23 October 2017

Monday Musings...
If you like rain in the Midwest, then TODAY (and probably some of tomorrow) might be right up your alley.
So feel free to dig out that old Carpenters tune, because you COULD have a reason to be "down".
As for me? Well, I've an abundance of such stuff already. This rain just ADDS to the "fun".
We'll tackle those issues presently.
Our Hoosierland weather for today - RAIN (perhaps heavy at times), so the sun has the day off. Our temps will top out someplace in the 60s (here come the cool-down), and slight breezes. Not exactly the BEST way to start a week, is it?
But, let's not dwell, and instead get ourselves a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, as we see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the rain gutter is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's Ipod Day
---I'ts National Boston Cream Pie Day
(sounds like a good breakfast to me)
---It's National Mole Day
(not the critter - the math thingy)
---It's National TV Talk Show Host Day
(actually Johnny Carson's birthday)
---It's Swallows depart from San Juan Capistrano Day
(and that affects us in Indiana...HOW?)
*** Next up, this post is going to take me longer than USUAL.
I have to thank the J-G  for having "a serious electrical problem" that prevented the NEWS sections of yesterday's paper to arrive (at all), and as of 0745 hrs, I'm STILL waiting for TODAY'S paper (with yesterday's missing parts).
Guess the J-G had an issue with their OWN version of a "Haney" (it's a Chris Martin reference...ask him...lol).
Rube-Goldberg, it ain't.
It figures something like this would happen right AFTER they discontinue the N-S print edition. I mean they have LESS news to actually print, so why not have the damn machine break the hell down, right?
They've already inconvenienced the News-Sentinel readers, so why not piss of we Journal-Gazette readers as well.  Misery DOES love company (in Ft. Wayne), does it not?
*** Next, I managed an "abbreviated" mow of the side lawn yesterday.
And I have to admit the old body just cannot hang in there as it used to do. I stopped a couple times, because my hip was acting up.
The weird thing, is that when I stop, the aching goes the hell away. Fat lot of good that does when I'm TRYING to get something done. We might be looking to a lawn care company in the near future. Hey, at least I can still walk without difficulty (for now)...guess that's something.
*** Next up, we did end last week with (yet) another shooting. Here's what's known so far:
This took place around 2300 hrs when police were called to a report of a shooting in the 3500 block of Plaza Drive.
((Officers found the male victim lying on the ground beside his maroon Buick LaCrosse outside the front passenger door. He told them that the shots came from an older silver “cop-style” Impala. Officers noted an “extremely pungent smell of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to a police report.))
I checked the person's ID - one Christopher Bell (age unknown), but there are too many in the court documents to narrow down the field to the correct person.
*** Next, when I was out trying to mow, I noticed a plank on our fence had come loose from the cross-piece (which seems to have a bit of rot).
This fence isn't THAT old, so I had to figure out what the hell to do...
I got some long bolts and nuts with some washers and turned it into a "Frankenfence" after drilling some holes through the plank and the the crossbeam.
Hey, it might not look all that good, but it WORKS, and that is what counts.
*** Next up, I think it's time we stopped by "Kitten Corner"...
Our "children" did okay over the weekend. Naturally, they had some "bat-shit crazy" time, but that's fine (nothing was destroyed in the process, and that includes my nerves...lol).
I actually had Violet laying ON me in the living room while I was watching TV. Gallifrey spent some time with me when I was sleeping.
Makes me wonder if they were sucking up...OR were actually getting into that "lap-cat" mode.
Yes, there are times when I do miss having older cats.
*** Next, we should check in with "Midnight and Company"...
Both of our furry twosome spent most ALL weekend near the "Fortress", and that worked out very well for all concerned.
It's nice not to have to wonder where they went.
Perhaps it's because the one house behind us tore down this metal ashed they had, which might have been a place of refuge for these cats. I can't say, but after a week, the mess from that tear-down was cleaned up . Sure didn't want either cat to pick up some rusty nail or screw by accident.
*** Last back to the rain barrel...I'm hearing a lot of talk about "nationalism": these days.
And while that would appear to sound good on the surface, maybe we should recall that tried and true phrase:
"Think before you speak"
I almost started to get caught up in this rhetoric, but then I remembered history (always a good teacher for me).
The Nazis were "nationalists". They followed the premise of national socialism, and that their race should be the dominant one, not just in Germany, but the world.
Didn't work out all that well for them, did it?
Some people now tout nationalism AS patriotism, and this is where we have to be careful with all the "isms" flying about. It can be a tad confusing.
Nationalism is defined as:
1) patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts
(Okay...so far, so good)
2) an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.
(rrrright - this is what we should want to avoid; the "extreme" aspect.)
3) advocacy of political independence for a particular country
(again, our actions, not our words, as a nation and her people, should better define who we are)
I think that rather than speak to nationalism (alone), we should (instead) focus on AMERICANISM.
And THAT is defined thus:
1) a word, expression, or other feature that is characteristic of American English.
(nothing wrong with that)
2) attachment or allegiance to the traditions, institutions, and ideals of the United States.
(not a DAMN wrong with that either)
Our country should strive to set itself apart from other nations, and not be inclusive of this global "melting pot of mediocrity". American exceptionalism has made more and better contributions to the world (as well as our OWN country), and not by blowing our own horn along the way. We did it through extolling the virtues of freedom and liberty through example.
All I have to say is get to KNOW you "isms", and be wary of becoming more of a sheep than a sheepdog.
Remember, the wolves are still around us.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

BCP for breakfast? HECK YEAH! See ya at 6, lol!

J-G having a Haney issue- lol again! I wondered if they would boot today again or not. DBP on FB brought up that in the old days, the Inskeeps woulda called Knight Ridder, they would have run it "during a coffee break", and shipped it to FTW on the layaway plan.

On the bright side, the N-S can sit back and laugh- maybe offer them an online page or two...

Have you tried hitching the cats to the mower? Seriously, though, it will be worth it to get a service IMHO. We ain't young as we used to be, and it ain't gonna get any better.

Closing: Great idea, well-put, well quoted.

Bob G. said...

---You and I are too much alike (and that's the GOOD kinda scary...lol)
---Thought you'd like the "Haney" call.
To me, that sounds like a workable plan for them
The N-S SHOULD propose that...just for shits & grins.
---Don't think the cats would get CLOSE enough to make that practical, but a SELF-powered (and not by MY self) mower sounds good.
A SELF-MOWING mower sounds even BETTER (screw self-driving cars, though)
---Glad you found the close interesting. I've been bouncing this about in my mind for some time...figured I'd get it down in "writing", as it were. We need to question things like that.

Thanks for taking time to dodge the rain and comment here today.
Stay safe (and mostly dry) up there, brother.