to lend me some of that "get up and go", especially in the mornings.
Got a feeling I'll be waiting longer than I had hoped.
*** Next, let's see about our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our good old reliable buddy came by early for his food, and then promptly went somewhere for the rest of the day...(maybe he's got a girlfriend?)
He did come by later around dusk and spent some time on the patio before he took off once again to parts unknown.
I just wish he'd stay out of the alley. We've too many mooks using it as a damn street, the way they come and go in and out of it (and none of them live on the streets connecting the alley).
I miss the day when police used to PATROL the alleys...that kept the unwanteds the hell out.
*** Last back to the garage...the world is pretty friggin' screwed up.
And, it seems to be getting worse instead of better each and every week.
The good news is that I don't think any of you (my readers) are responsible. And I damn well know I'm not.
We can all breathe a sigh of relief, there, eh?
The bad news is that we can determine who IS responsible, just by watching or reading the news (after we have separated the wheat from the chaff regarding any source we check out).
And, it's those OTHER people who are mucking things up to the point where getting back to as we used to be before this roller coaster to hell began, is getting more difficult.
Sooner or later we might reach that "point of no return", and we sure don't want to have THAT happen.
The ills that plague our society can be easily remedied, but it will require diligence and persistence on our part, and a whole crap load of work on the part of the idiots (good luck with that one).
What is needed is a major reboot of morality...no getting around that.
And the sooner, the better.
None of us are perfect, but by God, some out there could use (need) a smattering of morals to quench the violence and evil that permeates today's world. That's a given.
My concern is how much farther down the crapper does our society have to go before it realizes it and decides to change?
Now THAT is one loaded question, and one we all need to ask, perhaps on a daily basis.
Still, as long as we hang on to HOPE, all will never be totally lost...will it?
That alone will make many of us sleep better each night.
Have yourselves a good weekend
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Rotini, macaroni, letsa just leave-a our divisions inna the pasta....

That Three Ghetto Festival bit is hilarious- good for an auto-reprint every year!

Stay tuned later in the weekend (or Monday) for Peanut videos!

Bob G. said...

--Hey, I'm just pointing out our PASTA-DIVERSITY...LOL.
---I'm glad you enjoy that. Wonder if our "king" would find it as "amusing"?
(off with his head...we are NOT amused - tough luck, pal.)
Too bad, Tommy (can you hear me?)
---Peanut videos...sure to have the wonderfulness of "baby-speak", hmm?
Please tell me he's NOT driving yet.
((Stormageddon, anyone?))
Looking forward to it.

Have yourselves a GOOD weekend (or else!).

Stay safe up there, brother.