28 July 2017

Friday Follies...
Here we are at last...the final week of July...can August be knocking at our door?
At least that rain missed us for the most part. We only got scattered light rain late in the day here.
And, the weekend will see us with a bit of a cool down, as we drop back into the mid to upper 70s (well, it is cooler than it has been, just not by much.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us cloudy skies to start with, giving way to sunshine by this afternoon, temps reaching to about 78 degrees, and a noticeable drop in that humidity.
Now, let's start the day with a nice glass or cup of Friday Fortitude, as we see what else has been going on, hmm?
*** First off of the rooftop is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 28 -
---It's Buffalo Soldiers Day
(paying tribute to black cavalrymen who helped tame the wild west)
---It's National Get Gnarly Day
(sorry, I'll stick to being curmudgeonly, thank you)
---It's National Milk Chocolate Day
(which is perfectly fine to confuse with chocolate milk day, imho)
---It's National System Administrator Appreciation Day
(welcome to The Matrix, huh?)
---It's National Talk In An Elevator Day
(to each other and not into some damn smartphone)
---It's National Waterpark Day
(wonder when FTW will decide they want one of THESE near the riverfront?)
*** Next, and since we are at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
JULY 29 -
---Saturday is National Chicken Wing Day
(too much work, not enough meat for me...no thanks)
---It's National Dance Day
( I left that party a couple lifetimes ago...)
---It's National Lasagna Day
(okay, now that's more like it)
---It's National Lipstick Day
(don't think they make a CAMO gloss for the transgender troops)
JULY 30 -
---Sunday is National Cheesecake Day
(nothing like good old NYC style cheesecake)
---It's National Father-in-Law Day
(still have one, and he just had a birthday, too...WTG, Don!)
---It's National Whistleblower Day
(I recall when the ONLY person blowing a whistle was the crossing guard)
And there you go...plenty of things to keep busy, and remember to always observe responsibly.
*** Next up, the Indy suburb of Southport lost one of it's finest.
Here's the story link:
Lt. Aaron Allan, the Southport Police Department's officer of the year in 2015 was killed while on duty answering a call for a traffic accident Thursday after walking up to a car that had flipped in a crash and one of the occupants shot him multiple times.
What prompted the shooter to fire at Allan was unclear.
Police arrested Jason Brown, 28, on a preliminary murder charge in the shooting that killed Southport Police Lt. Aaron Allan.
What the hell is this world coming to?
*** Next, our governor is not endearing himself to me when he talks about things like THIS:
Raise the cigarette tax to PAY for HEALTH CARE? Aside from the IRONY connected to something as ludicrous as this, why does ANYONE have to generate any form of HIGHER TAXES for health care?
Are they doing it for CAR insurance? Or HOMEOWNERS insurance?
What about BOAT insurance?
Stop all this damn idiocy with healthcare, and go back to what worked LONG before the feds decided to stick their fingers in our pies when it came to being treated by doctors who had neighborhood offices, and who USED to make house calls and never charged ANY amount as criminally high as they do today (just to look you over).
Get ALL government intrusion OUT of healthcare and let the private sector run this dog-and-pony show, before we ALL go belly up, financially.
OR...you COULD provide everyone the EXACT SAME coverage that all these congresspeople and senators get...now THAT would be equally FAIR, don'cha think?
*** Next up, a shoplifting "girlrilla" gets her just dues.
Here's the story (verbatim) from the J-G:
((Shoplifting suspect allegedly attacks
A Fort Wayne woman is in custody, accused of shoplifting clothes from a Kohl's store and using a stun gun on a loss prevention officer.
Tyresha Ranae Thomas, 29, of the 700 block of McKinnie Avenue, walked out of an unspecified Kohl's store around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday while a loss prevention officer followed her outside and tried to stop her, according to court documents.
“Back off, (expletive),” Thomas said and displayed a stun gun. She continued to flee while a second loss prevention officer pursued her.
When he told her to stop, she turned around and discharged the stun gun. The prevention officer stopped after she used her stun gun, court documents said.
Fort Wayne police officers arrested Thomas along with an accomplice and recovered the stolen merchandise valued at more the $1,800.
She is in the Allen County Jail charged with robbery and theft and a misdemeanor charge of using a stun gun while committing a crime. Her bond is $13,250, a jail spokesman said.))
Using a stun gun in the commission of a crime is akin to using a firearm...sorry, bitch.
You LOSE...big-time.
These people are growing a more brazen and violent crop of criminals these days, especially the females of the tribe.
*** Next up, time to stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
Our kids were still behaving themselves...at least more than when Wifey's here.
They still dash about from room to room, but it's not totally "spazmotic" (Bob's lexicon again).
As long as they keep from tearing the place apart or breaking stuff, I'm good with that.
"We can haz TREETS? Yay!"
(and they might even get some treats along the way for good behavior)
*** Next, let's see what's going on with "Midnight and Company"...
Well, Whiskers was waiting on the patio to get fed as usual. Sometimes, she waits by the back door.
Midnight was there, but then ambles off, only to come back later that morning and spend the rest of the day in the shade, waiting for the kibbles I take to them both.
Even had to refill the bird feeder (they come by when the cats are napping...good thing, too).
As to the caterpillars? Have no idea where they went. Not my fault they're M.I.A.
*** Last back to the basement...it amazes me when I listen to people interviewed on TV these days.
And, it's bothersome (although not unexpected) when I hear them parrot what I've been saying for years, especially when it comes to violent crime. Must be a lack of civility thing, 'ya think?
Crime IS on the rise, and has been for the last couple decades. Also, the LEVEL of violence has risen markedly.
Just look at the manner in which police officers are attacked and murdered.
You can blame street gangs for this, along with most of the other crimes that occur.
In fact, the number of gangs in America (and their memberships) have been rising, and that should be a wake up call to every single law-abiding citizen.
This is the result of the lack of a real plan to eradicate and disband such entrenched groups across this nation.
But that may change soon. Here's just one account of many:
How about that? We can blame illegal immigrants for criminal activity with one of the most ruthless gangs in both Americas.
Hispanics account for the largest number of such people, so do the math.
Neighborhoods that WERE safe are now fast becoming havens for those with criminal intent.
So, when people talk about living in a "good" area of any city, they might want to give themselves a reality check.
There's no reason under the sun WHY we can't have a safe country to live in, and safe(er) cities for the residents who only want to live their lives, and raise their families.
And along those lines, a good healthy does of MORALITY all around, would be the BEST foundation to (re)build upon.
Stop all the diversity crap, and get back to making OUR country what it should be and not what some wish to make it. Let's try something we know will succeed.
Therein lies the lesson to be learned..
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Yes, it's Saturday. Caffeine filled workday followed by beer induced comedown.

Those two boaters this morning thought they were at the waterpark...

The surviving officers shoulda done the court system a favor and filled that flipped flivver with lead on the spot.

How the HELL is using a stun gun on a store dick in commision of a crime NOT a felony? Sorry, but she makes the "not fit to be around decent people" category and should be dealt with as such.

Caterpillar: "I don't care IF he gives us milkweed, I'm NOT having my picture taken without a chrysalis!"

Bob G. said...

--Well, that's not the "best" way to begin a weekend...heh.
(I'm STILL looking for it)
---Yeah, if they read my blog post, they got WAY ahead of themselves (and the city)...jackasses!
---((sighs))...it SHOULD be a felony - and in many other cities, it IS!
Not fit to be around decent people...yeah, that sounds a lot like the "locals" down here, too.
(we being the DECENT ones, naturally)
---LOL...still have not seen either one since that picture...talk about a real mystery.

Hey, thanks for stopping over to comment today.
Have yourselves a good weekend.

Stay safe (and keep comfy) up there, brother.