14 July 2017

Friday Follies...
I have to admit, that (to me) this week seemed to fly on by. Must have been the rain making it feel that way. I also have to admit that the way in which time passes has not changed, linear for us as it might be, so there we are then.
But, it does beat having to relive the same day over and over again.
Our Hoosierland forecast for today brings us a slight cool down, with partly cloudy skies, temps climbing to around 80 degrees (very slight cool down), and yes, a wee chance of some "sprinkles" (wonder if they mean jimmies?) during the day.
One lump...or two?
The humidity is down as well, and that makes my sinuses happy to no end.
So, what say we all get ourselves a cup or glass of Friday Fortitude, as we look to this day and see what else has been going on, okay?
*** First off of the dew-covered grass is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 14 -
---It's National Grand Marnier Day
(an 80 proof orange-flavored liqueur thing, of course)
---It's National Nude Day
(for pets and infants, yes...for many other people NO WAY!)
---It's National Tape Measure Day
(making stuff the right length and/or height for ages)
---It's also Bastille Day (in France, of course), if you're feeling like REVOLTING.
(I know lots of locals as well as some politicians who have been revolting for YEARS...) HA!
*** Next, since it IS the weekend, what say we see what other things we can observe over the following 48 hours...
JULY 15 -
---Saturday is National Give Something Away Day
(does a piece of my mind count?)
---It's National I Love Horses Day
(If not for them, cowboys and Indians would be pedestrians)
---It's National Pet Fire Safety Day
(as long as they're not driving the engines)
---It's National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day
(somehow, this does not sound as good as I'd like it to be)
---It's National Tapioca Pudding Day
(no, there isn't any "instant" version of this...gotta cook it, sorry)
---It's National Woodie Wagon Day
(without this, the Mod Squad would also be pedestrians)
---It's Toss Away the 'Could Haves' and 'Should Haves' Day
(Some things in life are hard to forget, so there. Sue me.)
JULY 16 -
---Sunday is National Personal Chef Day
(Wifey has one...it's called ME!)
---It's National Corn Fritters Day
(never had one...still waiting)
There we have it...enjoy. And do observe responsibly.
*** Next up, another SE side house shot the hell up by unknown person(s). Here's the story:
Yeah, as the person interviewed said "dem bullets got no name".
In other words, bullets are stupid (as the person who shot at the house).
This took place at a house located at 4504 Smith St. around 0039 hours on 13 July.
One woman, in a front room, was struck by a bullet and is in serious condition at hospital.
Police did find shell casings in an alley next to the house (alleys are usually behind houses).
The investigation (as always) remains open.
*** Next, four Chicago fraudsters get a delay in their hearing in Kosciusko County.
Here's this story:
I know, some sources lump ALL the good stuff together. Not my fault.
((Four people from Chicago will be back in Superior Court in Kosciusko County after being accused of using fraudulent Social Security numbers, addresses and driver's licenses used to buy ATVs at a Warsaw business in June.
Arrested were James Wesley Griffin, 27, Victor D. Fenner, 44, Resean Demone Fenner, 27, and Jla Kapri Cooper, 25.))
Oh, big surprise...they're all black! Who'da thunk THAT?
*** Next up, a traffic stop turns up some "goodies". Here's the story:
2016 mugshot
You have to scroll down to the LAST story in the group after the previous one in the above link.
"Felony charges result from traffic stop"
((Henry Charles Nelson-Buckhanon, 21, of the 1100 block of Roosevelt Drive, was pulled over at Rudisill Boulevard and Reed Street Wednesday about 11:45 p.m.)) And this was for NOT signaling a turn - musta been a rookie cop...lol.
((The police officer saw Nelson-Buckhanon reach toward the floor of his tan Buick and then try to get out of the car. As Nelson-Buckhanon got out of the car he told the officer he did not have a driver's license and that there was an active warrant for his arrest, according to court documents.
A vehicle search turned up a black Ruger 9 mm gun with an obliterated serial number under the driver's seat of the car. The gun had one live round in the chamber and 12 rounds in the magazine, documents said.
2017 class photo
There was also a marijuana “blunt” cigar and a Newport cigarette container with a clear plastic bag containing a white rock-like substance that tested positive for cocaine, weighing 2.3 grams, court records said. There were three more clear plastic bags containing a green leafy synthetic substance weighing a total of 8.2 grams.))
Seems Henry NEVER had obtained a driver's license, had a violation of DRUG COURT, and was NEVER issued a carry permit for the handgun...and that obliterated serial number was icing on this cake.
((Nelson-Buckhanon was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $40,750 bail and without bond for a prior charge, according to a jail spokesman.
Enjoy your new "bling".
His new charges include unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon; felon carrying a handgun with a prior felony conviction; possession of cocaine; possession of an altered handgun; and two misdemeanors for possession of a synthetic drug and intentionally operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license.))
God, how I LOVE happy endings...!
*** Next, let's see what's going on at "Kitten Corner"...
I think the kids are starting to wind down when it comes to being "spazmo"...a lot less running about, and more face rubbing. I can work with that very well.
When they play, they get a specific toy and then appear to be "dancing" with it...makes for an entertaining time for us, but I can never get a picture of the antics.
Every time I try, all I get is a BLUR.
Maybe a brief video from Wifey's smartphone could be in order. Unless you see it "live", I can't properly describe how damn cute this is.
I mean, they are cute while sleeping...gotta admit that.
*** Next up, time for another "Tales of Midnight"...
Our fuzzy buddy was worn out yesterday with all the heat and humidity. Spent a lot of time just laying around.
Wifey went to a teacher's workshop, and Midnight parked himself right in front of the door leading into the garage. I couldn't even entice him away with food.
He just wanted to wait for Wifey to come home,,,which is exactly what  he did.
When it got dark, off he went to parts unknown, only to be right back here this morning.
I kinda like that form of predictability.
*** Last back to the air-conditioned room...Fort Wayne is a city of contrasts.
This is Fort Wayne
And, the more you look, the more you'll find.
We definitely have class-division here, as well as race-division.
This is ALSO Fort Wayne (SE).
We do have an overwhelming abundance of refugees (call it Little Burma), and this is aside from all the illegals from south of the border who managed to make it all the way up here (because you know many have).
Cripes, English is becoming a bloody FOURTH language (behind Spanish, Burmese, and Ebonics)
Fort Wayne city "leaders" are falling over themselves trying to bring a new riverfront to match the new downtown area, and are doing very well (at the taxpayers' expense). What a gold mine, hmm?
And with every gold mine, there also comes THE SHAFT, and that's precisely what the SOUTH  SIDE of town gets.
Down here, we get all the shit we DON'T need (like crime, devalued properties, deadbeat landlords, disrespectful tenants and closed businesses), and none of the shit we DO need (like safe streets, respectful home OWNERS, and retail businesses, restaurants, and the like)..
How's THAT for contrast?
Fort Wayne has an outstanding Children's Zoo, while down here, he have our OWN form of "zoo", with plenty of wild animals.
If it's not roaming kids being everywhere they're not supposed to be, it's drug deals at the curb, or loose pit bulls.
Not EXACTLY monkey island...but close.
It's getting to where the local criminals have to (now) go ELSEWHERE in the city to pillage, rob, and otherwise be the annoyances we have had to deal with over the years.
Fort Wayne leaders SO want to become eligible to be a player in the "major leagues" when it comes to a big city, and by God, they are sure reaping what they have sown so far.
Thing is, it's not as pretty a picture as we're being led to believe.
City Hall is guilty of fixing what's not broke, and ignoring that which has been broken for decades.
That is probably the best example of contrast as you're going to find.
And one that a LOT of people here should never become comfortable with, right?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So I try to start reading this just as Strawberry Runners comes on the shuffle. Back to the top, Sam!

Relaxation after a nice meal at BJs brewhouse, and a search for next week's debuts.

Had enough of tape measures for one week... and if I thought revolting would help, I would. A nooner tomorrow yet.

I'll give someone six hours of work tomorrow if they want it..

Pet fire safety? That's a thing?

Dad used to make that wine. I was too little.

I'm sure Link could have rounded up a caddie for the Squad if he had to...

That chicks name is JLA??? Justice League Of America? Talk about parents messing up a name!

Boy, that HCN-B really ticked ALL the boxes, didn't he?

Bob G. said...

---If it wasn't for MUSIC< we've have no real form of communication (other than mathematics, which is music with NUMBERS...lol.
---Good Lord...another half day? Geez, they don't know WHEN to let up.
---I know...it should be more like a RESPONSIBILITY, hmm?
---I'll still pass on that wine.
---A CADDY? C'mon now...they were WAY too hip for that (and Linc was too cool).
Unless they got a cheap CADDY HEARSE...that MIGHT work.
---The parents messed up an entire GENRE, as in COMIC BOOK HEROES!
---Yes, he did, and with a bright RED WIDE-TIP SHARPIE!

Hey, thanks for dropping by between songs to comment today.

Have yourselves a good weekend.
Stay safe (and musically-embraced) up there, brother.

CWMartin said...

"Letting up": The whole deal is MO is so far behind "They could work three shifts Sunday and still not catch up." They are in the biggest marine area in the nation and trying to find and keep employees and workspace in a town about the size of Kendalville. Unless they move the fricking plant to Springfield, they will always be in this hole- and the owner wants to go out and buy plastic molding plants that turn to shit upon touching them.

Bob G. said...

There are (some) business owners who view every dollar sign as another "trophy" to be won, rather than a way to employ the working class (who just want to make a decent living) and produce a QUALITY product.
Many are too busy chasing that elusive "goose that lays the golden egg" to bother with employee morale,. machine functionality and yes, even the end result of (too) many hours of physical labor that go unrewarded to those manufacturing the products.
Wasn't ALWAYs like this, but it's easier to practice mediocrity than to excel (and that's not any slight to those busting their humps daily for "the boss").

Hang in there.