04 August 2017

Friday Follies...
Here we are - the first weekend in August, and we are apparently starting it off with a BANG (or several), which means more shooting from the "locals".  We'll take a look at those in a few.
We finally got some rain yesterday...and boy, DID we get some. Had some pretty big pop-up showers that came down so hard, you couldn't see much of anything. Plenty of thunder and lightning as well. Fortunately, that passed.
I guess we got more thunderstorms overnight, I slept through them (it's a calming thing with me...heh).
Dear me...more rain. how predictable.
Today's Hoolsierland weather brings us partly cloudy skies, temps only reaching up to about 68 degrees (you read it right, and yes, it's still August) with some substantial winds out there, expected to be in the 20+ MPH range.
Also, don't discount the chance of more showers in the late afternoon/evening.
So what say we get this weekend started off with a nice cup of tea or coffee, or hot chocolate...or maybe some ice cold juice (maybe something even a bit more "potent"), as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the rain barrel is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
(hell, that can be ANY day around the "Fortress")
---It's National Coast Guard Day
(obviously guarding our coasts and doing an exemplary job since 1790)
Read more about them HERE:
*** Next up, and since it IS the weekend, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
---Saturday is Mead Day
(the OLDEST brewed beverage in existence, just add water, honey, and yeast)
---It's National Disc Golf Day
(which I would play much quicker than the homo-hockey version...lol)
---It's National Jamaican Patty Day
(did anyone even ask Patty if she was from Jamaica? Kinda looks like a fig newton to me)
---It's National Mustard Day
(now, if it were only national soft pretzel day as well)
---It's National Oyster Day
(like 'em ONLY cooked, and in stew...never raw.)
---It's National Underwear Day
(keeping junk in place with men for a long time)
---It's National Work Like A Dog Day
(and if you ARE working on Saturdays, I can fully understand the reference)
---Sunday is American Family Day
(getting harder to really DEFINE that in this country, thanks to liberals)
---It's National Fresh Breath Day
(so put down the garlic, already!)
---It's National Friendship Day
(And all you followers know I consider you friends...so there.)
---It's National Root Beer Float Day
(now THAT is worth observing...in a LARGE glass)
---It's National Sisters Day
(kind of a moot point when you're an ONLY child)
---It's National Wiggle Your Toes Days
(well, THAT I can still do easily)
*** Next, and onto more "typical fare" for the Summit City, we had TWO fatal shootings.
We're fast closing in on that magic number of 25 for the year.
---The first shooting took place around 1840 hrs at an apartment complex located at 440 Fairwick Lane. Here's the story link:
A man was found shot to death in a black sedan that was "riddled with bullets".
Maybe that tree jumped out and BIT the car?
The car was found crashed into a tree near the apartment buildings.
Somehow, I think we can rule out a suicide, so let's call it a HOMICIDE (number 19 according to city numbers).
But wait., we're not done yet...
---The second shooting took place this morning around 0110 hrs at the East Central Towers and Gardens Apartments, located at  915 E. Washington Blvd.
Police originally responded to an unknown problem. Here's the story link:
Police found a man in a wheelchair, slumped over and dead at the scene.
The man had been shot MULTIPLE times, so I would also NOT consider this a suicide. Let's call this homicide number 20. No other details are available at this time.
*** Next up, the FWPD now has joined the ranks of the "droners".
Here's the story link:
We shoulda asked Bob to find us a better deal.
And they ONLY cost $5000.00 (each!?!). A bit on the "pricey" side, of you ask me.
And they can only fly up to 150 ft up or out. For THAT price, I'd expect a MUCH better "range".
Expensive little bugger.
Maybe the FWPD coulda taken a page from MY "Special Shopping Forces" handbook and checked out EBAY for a better deal?
*** Next, Let's drop by and scope out "Kitten Corner"...
Our kids did well with the thunderstorms. I got some serious attention from both Violet and Gallifrey, and I think Wifey felt a little left out. Maybe the cats think with her recent "celebrity status", she's unapproachable...LOL.
I think they just like to divide their attention to us in equal amounts on separate days.
*** Next up, let's see what's happening with "Midnight and Company"...
Well, our ebony-furred buddy was "on time" as usual...ready to get fed.
And Whiskers was there as well (as expected).
When the rains came, I had JUST fed them under the patio table. Got a bit wet myself.
Then the rain increased in intensity, and the cats went in two directions - Midnight took off for parts unknown (which hopefully was dry) and Whiskers went into that half-shelter we have under the tree on the patio...and stayed there.
Whiskers even have a "playmate" - a tiny mouse she was knocking about.
Hadda relocate the little guy (who was still alive).
Both cats came through the (rain) experience none the worse for wear, and were back outside before the skies got light enough to see...ready to eat once again. Nice to see such "devotion" (to free grub...lol)
*** Last back the downspouts...I look forward to certain things every morning.
And, I like to get into certain routines...it keeps my focus...well, focused.
That sense of familiarity is something many of us come to know, and often appreciate.
I like to say there's a form of comfort to be found in such things.
Not a damn thing wrong with that.
And yet, there are people out there, who live for the sake of denying that familiarity to others, such as those who go about shooting other people (for whatever reason). Stuff like that tends to damage my calm.
Yes, life does change as we get older, and yes, what we used to view as familiar will eventually leave us.
But, it's not the end of everything. We still have ourselves, and our innate ability to become resilient under duress. We also have God...and our faith.
We bounce back from the bad things, create new, good things in their stead, and move forward.
There was a saying that goes something like this:
"It's not that people won't let go of the past...it's that the past won't let go of people."
To me, that means good memories are to be kept...and treasured, just as the people within many of them should be.
And, while we can't look forward to the familiarity of having them with us (always), we can surely look forward to enjoying the memory for another day. That is something very special.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today (and by doing so, create a good memory), and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Amazingly, I slept through them too- usually I at least wake up for a minute or so to watch...

Cookie day- Amen...

Tried to make mead once a long time back... failure...

Bet it don't taste like a fig newman...

HAH! Vacay gets me outta Saturday!

WHY a day to wiggle your toes? SMH...

In a wheelchair. Real class...

Hmm... feeding cats drawing mice... I think I'd have let Whiskers relocate and regenerate him...

Can't say I agree with that last saying... at least from the bad angle. We make a choice to carry baggage and blame it on not escaping our past. From the good side, I'm there with ya.

Bob G. said...

---As long as thunderstorms drown out the boom cars, I'm a very happy camper!
---Yes...definitely worth an AMEN!
---Musta been the recipe and NOT the person making it...right?
---Probably not...maybe full of ganja?
---Congrats on your victory! Time for cake.
---I dunno who makes some of this crap up...methinks they need an enema.
---That's pretty low, even for FTW criminals.
---I think those mice had been hiding behind our patio steps for a few years. She's probably just "culling the herd"?
---I know what you mean...I don't look for the bad that was in the past, because it's BEHIND me (where it belongs), and yes, the GOOD part is something you WANT to stay with you.

Thanks for taking time out of your pre-vacation day to drop by and comment.
(maybe you can put am hour or two aside during the time off to get your birthday stuff...heh)
Have yourselves a very good weekend.

Stay safe (and nicely anticipating some YOU time) up there, brother.