05 July 2017

Humpday Happenings...
I hope everyone survived the onslaught of pyrotechnics without injury.
And, if you have a ringing in your ears, it's probably only a reminder that you damaged your hearing over the 4th.
Tinnitus is on it's way.
Welcome to the middle of the week, such as it is.
Our Hoosierland weather has us enjoying mostly sunny skies, temps reaching to around 84 degrees, and a chance of some rain moving in later this evening.
Now, let's all get that refreshing drink to drive that fireworks taste out of our mouths, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the compost heap is our "Who Said That?" quote of the week:
"Our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty."
I feel this is a good epilogue to the 4th of July, and when you think about it, speaks volumes when it comes to our potential future as a people...and as a nation.
So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
meanwhile, back on the pages of The Independent Advertiser...
*** Next up, time for the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 5 -
---It's National Apple Turnover Day
(have to pass on this one)
---it's National Bikini Day
(I'll also pass...but I WILL also watch. I married, NOT blind....heh)
---It's National Graham Cracker Day
(okay, now this one is a keeper)
*** Next, it looks like we had more going on than just fireworks in the Summit City.
Here's the story link:
Shooting at FWPD officers? That's a new one. Then again, when you have Vice Lord captains (from Chicago) ALREADY living here,. what else can you expect?
This took place in the 1400 block of St. Joe Blvd around 2330 hrs last night.
Police responded to hearing shots fired in the area, and when in an alley came under fire from a 2nd floor apartment.
Other officers responded as backup and SWAT was called in before midnight.
A perimeter was set up around the house (which had been converted into several apartments (one thing this city allows that's no good for property values),
Police made entry into the house around 0140 hrs and found that the person inside had run off (as police were taking cover).
((Police have not identified the person who lives in the apartment and are working with potential witnesses to identify the possible shooter. Investigators also gathered potential evidence from the apartment and surrounding area.))
Well, there we go now...at least no officer was shot (and killed) like what took place in the Bronx, right?
Sad to say, the way things are going in Fort Wayne, the inevitable will occur. It's just a matter of time. Never saw any officers in our area after hearing eights shots fired around 2 AM.
*** Next up, councilman Russ Jehl has an idea to fund the riverfront project. Here's the story:
Gotta give props where they're due. Using the CIB fund rather than jack up our local income tax smells a lot better to me.
It wouldn't do away completely with an income tax hike, but it would reduce it significantly.
Wonder why councilman Crawford didn't see that one?
You gotta remember that when it comes to these "projects" it IS all about momentum.
That means as long as the CITY has momentum, it will run slipshod over the taxpayers...cruel as that sounds, it's always true. If you break that momentum, you stand a good chance of denying the city what it WANTS.
It may force them to look to what it NEEDS (that sounds familiar).
*** Next, our 4th was spent in our typical "we don't bother anyone" mode - we made burgers on the grill (early), before the "locals" started THEIR thing...which is to annoy others.
Think of it as a"BBQ and Blow Shit Up Day". They didn't disappoint there.
One house (down and across the street) had it's music cranked up (hot 107.9...big surprise there) in the garage, which acted as a damn echo chamber and amplified the already nauseous (c)rap music.
Another house (down the other street) was the LOUD one with fireworks going on for several HOURS. And they were shooting them off in their backyard, but launching them down the alley, so they weren't going STRAIGHT UP...assholes.
We're the local "idiot-magnet"
The rental next door had "the tribe" over (little kids)...and to think that house has a sex offender cribbing there (?).
It's hard to know WHO actually is there, but that's the way these ethnics shake.
They waited until after 11 PM to start THEIR fireworks shit, and some of them came over onto OUR property. I tossed the shards back over to their side. Oh, and little kids were out until 1 AM with this going on.
Parenting anyone?
All this was in the IMMEDIATE area. But the level of loud boos made one think they were in a damn war zone.
And that's not that far from the truth these days.
So we had screaming kids, loud music from houses, loud music from boom cars, AND fireworks.
Anyone thinks or says this is a QUIET neighborhood is sadly mistaken.
*** Next up, time to drop on by "Kitten Corner".
Better sleep now while I can...
The kids didn't seem to "enjoy" all the fireworks outside. Can't says I blame them.
Gallifrey wasn't that bothered by it all, but Violet was the one who went away and hid most of the time.
Do we haz to haz fireworks?
And to think I had Captain America movies on TV with plenty of action, shooting and explosions...which never bothers either of them. The fireworks from the local ethnic dumbasses was what bugged our cats.
Aside from that, it wasn't a bad day for either one.
*** Next up, let's see to our "Tales of Midnight"...
Well, our fuzzy buddy came around nice and early, and spent the better part of the day right close to our patio.
When the fireworks started, he still stayed close, until those nasty-ass mortar rounds would go off, then he'd flinch.
Around the height of the "fun", he was huddled under the hibiscus, and Wifey and I both were talking to him, trying to keep him calm.
It wasn't long before he figured enough was enough and scurried away.
He must have found a good place to wait the noise out, because he was right back here THIS morning for food.
*** Last back to the fire-pit...I enjoy a good 4th of July as much as the next person.
I remember fireworks displays back in Philly that were huge (for it's day) and plentiful as far as locations around the city to view them (all for FREE, I might add).
But, I must confess that too many people (here) take their private displays to new heights of stupidity when it comes to respecting other people living near them. Actually, there IS no respect shown at all.
Taking other people into considerations around here NEVER enters into their primate minds.
And with such human flotsam, it's not ONLY the 4th, but it's an all-year event for them.
Maybe that's why I have to pickup empty 1/2 gallon bottles of Paul Masson brandy off my lawn, as I did yesterday evening.
A violation for open container as well as possible DUI there...missed by the same FWPD that was shot at late last night.
We, as a society have permitted a lot of nuisances that we used to never allow.
For what reason are we doing this? Is this a ploy to enlarge this whole "diversity" bullshit game? Is this a way to embrace other cultures?
Well, if it's a culture of dumbassery, then I'd have to say 'yes'.
Truth be told, I am DAMN sick and tired of hearing about diversity...and culture...and tolerance.
I've been too tolerant way too long with such effin morons, and I've acted in accordance with the Golden Rule.
All these morons have not...and will not, because it's not entertaining enough for them, or it's not part of their culture.
Screw that bullshit. This is MY country as much as theirs, and with it comes certain rules and laws...not guidelines, not suggestions, and not any kind of social engineering tripe meant to confuse, baffle and befuddle the unwashed masses...OR me (and mine).
I always say the best way to move forward as a society is, once in a while, back up a step or two, and THEN proceed.
From where I'm standing, I'm not seeing evidence of any such social progress...quite the reverse, in fact.
And this is a place where we really don't need to go...for the obvious reasons.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Happy 4th! I hope you had a fun filled holiday. However, if I had to put up with those shenanigans, I think I would drink a lot. I have enough trouble with my neighborhood shenanigans, but not as abundant as yours. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---"WE" had a good 4th. It's the idiots that made it craptastic with THEIR antics.
---LOL...Drinking's not a BAD idea, but I think if I TRIED to drink these morons "away", I'd die of alcohol poisoning LONG before they stopped bugging me.
---I would have thought down in your neck o' the woods, you'd hardly have any troubles.
Guess Indiana has more idiots than either Wyoming OR Pennsy...heh.
My bet is many of them MOVED to the Hoosier state from Chicago, Cincy, Detroit, and Cleveland.
Now THAT would explain SO damn much, don'cha think?

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

From a day when "civil and religious liberty" went hand in hand...

Apple turnover- not my go to snack, but I AM getting hungry...

I'll be by in my two piece later, lol! JUUUUUUUUST kidding...

Alyssa Ivanson says that building had 6 apartments, and it was the fourth call this year to the address... so how is it the shooter was the only one there?

Did you listen to Miller and Leininger on that income tax today? Crawford's playing a few too many angles...

Wow, even the worst of our booms were done before midnight... of course, we all had to WORK the next day...

Bob G. said...

---Accent on the CIVIL part, hmm? We missed a lot of that around where we live.
---You know, I asked the SAME thing with Wifey. You take a house, make SIX (have to be very small) "apartments" in it (probably a LOAAD of building code violations there) and NO ONE'S HOME? Whoever owns the place is losing some money right?
---Yeah, I heard that. Jehl's got a good idea, and Crawford wants to glom onto it. I say pout the WHOLE damn thing to a REFERENDUM. That would be plenty fair to everyone.
---I suppose that's the REAL point...PEOPLE WORKING.
Down here, too many are on the dole, ego they never wake up until 11AM the next day, and then have all that time to raise hell (plus watch other peoples' houses for those crimes of opportunity).
And our mayor MUST be okay with all that, too.

Thanks for taking some time to stop on by to comment.

Stay safe (and boom-less) up there, brother.