12 October 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
If your joints are aching like mine are, you know it's still a tad damp outside this morning.
(who needs a weatherperson when you have arthritis, hmm?)
But, the wet conditions will abate for a time, and things will be drying back out.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us mostly cloudy skies, temps reaching to around 63 degrees, and maybe some sun later on.
So, without any further ado, I think it's time we all got that refreshing drink poured, so we can clear our minds for the remainder of the day...sound good?
*** First off of the rooftop is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Morality without religion is only a kind of dead reckoning - an endeavor to find our place on a cloudy sea by measuring the distance we have run, but without any observation of the heavenly bodies." 
`This is attributed to none other than Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882) was an American poet and educator whose works include "Paul Revere's Ride", The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline.
And here is his WIKI:
It's a rather long read, focusing much on his personal life, but it is pretty interesting, nonetheless.
((Much of his poetry imparts cultural and moral values, particularly focused on life being more than material pursuits.))
As for his works...you probably encountered more than a few of them in your high school English classes.
I know I have...seemed boring THEN, but you come to appreciate them better as you age.
((Longfellow had become one of the first American celebrities and was also popular in Europe. It was reported that 10,000 copies of The Courtship of Miles Standish sold in London in a single day.
Longfellow was the most popular poet of his day. As a friend once wrote, "no other poet was so fully recognized in his lifetime". Many of his works helped shape the American character and its legacy, particularly with the poem "Paul Revere's Ride". He was such an admired figure in the United States during his life that his 70th birthday in 1877 took on the air of a national holiday, with parades, speeches, and the reading of his poetry.))
Well, there you are then...not much to say as a follow-up, is there?
*** Next, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Farmers Day
(where would we be without them?)
---It's National Freethought Day
(the well from which springs many an idea)
---It's National Gumbo Day
(there is nothing as wonderful as a huge bowl of that. Now, I'm hungry!)
---It's National Savings Day
(very hard to do when costs keep rising, isn't it?)
---It's National Vermont Day
(White Christmas mainly takes place in Vermont...how 'bout that?)
*** Next up, yesterday, I bemoaned the fact that AEP wants to jack up our electric bill to the tune of a whopping 20% (that song gets real old real fast, btw), and now we ALSO hear about how the natural gas bill will "remain flat".
Not so fast here, let's look into the "facts" and then find the TRUTH.
Here's the story link:
By "staying flat", you mean NO change at all? That's what I take that to mean.
In actuality, it REALLY means that the "hike" will be minimal...kinda.
((A residential customer using 58 therms in November last year paid $42; the same usage this November is projected at $41, NIPSCO said. In February – typically one of the coldest months – a customer using 169 therms paid $102 this year. Next February, they would likely see a $103 bill.))
Ahh, now this is IF we ONLY use 58 therms (or less) per month. Yeah, when it gets cold out, let's see how well that works. I prefer not to freeze to death. How about you?
MY take on the electric rate hike, is that AEP will not get that 20% they ask for, but the utility commission will allow a lesser amount...maybe 10%. We WILL see some level of rise in our bills, make no mistake. That's the way the red tape comes off the roll.
Never settle for what others might claim UNTIL you can verify those claims and descern the truth.
*** Next, a visit to the "Let's see how we can f*ck up a traditional Ameican organization" Department.
Yes, the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA will now accept GIRLS.
Yeah, kinda makes me ashamed to say I was a cub scout in my youth now.
Here's the story:
And here is some push-back (thank God):
((Over the summer, Girl Scout president Kathy Hopinkah Hannah wrote an open letter to Boy Scouts officials accusing them of a "covert campaign" to recruit girls into the organisation, which she said is confronting "well-documented" declining membership.))
Well, the BSA already accepted gays and transgenders (scouts AND masters), and have had their share of sexual offenders who were scout leaders over recent years.
The scout troops will NOT be co-ed, however.
So WHY the hell still call it the BOY scouts, if girls will be included?
And what about the GIRL SCOUTS? Will THEY accept BOYS?
((In a statement that does not mention the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts said they are “the best girl leadership organization in the world, created with and for girls,” adding that they are “here to stay.”))
I take that to mean the GSA will NOT follow suit, and good for THEM (love the cookies, too)
About 2.3 Mil boys are in the scout program here in the USA, and if membership has dropped, why not focus on the other 90% of boys who are NOT part of the scout program...we might get some boys off the streets who would otherwise become hoodlums. Guess that's too difficult a task for the (new) BSA?
THIS is what progressivism looks like, people...get to know it well (and fight against it).
*** Next up, looks like we have us some "girlrillas" in our midst. Here's this story:
Williams                        Baker
Kinela Williams, 45, of Chicago, and Carolyn Baker, 31 (no address given) took out some frustrations on a 2000 Ford pickup and it's baby-daddy driver at an apartment complex in the 3900 block of Newport Avenue about 1300 hrs. Tuesday.  And they had the pink and black metal baseball bat and knife to prove it.
((Baker was charged Wednesday with domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon, domestic battery committed in the presence of a child and criminal recklessness. She was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $15,000, according to a jail spokesman.
Williams was charged with battery by means of a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. She was being held in lieu of $12,500 bail, the jail spokesman said.))
Bet they both look GOOD in ORANGE.
*** Next, A Kevin Leininger column about the lack (?) of cooperation between the city and county...again?
So, thanks to the riverfront development, we don't have a FWPD K-9 training area, and the ACSD facility needs replacement. This is serving the public better HOW, exactly?
There are funds (already) available to get a JOINT facility going (land purchase, building, etc), but not much progress is being made, and we can thank the red tape brigade for that at both the city AND county levels.
Be nice to have SOMETHING getting done here, right?
*** Next up, time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
"It's bigger on the outside."
Our kids are still finding their way as far as a "routine" goes...
Yes, we have some manic time, usually early on, and maybe some "toy" time (not any of MINE, thankfully), and then watch the patio for a spell, and of course, NAP TIME!
Our female has her own "follow me" time...can't go from one room to another without her "in tow"...lol.
"I'll just nap in daddy's chair."
On the other hand, our male will run PAST you to get to a room BEFORE you do...tends to startle the hell outta me.
*** Next, what say we check in with "Midnight and Company"...
Our furry duo were trying their best to keep dry (with relative success).
Feeding them under the table was the plan for the day.
We actually got a couple (brave) birds stop by the feeder when the cats are off finding that elusive dry place to stay.
Thing is, the birds never stay for that long...wonder why?
*** Last back to the basement...we're seeing more change for change sake.
I do mean this with the whole BSA thing. Okay, so membership is down...not MY fault.
You can't find ways to overcome the distractions of society? Why not? I thought the scouts were more "resourceful" along such lines...guess things have changed (and as usual) not for the better.
Still the girl scouts have taken a stand, and are not bowing to conventionality as it presents itself in today's world.
And maybe that is the lesson we need to take from them.
There does come a time when you don't "go along with the program" because it simply exists.
People of good conscience should not follow blindly when directed to do so.
We are so much more than that, and should expect more from ourselves for that reason, if for no other.
Time is the ultimate judge in such matters.
What we used to have versus what we will have (as long as we permit it) is fast becoming more of an evil than any bastion of good. And we need to pull that back in and get it under control, lest we fall into this vicious cycle of change and change again.
We need to keep some things as they were, and perhaps create new venues, not to replace the old ones, but to acknowledge certain changes that this world seems bent on tossing at us all. And it must always be for the good of the species.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

My brother in law once mentioned Longfellow also penned the classic, "Hobo Sitting On Top of the Boxcar, His Feet Dragging On The Ground"...

Unfortunately, "free thought" is a term that has largely been co-opted by those for whom it is anything but free...

All I know about gumbo was that song they used to sing on Capt. Kangaroo- and I corrupted the words so bad back then I don't remember what they really were...

Sadly, scouting on both sides is drifting into irrelevance.

Thursday Night Football in the background. Just heard, "...and the ball is scooped up by Shorts..." LMAO!

WTF on the training ground? I've seen them out at the Plex training MANY times... well, wait, I guess that was the Sheriff... guess maybe you shouldn't treat your county as your b!tc#, huh?

Bob G. said...

---Can't say I recall THAT one.
---It would certainly SEEM so these days, my friend.
Thought has become a victim of a "rate hike".
---Weird thing - Red Lobster USED to serve a damn fine gumbo. They stopped over a decade ago (their loss).
---And with scouting goes, duty, honor, God, morals...wow, lots of things our country USED to have in abundance.
---Wonder if those were SAGGIN shorts???
---This back and forth between the city and county needs to get over and done with...we CAN all work together.
BTW...did my take on the utility hike make you smile? It will most likely happen that way.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

stay safe up there, brother.